Raspberry Ketone vs Green Coffee Bean
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Raspberry Ketone vs Green Coffee Bean

Raspberry Ketone Vs Green Coffee BeansIf you ever decide to start taking a diet product it can be overwhelming as to the sheer amount of choice you have available, this can make it very difficult to choose a product that will be right for you. This is especially true when you take into account all of the advertising, as these products are not prescription products they are not regulated by the FDA and as such the claims they make often go unaccounted for.

In this article, we will be examining the similarities and differences between Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean. During the course of this article, we will cover the active ingredients, how the product actually works, how effective the product is likely to be, the associated side effects of both products, the cost of the products and ultimately concluding with a summary and hopefully a decision as to which product is better.

Active Ingredients

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry KetonesUnsurprisingly the main active ingredient is Raspberry Ketone. This ingredient is what gives raspberries their distinct smell, although the ingredient is present in cranberries and blackberries as well. In its natural form, the ingredient is found in very low quantities and so the product is artificially produced in laboratories for inclusion in diet supplements. The traditional usage of raspberry ketones was in perfumes as it has a pleasant smell; however, in 1965 the FDA approved raspberry ketones as safe to include in small quantities as a food additive and as such has naturally found its way into the diet industry. It has been claimed that the ingredient can prevent weight gain although this is based on clinical studies undertaken with mice. No such effects have been replicated in human studies.

Common ingredients that are often bundled with this particular ingredient often included African mango, Acai berry and either caffeine or green tea. The effectiveness of the product often depends on what supplementary ingredients are included, and the quantities of each ingredient.

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee BeanThe Green Coffee Bean is a term used to describe a coffee bean that has not been roasted which traditional coffee beans are. This means that the green coffee bean retains an ingredient called chlorogenic acid, which is otherwise lost during the roasting process. This acid is the key ingredient in comparison to any actual caffeine content. It is believed that this acid has the ability to delay the release of glucose into the bloodstream whereby increasing the percentage of fat this is used to create energy. Chlorogenic acid is also classified as an antioxidant, which means it can help prevent healthy cells being damaged.

There are usually very few additional ingredients included in green coffee bean products; the only ingredient usually included is a ‘shell capsule’ so that the ingredients are not digested before they have a chance to be effective.

How the product works

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone weight loss claimsRaspberry ketones work by increasing the activity of a hormone called adiponectin, the function of this hormone is to exclusively burn fat cells. It has been established over the years through a vast number of medical studies that obese people have a lower level of adiponectin in comparison to leaner people. It has been explained that obese people have a high level of insulin which inhibits the production of adiponectin which tricks the person into thinking they are still hungry and leads to a ‘slow metabolism’. Therefore, a way of decreasing the level of insulin is needed in order for the adiponectin to be effective. This is where the raspberry ketones come into the picture. The ketones found in raspberries play a major part in inhibiting the production of insulin resulting in two benefits. The first benefit is that the individual will feel as though they are full and will generally eat less during the day, the second benefit is that adiponectin levels will be increased due to the low levels of insulin and thus fat stores will be used as the prime energy supplier rather than carbohydrate or muscle glycogen. This is the prime mechanism by which raspberry ketones work regardless of the actual product.

Various different manufacturers will include different ingredients that are included in their respective products but products labelled as Raspberry Ketone based products will generally follow the mechanism of action described above.

Green Coffee Bean

The green coffee bean itself has no tangible weight loss benefits, it is rather the chlorogenic acid within the bean itself which is the cause for the green coffee bean being regarded as a potential weight loss ingredient. During the roasting of a coffee bean into what you may traditionally identify as the coffee bean you have come to know and possibly love the chlorogenic acid is lost. Although there is no concrete evidence, chlorogenic acid has been associated with being able to delay the release of glucose into the bloodstream. This causes the store of glucose to last longer whereby giving you the sensation of possessing more energy without needing to eat more food. This effect is crucial for managing glucose related conditions such as diabetes and can in theory reduce your overall calorie intake.

As with the Raspberry Ketone products, manufacturers of Green Coffee Bean extract products often include additional ingredients, which are different for each respective product. However, the prime benefit of any Green Coffee Bean product will be that explained above.

