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Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums

Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums are a relatively new weight loss food supplement. They are gums containing raspberry ketone, a substance that has recently gained in popularity, which apparently help control appetite and enhance the burning of fat.

Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums
Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums Pros
  • Produced to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards
  • Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by US Food and Drug Administration
Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums Cons
  • No clinical trials have been made on humans
  • Side effects are relatively unknown
  • Classed as a 'novel food' by the Food Standards Agency
  • Prohibited for sale in the UK and within the EU

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Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums Review

The main ingredient of the Skinny Gums is raspberry ketone, which can be found in various fruits, such as raspberries or blackberries. Though once primarily used in the perfume industry, it has recently gained in popularity in the weight loss industry, endorsed by Dr Oz, the famous American physician/TV-star, who called it ‘a miracle in a bottle’. This particular nutrition supplement is taken in the form of gums instead of capsules, pills or powders as is the case with many other products on the market. However, not much scientific research exists as raspberry ketone has only been tested on mice or in test tubes and not on humans.

Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums Claimed weight loss benefits

Various weight loss benefits have been claimed by using products containing raspberry ketone. First, it increases the production of adiponectin, a protein hormone that regulates the metabolism. This helps the body reduce weight by accelerating the breaking down of fat and it also reduces fatty tissue, such as in the liver. Moreover, it is also believed to suppress appetite, and to enhance the muscles’ use of carbohydrates in order to produce more energy.

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How Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums Works

As stated in previous sections, Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums are believed to help its users lose weight by controlling their appetite and by burning excessive fat. The Skinny Gums are taken as a nutritional supplement, in the form of gums, and according to its manufacturer a change in diet is not required. As this particular product consists of gums, customers might find it easier to take as gums only have to be chewed. This is in contrast to swallowing pills or capsules directly, often with water, which some might find more uncomfortable in regards to the capsules’ size.

Raspberry Ketone

Only one manufacturer has been found to be selling this particular product, Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums. More information on this can be seen in later sections of this review. However, no information is provided on any ingredients contained in the Skinny Gums, apart from raspberry ketone.

Having been heavily advertised and endorsed by Dr Oz, raspberry ketone is claimed to be an excellent fat burner and metabolism booster. What made it even more popular is the claim that it can reduce fat levels and enhance weight loss in spite of pursuing a high-fat diet. This is due to its active help in increasing the production of adiponectin, a hormone which regulates our metabolism. This then leads to an increase of the breaking down of fat and visceral fatty tissue, found around the organs, as well as an increased control of appetite. Raspberry ketone is a natural chemical compound found in various common fruits, such as raspberries, blackberries or cranberries, and gives these fruits their well-known scent and taste. However, in spite of heavy advertising and claims that it stems from natural ingredients, not much is known about whether raspberry ketone is actually as efficient, and whether it is worth customers’ money.

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Key Ingredients

Bowl Of Raspberries (538)
As mentioned earlier, not much is known on the ingredients of the Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums, apart from the fact that they contain raspberry ketone, its main active ingredient. Raspberry ketone can be found in fruits such as raspberries and blackberries and has previously been used in the cosmetics industry and as a food additive. Despite the heightened media interest surrounding this ingredient, it is difficult to truly ascertain its weight loss benefits because of a lack of testing on humans. Tests on mice, however, have claimed that raspberry ketone could help to burn fat.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is a chemical compound that has been used for decades, yet primarily in perfume and cosmetics, and as a food additive, either as a colouring or a taste agent. This is due to it being responsible for the scent and the flavour of various fruits, such as raspberries. Only recently has it gained worldwide popularity as being a ‘miracle fat burner in a bottle’, as is claimed on this particular website. However, its effectiveness has only been tried on mice and in test tubes so far, and there is no scientific evidence on whether it works as well, if at all, on humans. Therefore, consumers should always be wary when such claims as ‘miracle fat burner’ are used.

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Clinical Studies

No clinical studies currently exist on Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums. Furthermore, in regards to raspberry ketone, its main ingredient, no scientific study has been made on humans so far. However, a few clinical studies have been made on rodents, such as mice or rats, and artificially in test tubes. However, what is important to note is that they were given exceedingly high dosages of raspberry ketone, much more than is to be found naturally in raspberries, or even in nutrition supplements. Moreover, none of the rodents actually lost weight, but were just found to display a decreased gain in weight in spite of a heavy diet.

