Pure Slim 1000 vs Omnitrition
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Pure Slim 1000 vs Omnitrition

In this article we will compare both the Pure Slim 1000 and Omnitrition products in order to make a fair and reasoned judgment as to which of them might be better to purchase. As you will see, they are both claimed to work in very similar ways so finding out which one might be a better investment is sometimes hard for consumers.

Not only will we think about the products in terms of effectiveness but practical considerations such as the price of the product and how to take it are also important factors that should be taken into account before attempting to purchase a diet product especially those sold online.

What Are They and How Do They Work?

Pure Slim 1000 is a liquid drop weight loss supplement made by a company in the United States. In terms of how it works the product offers a 3 stage approach. Stage 1 is when the supplement is first taken and during this time users must stick to a very strict diet plan only consuming 1000 calories per day. This stage is said to last up to 90 days. Stage 2 is called the maintenance phase and lasts for a shorter time of 21 days. As part of this phase users are supposed to create a new ‘weight set point’ which their bodies can easily maintain in preparation for Stage 3, the continuation phase in which the strict diet stops and sugars and carbohydrates are slowly added back into the diet. It is stated on the website that users can actually repeat this cycle if they have a significant amount of weight to lose.

While it is obvious to see how a strict diet will result in weight loss, what is less clear is how the drops will help users to lose weight any easier or more quickly. The manufacturers claim that the Pure Slim 1000 drops will not only help with weight loss but can also help with other ailments such as stress, fertility problems and skin conditions to name but a few. It appears then that in essence the drops are a type of homeopathic medicine that might be used to treat a number of different things. But how does it actually do this?

The answer here seems to be that drops increase both the metabolism and energy of users while helping to keep their overall well being (especially mentally) at a healthy and functioning point during their strict diets. It really does become apparent here that the product is not claiming to work any miracles and a lot of will power will be needed by users because the Pure Slim 1000 drops are indeed part of a weight loss system and do only aid users in losing their weight.

The drops are said to be able to do this due to their combination of multiple ingredients all of which are natural. There are no ‘key ingredients’ claimed to be used in the pills as it implied that the whole combination works together to keep the body balanced. In terms of weight loss though the most useful ingredients seem to be Glucomannan, Maca and Rhodiola.

The first of these ingredients is used in many diet products and is a type of fibre. It is believed to be able to aid weight loss in 2 ways; the first is by expanding in the digestive tract which reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and the second is by making users feel fuller for longer due to the fact that it remains in the stomach for a longer period of time.

The Maca comes from the root of a Peruvian plant and is known for improving energy levels and stamina so is said to be able to enable users to exercise more effectively and for longer periods of time. It contains a variety of different vitamins and minerals to help the body to function at an optimal level.

Lastly, the Rhodiola is said to help reduce fatigue, enhance mood and is also claimed to be helpful in combatting obesity.

Omnitrition too works as a liquid drop supplement although what it actually does seems to be a lot harder to obtain. It appears that the product is sold through different individuals and so there are a lot of different websites associated with the product but unfortunately most of these contain very little information on how the drop system actually works.

What we can say though is that the system appears to be very similar to that mentioned above and also sets out 3 different stages to be followed. The main differences between the two products is actually in the ingredients that they use and how the drops work alongside the strict diet regimes.

Whilst the Pure Slim 1000 drops act more as a support for users during their diet, the Omnitrition (Omni Drops) seem to have a more dominant role and are actually needed to be taken in order for users to remain healthy throughout their diet phase. This is because the Omni Drops diet is even stricter than that associated with Pure Slim 1000. Users are only allowed to eat around 500 calories a day. This is going to take a lot of willpower and some have suggested that it could be an unhealthy way to lose weight but the distributers of Omni Drops assure potential consumers that they will not be starving themselves eating this small amount due to the way that the drops work.

The drops themselves contain Vitamin B12 and HCG. The latter ingredient is a type of hormone that women make when they are pregnant. It is said to be able to release calories from the fat stores in your abdomen which means that even though you are only eating 500 calories per day, the body can still get the amount of calories that it needs to function and this together is what is said to be able to make users lose weight.

The amount of time you need to take the Omni Drops is also shorter and can be anything from 21-45 days before fats and other foods are introduced back into the diet.
Another difference is also that the ingredients used in these drops are not natural and are actually man made in a certified lab.

Which of the Products is Most Backed by Clinical Trials?

Having both made some pretty impressive claims it is useful to compare which of these products actually has the most scientific proof in order to back them. Neither of the products have actually been clinically tested themselves so it useful to look at the proof surrounding the individual ingredients used within them.

The Pure Slim 1000 drops starts well in this area as there is a lot of human research available concerning the effect of Glucomannan on weight loss. In general this is very positive and it does seem that the ingredient could be beneficial for those trying to lose weight. One study in particular noted that this ingredient did induce a significant mean loss of 5.5 lbs over 8 weeks. As well as this, cholesterol was also reduced and no adverse reactions or side effects were reported by any of the subjects.

There is less research available however to support the use of Maca for weight loss as the only studies published have been done on rodents. This is a step in the right direction though as they too seem to give a positive preliminary conclusion in terms of how the ingredient can be beneficial to the metabolic rate. This same issue occurs in relation to the Rhodiola included in the drops as again studies, although seemingly positive, have only been done on rat subjects.

