Pure Slim 1000 vs HCG Diet Drops
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Pure Slim 1000 vs HCG

Pure Slim vs HCGIn fairly recent years the diet industry has made breakthroughs in terms of the nature of products available to consumers and more and more companies have begun to use the idea of diet drops instead of the conventional pills or patches that are usually sold. These are claimed to be able to work more effectively for weight loss and there are now countless brands using this system. 

In the following article we will compare the use of the Pure Slim 1000 weight loss drops with HCG drops in general in order to find out which would be the better alternative for weight loss in terms of both safety and effectiveness. Read our review of HCG for more information.

What are they and how do they work?

HCG dropsGiven the fact that there is more than one ingredient used in the Pure Slim 1000 drops, we will first look at how HCG works alone within the body and then compare this to any effects that the Pure Slim 1000 product may have.

HCG is known scientifically as Human Chorionic Gondatropin. It is a hormone that can be found naturally in the placenta and urine of pregnant women. Unlike the plant extracts used in Pure Slim 1000 however, the only way that the HCG found in diet products can be obtained for weight loss purposes is to make it synthetically in a laboratory. More information is available in our main HCG review.

Most diet companies use HCG due to the fact that it has been thought to help to reduce abdomen fat specifically. The hormone stimulates the Hypothalamus part of the brain which results in the release of a number of chemicals. These chemicals in turn promote the release of fats from stores in the abdomen and send them into the bloodstream. When they reach the bloodstream they are burnt off as energy leaving behind only the nutrients that are normally found in them. HCG is claimed to be able to work in this way regardless of pregnancy and is marketed as being for both men and women to use.

What this essentially means is that body fat can be burnt off without having to do any exercise. This might seem like a god send for those who are not keen on workout regimes but one similarity that the HCG has with Pure Slim 1000 is that the drops are unlikely to result in significant weight loss without the addition of a strict diet.

dietsSince we are talking about HCG generally here, we cannot compare one specific diet with that associated with Pure Slim 1000. We can say however that there appear to be many different variations of diets from as low as 500 to 1500 calories and all of these seem to be extremely strict in terms of not only how much but also which foods can be eaten. As well as this, those taking HCG for weight loss must also avoid certain cosmetics and wash products which contain oil as this is said to delay or even prevent the occurrence of weight loss. Although these types of diet tend to be very similar in terms of the ‘phases’ that users have to go through, our experts believe that the Pure Slim 1000 drops actually have a more flexible diet plan albeit lower in calories for users to adapt to.

What makes the two different though is the reason as to why a diet is actually needed. For HCG the diet is absolutely imperative for users to lose any weight. We have already said that the HCG induces the release of previously stored fats but this will only happen if users have built up a deficit in their calorie intake. If you are eating a smaller amount of calories per day, the body is not getting all of the energy that it needs to maintain its functioning and this is where the HCG plays a role. The body will now get the calories that it is not eating from its own fat stores which causes you to lose weight. It is believed that the use of this hormone will actually provide much bigger and quicker weight loss results than dieting alone because it initiates the fat releasing process and also prevents these fat stores from being replenished.

Unlike the HCG whose weight loss power depends largely on the dieting process, the case for the Pure Slim 1000 drops seems to be the other way around – they support the diet.

Pure Slim 1000The Pure Slim website lays out a 3 stage process which users must follow to get the best results from the product. This includes stage 1 where in combination with the use of the drops, only 1000 calories per day are consumed. Stage 2 is where users are encourage to create a ‘weight set point’ which their bodies can maintain, and stage 3 where starches and sugary foods come back into the diet along with a lifting of the calorie restriction. This is extremely similar to the systems that many HCG diet products recommend.

Unlike HCG products though, the manufacturers of Pure Slim 1000 claim that the drops can also help with other medical conditions such as stress, fertility problems and skin conditions due to the mix of ingredients that they are made from.

Looking at its weight loss properties it appears that the drops work by increasing both the metabolism and energy of users. In addition to this, they are said to help users to keep a healthy mentality and increase their overall wellbeing during the dieting phase so that they can minimise the risks of experiencing any side effects associated with very low calorie diets.

In contrast to the claims surrounding HCG, it is not claimed that the ingredients in these drops are the main cause of the weight loss that users will experience but only that they act as a support system helping to make this possible. Also unlike HCG, the ingredients are all natural and can be extracted from plants. The most useful ingredients used in the product from a weight loss point of view are Maca, Glucomannan and Rhodiola.

MacaMaca is a Peruvian plant root extract and is believed to play a role in improving energy levels and stamina. This is obviously beneficial for weight loss because it means that users will be able to partake in more intense or longer periods of exercise and also avoid the feeling of being run down due to a low calorie intake. As well as this, the extract contains a number of different vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy functioning of the body.

Glucommanan is a fibrous substance that is very well known and used a lot within the diet industry. It has the ability to absorb water so that when it is ingested it expands within the stomach making users feel fuller for longer. As well as this it is also harder for the body to digest, not only contributing to the feeling of fullness but blocking the digestive system meaning that the body absorbs less sugar and carbohydrates.

The Rhodiola extract is also thought to help minimise the effects associated with eating restrictions because it can reduce fatigue and enhance people’s mood. As well as this it is also claimed to help treat obesity although it is not clear exactly how this is.

