Raspberry Ketone: Free Trial Scams & How To Avoid Them
Best Rated Diet Pills Free Trial Scams

Raspberry Ketone: Free Trial Scams

Raspberry Ketones Free Trial ScamsRecently it has been suggested that some companies behind Raspberry Ketone products are guilty of conducting a free trial scam to solicit funds from customers without them knowing or being able to easily be refunded.

Below is an examination of what exactly a free trial scam is, how to spot one and whether the manufacturers of Raspberry Ketone diet pills are actually responsible for scamming consumers.

What are Free Trial Scams?

Recently in the diet pill market, a form of scam is becoming increasingly common, this is the ‘free trial’ scam. Manufacturers of the diet pill advertise to customers that they have the opportunity to trial the product for a period between 2 weeks and a month for no charge and from that experience determine whether they want to make a full purchase.

What is a free trial scamHowever, what isn’t highlighted is the fact that once the free trial is activated, if not cancelled (once the trial is over) the credit/debit card used to authorize the payment will be instantly credited for the diet pills full price without due notice to the customer; known as an ‘auto-ship’ procedure. It is due to the shipping costs that companies ask for your debit/credit card but once you have submitted them, they are free to set up the auto-ship order to instantly credit the bank account attached to the card.

What makes this even more worrying is the fact that in most cases – due to shipping times – the product arrives halfway through the trial despite the official activation being the moment it is signed up for.

Additionally, the key thing that makes such a ploy a scam is that a lot of people who experience such an issue find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to get their money back from the manufacturer and company behind the ‘free trial’. Either by finding the contact details provided to be fake, automated or in some cases answered in a rude and aggressive fashion.

Outlined above are the essential criteria in what makes a free trial scam, to summarize:

 Free Trial offering
 Free Trial is activated instantly regardless of shipping times
 Once trial has ended, card used to authorize the trial is instantly credited with the full price
 Getting refunded is very difficult

Free Trial scams are notorious for the fact that the auto-shipping procedure included as part of the free trial package is not clearly stated, usually it is only written in the small print which very few, if any people actually pay much attention to. Therefore, before deciding to take part in such a trial, it is recommended that you do spend a few minutes to check around the website, and look at the small print. More information on how to spot a free trial scam and so hopefully avoid one is delivered in the next section of this article.

How to spot a Free Trial Scam

How to spot a free trial scam - required credit card details for free trialsThe first way to avoid being conned by diet pill manufacturers that employ free trial scams is to be perceptive of the main characteristics employed by companies that go through with it. Usually, to avoid legal action the company will mention in the small print of the free trials terms and conditions that there is an auto-ship procedure. If this is the case, do not go through with it, as it is highly likely that should the money be credited from your account once the trial is over, it will be very difficult to get it back without putting in a lot of effort.

Also, whenever asked to provide card details to authorize any sort of free trial you should think twice before submitting them as chances are very heavily weighted to the free trial being a scam.

Another way to be certain of a company’s credibility is to do a simple Google search on the company behind the product and free trial in question. Customer reviews and feedback on the product usually give a good indication as to the credibility of not only the product and its facilitation of weight loss but also whether it is a good and reliable purchase (however, approach these somewhat pessimistically as sometimes products will have a large number of fake positive reviews). Usually, manufacturers who scam customers via free trials have very negative reviews, and also many formal complaints on websites such as ComplaintsBoard and Complaints.com which undertake independent investigations of the customers claim and provide support to get your claimed losses back.

Doing research into a product is the most effective way of highlighting and subsequently avoiding disreputable companies who only wish to scam you with their products.

Is Raspberry Ketone a Scam?

Raspberry Ketone is a chemical that occurs in a number of fruits, as the name suggests, it is most noticeable in raspberries but also cranberries and blackberries. Over the past few years, there have been many strong claims for the effectiveness of Raspberry Ketone in facilitating weight loss. For more information on Raspberry Ketone, read our review.

Many products utilize Raspberry Ketone in some form to jump onto the growing hype around the chemical after it appeared and was endorsed by ‘Dr Oz’ on American TV. The demand for Raspberry Ketone has never been higher and many companies have taken advantage of this to scam customers through supposed free trials.

Ketone Elite

Ketone Elite For example, the manufacturers of Ketone Elite make many claims for their product such as it being a ‘natural and easy to use supplement that suppresses the appetite while boosting the energy levels, promoting fat loss and improving the metabolism’.

However, many customers have reported that they experienced no weight loss or positive health benefits as a result of taking Ketone Elite. There were also numerous complaints against the manufacturers of Ketone Elite, and once the Advertising Standards Authority stepped in following these complaints about misleading marketing of the products weight loss claims and poor practice regarding the free trial due to not making it clear that additional charges would be incurred once the free trial was activated, the company completely stopped advertising the product and also took down their website.

To read more about Ketone Elite, read our in-depth Ketone Elite review.