So for Pure Slim 1000 then it does seem that the information that is available does point to promising effects going some way to backing up the manufacturers’ weight loss claims. What is worth noting however is that there are so many ingredients used in these drops and this combined with the fact that there are no quantities made available to view means that we cannot confirm whether there will be enough of any of the ingredients to have the effects mentioned in the studies above.

Like Pure Slim 1000, the Omni Drops also have some evidence that back up their use. The main ingredient HCG has been tested on human subjects and did demonstrate an ability to increase weight loss by a significant amount. During this particular study however the ingredient was injected and was not combined with any others so we cannot accurately say whether this would be a true representation of the effects likely to result from the use of the Omni Drops.

The evidence surrounding the other ingredient used in the drops, Vitamin B12 is considerably less promising. In fact, when the ingredient was tested on those who did not have a B12 deficiency, the trial actually suggested that taking supplements of it will not affect energy levels or metabolism beyond what is normal.

Which of the Products is Safer in Terms of the Risk of Experiencing Side Effects?

This is an area in which the 2 products actually become increasingly different. The Pure Slim 1000 drops as we know are made with all natural ingredients. This combined with the fact that the homeopathic nature of the product implies that the quantities of them will be quite low means that the risks of experiencing any side effects as a result of taking them are also correspondingly low.

As well as this, the diet that users are supposed to adhere to throughout the programme is not overly restrictive and so, even without the balancing input of the drops, individuals are also less likely to experience the common side effects associated with dieting alone such as headaches, bad mood etc.

Omni Drops on the other hand use an ingredient which does come with a lot of warnings in terms of how it can affect a users’ health. The consumption of HCG has actually been linked to a number of unwanted side effects which appear to depend on both the age and gender of the user. Some of these can be quite mild including bloating and headaches but others such as skin rashes, abdominal pain and shortness of breath could end up being very serious.

In fact there have been instances, although admittedly rare ones, in which potentially life changing illnesses have been caused by the use of HCG particularly in females. These include blood clotting and a condition called Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) as a result of which women could become infertile.

It is therefore obvious that in terms of safety the Pure Slim 1000 drops might be the better alternative. This is not to say that users will experience excessively bad effects with the Omni Drops since instances of such illnesses are very rare but in order to minimise risk it would be sensible to choose the product that has the least potential to damage your health.

How Can the Products be Purchased?

A more practical consideration is how potential consumers might go about ordering the products. The Pure Slim 1000 drops do appear to have an official website on which consumers can make an order. The drops are priced differently depending on which package you choose to buy. The first is called the Silver Package and contains 2oz of the Pure Slim drops as well as a lot of other help and support materials including the diet plan and is priced at $89.95 (approx. £55.15). The second option is to purchase the Gold Package which includes double the amount of drops for $119.95 (approx. £73.54) and the last selection , the Platinum Package contains 6oz of the drops for $159.95 (approx. £98.06).

This implies that the more of the drops a consumer purchases the less they become which obviously means that potential consumers can get better value for their money by buying in bulk. As well as this, the choice of packages means that consumers can choose one to suit their budget and needn’t buy the most expensive package just to try the drops out.

In addition to this the Pure Slim 1000 drops also come with a money back guarantee in case the consumer is not satisfied with the product.

The Omni Drops are sold slightly differently to this and although they do appear to have a main website, potential consumers are encouraged to get in touch with their local representative and log in through them in order to make a purchase. This, we assume, is because the distributers are earning commission on the amount of drops that are purchased.

Having said this, if you do not have a local distributor you can still buy the pills through the main website. On here there are 2 options via which consumers can purchase the drops. The first is by ordering the Omni Drop Program which appears to be enough for one round although unlike Pure Slim 1000 the exact quantities are not given and neither is a list of what this will contain. Nevertheless you can order this for the price of $79.00 (approx. £48.43) which is slightly cheaper than Pure Slim 1000.

The only other option is to buy a case of 6 of the Omni Drop Program which is priced at $474.00 (approx. £290.60). This means that users will have to keep buying 1 at a time (which works out more expensive) or pay out this large sum of money and order every few months. This seems to be less accommodating to consumers’ budgets.

So Which Product Would We Recommend?

Based on all of the information that we have above, our experts are inclined to recommend the Pure Slim 1000 drops over those made by Omnitrition. Although the Omni Drops do appear to have more powerful ingredients, our experts are of the opinion that the risk of side effects much outweigh the possibility of any weight loss.

In terms of effectiveness, the Slim Pure 1000 drops seem to be slightly better researched but only marginally and even though they may be less powerful we believe that they give a much gentler and safer approach to weight loss mainly because they do not force users to stick to a 500 calorie diet.

In addition to this, the Slim Pure 1000 drops use ingredients that are 100% natural and which are believed to come with many other health benefits on top of being able to aid users in their weight loss efforts.

This is not to say however that the Omni Drops product is not also a good aid for weight loss but we are inclined to believe that this particular product might be more useful to those who are more used to extreme dieting and are more experienced in the use of HCG than the normal user. We also think that given some of the potential effects, this product may not be best suited to women.

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