Raspberry Ketone User Reviews
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Raspberry Ketone User Reviews

raspberry ketone reviewsIt is always frustrating when a product you are considering purchasing has not undergone much testing or has provided very mixed results from an array of different clinical trials.

When this happens, you may often jump to the conclusion that the diet pill in question is unsafe or ineffective due to its lack of presence in the medical research industry. This is not always the case though and the best way to gain insight into products like this is to read the feedback and reviews left by consumers who have already used the product.

The customers can tell you first hand and through their own experiences, whether the pills are likely to work for you. A very helpful source of these reviews is the online retailer Amazon.com, which provides an informative platform for real consumers to rate and review products they have recently purchased.

It does follow that for a consumer to review on this site they must have bought the pills directly from it thus excluding many other consumers. Having said this, there are so many reviews that even though a portion of consumer opinion is not represented, you are still likely to be able to gather the general feeling towards the product. To save you reading over 1000 reviews, they have been summarised below. Unlike some products that distinctively divide opinion, Raspberry Ketone definitely has more good reviews than bad.

Four & Five Star Reviews

Happy-customer-reviewsHaving just under 1500 reviews in total, Raspberry Ketone has an impressive 851 5 star reviews and 106 4 star reviews. With over half of all consumers rating the pill so highly, it would lead us to believe that they must be doing something right!

What is surprising about the five star reviews is the large difference between how much consumers actually understand about the pills and how effective they have judged the Raspberry Ketone to be despite having given it the highest rating.

A fair few of the consumer reviews report having only lost 1-2lbs in the first week of using the pills which then reduced to 1lb over the coming weeks. Although this is not what the majority say, it is questionable as to why these consumers have rated the pills so highly compared to others who have reported much bigger losses. One reason for this could be that they do not come with many side effects or are easy to take. In fact most of this particular type of review makes a point of emphasising that this product ‘has a little something that the competitors don’t’ although none of them seem to really understand what that is. In our experts’ opinion the ‘little something’ they are referring to is most likely to be the fact that Raspberry Ketone has the ability to improve your overall wellbeing.

To learn more about the effects of Raspberry Ketones, please read our The Raspberry Ketone Diet article.

Some of the five star reviews are also quite critical of the pills while at the same time noticing that they do work as described. One consumer noted that ‘I am not sure if I have lost weight taking this product but I did want to point out the fact that it does do what it says it’s supposed to do; it has suppressed my appetite’.

The majority of these reviews however report fantastic results with frequent phrases such as ‘I have lost inches’, ‘you can lose weight super-fast’ and, most commonly, ‘Ketones are a must take item if you are trying to lose weight!’. This is evidence then that Raspberry Ketones do seem to have an effect on weight loss and have worked for the majority of satisfied consumers. How it does this though is not clear, most of the reviews give little or no detail as to whether the pills are taken in a combined diet plan, or even the amount of pills that have been used to achieve the ‘fast and effortless’ weight loss.

In terms of the four star reviews, the majority of consumers have said that one drawback is the fact that the Raspberry Ketone might take a little while to work. Some reviews note that although it might help to lose weight quickly, you must wait for it to start working and interestingly this is contrary to many of the five star reviews. One consumer giving the highest rating said that ‘I take a pill when I really want to eat something and in 20 minutes the urge has gone’ while a lot of the four star reviews include phrases such as ‘I will wait to see if this starts working’ or ‘I think that it is helping me curb my appetite but I’m going have to give some more time to see if it helps weight loss’.

Other than this, the other main complaint is that users’ weight has stayed consistent for up to 2 weeks while using the pills. Again, this could be for a number of reasons; lack of exercise etc. but it does come up often enough in the reviews to be worth considering before purchasing this product.

One & Two Star Reviews

Despite an extremely large amount of good reviews, the next highest category of reviews after those that gave Raspberry Ketone five stars, is actually the one star reviews of which there are 264. These comments tell the stories of angry and disappointed consumers, most of whom have experienced no weight loss while using the pills. One consumer quite bluntly said that ‘It’s a piece of garbage and a waste of money. I should stick to Oxypro-elite. Don’t be like me and buy this product, you will regret later’. While critical reviews are the best type, you should remember that most diet pills alone will not help you to lose weight, they are, after all, intended only to help you.

The most disappointed customers seem to be those that did experience weight loss with the product for a short time but then saw this subside. The majority of these people say that at first, they would have given the pills a much higher rating but after a few weeks, they found that they could not sustain their weight loss performance. This calls into question some of the five star ratings which boast amazing results over a period of months but much like the four star reviews this could be an indication that some time may be needed before the pills start to work properly and consistently.

There are even frequent comments reporting results opposite to those expected such as ‘These did NOTHING for me in two months I actually gained weight. Do not purchase’. As well as this, there are many accusations from the angriest consumers alleging that the positive reviews of the product are fake or biased. This cannot be verified although by the sheer amount of positive reviews that exist, it is unlikely that the majority of them are false.