Raspberry Ketone

This section will only focus on clinical studies on raspberry ketone, as it is the only ‘official’ ingredient in the Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums, as aforementioned.

The first study was undertaken in Japan, on only 6 mice, titled ‘Anti-Obese Action of Raspberry Ketone’. In this case, mice were given a high-fat diet for 6, respectively 10 weeks, which included 0.5, 1 or 2% of raspberry ketone. The findings were that elevations in body weight, and of the weights of the liver and visceral adipose tissues (fat around the internal organs), were reduced due to the intake of a diet including raspberry ketone. In other words, the main findings of this study were that raspberry ketone ‘prevents and improves obesity and fatty liver.’

A further study undertaken in Korea was titled ‘Raspberry Ketone Increases Both Lipolysis and Fatty Acid Oxidation in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes’, tested on 40 male and female rats. The main findings of this study was that the ‘dietary administration of raspberry ketone to the rodents has been reported to prevent high-fat diet-induced elevation of body weight and to increase lipolysis in white adipocytes.’ In other words, having taken raspberry ketone, the rats were found to have secreted a higher value of adiponcetin, a hormone that leads to lipolysis (the breaking down of fat) and fatty acid oxidation, which would then prevent and suppress the accumulation of fat.

Another study has been undertaken in vitro to see what effect raspberry ketone has on fat cells, and findings were quite similar. A final study, titled ‘Effect of Topical Application of Raspberry Ketone on Dermal Production of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I in Mice and on Hair Growth and Skin Elasticity in Humans’, studied the effect of raspberry ketone on both mice and human beings. In this case, the findings were that the intake of raspberry ketone would promote the growth of hair and increase skin elasticity.

All in all, even though raspberry ketone has been proven to show some health benefits, and to enhance the breaking down of fatty cells, no clinical study up to now exists that clearly proves that raspberry ketone can be a useful food supplement that will help weight loss and the breaking down of fat among humans. Even though this has been the case for some minor studies on rodents, it is important to note that the genome, and thus the metabolism, of mice and humans are, to a certain extent, starkly different, therefore what works for the one will not ostensibly work for the other.

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Weight Loss Power: 23/100

Only one customer review exists in regards to Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums. He claims to have started noticing the difference in ten days, and to have lost three stone up to date. However, even though some customers have claimed that raspberry ketone has helped them in regard to weight loss, no actual studies exist that scientifically prove that raspberry ketone actually helps humans lose weight.
Speed of results: 34/100

Most customers have posted mixed reviews on the effectiveness of raspberry ketone, taken in various forms, and this particular website shows an average of 2.83/5 on its effectiveness. Nevertheless, even though a small minority posted satisfying reviews in regards to weight loss, and some claiming an energy boost, an overwhelming majority either reported various side effects, or no results at all.
Appetite Suppression: 36/100

Many customers’ reviews included both reports of weight loss, and of appetite suppression. However, many reviews also evoked stark stomach cramps, dizziness, drowsiness, or difficulties of falling asleep, therefore the loss of appetite could be more due to the side effects than to the actual benefits of raspberry ketone products.
Long Term Results: 33/100

Only a minority of customers reported good long-term reports. Most did not feel any difference, whilst others were mostly concerned with the negativity of the side-effects, and some also believed that the weight loss in the long term was more due to a different diet and exercise instead of the effectiveness of the pills. The only customer who reviewed the Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums indeed wrote that his weight loss was due to taking the Skinny Gums and other supplements, alongside sport and a healthy diet.
Safety: 21/100

Most customers reported no effects at all, whilst others felt various quite negative side-effects. Another handful reported various raspberry ketone products to being mere scams. As quite a large amount of customers wrote on feeling drowsiness, nausea, abdominal cramps, an even insomnia, the safety of the product is quite questionable. In addition, it is important to remember that raspberry ketone is currently illegal in the UK and the EU.
Value for money: 54/100

Even though raspberry ketone products are rather expensive, the Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums seem to be similarly priced to other related products that are on the market. However, as the effects of the product are not scientifically proven, the question of whether purchasing the Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums is a good investment or not remains open.