Beyond Raspberry Ketone

Beyond Raspberry KetoneAnother product that is guilty of deceitful practice is ‘Beyond Raspberry Ketone’, which also as the name suggests use the hype of Raspberry Ketone to get people to find and try out their product. Suspicions should instantly be raised from the fact that the product is only available from the manufacturer’s official website for the product, meaning that it is not available on any of the major independent online retailers, nor well established pharmaceutical retailers in the UK.

On top of this, the product cannot just be bought as a one-off purchase. In other words, if you wish to purchase Beyond Raspberry Ketone you have to sign up for the free trial meaning that you have to fill in all your bank and permanent address details and submit it to a website that is not completely known. Customers who have done this, have found that 14 days after ‘purchasing’ the free trial, the bank account connected to the card that they used to authorize the trial had been credited £84.95 for another shipment of the product (regardless of whether they wanted to continue with it or not) plus £4.95 postal fee via Royal Mails 1st class service.

And as is standard with many free trial scams, getting a refund is notoriously difficult, for more information on Beyond Raspberry Ketone, read our Beyond Raspberry Ketone review.

Ketone Premium

Ketone Premium‘Ketone Premium’ is another Raspberry Ketone based product that has got a lot of attention for conning customers via free trial scams, so much so that it has even been featured in The Guardian newspaper, a nationwide publication in the UK. Ketone Premium, like Beyond Raspberry Ketone is also only available from its official website (not to be confused with ‘Raspberry Ketone Premium’, which is available on Amazon).

A Google search of “Ketone Premium” will give rise to many websites where customers concerned with the deceitful intentions of the company raise what they have experienced, usually involving additional, unwanted and unknown charges to their bank account after authorizing the free trial by providing their bank card details.


There are many types of diet pill scams out there that need to be kept in mind whenever you decide to purchase this type of supplement, from the product simply not working and doing what it claims to do – to avoid this always try and read the full reviews we have available here before purchasing any such product to make sure that it really is effective. To see the very best diet pills of 2013 see our Top 5 rated diet pills page. To find out about fake news stories that endorse the product, read our Scam Report: Fake news sites selling diet pills article.

However, as these methods of conning customers are increasingly being cracked down on and targeted by the authorities, as well as more consumer awareness of such methods, disreputable companies are turning more and more to trickier ways of scamming people, such as the ‘Free Trial’ scams.

It is imperative that customers keep up to date on the various techniques that some manufacturers will use to con them out of their money. At the moment the ‘Free Trial’ auto-ship procedure is very popular due to the ease with which it can be executed and the relative immunity the company has to authorities due to the small print. Customers should always be aware when they are asked to input their personal bank details online for anything, especially if it is on a website that they are not familiar with and for something, which is advertised as being ‘free’.

Products that utilize Raspberry Ketone are currently the most susceptible to this scam for the simple reason that there is a lot of hype surrounding it at the moment after it was endorsed by a ‘celebrity doctor’ in the US. However, it is not wholly exclusive to these products, with other diet pill companies also using it as a method to solicit extra funds from unknowing customers. There have also been cases of the same scam being used in other market sectors – such as beauty creams.

If you are interested in using a product that contains Raspberry Ketone but are worried about such scams, we recommend looking over our article addressing ‘Which Brand of Raspberry Ketone is the Best to Purchase‘ and for even more information our article on other Raspberry Ketone Suppliers.

If you have unfortunately been caught in a Raspberry Ketone free trial scam and are looking at what options you have and how you can get your money back, look at our guide on ‘How to Get Compensation for Diet Pill Scams‘.

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78 responses to “Raspberry Ketone: Free Trial Scams”

  1. richard says:

    unfortunately my wife and i have been scammed by this company for £193-90 as we did not / could not see the very small print stating that you must cancel before the 14 day ‘free trial’ is up.after two very aggressive phone calls from myself stating that i will be going to their offices (i only live 15 miles away) to remove goods to cover a refund that they gave in and state that a refund of £80-00 will be put back into our account. i know that this is not all of it but some money does help. so persist with asking for something back

    • Christina says:

      I have been scammed also £184 pounds I am sending them back I hope they will refund me I fill so silly did not no? till I saw my Bank acct Kind regards Chris.

      • colin lodge says:

        Hi, Back in may I ordered some free trials at my wifes request then 180 odd pounds were taken out of my account. I sent 2 unopened bottles back to them on 12th May they had signed for it so it was delivered, have spoken to customer service they don’t give a damn so they not only have my money but the goods as well, may I ask how you got on?

        • Sheila says:

          Hi Colin I called this number 02033002788 and they agreed to give me some of my money back less £20 each transaction the address is in west Lothian Scotland they will also give u the number for ezy clens if you had a problem with them but they are both trading at the same address. Hope this helps

          • Dan says:


            I have just been scammed by this free trial. On the despatch note it says the address is Edingburgh. With a Po box no. I have the same tell no to contact as well but worry it could be a premium rate no? Is it worth trying to get your money back?

            Thanks for any help you can provide?

          • roseline ofori yeboah says:

            Please, did you conact the address and was it any helpful. Cos they did same to me!