Raspberry Ketone also has a moderate 99 two star reviews. The most common complaint here is also that no weight loss has been experienced but these consumers seem to show more understanding as to why the pills haven’t worked and most of them have attempted to take the pills without any supplementary weight loss regime. They openly admit to this saying things like ‘unfortunately this product has zero effectiveness for me. I know I know, diet and exercise is the only fool proof way’.

Having said this, there are also reviews from users who added Raspberry Ketone to their weight loss systems and were also equally disappointed. Along with those who gave the pills one star these particular users gave the pills very blunt reviews as they could not understand why the pills had not worked and were left feeling conned and disappointed.

However, some two star reviews do acknowledge weight loss but not quite, as much as the user would like. Although this seems quite a weak reason to give Raspberry Ketone such a low score, other factors such as side effects, combined with this have often been complained of.

One very informative review gives an insight into how the doses of the pills might work; ‘One tablet, nothing, two maybe slightly less food cravings, up to 3 now and can’t say with increased exercise and less food intake, that I see any difference in my weight’. This is not a one off comment either with the majority of users giving one or two stars emphasising that they had no results from small amounts of the pill. This would suggest that you would need to take these pills either in large doses or for a prolonged amount of time consistently to achieve the results experienced by the five star users.

Side Effects

It is no surprise that most side effects were reported in those who gave the lower rated reviews however a rare minority of the more satisfied users also reported a few of the same symptoms.

Side effect 1: High Blood pressure

The most common of these was an increase in blood pressure with one particular user demonstrating this with the following comment; ‘my blood pressure shot up to 160/100! I immediately stopped and my blood pressure returned to normal’. Unfortunately, the reviews that complained of this symptom did not give any information as to the doses of the pills that were being taken.

Side effect 2: Constipation

A few consumers also reported problems with their bowels; the most frequently noted was constipation although there were several different explanations as to how the users thought they had acquired it. The explanation that the users gave most (which is also the most likely) can be summed up in one particular quote; ‘I think it “binds” you up inside and maybe that is what causes you to feel full longer, as your food is not passing through you as quickly. This not only seems contradictory to healthy weight loss success, but also unhealthy (and uncomfortable)’. However, of course there is not enough scientific research to tell us for sure why this may result from taking the pills. Other causes of constipation include low fibre diets and a lack of fluids however; the reviews seemed to rule this out with many saying that they had upped both their fibre and water intake in order to lessen the symptoms but to no avail.

Side effect 3: Stomach pains and sickness

stomach pains raspberry ketone side effectsAnother side effect commonly complained of was stomach pains. According to the different reviews, these varied in intensity from mild sickness to some users actually having been admitted to hospital. Most frequently experienced were the milder symptoms, which the reviewers often described as ‘just a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach but it did keep me from eating’. The differences in severity can be explained by how sensitive each person is to the particular ingredients but nevertheless, this was a common problem and so the risk of experiencing the more severe case is too significant to ignore.

Along with sickness, quite a lot of reviews also mentioned that this tended to come with stomach cramps or pains with a significant amount of these users saying that upon starting to take the pills they had experienced ‘agonising cramping’ and so discontinued their use. As well as this, the sickness also tended to come with headaches and/ or gas and discomfort.

Side effect 4: Head and Neck pain

One of the rarer and more puzzling symptoms noted was ‘strange pains in the head and neck’. Very few users complained of this but when they did, it seemed to cause great concern. One user in particular warned that to rule out any other cause she had ‘tried it twice but with the same result’. The lack of description about this sort of side effect makes it hard to predict whether it only affects certain people but it is definitely something to be wary of when weighing up the pros and cons of using the pills.

A common phrase that was used by a lot of the consumers regarding Raspberry Ketone was that it had ‘all the properties of a sugar pill with added side effects’. Most consumers who said this were those who did experience the severe and rare symptoms whilst showing no weight loss and so it is understandable as to why they have branded the product so negatively.

Appetite Suppressing Qualities

Although Raspberry Ketone has a majority of good reviews, one thing that consumers are particularly divided on are the appetite suppressant properties of the pills. Their comments on this subject fall into three main categories:

1. Those who thought the pills worked at suppressing the appetite due to their own qualities.
2. Those who believed that the pills had no appetite suppressing effect at all.
3. Those that experienced a small appetite suppressant effect or thought that this was actually a placebo effect.

The majority of those who thought that the pills worked as a good appetite suppressant were the consumers who rated it with five stars. Most of these reported experiencing a significant amount of weight loss in a short period of time. These comments usually said similar things along the lines of ‘I was nowhere near as tired and/or hungry when i took these, really like them, and they seem to work throughout the day’. Others also gave more information as to how quickly the appetite suppressant would set in stating that it would curb the urge to eat ‘in minutes’.

