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Raspberry Ketone Extreme

Raspberry Ketone Extreme is a weight loss supplement that aims to bring about weight loss in extensive ways. It is aimed at catering to weight loss through metabolism boosting, appetite suppression and fat burning. It is able to do so owing to the presence of raspberry ketones, which has been found to be a fairly potent ingredient. More information about this particular product can be found on the website of the manufacturers.

In this article we will look at both the positive and negative effects of Raspberry Ketone Extreme and ultimately establish whether this is the weight loss supplement for you.

Raspberry Ketone Extreme Review

Raspberry Ketone Extreme Pros
  • It is relatively affordable in terms of pricing
  • It contains a potent set of ingredients
Raspberry Ketone Extreme Cons
  • It is capable of manifesting side effects
  • It does not have clinical validity as a product

Raspberry Ketone Extreme Review

Raspberry Ketone Extreme is another weight loss supplement on the block that aims to bring about extensive weight loss through the processes as aforementioned. It is able to do so because it contains raspberry ketones, african mango, acai berry and others.

Claimed weight loss benefits
This particular product has three claims. The first of these is that it is able to bring about metabolism boosting, which means that it is able to fairly increase the rate at which metabolic reactions take place. Secondly, it is able to contribute to fat burning, thus leading to a decrease in the fat content of the body. Lastly, it is able to carry out appetite suppression, which means that it keeps the body full and satiated for longer.

How Raspberry Ketone Extreme Works

As aforementioned, this particular weight loss supplement aims to carry out three actions. The first of these is the conduction of fat burning which allows for the fat that is stored unnecessarily within the body to be broken down effectively, thus contributing to weight loss mechanisms. The second of these is significant boosting of the metabolic rate. What this implies is that intake of raspberry ketones allows for an increase in the rate at which biological reactions take place within the body, thus increasing the rate at which fat is burned. Other than that, it also allows for a fairly significant amount of heat being generated for purposes of utilization for fat burning as well as to provide energy to the body at a time when it is going through strenuous and exertive weight loss. Lastly, it is able to act as an appetite suppressant which means that the body feels full and satiated for longer periods of time.

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Raspberry Ketone Extreme Ingredients

Raspberry Ketones
raspberry ketoneThese are found within berries and are responsible for the aroma associated with them. The prime reason why raspberry ketones are able to work so well is because of the presence of adiponectin which is present naturally within our bodies. It is useful because it not only allows for breakdown of fats to take place but also regulates the level of glucose within the body. It does this through two main features. Firstly, adiponectin causes a decrease in the rate at which gluconeogenesis takes place. This is the process which translates into the conversion of non-carbohydrate compounds into glucose for purposes of storage. The taking place of this particular process causes a decrease in the levels of glucose as well as the glucose stored generally within the body. Secondly, adiponectin also decreases the rate at which glucose is absorbed in the body. This further allows for a significant decrease in the level of glucose that ends up being accumulated within the bloodstream. Finally, adiponectin helps in regulating the rate of fatty acid catabolism, hence helping in maintaining a healthy rate of metabolism boosting and allowing for generation of heat. This essentially results in higher levels of fat burning within the body as well as higher levels of endurance. Endurance is indeed fairly important when the body is going through exertive mechanisms of weight loss and needs an extensive amount of stamina to carry through itself.

Green Tea
green tea in Kangmei CapsulesGreen tea has several useful properties when it comes to weight loss and weight management. Firstly, it is inclusive of a fairly large number of antioxidants, which are popularly associated with two particular functions within green tea. One, they allow for the process of thermogenesis to take place. This is essentially the process by which heat is created within the body, and it allows for higher rates of metabolism to be achieved. Therefore, the ultimate idea is that this provision of energy subsequently results in the burning of fat at high rates. Two, antioxidants also allows for extensive oxidation of fats. The usefulness of this is that it prevents against excessive accumulation of fats within the body. Lastly, this particular ingredient is capable of carrying out detoxification. Detoxification is essentially the process whereby unwanted materials such as radicals are removed from the body. This is fairly useful because these ingredients would otherwise be stored within the body and be subsequently converted into fat. Therefore, green tea is capable of metabolism boosting and fat burning, the two properties that we associated with this particular weight loss supplement in the first place.

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African Mango
African MangoKnown also as irvingia gabonensis, this particular ingredient is native to Central and West Africa. It contains a considerably high fibre content, and is hence believed to be considerably useful when it comes to appetite suppression. Therefore, it is not absorbed by the body and is instead passed out. This is useful because the intake of this particular ingredient keeps the body considerably full and satiated. Yet, it does not contribute to fat gain since it is not digested by the body. It is also believed that the fibre within this particular ingredient is unique in the sense that it is able to bind to bile acid produced within the body. This subsequently plays a role in lowering the presence of lipids within the blood. Therefore, this particular ingredient is able to cause appetite suppression as well as fat burning.