        • Denise says:

          You need to keep at it. They want us to back off. I got my last money returned which i’m waiting on my bank to conform. Keep at them and notify your bank what you did. they will try and help. The Bank is aware of whats going on. But you have to keep at it. Hope you have your receipt call the post making sure the parcel is being delivered, then call them back and let them know straight away. keep following them up they want us to back off.

    • r nelson says:

      Can you let me have their telephone number please.

  2. Jane says:

    I applied for what I thought was a free trial and just found out I an £400 less off in my account. Called company and they said I I should have read small print. Under the terms and conditions they can take what they like. This was from an advert in local paper. I came off phone in tears.

    • Teresa says:

      I have also been conned by these people. I have just called them 0844 858 8027 and thy have said they will give me my money back after a lot of shouting. There offer plainly state 30 day free trial, not 14 day then it will cost you a fortune. This is what I shouted at him, “I want my 30 day free trial for the delivery cost of £8.90 and I don’t care that the small print says different. It plainly says 30 day Free trial and thats what I want” Don’t listen to what they tell you just keep telling them. I have no idea if they will pay me back, but I will keep calling. Good Luck

      • wendy says:

        Did they taken any money from your account, or did you call the bank and cancel future payments … did it work?

        • susan says:

          I tried to block them with my bank,but they changed the name of the product slightly so they sneaked thorough the block.best to just change banks to be on the safe side.

          • Wilma says:

            I have just been on the phone to 3 different numbers and when I finally got someone answering she advised that she would cancel my subscription and e mail me confirmation, however, no confirmation has came through to me. I have alerted my bank but will be keeping an eye on my account “just in case”.

      • Jillian says:

        Thank you for tel no. Teresa. I too have been scammed and have only received one lot of these pill and yet the have taken out nearly £200 in 2 weeks! I tried ringing the tel no. and it says the mailbox is full.

        kind regards


        • Sheila says:

          Hi there tell no is.02033002788 and they are in west Lothian Scotland so now I know where they are trading standards are interested, please contact them with details the full address is PO box 13511, Lithlingo, West Lothian, EH49 7YH, and if you have also ordered from ezy clens they are trading from the same warehouse address but there tel no. is 02031293927 , according to them both you will lose £20 per transaction but it is better than losing £200 hope this helps x

      • s Terrell says:

        Hi Theresa, I also fell for this scam, back in June luckily I Had not opened the goods and had a shock when I was charged £179.90 I phoned the company up and was given a reference number and was told to write it down on the outside of the envelope I returned it via DPD and had a tracking number ,you must also contact your bank to block any more payments taken from your account, when I still didn’t receive a refund 2 months later I phoned them again and after giving them the tracking number they confirmed that they had received them and I would be given a refund within 5 days , I’ve just found out that the full amount has been paid back in to my account today after 3 days , I am thrilled. I wish you all the. best of luck in having a refund and also all the other victims.

        • sonia Neville says:

          tonight I click on to order raspberry slimming tablets at a low price trial,thought about it later and regret it now .:-STarted looking a reviews and I’m now getting worried,what would you do!!! should I tell my bank?

          • Dawn lovelace says:

            Just cancell ur credit or debit card. I have done this twice I ordered the trial then a week later cancelled my card.then I got another trial and did the same .no one contacts u after that

    • sue says:

      Hi I have done the same. Thought was a 3.99 trial. Had £92 taken from account. Stopped card and rang company 02036953806. They tried to explain terms etc but would not accept this. They have offered me a £50 refund in next few days. A small recompense but better than nothing. Try the number should help. All the best.

      • linda says:

        omg how stupid am ??? i’ve gone and got scammed,after warning my mum about people like this! I used my visa electron card to order, and once i realised everything was wrong i transfered all the funds from this acc. into a savings account !!!! Ihope this will work as there will be no money there for them to take. perhaps we should get stroppy and demand trading standards get involved, these people need to be stopped immediatley for praying on the vulnerable. good luck to everyone including me !!!!!

        • Rehana says:

          i also was stupid enough to sign up for the free trail by Reapberry-ketone and CleansX, or ding free trial for £3.99 and £2.99. However after send the order through starting researching about these products (should have done before ordering) and came to know instantly about these scams. I instantly rand my credit card provider and asked how much money was taken.. Fortunately the companies had only taken the amounts they stated for the free trial. the bank took note of my concern about further possible charges from these companies and put a block on them, also cancelling my credit card. So now I am safe from being ripped off. I have received my free trial item and ton the advice notes there are customer services email addresses and phone numbers. the address for sending the items back , if not satisfied, is I Cyprus, two separate addresses but both in Cyprus. However I have no intention of sending any thing back as they can’t take anymore money from me. All I will do is send emails to customer services of both companies to inform them that I do not want them to send me any further supplies. I am so glad that people have tKen time to warn others about these scams. My God reward all these peoples for sharing their bad experiences and saving others from playing in the hands of these scam companies. this is the second time I have been fooled by scam companies and promise myself never to do these kind of stupidities. by the way I checked with ‘Nature’s Best’ about buying this raspberry ketone thing and they have written on their site that they do not sell this stuff because there is not enough evidence that it actually works. Natures’s Best is a reputable supplier of food supplements, I use them regularly and would recommend them to other people. They are researched based, ethical and very reasonably priced.