There are also some more critical reviews however from consumers that were sceptical as to the genuineness of the pills’ appetite reduction. These users seemed to be happy with the pills usually rating them highly but questioned whether their sudden will power boost was just down to the placebo effect. This is also an area where the term ‘sugar pill’ was frequently used and some users suggested that it was this placebo effect that meant that it could be free of any serious side effects, most users in the this category noted that the pills ‘didn’t have any side effects but did not have any benefits either’.

About the same number of people who did notice that, they had less of an appetite, also complained of no such effect. They too thought that the pills had no special appetite suppressing effects and some even complained that their appetite actually increased after taking the pills. One review by a particularly disappointed consumer stated that ‘I was more hungry after I took the capsule. I craved junk food and sweets’.

With no solid scientific proof to go on, the effects of the Raspberry Ketone cannot be verified. Mixed opinions in this area do mean that you should probably be wary if you decide to take the pills. You should also base your expectations on the fact that although it has more good reviews than bad, this does not mean the same for the opinions concerning it as an appetite suppressant; the reality appears to be that it could go either way.

Fat Burning Properties

raspberry ketone fat burningAlthough less controversial than its appetite effects, some consumers did give largely contradictory reviews concerning how well Raspberry Ketone can help you burn off those extra pounds. Weight loss is of course subjective and some of the consumers that lost the most weight were already living healthy lifestyles and had good eating habits.

A frequent statement related to how the product helped users to overcome a period of no weight loss despite fair attempts. Users emphasised this in a large amount of reviews leaving comments such as ‘I’ve been eating right and exercising plenty but I reached a halt in my weight loss. I heard ketones could help and I just wanted to report that it got my weight loss program back on track. I started to drop weight again’ and more enthusiastically ‘I have lost 4lbs in 2 weeks! I haven’t been able to lose a pound in over 3 months even when I have constantly worked out!!

Other consumers also noticed a continual amount of weight loss but in smaller quantities compared to others. One user, admittedly in the minority, said that they ‘have already lost 16 lbs. and have only been using them for only a couple of months’.

The majority of reviews however spoke of weight loss more modestly with the average being a loss of 1-2lbs per week for the first month after which consumers reported it becoming gradually harder to shed any more weight. This is probably due to the way that the body adjusts to the use of pills. Our bodies will develop a tolerance to anything if we use it for long enough in high enough quantities and this would explain why the Raspberry Ketone might be inconsistent over periods of time. It also suggests that it might be more beneficial to use the pills with a wash out period whereby the body has no time to build up a tolerance.

Some disappointed consumers however experienced no weight loss at all and thus the Raspberry Ketone had had no effect in terms of fat burning. Most of these people had been taking the pills for more or less 2 weeks, which is in sharp contrast to those who experienced significant fat burning effects and took the pills for a more prolonged period of time. It would appear then that the fat burning properties of this product can be very limited and the mixed reviews would suggest that there might be an optimal dose that you should take for an optimal period of time in order for them to actually work this way. This seems to have to be long enough for the pills to take effect but short enough that the body does not build up a resistance to them.

Diet & Exercise

exercise and diet with raspberry ketoneFrom the reviews, Raspberry Ketone seems to have little effect on its own, whilst it may lead to some weight loss, this doesn’t seem to be significant and most users who had this experience were not doing any exercise and had not changed their diets. Whilst there were some users who got the same disappointing results with a weight loss system, the majority were people who thought to use the pills as a route to weight loss on their own.

It also followed that those who claimed to have lost the most weight, did admit to increasing their weekly exercise period but did not change their diets before taking the pills.

Having said this, there were some people who did experience relatively high weight loss without changing any of their habits and so it appears that the effects of Raspberry Ketone pills on their own is very much dependent on each individual. This could mean that people with more weight to lose lost it more quickly without diet or exercise, which was actually common in the reviews whereas people who needed to lose just a few extra pounds often noted little or no effect from consuming the pills.

As you can see, some patterns did emerge concerning the product on its own but it is always best to take this kind of pill as part of a diet and exercise regime. It does appear that a significant number of people did lose weight by solely using the pills but combining them with exercise provided much better and much more consistent results.

Overall Verdict

From the majority of positive reviews on Amazon.com it seems as though Raspberry Ketone is something that can make a difference to your weight loss. This however is not guaranteed and a certain amount of hype around this particular product, including a recommendation by the American Dr. Oz on the television has built it up to be a ‘miracle fat burner’, which, despite enthusiastic reviews, it definitely isn’t.

This has led many consumers to be angry and disappointed at the fact they have experienced little or no weight loss effects from taking the pills, but the most disgruntled are actually those who have experienced very unpleasant side effects. Considering this, it would seem that if you were thinking of using the pills that you should use them in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise in order to increase their effectiveness and decrease the risk of any symptoms.

Should you be interested you can read the rest of these reviews at Amazon.com and further to that, should you wish to buy Raspberry Ketone, a list of retailers selling them via Amazon can be found by entering the product name into the search bar.

The general feeling toward the product and information given by the users can also be reconciled by our Raspberry Ketone Plus Review.

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