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Raspberry Ketone Fresh

Raspberry Ketone Fresh is a weight loss supplement that aims to utilize the newly found power and prowess of weight loss agents known as raspberry ketones. These have indeed gained an exceptional level of prominence in terms of the role that they can potentially play when it comes to weight loss and weight management. Indeed, this particular weight loss supplement claims to be a fat burner and a metabolism booster.

Let us see how this particular supplement comes around to fulfilling these claims and what its merits and demerits are.

Raspberry Ketone Fresh Review

Raspberry Ketone Fresh Pros
  • Formulated for women in particular so may aim to have targeted action
  • Can avail the opportunity of claiming a trial bottle
  • Contains raspberry ketones, which are believed to be potent weight loss agents
Raspberry Ketone Fresh Cons
  • Complete ingredient profile not available
  • Website does not provide instructions about intake of the supplement
  • Appears to manifest some side effects owing to containment of raspberry ketone
  • Does not have any clinical backing as a product
  • No price is available

Raspberry Ketone Fresh Review

This particular weight loss supplement aims to utilize the powers of raspberry ketone and cash in on its popularity to allow for weight loss and subsequent weight management. Let us see what claims this particular weight loss supplement makes and whether it lives up to them or not.

Claimed weight loss benefits

This particular weight loss supplement aims to make two specific claims. The first of these is fat burning, which is essentially the breakdown of fat content present in the body. The second of these is metabolism boosting, which is the generation of energy to allow for effective fat burning.

How Raspberry Ketone Fresh Works

Raspberry Ketone Fresh weight loss claimsRaspberry Ketone Fresh essentially works through the action of raspberry ketones. It aims to carry out two functions in particular. The first of these is fat burning. This allows for a fair proportion of fat accumulated in the past to be broken down within the body, thus reducing the fat content and allowing the body to commence on a path of weight loss. The second of these is that it acts as a metabolism booster. What this essentially means is that it enhances the rate at which metabolic processes are conducted within the body, thus allowing for a faster means of fat burning essentially. What it also means is that it allows more heat and energy to be released, keeping the body well supplied with energy during exertion based times such as these.

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Key Raspberry Ketone Fresh Ingredients

While this weight loss supplement will essentially be a combination of different ingredients, the only one we can infer, as being present is raspberry ketone itself, owing to the title of the product. Since the ingredients profile has not been revealed, we are not sure as to what other ingredients this particular weight loss supplement contains. Let us therefore focus on raspberry ketones only. Indeed, this particular ingredient is essentially the chief actor within this weight loss supplement, giving it the power to accomplish the claims that its manufacturers associate with it.

Raspberry Ketones in Raspberry Ketone FreshRaspberry ketones are chemical compounds present naturally within raspberries. They are responsible for the strong and pleasant aroma associated with the red raspberries. Indeed, that aroma derives from this compound that is also used in this weight loss supplement. Over the past few years, we have noticed an exceptional increase in the popularity of raspberry ketones owing to the prospects of weight loss attached with them. These are primarily due to the encouragement of a particular hormone by raspberry ketones. This hormone is known as adiponectin, and it is adiponectin in particular to which we owe these claims of fat burning and metabolism boosting as hailed by the manufacturers of Raspberry Ketone Fresh.

Now one may essentially raise the question of precisely where do raspberry ketones come in. Raspberry ketones play their part by stimulating both the expression and secretion of adiponectin. The official website mentions how intake of raspberry ketones helps in ensuring a consistent functioning and supply of adiponectin, which subsequently allows for processes associated with both fat burning and metabolism boosting to take place effectively.

Therefore, from the limited amount of information that we have we can deduce that Rasberry Ketone Fresh aims to act through the presence of raspberry ketones which target stimulation of the hormone adiponectin. Adiponectin is crucial for purposes of fat burning and metabolism boosting owing to the role it plays in terms of maintaining glucose levels and contributing to breakdown of fat and generation of heat.

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Weight Loss Power: 20/100

While this particular weight loss supplement appears to be useful, we feel that we cannot assign it a decent score for weight loss power owing to the limited level of information that we have been provided by the manufacturers. They do not provide us with an ingredients profile and do not delve into exceptional details about how this particular weight loss supplement aims to carry out its activities, and hence we are tempted to give a low score to Raspberry Ketone Fresh owing to these reasons.
Speed of results: 20/100

The official website does not mention much about speed in terms of over how many weeks or months we should be expecting weight loss and what level of weight loss. While it does say that fast weight loss can be expected with the intake of this particular supplement, this is too vague for us to determine anything about the speed with which this particular product acts. Therefore, we are tempted to give it a low score when it comes to speed.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

This particular weight loss supplement makes no claims whatsoever associated with appetite suppression and therefore it appears that it does not possess any appetite suppression qualities. We therefore provide it with a low rating in this regard.
Long Term Results: 15/100

From the basic level of information, we were able to deduce, it can be concluded that this weight loss supplement does not appear to have any useful long term consequences owing to the absence of a highly potent ingredient present within it. Based on this rationale, we are tempted to give it a low score in this category. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 50/100

While this product does manifest some side effects, overall it cannot be labelled as dangerous. This is because side effects are manifested by all weight loss supplements out there, and if they are not too disastrous, they can be indeed overlooked. Hence, this particular weight loss supplement receives a modest rating when it comes to safety.
Value for money: 0/100

We have been unable to infer the price of this particular weight loss supplement from the official website. It does not mention anything about purchase except for an option of availing a trial option, and there is no information offered with reference to that either. Therefore, this particular weight loss supplement receives a low rating in this category owing to the exceptional dearth of information offered in this regard.