Comparing the two it does appear that the Pure Slim 1000 drops provide a more multi-faceted approach to weight loss than HCG. The former seems to be more accommodating to the needs of users and in our opinion these drops seem to be more helpful in making sure that users are comfortable throughout the dieting process.

Which of the products is most backed by clinical trials?

clinical studiesA major difference between these two forms of diet drops becomes apparent when we look to see how many of their weight loss claims are actually supported by scientific research.

HCG for weight loss has actually caused some confusion in the scientific community. While some studies have indicated that when used in combination with a diet this hormone can result in slight weight loss. These trials tend to have only been done on female subjects and for fairly short amounts of time which is of a very limited use in terms of verifying its realistic potential for all users.

As well as this, the majority of studies on this particular ingredient do not look promising and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians has actually provided a position statement which recommends against the use of HCG to treat obesity and as a solution to weight loss.

The Society says that most of the positive trials done on HCG are very vague and also quite small in size. Having said this, they do accept that the hormone may cause small increases in muscle mass but only in male subjects who are androgen deficient.

Further to this, the US Food And Drug Administration have also made it clear that they do not approve the use of HCG for weight loss purposes.

The Pure Slim 1000 diet drops have not been clinically tested in its capacity as a product as a whole but there is information available concerning the individual ingredients used within it. Unlike HCG, the general findings here seem to suggest that the drops can provide realistic weight loss and mood enhancing effects especially through the use of Glucomannan which has been known to induce weight loss of around 5lbs in 8 weeks.

Research There is however a smaller amount of research that has been published in terms of the other 2 key ingredients that we have mentioned but the studies that are available do suggest positive outcomes even if they have only been done using rodent subjects. Maca for instance has demonstrated metabolism boosting properties in rats.

Another important factor in predicting the effectiveness of the Pure Slim 1000 drops is how much of each ingredient is needed to provide the same results that have been demonstrated in the studies. One major thing that perhaps makes these clinical studies less of a realistic representation of the effects of the drops is that there are so many different ingredients used in them and we cannot predict how these would react with each other inside the body. More to the point, the manufacturers do not list how much of each ingredient they use in the drops and so we cannot confirm whether there will actually be enough of them in order for users to achieve the same effects noted above.

It does seem then that in terms of the actual evidence available, the Pure Slim drops are more likely to produce weight loss IF the ingredients used are in large enough quantities. Not only are there conflicting studies concerning HCG but professional bodies actually recommend that it is not used which is an even more negative result than the unsuccessful trials.

Which of the products is safer in terms of the risk of experiencing side effects?

Side EffectsAgain, the products at issue are very different in this regard. HCG in general has actually been associated with a large amount of side effects in users and which ones of these that will materialise is also likely to depend on whether the user is male or female and how old they are. It is therefore less easy for us to predict which specific side effects one user might experience and the intensities of all symptoms are also subjective.

The prolonged ingestion of HCG has been linked to both mild and serious symptoms. Some of those which are more serious include difficulties with breathing, becoming disorientated and swelling of the face and limbs. Most worrying though is the fact that this ingredient, albeit in rare cases, has been linked to the occurrence of blood clotting in both males and females and the onset of Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in women which can result in infertility.

As well as this, more mild effects such as bloating, headaches, skin rashes, pelvic aches and stomach cramps are also a few of the less serious but more common symptoms that are thought to be caused by this ingredient.
In addition to all of these users may feel run down or exhausted due to the fact that they will be on such a restricted diet for quite a long period of time; more so than the diet used with Pure Slim 1000.

Side EffectsThe latter product is likely to have less side effects if any and especially none which rival the serious of those caused by HCG. This may be down to the fact that the Pure Slim 1000 drops use only natural ingredients in the form of plant extracts. As well as this the drops are of a homeopathic nature and this suggests that any quantities of them are likely to be fairly low. Although this may have some consequences in terms of how effective the drops might be, with regards to side effects the result is that the risk of experiencing any symptoms at all is also very low.

In terms of the low calorie dieting alone, users are also likely to experience less symptoms than they would using the HCG. This is because the Pure Slim drops use mood enhancing ingredients specifically to help combat the unpleasantness of dieting and the diet itself is also less strict in terms of what foods can be eaten. Both of these things mean that users are less likely to experience the bad mood and tiredness associated with dieting.
It is easy to see then that the Pure Slim 1000 drops are the better choice for consumers who are worried about suffering from any side effects. These drops are a lot safer than HCG which seems to be a more risky alternative given the extremely large amount of symptoms that it has been associated with. Having said this though it should be noted that serious conditions are very rare and most of the effects should only be mild.

So which product would we recommend?

Expert opinionTaking all of the information above into consideration, our experts are of the opinion that out of these two products, Pure Slim 1000 is likely to be the better alternative. This is not only due to the fact that it comes with less risks concerning the health of users but also because there is more positive scientific evidence surrounding the ingredients used in this product than there is for HCG.

In addition to this, the Pure Slim drops work a lot more gently in the body and have the added bonus of helping users to maintain a balanced and healthy mentality during the period in which they are required to diet; it acts as more of a support to users than HCG.

Although there are some concerns about whether these drops contain enough of each ingredient to provide realistic weight loss effects, since the number of associated side effects is so low, our experts think that trying this product in order to find this out for yourself might be worth a try.

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