          • Jacky Wedgwood says:

            Dear Rehana
            I too have been scammed by the company offering free samples of Raspberyy Ketone Blast and Cleansextrem and find they have taken £89 and £95 from my mastercard.
            I’ve cancelled the card but the bank advises me to send the pills back, even though I have taken some of them.
            I’ve heard you need an RMA number in order to send them back but have no dtails of how to get this. Could you send me their email and address please? One address is in West Lothian and the other in Cyprus on the back of the packets.


    FEB 19 2014 8:30
    Hi can you please tell me if the address is the same as i have for this company UNIT C&D.DALES MANOR PARK
    CB22 3TJ

    • Dot says:

      I have tried calling the phone number and they say we can’t find you on our system. I felt used and abused.

    • San says:

      Hi George,

      I had the same issue and I just phone them, and what they can do for me is to refund only half of the money. I am very disappointed. We need to stop this company.

  4. Pauline says:

    Oh dear I’m in the same boat as the above I could not see small print of the 14 day trial either. Same thing when I looked at my bank account. I’m going into my bank next week & will send back the second lost of pills I received. There is another telephone no. 020 3356 6290.

  5. Michelle says:

    I signed up for them as well, then read all comments about extra money being taken from peoples account’s so I went and emptyed my own account to stop them doing it to me. To many people being scamed by these shamless companys taking advantage of us wanting to get healthy. Never recieved items either.

  6. Sue says:

    I also have been scammed by this company and telephoned them when I noticed on my credit card statement I had been charged the full price and not the advertised price. When I telephoned the company on 28 February 2014 because they had sent me yet another two packs which I didn’t order, I was told by Sophia that the money was for postage and packing and I should have telephoned to cancel the order. Nowhere in the advert did it give terms and conditions nor did it tell you that the “Free Trial” wasn’t a free trial at all and that they would be charging the full price of £89 and £95 respectively. I returned the two packs I didn’t want by Special Delivery on 28 February and tracked the item, only to find out that a card had been left by Royal Mail for the company to collect it. To date after tracking it and speaking to Royal Mail this still hasn’t happened! Beware of ordering from the internet and make sure there are Terms for you to read before ordering.

  7. Flori says:

    I think I have been scammed too, I have just noticed that after ordering the trial, which I am not even half way through I have been charged £79.95 from this people.
    I have emailed them but I also have contacted my bank to cancel any future money to be taken out my account.
    I hope it works.

  8. nelson says:

    why you guys have not yet attempted the chargebacks

  9. linda taylor says:

    like a real fool fell for advert for free trial for raspberry ketone blast and cleanse xtrem paid £4.95 each for postage on 11th april just received bank statement and a further £89.00 and £95.00 taken out on 28th april.I cant trace on laptop company all ive got is delivery invoice from P.O Box13511 Linlithgow West Lothian EH49 7YH. My only comfort is you reap what you sow. ps on phone to bank to stop any further transactions.

    • jan says:

      hi linda here is a fone no for you to try 0800 9098021 ,I made the same mistake as you and just received my credit card bill to find out I had been charged for the rapberry one and the cleane extreme 79,95 each after a long fone call and threat to call my bank they have given me a half refund on each ,never again will I make that mistake

    • trevor says:

      Try this number 02033002788,no it is late but you never know.

  10. mrs h says:

    Same here!
    £89 & £95 taken paid for mine using debit card, have emailed bank to stop further payments as its sunday, but wil lalso phone tomorrow.

    Raspberry ketone blast came from J.E.M marketing & managed to find email for them so have told them to cancel & not take anymore payments.

    Cleanse extreme came from Linlithgow west Lothian EH49 7YH found them on internet & they claim they are not the suppliers only the shipment firm but if you leave your order number & address they will investigate for you.

    I hope to get my money back but I’m more worried about further payments being taken.

    • wendy says:

      This Company is still at it: the returns address for the item is now PPF Shipping Ltd PO Box 13511, EH49 7YH and the product is advertised as a “Free Trial” is Colon Extreme (Cleanse Extreme(RB) and the other is Raspberry Blast (Raspberry Keytone Blast (RB).

      I have cancelled with them, been given 2 separate cancellation numbers, made 6 phone calls to 3 different phone numbers they have informed me its cancelled and to return the empty product boxes back empty if I so wish! Cancelled with my bank but not sure if that will save me, up to now I have just been hit for the postage charges and the one I will incur to return to them.

      Although another person on this site states that she returned her item and it has not been delivered/signed for by the company and the the Royal Mail still hold it.

      Anyone have any further info, and advise, any good news of money back and did any one lose any weight!