How effective is the ingredient?

Raspberry Ketone

What the Science says:

Raspberry Ketone Clinical StudiesA study conducted by Morimoto et al (2005) investigated the weight loss potential of raspberry ketones in mice. In order to test the effect of raspberry ketones the mice were subject to two stages of experimentation. The first stage involved the mice being fed a high fat diet for a period of ten weeks with a 2% raspberry ketone content, stage two involved the mice being fed a high fat diet for six weeks with no raspberry ketone content followed by a five week high fat diet with a 1% raspberry ketone content.

The study discovered that when the raspberry ketones were introduced into the diet the mice lost both body weight and internal body fat percentage. The greatest difference was observed when raspberry ketones accounted for 2% of calorific intake. These outcomes were attributed to the ability of raspberry ketones to alter the metabolism of the body so that it would burn a higher percentage of fat tissue as opposed to carbohydrates or glycogen. The two concerns about this study are that this effect was seen in mice and so its translation into humans cannot be truly estimated, additionally the dosage of raspberry ketones was not specified, and even if it were it would not be relevant in terms of correct human consumption.

What the Consumer says:

On the Amazon review page for Raspberry Ketone as supplied by Evolution Slimming, the reviews are not too favourable. There are 135 customer reviews scoring the product an average of 3/5 stars. Upon closer inspection, you can see that forty-nine consumers have rated the product at five stars while fifty-two consumers have rated the product at one star. This is quite a strange representation as the top two scores (in terms of number of customer rankings) are at the exact opposite ends of the spectrum. A comment made by user ‘Paul M’ states that upon opening the product; he received a flyer explaining that if he left a 5 star review he would receive a further one month supply at no extra cost. This flyer could explain why some people have rated the product at five stars while the vast majority consider it a one star product. Regardless of this, it would appear that consumers are generally dissatisfied with the product claiming they have experienced little/no benefit.

Green Coffee Bean

What the Science says:

Vinson et al (2012) examined the effectiveness and safety of green coffee bean extract in comparison to a placebo. The study recruited sixteen participants who were split into three separate groups; the first group received 1050mg of green coffee bean extract, the second group received 700mg of green coffee bean extract and the third group received a placebo. The treatments lasted for a total of six weeks upon which body weight, BMI and percent body fat were measured. The results of the study indicated that both of the groups who took the green coffee bean extracts experienced a significant reduction in body weight (2.31kg on average), BMI (-2.9) and percent body fat (-2%). This study suggests that green coffee bean extract may play a legitimate role in weight loss products, however further research is needed as the sample size was so small in this particular study. A positive aspect is that no side effects were experienced even in with the relatively high dosages of green coffee bean extract.

What the Consumer says:

The Green Coffee Bean extract product has significantly less reviews than the Raspberry Ketone product (17 reviews in comparison to 135 reviews) which makes it more difficult to gauge whether the public find this product to be effective. In this instance there are no comments relating to any flyers advertising free bottles if you rate the product as being five stars. The opinions of this product are very mixed to say the least, this means that the product is by no means revolutionary and follows the general trend of most dieting supplements, which is that it works for some people but not for others. If you don’t mind potentially losing £16 then you may as well give the product a go.

Side effects of the ingredients

Raspberry Ketone

If you buy a product from a well renowned retailer then you should be safe from any side effects. The main problem arises when you look for the cheaper options; this is because there has been an influx of Raspberry Ketones manufactured in China into the European markets, which can pose a threat. Side effects that these products may cause include migraines, insomnia, dizziness and thyroid problems. To avoid any serious complications it is advised to avoid buying products if you are currently on anti-depressant or asthma medications as they can interact with these medications and lead to serious problems. Additionally, sufferers from seizures and kidney disease should steer well clear.

The best advice to follow when buying Raspberry Ketone products is:

1. Buy from a retailer that you can trust, always research the company and read reviews where possible

2. Avoid formulas containing ephedrine, this is a clear indicator the product could be detrimental to your health

3. Choose a product that has some kind of certification

4. Price is usually a predictor of safety, very cheap products often lack the necessary testing which more expensive products are more likely to have undertaken

Green Coffee Bean

It is impossible to label all of the potential side effects for all green coffee based products as they contain further supplementary ingredients, therefore if you are looking to buy a green coffee base product then you should look out for the following side effects regardless of the product itself.

