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Raspberry Ketone Max

Raspberry Ketone Max is a weight loss supplement designed for purposes of weight loss and weight management through metabolism boosting, appetite suppression and fat burning. Therefore, it essentially aims to bring about quite extensive weight loss. It does this through the presence of raspberry ketones.

Let us look in more detail at how this particular product works and what its merits and demerits are.

raspberry ketone max

Raspberry Ketone Max Pros
  • It contains a fairly potent mix of ingredients
  • It is decent in terms of pricing
Raspberry Ketone Max Cons
  • It does not have clinical validity as a product
  • It is associated with side effects
  • The official website could have been more elaborate

Raspberry Ketone Max Review

This particular product aims to provide weight loss through the action of its chief ingredient, which is raspberry ketone. This has been recently discovered to be a fairly impressive weight loss agent. It is capable of stimulating extensive weight loss owing to the properties associated with it.

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Claimed weight loss benefits

This particular product aims to provide weight loss through three prime activities. These are metabolism boosting, appetite suppression and fat burning. Each of these is brought about owing to the potent mix of ingredients that this particular product contains. Let us look in more detail at how it works.

How Raspberry Ketone Max Works

raspberry ketoneRaspberry ketones are chemical compounds present naturally within raspberries. They are responsible for the strong and pleasant aroma associated with the red raspberries. Indeed, that aroma derives from this compound that is also used in this weight loss supplement. Over the past few years, we have noticed an exceptional increase in the popularity of raspberry ketones owing to the prospects of weight loss attached with them. These are primarily due to the stimulation and expression of a particular hormone by raspberry ketones. This hormone is known as adiponectin, and it is adiponectin in particular to which we owe these claims of fat burning and metabolism boosting as hailed by the manufacturers of Raspberry Ketone Max.

Adiponectin is a protein found within our bodies that plays a significant role in both fat breakdown and regulation of glucose level within the bloodstream. It is secreted from the adipose tissue and can be found in abundant quantities in the blood plasma. Adiponectin has several roles. Firstly, it contributes to the maintenance of a decreased rate of gluconeogenesis, which is essentially a process that translates into the creation of glucose from non-carbohydrate compounds. Therefore, adiponectin results in a fewer amount of nutrients being stored as glucose within the body, by lowering the rate at which the former are converted into the latter. Secondly, adiponectin also helps in maintaining a lower level of glucose uptake within the body, thus reducing the content of glucose that enters the bloodstream.

Thirdly, adiponectin also regulates the rate of fatty acid catabolism, thus generating energy which subsequently has a positive effect on metabolism boosting. All these processes thus contribute towards both fat burning and metabolism boosting.

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Key Raspberry Ketone Max Ingredients

Green tea

green teaGreen tea has been used for centuries as a weight management agent. It is believed to have several useful effects. First off, green tea acts against excessive accumulation of fats. Fat that enters the body is converted into substances called triglycerides. Triglycerides are useful for the body because they generate energy, but an excess of triglycerides can essentially be problematic. This is precisely where green tea comes in. Green tea contains polyphenols, and these help to dissolve the excess triglycerides. Thus, green tea helps in reducing the fat content in the body. Another useful role of green tea is that it contains a large number of antioxidants, and these subsequently help in maintaining a healthy rate of metabolism. The antioxidants use the energy as fuel, and this results in a process called thermogenesis, which can help in releasing energy which is subsequently utilized for metabolic purposes.

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Chromium is a naturally occurring mineral and it is found in every day meals such as poultry, fish, and whole grain breads. A little while after the body consumes a meal, insulin is secreted and the purpose of this secretion is to transport glucose into the body cells so as to provide energy and allow the metabolic processes to take place. It is believed that the role of chromium is such that it encourages and stimulates the activity of insulin, thus subsequently encouraging and stimulating the breakdown of glucose and fats.


CaffeineFound commonly in beverages such as tea and coffee, caffeine is used extensively in weight loss supplements. It is believed that caffeine too, like green tea helps, in thermogenesis. That is, it helps in the generation of energy through releasing heat following digestion, which can be subsequently used for metabolic purposes. Therefore, the prime contribution of caffeine in this regard is not weight loss but instead metabolism boosting.