  11. Cathy green says:

    I was conned out of 300 pounds out of my bank account when asked about details they sent me it wasn’t my e mail address feel a right Pratt work hard for my money and you got no marks like these people getting away with it

  12. nikki says:

    i cant remember what company i got them from does this matter??

  13. TERRY RYAN says:


  14. Tracy says:

    I too have have fallen to this scam but I only signed up for my free trail this morning, I stupidly never checked small print and when I goggled the company after to see if I could check my shipment to my horror I seen all the scams and hundreds of people who had lost £100’s I rang them and was told they could not find my order but had my name and email. I paid by credit card so am going to contact them and stop anymore payments, I also email the ketone company cancelling order, has anyone else received a email asking to confirm subscription?? I haven’t as don’t want to commit to it. Feel so stupid am normally so carful, this company needs stopping. Karma is a bitch!!

  15. TERRY RYAN says:


  16. Pam says:

    I checked my account this morning an found 2 transactions have been taken out of my account on 2nd June an 2nd july fron katone advanced. I ordered tje trisl pack for both rasberry ketone angreen coffee cleanse,costing around £9for trial pack.Me too been scamed by this firm. This company have taken money from my account an not even sent any further goods. I contacted my bank who stated i had not read the small. print. I was told if i didnt recieve any goods in yhe next 15 days the bank will be able to refund the money back for July. They have put a stop on my bank account so nomore money can be taken from them. However i am £350.00 scammed.

  17. Lawson says:

    I checked my account last week and imagine my surprise the took £69,95 twice after I order the raspberry for the trial and paid £4,95 for that,they are no customer service number,I call my bank to cancel all the further transaction,am looking for a number to call

  18. Kay Bearman says:

    I have also been scammed of £400 cleaned my bank account out and yes the keytones can make you slim as they leave you no money to buy any food

    • Les Torry says:

      I’ve been scammed. By these rogues too. Their advert said I would lose pounds quickly. Little did I know then it would be pounds sterling. Instructing the bank to stop all payments to their account. May even try to sue them and am going to inform Watchdog. These scammers need to be exposed. I live on a state pension in an old peoples home.

  19. Susan Rogers says:

    I got scammed on 22/09/2014 For £95 and £89 for raspeberry Ketone Blast and Cleanse extrem the supposed trial packs are marked beach ready Inc.
    I went to the Bank the same day they paid out and asked them to recall the payments, which they refused.
    Apparently this company was highlighted by BBC Watchdog
    unfortunately I didn’t see the program.
    What is apparent is that the Banks in my case NATWEST
    have known for at least 2 years what is going on and still forward money to these people which I think is tantamount to facilitating a fraud at best and likely to be classed as money laudering, I have complained to the Bank and subsequently will go to the Ombudsman, I would be interested in what other Banks have said and which banks they were particulary if it was NatWest or RBS.

  20. Ruth says:

    I have just discovered I’ve been scammed out of £79.95!! I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid as to go for a fb offer of Ketones! But nowhere does it say you will have additional fees! I have just had a go at them on the phone and got £39.97 to be refunded! The number to ring was on my email, and the man was apologetic but adamant he couldn’t refund all the money! What a scam!! Its got to be stopped!

  21. Emma says:

    I eventually got 69 and 75 refunded after ringing (0)20 3300 2788 for 2 weeks !!! I paid 95and 89 after being told it was a free trial I spent 2 weeks talking to a bunch a smarmy lying call centre guys in India who said their names were Jason and mikey and john!! Bunch of hypocrites and blatant liars very stressful and will never buy anything like this on the net again, a lesson well learnt ! I don’t even know if the dam pills work as I sent them straight back I assume not!! Good luck everyone

    • Sarah says:

      omg how many of us are there? I have looked at credit card statements and have had £79.97 and £94.97 deducted for last three months. I was never aware of the ongoing subscription after applying for my ‘free trial’
      Nor have I received the stated products. Barclaycard are investigating on my behalf as the arrogant ‘gentleman’ at the call centre,which he said was in Florida, is at best rude and unhelpful. Yes I feel stupid but are we all stupid? Seems more likely that this disgusting scam is designed to be as difficult as possible to stop. Will keep you posted on progress. Sarah

  22. zoe says:

    I ordered the free trial but only after i submitted my order did i see the small print about being billed after 14 days and to cancel before then. I have rang both numbers numerous times but all i get is a crackling sound down the phone making it impossible to hear anything. Short of closing my bank account, does anyone know how i can cancel this before they charge me for the ‘free’ trial?

  23. Marlene says:

    There has been an elaborate plan devised in order to profit from the use of dishonest advertisement. This market is aimed at people who own credit cards, have an internet connection and wish to better themselves by using a weight-loss product. These products can be garcinia cambogia extract, green coffee extract, raspberry ketones or a colon cleanse. A typical dishonest advertisement that uses this type of marketing would likely say something like “Claim your free trial bottle today! Only pay shipping and handling!”. It is the hopes of the merchant that the customer would get excited by this offer, hastily enter in their shipping and billing information and click “Rush my order”.

