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Raspberry Ketone UK

Raspberry KetoneRaspberry Ketone is a chemical which occurs in a number of fruits – most notably in raspberries, but also in cranberries and blackberries.

Raspberry Ketone has experienced a large amount of attention in the UK and overseas with strong claims being made about its weight loss aiding properties.

In this review we’ll investigate and assess its proclaimed fat-burning properties and see how it compares to other weight loss supplements on the market.

Raspberry Ketone Scam Warning

A quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the raspberry ketone product has been linked to a number of free diet pill scams – whereby you are “given” a free sample only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter and can be very hard to cancel. Read our article on free diet pill scams to learn more.

Raspberry Ketone UK Review

Raspberry Ketone is a very strong and pleasant smelling natural chemical; it’s what gives red raspberries their smell. As such raspberry ketone is used in perfume and makeup. It’s also used as a colouring in food, since when added it gives a bright red colour. The third and final common use is as a weight loss supplement.

However, Raspberry Ketone has recently been classed as a novel food, making it banned in the UK and across Europe. You can find out more information on Raspberry Ketones becoming a novel food here.

Raspberry Ketone UK Pros
  • Safe product
Raspberry Ketone UK Cons
  • The quantity of raspberry ketone provided in diet pills are usually far too low to have any real weight loss benefit
  • Over-hyped product with a lot of miss-information and fake reviews on the internet
  • Has been classed as a novel food

Claimed Weight Loss Benefits

Raspberry Ketone claims to be a fat binder and metabolism booster. We agree with both of these claims.

Raspberry ketone claims to have fat burning and metabolism boosting properties. On balance, the ingredient does appear to have these benefits, if only in a limited amount. Furthermore, the ingredient needs to be taken in a sufficient quantity in order to deliver these benefits. Not all Raspberry ketone diet pills provide the ingredient in this required quantity.

How Does Raspberry Ketone work

raspberriesRaspberry Ketone is claimed by its sellers’ websites to be essential in weight loss diets. According to them, it’s an excellent fat burner that supposedly burns the excess fat in your diet. Fat burners are good, solid weight loss supplements because they don’t put you at risk by asking you to hugely restrict or alter your diet.

However, in order to be worth your money, they do have to be reasonably effective, a requirement which, as you may discern from the following section, Raspberry Ketone might not entirely fit. Raspberry Ketone also received a glowing review from the famous US TV doctor, Dr. Oz. Find out more by reading our article on how Raspberry Ketone works.

Raspberry Ketone Clinical Trials

Raspberry Ketone has had several tests done on it to determine whether it’s really as good for weight loss.

Many of the websites selling Raspberry Ketone cite a clinical trial as evidence that Raspberry Ketone is an effectual fat burner. This experiment, which verifiably did take place – find details here – showed that mice on high fat diets gained significantly less weight when given Raspberry Ketone.

Whilst this may sound encouraging, it’s important to point out that the most effective results were shown among mice that ingested a daily dosage of 2% of their body weight. For a human adult of average mass, this would mean consuming 1.24 kg of Raspberry Ketone per day. This is a huge amount that would be difficult to consume, not to mention the fact that it would cost you over £15,000 each day.

Moreover, when a further test was conducted on rats, to ascertain whether Raspberry Ketone’s fat-burning properties were transferable to other animals, the results found no noticeable effect on fat burning, even when the rats were given a dosage 200 times what humans would be expected to take.

A clinical study on mice yielded results that suggested that raspberry ketones do have weight loss properties. However, this study was conducted on mice not humans, therefore it is impossible to say that the same effects will occur in human subjects.

To find out more, read our page on Raspberry Ketones’ clinical trials

Raspberry Ketone Side Effects

Woman holding stomachRaspberry Ketone has been classified by the FDA as safe in small quantities as a food additive. Although the amount of Raspberry Ketone is likely to be a lot higher in the diet pill than in food to which it is added, we can still assume it is relatively safe. That said, we would advise you to consult a doctor should you choose to take Raspberry Ketone if you are pregnant or have a pre-existing condition. It is advisable to also check any additional ingredients for anything you are allergic to as Raspberry Ketone is often not sold in a pure form, with other ingredients mixed.