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L-theanine is found quite commonly in the Camellia sinensis plant as well as in mushrooms. It is believed to contribute to the process of weight loss directly as well as indirectly. Let us look at each of these processes one by one. Directly, this particular ingredient allows for weight loss through providing theanine and catechins, both of which are hormones. These are essentially antioxidants in nature, and their interaction allows for thermogenesis to take place. This is the process whereby fat is burned, and thus this interaction allows for extensive levels of weight loss to take place. It simultaneously results in the decrease of triglycerides levels within the body, and so this is yet another contribution to weight loss. Indirectly, this particular ingredient allows for weight loss through the process of calming the nervous system. It thus keeps anxiety and stress levels under check, which considerably reduces the likelihood of overeating owing to emotional imbalances.

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Weight Loss Power: 30/100

It appears that this particular weight loss supplement does indeed have a fair level of weight loss power. This is because it contains a fairly potent mix of ingredients including raspberry ketone, green tea and caffeine amongst others. Each of these aims to bring about fairly extensive weight loss and therefore this particular product is indeed capable of bringing about weight loss. However, we cannot be exceptionally confident about the level of weight loss owing to the fact that we do not have figures about how precise this weight loss is and how much time it takes to achieve this weight loss. Therefore, based on this knowledge we feel that it is fair to assign this product with an average score when it comes to the question of weight loss power.
Speed of results: 10/100

Unfortunately, the manufacturers tell us nothing about the speed with which this particular weight loss supplement acts. We are not told how many days it takes for weight loss to be brought about or how fast and efficient this level of weight loss is. Based on this we have no information whatsoever but to assign this particular product with a low score when it comes to the question of speed.
Appetite Suppression: 40/100

We do know that ingredients present within this particular weight loss supplement have claims of appetite suppression associated with them. What this essentially means is that this particular product is capable of lowering one’s appetite and keeping one satiated for considerably longer periods of time. Based on this, it feels reasonable to assign it a modest score to this particular product when it comes to appetite suppression.
Long Term Results: 10/100

This is another category with reference to which we have no knowledge whatsoever. We are not told as to whether this product is capable of manifesting any long term effects and whether they are positive or negative. Hence, we really have no choice but to assign this product with a low score when it comes to the question of long term effects.
Safety: 40/100

This particular product is indeed not free from side effects. This is owing to the fact that it contains a considerable number of ingredients, each of which is capable of manifesting a considerable number of side effects. However, while these side effects are indeed a cause of concern, they are not disastrous in nature. Therefore, it appears reasonable to assign this particular product with an average score when it comes to the question of side effects.
Value for money: 40/100

This particular product is moderately priced and can be seen to be affordable by a considerable proportion of people. Therefore, it appears reasonable to assign it with an average score when it comes to the question of value for money.

Raspberry Ketone Max Side Effects

Raspberry ketone max is indeed capable of manifesting side effects owing to the presence of ingredients that it contains. For instance, it contains caffeine and green tea, and it makes sense to mention the side effects associated with the two together because the latter contains the former.

headacheCaffeine is capable of causing nausea, depression, tension, anxiety and nervousness. It is also associated with cluster headaches, migraines and sleep disorders such as insomnia. Other than that it may cause palpitations as well as ringing in the ears. Lastly, it may at times cause rapid rises in heart beat and blood pressure.

Next up is raspberry ketone. This particular ingredient is believed to be similar in chemical composition to another chemical called synephrine. It is hence capable of manifesting the side effects associated with synephrine. Notable amongst these are headaches such as migraines and cluster headaches. It can also cause fainting, as well as increase the likelihood of strokes, heart attacks and high blood pressure. Lastly, it should be avoided by those suffering from glaucoma because it can aggravate the condition. Next up is chromium. This particular ingredient is associated with a considerable number of side effects. These include dizziness, impaired judgment and thinking, as well as mood changes and lack of coordination. It can also cause nausea. Additonally, it is associated with liver and kidney problems. Lastly, this particular ingredient is also associated with lowering blood glucose levels considerably, and this can at times aggravate into the condition of diabetes.

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Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone Max

It is possible to purchase this particular weight loss supplement from Amazon. You can purchase a single bottle containing 60 capsules for a price of £25.95. Moreover, delivery within the United Kingdom is entirely free so there are no hidden charges.

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Overall Verdict

We feel that this particular product indeed has its merits. For one, it contains a fairly potent mix of ingredients. Other than that, it is associated with a considerable number of weight loss effects, which appear to be quite effective in nature. However, at the same time there are demerits as well. For instance, this particular product does not have clinical validity as a product. Moreover, it is capable of manifesting side effects. Based on this, it feels fair to conclude that while you should definitely give this particular product a try, you should not expect anything phenomenal from it. Try it by all means, but try keeping in mind that it aimed at catering for weight loss that is modest in nature.

Overall: 28/100

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