    I have worked as a customer support representative for a third party call center which handled customer service for people who had created accounts by ordering trial bottles. Almost all of the callers did not know that they were going to be charged for their “free” trial bottles nor did they know that they had been enrolled in a subscription plan to receive a new supply every 30 days. When working as a third party customer service provider for such a despicable company, the agents were taught to treat their jobs as being chargeback preventers. The worst case for a dishonest company is for the customer to successfully pursue a chargeback through their credit card company or bank. A chargeback occurs when a bank sides with the mutual client of the dishonest company and forcibly retrieves the funds and puts them back in the customer’s credit account. This is the last thing that the dishonest company wants, as it harms their reputation AND it often results in hundreds of dollars of fines. The bank will often encourage their customers to fist attempt to resolve the issue directly with the company before they decide to pursue a chargeback.

    Upon closer examination of the trial offer (opening and reading the terms and conditions of sale) it would become apparent that the customer would first pay the shipping and handling, and often a sort of ‘priority package’ (which was often a surprise to the customer and made no difference in the shipping) and would only get charged for their product after their trial period which is usually 14 days, and billed and shipped a new supply every 30 days. The charge for the product is very high, usually these companies will charge twice as much as the product is actually worth. A bottle of high quality garcinia cambogia extract, or an all-natural colon cleanser will go for around 40$ in stores such as GNC, however the company offering trials of these products will usually charge between 80$ – 90$ per bottle.

    If you are attempting to get a refund from a ‘scam’ company follow these tips and you will definitely get a full refund. The best way to get fully refunded (and usually keep the bottle for free) is to mention that you had already discussed pursuing a chargeback through your bank. Stating that your bank is planning to pursue a chargeback if the company does not refund you fully will be seen as an imminent threat to the ‘scam’ company and they will likely either issue a full refund or they will tell you to return the bottle for a full refund. The latter seems reasonable at first though once the return process is explained you will likely find it ridiculous and become infuriated.

    The RMA process, or ‘Returned Merchandise Authorization Process’, is an elaborate process which is “used as a tool to discourage the customer from returning the bottle”, as explained by my former boss. The RMA process does not exist. There is no RMA number to be requested, the number does not take two days to generate and there is no ‘restocking fee’ of 15%. Customers were told that this process will cost between 27$ – 34$, since they would be required to pay for a ‘tracked signature shipping method’ to return the bottle as well as a 15% restocking fee. No one ever goes through with this process and if they really tried to they would get fully refunded and told to keep the bottle. This tedious return method will be presented to the customer and will often be followed with a seemingly easier option, which is a 25% or 50% refund off the charge. The customer will often accept this offer and the ‘scam’ company will profit. However, if the customer accepts to return the bottle above all else the customer support representative will refund the charge fully and will let the customer keep the bottle free of charge. If this does not work then warn the ‘scam’ representative that you will pursue a dispute/chargeback with your bank. If all else fails, pursue the chargeback and inform your banker that you were a victim of misleading or false advertising.

  24. Vicki says:

    I am also a victim of having money taken out of my account. Two transactions of £92.78 have been taken within the space of 2 weeks. I called this number 02036953806 and did get through to a call centre. I was told that my ‘account’ would be cancelled and I’d receive an e-mail to confirm this. I was further informed that there would be no refund and this is not a scam and everything is on their website. This conversation took place about an hour ago and I still have not received an e-mail. Not convinced; I have contacted my bank who have been brilliant. I have been advised to cancel my card as a block on the payment cannot be guaranteed (this I have done). My particular bank also has an investigation team looking into such consumer sites. I await to hear from them tomorrow. It also came to light that there have been many such calls to my bank regarding such sites. At least we’re not on our own!

  25. Allan says:

    For your help.

    Rasberry Keytones Number is 02033002788
    Cleanse Extreme Number is 02030144035

    Make sure you tell them you want to cancel and return product. Get a RMA Number

  26. Simon w says:

    Just been hit for £95 … The Beach Ready Inc Raspberry Ketone Blast trial ….this is scandalous that it has carried on so long and I agree the Banks should surely have a responsibility .

  27. Sophia Tyler says:

    I have been scammed also. £95 has been taken from my account without my consent! We should all contact and make a public outrage about this company ripping people off!

  28. victor says:

    Dear All. Thank you very much for your feedback. it has helped greatly with me managing to cancelling my so called contract or free trail and have recieved email confirmation to that effect that no more money will be taken fron our accounts, With your feed back i was lucky to be within the 14 day trail period . Now this is how i went about it

    1. Called my bank barclays and told them what has happened and the reviews i have read. Including the BBC report on the scam. They seem to be well aware and i asked to be transferred to their Fraud department.I was told my card will be cancelled and they will keep an eye on the company.
    However made me aware that when cards get cancelled they only change the last Four DIGITS and the company need only the first 12 digits which remain same. So they can keep taking money from ones accounts. Advised i return all products by recorded delivery and keep reciepts should company argue they are legally taking money for products supplied.

