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Pure Saffron Slim

It only takes one quick look at the Pure Saffron Slim official website to see that it follows a very common layout and formula to try and get you buying the product. It makes very familiar unfounded claims and uses lots of hyperbole and attention grabbing language to try and work you up in to a frenzy about the product.

Pure Saffron Slim reviewCould Pure Saffron Slim go against the flow and actually work, should you believe all the great claims it makes or is it just another diet pill you should avoid? Read on to find out.

Pure Saffron Slim Pros
  • No pros
Pure Saffron Slim Cons
  • No attempt at proving any of the claims made on the official website
  • No evidence, clinical trials or proof presented that you can lose weight with the product
  • Buying one, enters you into a program where you receive a bottle a month with the money taken each month too
  • No ingredient list included
  • Company has poor background check

Pure Saffron Slim Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Pure Saffron Slim has zero ingredients revealed and it doesn’t have any clinical trials or solid proof to show that it actually works. Add to this some reports of the product being nothing but a scam and we have three very large reasons not to believe any claims this product makes.

How Pure Saffron Slim Works

It is quite difficult to work out exactly how Pure Saffron Slim works and it appears the makers had difficulty too, so instead they decided to cover all bases and say their product does everything (without feeling the need to ever back it up with evidence). Apparently Pure Saffron Slim can help you to achieve 200% more weight loss, it can jump-start your metabolism and suppress your appetite. It really sounds like the miracle pill, but in the small print you’re told these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Pure Saffron safety doubtsYou would have to assume that it might work by metabolism boosting and appetite suppression but with no clinical trials, no evidence, no ingredient list and no customer testimonials it really could work in any way. All the official website does is ask: are you frustrated you’re struggling to lose weight? And then claims Pure Saffron Slim is the answer to all your prayers, without ever justifying why or how it helps you to lose weight. There isn’t even any attempt to make the product seem like it has any science behind it, simply the reiteration of how you can ‘start losing weight today.’

Not surprisingly there have been a large number of complaints lodged about this company and product. The website Scambook has had close to 50 complaints in just under 6 months about Pure Saffron Slim, clearly showing this company has made no attempt at helping you to lose weight, just simply an attempt to con you out of your money.

Key Pure Saffron Slim Ingredients

SaffronThe official website doesn’t give much information about the product at all, including the ingredient list. Not one single ingredient has been revealed, never mind any quantities or likelihood of them helping you lose weight. The only mention of anything remotely ingredient related is the phrase ‘100% all natural’ which is great except again there is no clue as to whether this is true or not.

We are left to simply make guesses at what might be included and assuming the name is at all related to the product you’d expect there to be some saffron included in Pure Saffron Slim. This ingredient is obviously most well-known from its use in kitchens and it has only been recently linked to potential weight loss. It is not a strong weight loss ingredient and in Pure Saffron Slim we have no idea whether enough of this ingredient is included to aide weight loss at all. Find out more about saffron here.


Weight Loss Power:


There must be very strong suspicions about whether this product is powerful at all and whether it even deserves to be linked to weight loss. With no indication of ingredients and not even any attempt to prove its claims are valid, Pure Saffron Slim is therefore highly unlikely to be a strong weight loss supplement.

Speed of results:


What the makers of Pure Saffron Slim have done is make their product very difficult to review, simply because there is so little concrete information. It is impossible to say what speed any results might appear or whether you’ll see any results at all, the suspicion would be that results might be so slow you might not notice anything happening.

Appetite Suppression:


This is one of the many claims the Pure Saffron Slim website makes and as with all the claims it is not backed this up in any way. This leads you to suspect that it does not have much of an appetite suppression effect at all. With no ingredient list to look at, it is impossible to know whether it includes any appetite suppressing ingredients.

Long Term Results:


With so many empty claims and no ingredient list, there are huge doubts over whether this pill will actually do anything at all. It could simply just be an empty pill and therefore the long term results are likely to be very, very minimal or non-existent. The amount of customer complaints about the product and number of negative Pure Saffron Slim reviews shows it is likely to be a waste of your money. Click here to see our top rated diet pills.



This should be a major area of concern for customers, considering the complete lack of any ingredient details combined with the zero tests conducted on the product. The pills could contain anything and could have any effect and it would be irresponsible to take any kind of pill or tablet knowing so little about what is in it or what it might do.

Value for money:


You shouldn’t even have to know the price to know that this product is highly unlikely to be value for money. Knowing so little about a product, seeing the amount of complaints about it and the complete lack of effort to explain why it will help you lose weight should tell you that this product is not going to be worth the money or time you put in to it. The product costs around $50 which is about £30-£35 which is more expensive than some diet pills where you know you have even a chance of losing weight. You should also be aware that buying automatically enters you into an auto-billing system where you will have a bottle sent to and money taken from you every month unless you contact them directly to stop it.

Pure Saffron Slim Side Effects

There could be side effects from taking Pure Saffron Slim or there may not be. It is impossible to tell without any testing and without seeing the full ingredient profile. This should be enough to put you off buying the product because you should not take risks with your body and potential side effects.

Where to Buy Pure Saffron Slim

You can only buy Pure Saffron Slim from the official website, with a single bottle costing $50. Buying even a single bottle enrols you in the auto-billing scheme where you will be sent a bottle every month and money taken from your account each month too. This is the basis of many of the complaints made about Pure Saffron Slim and backs up the theory this product is simply a con. Read more about diet pill scams on WebMD here.

Overall Verdict

There are a hundred and one reasons why you should not buy Pure Saffron Slim. A quick glance at their website is all it takes to see that they have no evidence or proof this product works and the makers have not even attempted to try and convince us otherwise. The ingredient list has been hidden too, meaning you have no idea what you might be taking and whether it is safe or effective.

On top of this there is the auto-billing system which you are automatically entered into when you buy a single bottle. This means you’ll be paying for bottle after bottle of Pure Saffron Slim unless you get in contact with the makers, which we guess might be quite difficult judging by the number of complaints about this product online. You should not even consider buying this product, there are many more diet products which are cheaper, safer, more trustworthy and offer a much better chance of weight loss.

For more information we recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions article on Pure Saffron Slim.



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