CaffeineThis particular ingredient is found fairly commonly in beverages such as tea and coffee owing to the fact that it is a potent source of energy. It is believed that caffeine assists in the process of thermogenesis. This is essentially the process that allows for the generation of energy through releasing heat following digestion, which can be subsequently used for metabolic purposes. Therefore, the rate of metabolic processes increases considerably, allowing for the spurring of rates to be subsequently translated into more fat burning taking place.

L Carnitine
L Carnitine is believed to be useful for purposes of weight loss owing to the fact that it contributes quite well to the process of fat burning. This is because when it enters the bloodstream, it is broken down into simply carnitine. This then enables the carrying of fatty acids to the mitochondria within the cells, where the fatty acids can then be broken down. Moreover, it is also believed that intake of carnitine allows for oxidation of fat to be carried out at higher levels and with a greater level of efficiency as well. This is because fatty acids are now being transported for breakdown at much faster rates.

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Weight Loss Power: 55/100

It appears that this particular ingredient has modest weight loss power. This is because it is able to carry out weight loss through the channels of appetite suppression, metabolism boosting and fat burning. In particular, raspberry ketones within this particular product are able to stimulate effective weight loss. However, while we know that this product fares good in terms of weight loss, we do not have precise figures. For instance, we do not know how much time it takes for weight loss to take place, and what the figures of weight loss are. Therefore, it appears rational to assign this product with an average score when it comes to weight loss power.
Speed of results: 20/100

This appears to be one of the weaker qualities of this particular product. This is because the manufacturers have not given us much knowledge about how this product works in terms of speed. Therefore we do not know if the results of this product are quickly noticeable or else take a reasonable period of time in happening. Hence, it appears fair to assign this product with a low score when it comes to speed of results.
Appetite Suppression: 30/100

This is another category where this product does not do well. While it can indeed carry out weight loss through appetite suppression, it appears that the ingredients present within this product contribute to it only indirectly and not in a direct fashion. Hence, we feel that it is not fair to assign this product with a high score when it comes to appetite suppression.
Long Term Results: 30/100

This is one category that we do not have sufficient information about. The manufacturers have not told us whether there are any long term effects of this particular product and whether they should be positive or negative in nature. Hence, it appears reasonable to assign this product with a low score when it comes to long term effects.
Safety: 45/100

While this particular product is indeed capable of manifesting side effects, they do not appear to be particularly disastrous. In fact, it appears that these side effects are manageable and normal. Hence, we feel that it is rational to assign this product with an average score when it comes to safety.
Value for money: 60/100

This product appears to be quite reasonably priced and can be seen as affordable by a considerable proportion of customers. Hence, we feel that it is fair to assign it with a good score when it comes to the category of value for money.

Raspberry Ketone Extreme Side Effects

This particular weight loss supplement is indeed not free from side effects owing to the fact that it contains ingredients with tendencies of manifesting side effects. For instance, raspberry ketone is similar in chemical composition to an ingredient called synephrine and is hence capable of manifesting side effects associated with synephrine. Noticeable amongst these are feelings of jitteriness and rapid rises in heart beat and blood pressure. It may also result in shakiness and palpitations. Next up is green tea, which is considerably problematic owing to the fact that it contains caffeine. Caffeine can cause several side effects. For instance, it can cause anxiety, nervousness, jitteriness, tension and depression. Similar side effects are associated with green tea owing to the fact that it too contains caffeine; hence the side effects of caffeine become magnified in this case. Other than that, this particular weight loss supplement contains African Mango, which is capable of manifesting similar side effects. For instance, it can cause headaches and disturbance when it comes to sleeping. It is also associated with a dry mouth as well as symptoms of flu.

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Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone Extreme

Along with being able to purchase Raspberry Ketone Extreme from the official website for a recommended retail price of £19.99 (currently discounted to £10.99 at the time of writing) for 30 capsules; it is possible to purchase this particular weight loss supplement from a vast variety of third party suppliers. The most reliable amongst them appears to be Amazon, where you can purchase a pack of 30 capsules for a price of £11.99. There are no hidden charges because delivery is free within the United Kingdom.

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Overall Verdict

We feel that this particular weight loss supplement is indeed useful. It can be seen that it has a couple of advantageous features. For instance, it contains a fairly potent mix of ingredients. Other than that, it is also associated with a vast variety of features through which weight loss can be attained. However at the same time there are issues associated with the lack of information, which essentially complicates matters quite a bit. We cannot be sure therefore as to how effective this particular weight loss supplement can be, and how phenomenal its results will be. This lack of information is indeed a huge shortcoming in this regard, and based on this we can conclude that while this weight loss supplement will provide results, it would be unrealistic to expect any phenomenal results from it.

If you are interested in who makes Raspberry Ketone Extreme, please read our The Company Behind Raspberry Ketone Extreme article.

Overall: 40/100

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