    2. I then requested to be given the name, telephone numbers of the company that took the money from my accounts and the dates.

    a.Aloe Vera Max Cleanse

    Telephones nos. 08009098076 and 08009098021

    3. Called the numbers given and it didnt take too long and i had a customer service agent on the phone. She tried to do some had selling and offered i keep the products for a discount at £20.00 twenty pounds
    All i kept saying firmly ,assertively is that. Its A SCAM. I dont need your products .Am asking you to refrain from taking any more monies apart from your postage from my accounts. I dont want anything doing with a company like you. She tried saying the cost of posting the stuff back will be same as her offer of £20.00. Wasnt having any of that.

    She gave me an RMA number to use when i post the stuff back.
    Told her i have informed my bank of their fraud and any attempt to steal any more money from me will go down well.. the return address she gave is this

    P O BOX 7574
    MK11 9 GQ

    I thank you all for your contribution on the forum.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi victor, im just wondering was that the right adress to send them back? I have literally purchased these products a couple of days ago and when i told my sister she told me to cancel straight away. i will be ringing them in a minute to cancel this product before it even reaches to me.

  29. Rob says:

    Hi I was also caught in this Scam which from what Ive been reading on here & elsewhere I have to ask why nothing has been done to shut them down.
    in my case the bank has spotted it & stopped my credit card
    but the money had already been taken. the irony of the banks intervention was it locked me out too. So I had no idea I had been scammed. for another 16 days when I finally got access to my account. while the bank is to be applauded for spotting this scam they failed to notify me.
    there is a point that some may be aware of & some may not
    while the small print refers to 14 days to cancel this so called free trial before they empty your bank account
    under the terms of distance trading ie on line or post
    you have a statutory right of 30 days to cancel
    as the bank prevented me from accessing my account until it was to late. this may help some of you fight back.

  30. julie says:

    I have also been scammed, i emailed the company to tell them i wasn’t interested n sent the tablets back, i received an email back saying, that it was the wrong email address, but the email address was on the top of the invoice that i received off them with the tablets, so they even give me a false email address, i phoned my bank n explained to them, i had been scammed so they cancelled my direct debit because they had taken money out of my bank, the bank told me it has been happening to numerous ppl. Its disgusting what they are doing to people, its a real worry, i work hard n cant afford to have people taking my money for something i don’t want, they have no morals or principals, they should be closed!!!

  31. sam says:

    my son kindly paid for the trial samples at 7.95 for the cleans and the ketone…hes just had 120.00 go from his bank, he notified the bank and they have put a barr on his account regarding these companies….how likey is he to get this money back i feel awfull

  32. Belinda Bridgen says:

    I stupidly fell for this too and found that nearly £200 had been taken from my card. I hadn’t even received the product. My bank cancelled any future payments but told me I would have to contact the suppliers to get a refund of the amount already charged. My bank gave me the Phone Numbers 02031298159 for Cleanse Extreme and 02030144035 for Raspberry Ketone.
    I got through quite easily and they said they would cancel my order but could not refund me.
    However the magic word seems to be “fraud”. In both instances as soon as I used this word they agreed a full refund which was indeed paid within 4 working days.

  33. Chloe says:

    I am a 17 year old girl who fell for this scam. At my age it’s hard to handle to “pressure” of trying to look good, especially with lack of body confidence and self esteem which is a given at my age.
    I went for the free trial thinking I only had to pay P&P and I would use the bottle and leave it at that. Oh no, I got charged for the trial version and it wasn’t until I received another package containing a bottle that I realised they had charged me again. In the package in faint, blurry words read that I had to cancel in 14 days of the trial else I’d have to pay the full amount. I am mortified and so upset. There were no terms and conditions listed on the site and when I rang up the company I had a foreign lady who was very rude to me and would not listen at all. I am off to the bank tomorrow to hopefully sort this all out, now I am £140 short.

  34. Ana says:

    Now its hapenning to me this stupid things the good things is they didnt took a money yet in my account how can i stop them any suggestion tnks

    • mel says:

      Try to contact the fraud team from your bank if you haven’t yet done so and they should put a hold on any payments going through.

  35. Tina says:

    I ordered about a few weeks ago got my trial but only then did I realise it was a scam. I cancelled, got email saying it was cancelled, cancelled it through bank. Thought that would be the end of it. Woke this morning to find two payments of £49.99 gone from my account. I am on disability and get very little money, this was my rent, gas and elec. I spent the day in tears. Have contacted fraud team and have to wait to find out if I can get my money back, really upset by it all.

  36. Julia says:




  37. Margaret says:

    I have rang my bank about this company taking money out of my account and they say they cant do anything about it if I dont know name of company

  38. mel says:

    hi, I ordered my free trial online today but very quickly realised that this is a scam, i called up to cancel and was told that they can’t cancel i have to wait until the 27/04/15. I contacted my bank straight away but already the £4.95 has left my account.My bank has told me they can stop any future payments being taken but these scammers have been known to use different names to take money.