It is important to be able to distinguish between green tea and green coffee beans, as they are very different products. While both products contain high amounts of caffeine, green tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia plant whereas green coffee is a term used to describe coffee beans, which have not been roasted into the traditional coffee bean that you may recognise. Having said this, the side effects associated with green tea and green coffee beans are almost identical due to them both containing caffeine. Some side effects, which are quite common, include insomnia, nausea, headaches and increased heart rate. If you are a regular caffeine drinker, then you may not experience these side effects or at least they will be less severe.

Cost of the products

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone PlusThere are literally hundreds of different types of Raspberry Ketone based products which charge a variety of prices, however for simplicities sake, this article will only look at the market leader and supplier of Raspberry ketone which is a company called Raspberry Ketone. A one month supply of Raspberry Ketone Plus (60 tablets) is currently retailing for £19.95, this seems to be a special offer at the time of writing as the figure £39.95 is crossed out. There is no indication for how long this offer will last but £39.95 does seem a bit on the expensive side. If this price is correct then paying £19.95 would appear to be a good deal. The second option being advertised on their website is a two month supply of Raspberry Ketone Plus (120 tablets) for a price of £36.95. The third option is to buy a three-month supply of Raspberry Ketone Plus (180 tablets) for a total price of £53.95, this is reduced from the full price of £119.85. The product is retailing for £18.95 for a one-month supply on Amazon, and is available with free delivery. This means the product is £1 cheaper than on the official website and Amazon do seem to be quite reliable when making sure orders are fulfilled.

Green Coffee Bean

Evolution Slimming Green Coffee BeanEvolution Slimming also manufactures a Green Coffee Bean Extract product which makes this section of the article a perfect comparison in terms of the prices you should expect to pay for these kinds of products elsewhere. The official Evolution Slimming website has three different options for you to look over. The first option is to buy a one-month supply, which will cost you £19.95; strangely enough, this is exactly the same price as the Raspberry Ketone. The two-month supply of Green Coffee Bean Extract is listed on the website for £36.95; once again, this is the same as the Raspberry Ketone product. The final option available to you is to buy a three-month supply of the product for a total price of £53.90; this is 5p cheaper than Raspberry Ketone although it is safe to assume this price difference makes little difference to potential consumers. Much like the Raspberry Ketone product, Amazon offers the one-month version of the product at a slightly cheaper price than the official website, in this instance the product is priced at £16.95 which is a £3 saving.


This article has reviewed the differences between two popular weight loss ingredients, raspberry ketone and green coffee beans. The two products rely on a similar mechanism, which focuses on the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Having said this, the scientific research available for raspberry ketone is slightly more advanced in comparison to green coffee beans due it being available for a longer period of time. The research states that raspberry ketone is more likely to help you lose weight, although this research used mice as experimental participants. The reviews on Amazon paint a story of general indifference to both products, as positive and negative comments are equally frequent. This is despite raspberry ketone possessing nearly 150 more rating reviews than green coffee bean when the same brand is directly compared. This perhaps makes it slightly unfair to say that green coffee bean is on a similar level to raspberry ketone as raspberry ketone has been in the mainstream spotlight for a longer period of time. The cliché ‘only time will tell’ is a fairly fitting statement in this instance. As both products have almost identical prices it is perfectly feasible that you could try out both products for yourself. It is often overlooked that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ style diet pill as everyone is different and so a product may work wonders for one person and be useless for the next person. In terms of side effects it appears that both products possess fairly minor side effects and that if brought from a reputable retailer you should be perfectly safe taking the product.

It is very difficult to split these ingredients in terms of overall effectiveness. The best advice would be to consult anyone you know who has experience with either product or ask your local doctor who may have dealt with patients taking the product. If either of these fail then there are plenty of resources available if you are committed to making a decision about a certain product. There will also be slight variation on the information presented above depending on the brand of product that you buy but the general information should be correct for almost all versions of the product.

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