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The Quantrim diet pills are advertised by the manufacturers as being able to help users to burn more fat and eat less, without any additional effort through diet or exercise. It appears to be marketed as an answer to all dieters’ problems and gives the impression of being perfectly safe to use, emphasising that all ingredients used in the pills are totally natural and not linked to any side effects. In fact, the website describes the product as an ‘evolutionary new herbal slimming tablet’ but gives no details as to how these particular pills are any different from the various other products available on the market.

In this review, we will be looking into the claims about how Quantrim works and if there are any potential side effects.

Quantrim Review

Quantrim Pros
  • Uses natural ingredients
Quantrim Cons
  • No information is given with regards to the quantities of ingredients
  • There is confusion surrounding the company behind the pills
  • More research is needed on both ingredients to prove them to be effective
  • No credible customer reviews available
  • Serious side effects can result from the use of the pills

Quantrim Review

According to the manufacturers, what sets the Quantrim diet pills apart from other pills on the market is the fact that only two ingredients are used in the product and that these are both completely natural. This would suggest that they would result in relatively little, if any, side effects.

In the Quantrim review below we will analyse whether this rings true and also whether the inclusion of these two ingredients is enough to provide effective and efficient weight loss for users without damaging their health in the process.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Quantrim weight loss claimsUnlike some other diet products, the Quantrim website does not contain many exaggerated claims concerning the potential effects of the pills. In fact, there is very little information and only an extremely brief description of how the manufacturers are alleging that the pills contribute to weight loss.

Having said this, it is clear that the manufacturers of the pills claim that they possess a moderate three out of the five main weight loss properties. These include managing the appetite,increasing the metabolic rate and fat burning to help users burn more calories.

Considering the clinical studies, or rather the lack of these available, (for more information please see our Quantrim Clinical Studies article), our experts do not agree with any of the properties mentioned above. We are of the opinion that these claims are unjustified and at present are not supported by any scientific evidence. For this reason, until further and more conclusive research has been done we feel bound to disagree with these claims.

Below we examine how the ingredients in the pills work and find out more about how they can affect the body to result in a reduction of weight.

How Quantrim Works

bladderwrack aka Fucus Vesiculosus in QuantrimThe Quantrim pills contain very little ingredients when compared to other diet products, having only two ingredients. These are bladderwrack and cleavers and they are generally claimed to work in the ways described below.

The bladderwrack is said to work due to its high iodine content. Iodine affects the thyroid by enabling the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones regulate our metabolic rate, which is particularly important in terms of weight loss.

Cleavers is alleged to have appetite suppressing properties and work as a diuretic to help reduce bloating and excess water weight.

Due to the effects that the pills may have on the body, we would not recommend their use for the following groups of people:

– Pregnant or nursing women
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from heart disease or other heart related problems
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from kidney disease of other kidney related problems
– Those who may be allergic to any of the ingredients
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any thyroid related disorder
– Those who have any other underlying medical issue

For more information regarding the effects of the pills and a more exhaustive list of ingredients, you can read our How Does Quantrim Work article.

Key Quantrim Ingredients

Cleavers In QuantrimThe Quantrim pills contain only 2 natural ingredients; bladderwrack and cleavers.

The bladderwrack is a natural ingredient, which generally comes from brown seaweed that is grown on the northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the North and Baltic seas. Cleavers comes from a type of flowering land plant.

Learn more by reading our articles on Quantrim Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power: 25/100

Although the Quantrim pills look as though they have large potential at first glance to help users to achieve weight loss, the sheer lack of evidence to support the pills’ weight loss claims suggests otherwise. Also, the lack of quantitative data concerning the amounts of the ingredients used in the pills, means that there is no evidence of any weight loss power as a result from the consumption of this product.
Speed of results: 10/100

The manufacturers of the pills provide no guidance as to how long the pills will take to work. Due to the fact that they do not promote exercise or diet regimes, and coupled with the lack of supporting evidence for their weight loss claims, our experts are of the opinion that these pills will take a relatively long time to work, if they are effective at all.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

Despite the claims of the manufacturers of this product, there is no solid scientific evidence to suggest that either of the ingredients used in the pills will have even minimal appetite suppressing effects.
Long Term Results: 20/100

The manufacturers of the Quantrim pills in no way encourage a healthy eating plan or weight loss regime. There is no attempt to change the lifestyle habits of users and so even if the pills were effective, as soon as users stop taking the pills there is a good chance they will just put back on all the weight they had previously lost. Furthermore, the effectiveness of these pills in providing any weight loss results at all is extremely doubtful based on the information made available to us at present. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 40/100

The ingredients contained in these pills appear to have been associated with quite a lot of side effects. Most of these will not be serious but the likelihood of experiencing them is quite high. There are however, three very serious side effects that could result from the ingestion of these pills over a long period of time, all of which are relatively rare but potentially life threatening – see our article on Quantrim Side Effects.
Value for money: 45/100

The Quantrim pills are not the most expensive on the market and do seem to be quite cheap compared to other diet products even before their discount is taken into account. Having said this, there is a strong chance that the pills will not result in any significant weight loss and so purchasing them, at this present time, when there is so little scientific evidence to support their weight loss claims, would run heavy financial risks.

Quantrim Side Effects

Quantrim Acne Potential Side EffectsThe ingredients used in these pills have been linked to numerous different side effects ranging from those that are merely unpleasant to some that are dangerous and potentially life threatening, such as kidney damage, nerve damage, metal poisoning and thyroid cancer.

While these should generally be rare, since we have no data concerning the quantities of ingredients used in the pills, the risk is very real and potential consumers should bear this in mind when deciding whether to purchase the pills.

Some of the more trivial side effects associated with the pills include, but are not limited to, acne, increased heart rate, rashes, stomach pain or increased bowel movements.

For more information on this matter and a more exhaustive list of the common side effects associated with the pills, you can read our Quantrim Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Quantrim

If you have decided to purchase the Quantrim diet pills, we would recommend having a look at our Where to Buy Quantrim article. If you have already bought Quantrim, we would also recommend you read our How to use Quantrim article.

Overall Verdict

Unfortunately, our experts are of the opinion that the Quantrim diet pills do not have enough concrete evidence behind them to suggest that they will have any significant effects that will be beneficial to users’ weight loss attempts.

There is such a lack of research available concerning its only two ingredients that we believe that this product carries both large financial and, more importantly, health risks. For a pill that is so poorly researched and has been associated with an array of side effects including those that may be potentially life threatening, there are much better and much safer diet products on the market that would be a wiser choice.

Even if this were not the case, the lack of information concerning the amounts of ingredients used in the pill given by the manufacturers, would still indicate that there is a large chance that the pills will not be as effective as they are claimed to be.

All of these reasons coupled with the fact that there has been confusion and even false advertising claims concerning the company behind this product (for more information on this point in particular you might want to read our The Company Behind Quantrim article) leads our experts recommending that consumers consider buying a much more proven diet product; at least until sufficient research surfaces concerning the claimed weight loss properties of these pills and an accurate prediction of the likelihood of serious side effects are made known.

Overall: 25/100

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