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Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
As raspberry ketone has been classified as a ‘novel food’, by the Food Standard Agency, since 20th March 2014, it is illegal to purchase within the EU and the UK. Therefore, not many customer reviews exist up to this date. In addition, as it has not been tested on humans yet, no ‘scientifically proven’ side effects exist either. Nevertheless, no side effects on the Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums have been reported so far, yet many customers, having used other raspberry ketone products, have reported a wide array of side effects which will elaborated upon in this following section.

Raspberry Ketone

Even though most manufacturers claim that raspberry ketone has no side effects, due to it being a naturally occuring product, two things are important to note. First, health supplements with raspberry ketone contain much higher levels of ketone than naturally found in raspberries. Second, 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of raspberries contain between 1-4 mg of raspberry ketones, which is about 1/10 000 of what is found in one dosage. Therefore most of the raspberry ketone found in such supplements is synthetic.

In addition, the following side effects only stem from customer reviews. This means that the effects might not ostensibly be due to raspberry ketone in itself, and every person might react differently to the different ingredients found within the gums. Side effects vary from increased blood pressure and feelings of jitteriness or nervousness. Moreover, users have reported headaches or dizziness, or an upset stomach, feeling bloated or having stomach pains and abdominal cramps. This can be due to weight loss itself, or to the intake of new chemical products.

Notwithstanding, caution is still recommended. Even though the US Food and Drug Administration categorized raspberry ketone as ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’, that status is given assuming one would consume less than 2 mg a day. However, in most supplements, the concentration ranges from 50-250 mg per portion. In addition, as no scientific study with humans has been done up to now, any long-term side effects or potential harm to the body have not yet been researched.

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How To Use

Woman With Pills 538
As the sale of raspberry ketone is currently banned in the UK and the EU, only one website, after an extensive search, has been found to be selling Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums. Their recommendation is to take 2 gummies about half an hour before every main meal. It is also prescribed not to take more than 2 gummies every four hours, or more than 6 every 24 hours. No other instructions are given, however, in regards to allergies or to consumption parallel to other supplements or medical products. Moreover, it is also indicated that the product is stimulant free.

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Who Makes Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums

As stated earlier, only one website seems to be selling Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums. It is not indicated what brand actually produces the Skinny Gums, and the product photo does not show any brand name, either, so it can be assumed that is the actual manufacturer. The website claims that the Skinny Gums were produced in the UK like all of the other products they sell, according to the company philosophy. Furthermore, it is claimed that the Skinny Gums were manufactured to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standard for Best Quality and Safety.

The company sells various other nutrition products, and are based and registered in the UK. They offer refunds or replacements for faulty, damaged or mistaken products; cancellation of a standing order is also possible for a nominal fee of £20.00. Only one review exists for the Skinny Gums, by a customer who seems to be very satisfied with the Skinny Gums and other products purchased from said company, and claims to have lost three stone. Nevertheless, the product description has various typographical errors, which makes the website seem quite cheap, and the quality of its products questionable.

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Where To Buy

As raspberry ketone is banned in the UK and the EU, it can be assumed that it is almost impossible to find Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums in most high street or online shops. However, as the food supplement market is constantly expanding and quite unregulated, it is possible that some related products might be available in various stores, as is the case with the Skinny Gums. All in all, exclusively one online store sells Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums. The price is £38.99, including VAT and shipping, for a package of 0.490 kg, thus constituting approximately one month’s supply. The seller claims that the Skinny Gums are posted in postal friendly pouches, and can be delivered worldwide, provided that it is legal to import products sold by said company.

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Overall Verdict

Even though raspberry ketone has gained recent widespread popularity, having been endorsed by Dr Oz and having received various positive (yet also some negative) reviews, hardly any information exists regarding Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums. Furthermore, their main component, raspberry ketone, is currently banned in the EU and the UK. Therefore, caution is recommended in its usage. In fact, as no evidence of clinical testing on humans exists up to date, there is absolutely no evidence whether the weight-loss and health benefits claims are true, and whether any (dangerous) side or long-term effects exist.

Overall: 34/100

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