  39. Andy Pease says:

    If you can get your bank/credit ccard company to cancel any further payments to these bandits, ask the bank to keep a watch on your account as these vile creeps will still try to get at your money.They will try to take a payment, if the bank declines payment, they re-present the request changing their name slightly, and the bank will pay it.Once the bank has made the payment, it’s extremely difficult to get that money back.Good luck.The scumbags took over £400 off my friend. They’re despicable

  40. Geraldine says:

    This is a total scam but you can sort it out. I rang my credit card company as soon as the two payments came off my account. They said they would try and do a chargeback as it was within 14 days of the money coming onto my card, but no guarantees.

    I then rang the company – I have always been able to get through and found everyone polite. I was fobbed off twice in one day saying their systems were down. So when when I rang 3rd time I said please tell me a large company like yours doesn’t still have systems still down after a whole day and they said no they were fine.

    I insisted I felt I had been the victim of fraud and was pursuing a chargeback via my bank. They don’t want this so you just need to persevere with them. As previous posts say, they will offer you a 50% refund but that still means you have lost £90 approx and why should you? Keep saying you are not happy and still think you have been the victim of fraud and they will offer you a full refund but minus £10 for each product. But, you have to send the product back. Get an RMA number – at this point the generating of the number closes your account.

    You need to return the products by Special Delivery and write the RMA number on the outside of the packaging and you need to send them separately which will cost about £6 each item. I asked what would happen if I rang up and they said they hadn’t received the items back and was told I would need to provide a tracking number and you can only get this by Special Delivery.

    They say 3 – 5 days for a refund after they receive it back but it took 9 days to get mine, I checked my credit card account every day. I knew when they had received it from the tracking system. Plus I got an e-mail confirming my account was closed and no further payments would be taken and no more products sent.
    So I lost £20 in deductions and £13 in postage but I did what they said and I got the refund which was better than losing the whole £180+.

    Oh and I also got the full amount back from my credit card so am actually in pocket! But my nerves are not so good! Never again………..

  41. Tracey says:

    I too found out I had been scammed today.
    The thing that astonishes me is my bank is so aware of the scammers, they actually gave me the numbers of the companies to phone!

    I called both companies (who happened to be the same company!) surprise! After a lot of shouting and persisting they offered (as a good will gesture, as I didn’t read the small print!) to give me half my £92.00 back and £60.00 back of the £89.00 that is due to leave my account tomorrow!
    This was all to be put into a confirmation email that as yet I have not received! Surprised again!

    I am also pursuing a chargeback with my bank, as apparently they do not offer this freely as its too much hassle.

    Today I felt sick and violated that I allowed scammers free access to my hard earned cash!
    I cannot understand how they are still trading at all.

    • Natalie tilsley says:

      I’d like to agree with you as they did the same to me they told me about them Raspberryketone tablets and that for a free trial of 60 pills in a small bottle, they would get me to eat less and feel more fuller and stop eating more comfort food’s. They were taking about£79.31 out of my bank account after two-day’s and also I’m it feels like I’m just taking laxatives. I’m just a fool because of them so I’m going to take it further with them because they are nothing but a scam and thieves.They should be sent to prison.

  42. Belinda Dubber says:

    I went ahead with advanced Ketone trial and now cant sop them taking moniey from my bank account. IV asked the bank to stop them taking money . The have stopped that particular name so they claimed the miney under a differant name. Iv tried ringing the support team and emailing them. The phone call was a waste of time as they said they couldnt trace my account. The email bounced back saying illegal host even although they had sent an order confirmation to my email. Im going to have to clear my over draft and close my account. Difficult when they keep taking money.

  43. christopher says:

    I phoned my bank and they issued me with a new debit card and cancelled the compromised card. Drastic, but I am only a week into the trial and hope to have headed them off before the pass. Phone calls to the offender do no good. Good Luck

  44. Rehana says:

    I have cancelled my credit card on my bank’s advice and have asked them twice to make sure the make a stop on any further payments to these two companies but I am worried by reading from other people’s comments that they can take further payments using a different company name. Also do I have to send the product back now that the card has been cancelled and the bank has been informed. The company stated it was a free trial and I have paid £3.95 and £2.95 for the two products. I did not see or read any small print when ordering the trial and thought that the payments I was making was for the trial sized packs but the full bottles have arrived. I intend to send their customer services emails to say that I do not want any further pills. Is it sufficient? after all why should I pay postage and package to send the product back when I have paid them the money for free trial. Anyway how ca someone judge the effectiveness of these pills within 14 days?
    Any advise from anyone about what could happen if I don’t send the pills back in the light of what I have done to protect myself so far from being ripped off?

  45. Lou says:

    I also have been scammed for £95 and £89. Was absolutely furious; rang them on 02031293923 and spoke to someone named ‘Ralph’ and only managed a partial refund of £38 and £35 respectively. He had the gall to say that they were an ethical company and that him giving me a refund was a one-off!! Don’t think so! I (hope I) won’t be fooled again….

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