Raspberry Ketone Fresh Side Effects

While the official website remains completely silent when it comes to the question of side effects, we find out that this weight loss supplement indeed is capable of manifesting certain side effects. While these are indeed not exceptionally disastrous in nature, they nonetheless deserve a mention for it is a right of all prospective customers to know about them.

While side effects associated with raspberry ketone are not exceptionally well known, it is believed that raspberry ketones are similar in chemical composition to a compound called syneprine, and could hence possibly manifest the same side effects as it. If such is indeed the case, then raspberry ketones can be associated with side effects of jitteriness and being shaky. Moreover, it can also cause worrisome increases in blood pressure and heart rate, and this can be potentially quite damaging for some individuals. Finally, this particular weight loss supplement can result in palpitations. Therefore, prospective customers must keep these provisions in mind before making a final decision on whether to purchase this particular weight loss supplement or not.

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Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone Fresh

We were unable to deduce any information whatsoever about how to purchase this weight loss supplement. While you can avail a trial offer through the official website, there are no details whatsoever about what deals and prices are available with reference to Raspberry Ketone Fresh. Moreover, since third party suppliers such as Amazon and EBay do not sell this product either, we are completely blank when it comes to the question of where to buy this particular weight loss supplement.

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Overall Verdict

Our final verdict on this particular weight loss supplement is simple enough – we would recommend you against purchasing it. There is a complete dearth of information associated with this particular website, and this is the cause of several issues, such as no information whatsoever about how to purchase this supplement and how to use it amongst others. Moreover, there is also no ingredient profile for this supplement and no clinical backing at all. Based on these results, we feel that you would be much better off purchasing a weight loss supplement that offers information about itself and moreover offers exciting prospects of weight loss and weight management.

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Overall: 19/100

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4 responses to “Raspberry Ketone Fresh”

  1. Suzie Stokes says:

    If you check Martin Lewis web page forum there are 100s of people who have had real issues with unauthorised money being taken by this company, who use fake magazine pages to push their product. It is a massive scam. I had to cancel my credit card today because of this.

  2. blondysophie says:

    Hi everyone the exact same thing happened to me, i phoned my bank and they said it was my fault for giving them my card details so no help from them, im a student so on very low money as it is so was very upset that this much had been taken out.
    I have waited the 30 days to get my rebate form and i will post it on here so that you can see what information you need to complete it – i have sent it off of which you need to pay for a stamp to the US, i only sent it off a few days ago and it says to wait 8-10 weeks processing time.
    I will let yu know if i get the money however i am not very hopeful but it was worth a try
    Sorry to anyone that this has happened to, oh and they havnt taken any other money out of my account so it seems to be a one time thing.

    Its not letting me attach the file but basically you need:
    Name (first and last)
    Address (no PO boxes allowed)
    Post code
    Telephone number
    Date of Purchase
    Order Number
    Bottle code (which is located on the top of each bottle, eg. mine was 13-315) it could be the same on all three bottles or different – so dont throw the bottles away

    Mail This Form To:
    Raspberry Ketone Fresh
    9715 Estate Thomas
    PMB #181
    St. Thomas, USVI 00802
    United States of America

    Terms &conditions:This rebate offer is only valid if
    form is received within 90 days from the date of purchase. Limit one (1) per individual, household, group or address and the right is reserved to confirm identity. Void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted. The Official Rebate Form and Bottle Code must accompany request and may not be reproduced. Requests which, in our sole discretion, do
    not strictly comply with the terms and conditions of this offer, including fraudulent requests, are invalid.Duplicate or invalid requests will be rejected and will not be returned. Keep a copy of Official Rebate Form and Bottle Code for your records. Not valid in combination with any other offer.We arenot responsible for late,lost,stolen, delayed, unpostmarked,postage due, illegible or misdirected mail. P.O. Boxes will not be honored. Allow 8-­‐10 weeks for processing. If you have not received the rebate by the time allotted, you may call Customer Service. All rights reserved.

  3. Lorraine says:

    My daughter paid out £154. After loads of reading decided to follow the terms and co ditions. Got a rma eventually and sent recorded delivery. Also noticed they had two different sets of terms and conditions both updated on 8 august 2013. One set did nit mention rebate. Rang company again, after an hiur of phoning co stantlt, and they confirmed they done refund. After 40 days i rang again and said i had followed their terms, they said they had authorised repayment and should be in bank in ten the meantime opened dispute at any firther payments stopped and the bank, today, refund £154. Im fully expecting the company to repay by 16 may.will update if we get refund

  4. Natalie tilsley says:

    If you have been conned like i have been then you will know what it’s like to have all of your money taken off you for nothing. I have not received any of my money back for the pills and then they never worked. They told me just to pay £4.95 for the shipping cost then after that, about 2 days later, they had taken out of my bank account, £79.31 which was not fair at all. I have been trying to phone them and all i have been getting is a woman’s voice saying that there isn’t anyone else who is there and I have i have a wrong number or even a voicemail saying that the company is at a different address like everyone else, we have been conned by a bunch of thieves who should be locked up in prison for a few years.

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