Raspberry Ketone is only a partially effective weight loss supplement. The small dosage of a fat-burning chemical makes for slow weight loss. Some Raspberry Ketone consumer reviews indicate that you receive slow but sure progress to losing weight. However, compared to some other diet pills, this small amount of fat-burning doesn’t amount to much; there are products out there that can do so much more. If you’re after an easy way to lose a small amount of weight, you may want to try this out and see if it works for you – though we wouldn’t thoroughly recommend it.

Which is the Best Brand of Raspberry Ketone?

There are various different brands which feature the ingredient Raspberry Ketone. Find out more about the different brands by reading our article on which is the best brand of raspberry ketone?.

Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone?

You can find out where you can buy Raspberry Ketone by reading our guide to buying raspberry ketone

Take a look at our top 5 supplements to find something to help with your diet:Best Diet Pills‘.

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39 responses to “Raspberry Ketone UK”

  1. Lauren Possart says:

    Snacking is my major food problem, whether its hunger or merely just boredom, its where my weight comes from I think.
    I started taking raspberry ketone and I did begin to feel fuller. Having said this I’ve not lost that much weight, maybe a pound or two each week but I have been eating less which should help me lose weight right?

    • nicola says:

      Yes Lauren keep going! I know they seem to work quite slow at the start but once they get going, the weight loss does start to show.
      It’s a slow builder! I slowly began eating less and less, and I ate sensible portion sizes. The weight loss then got quicker so stick at it!

  2. Phillis Kirkbride says:

    I did a lot of research into these before I took the plunge and buying them. Even after researching I wasn’t 100% convinced but I have to say they’ve been working pretty well.
    They are easy and fairly nice to take and swallow. They do seem to be making me feel less hungry, could just be the mental thing of taking the pills but I think I am eating less. I have lost a little bit of weight so I’m fairly happy, I think they’re worth a try.

    • andrea says:

      I wonder whether you’re eating less just because mentally you know the pill is supposed to affect your appetite and so automatically think you’re less hungry. The weight loss might just come from eating less, not from the pills. Just a theory, either way good for you that you’re losing weight!

  3. gloria says:

    These didn’t work for me at all. Been a waste of time and money and didn’t work too. I struggled to sleep while taking them too because they contain a lot of caffeine, so be careful if you’re sensitive to caffeine like me!

    • Lyla says:

      You have to buy pure raspberry ketone without the caffeine or any other additives. My 278lb. girlfriend for the past 20 yrs. has never been able to lose weight. She lost weight slowly over a period of six months a total of 25 lbs. on them. Nothing else ever worked. She is down from size 24 to 22-20.

    • june says:

      I also have taken the raspberry keytones and colon cleanse they are utter and complete rubbish,do not believe all hyper you read about them. Iat the moment am on skinny fiber all natural and lost 5ib in a week,i have spent thousands of pounds trying to lose weight never will spend money on it again only my skinny fiber pills because these do work.

  4. Chrissy says:

    I’m very impressed with these pills. They come with some easy to follow instructions and I haven’t felt hungry while taking them.
    I still eat pretty much whatever I like, it has suppressed my appetite and so far I’ve managed to lose four pounds in just a week. They’re great, give them a try!

    • Bridget says:

      Hi Chrissy I was jut curious, you say you still eat whatever you like but that you’re not hungry anymore. Have you had to diet at all to lose that 4lb? Only because I’m thinking of getting these pills and I’m wondering if I should also diet at the same time.

      • Ann says:

        My stomach is just as big after 8 weeks on them I don’t eat a lot so I can’t understand why my belly fat isn’t dropping off like they claim it will

  5. Sarah says:

    These diet pills actually do work! They won’t make you lose loads of weight every week but they do help you shed a couple of pounds every week.
    The big bonus is that they really do make you feel more energetic and less hungry, makes dieting so much easier! Plus more energy helps you do more exercise which helps you lose more weight.
    On top of that I’ve not had any side effects and this is my third bottle now so overall I’m really pleased.

  6. Darren L says:

    I tried these tablets but had trouble sleeping while I was on them. They interfered badly with my sleep. I gave them to my daughter and she hasn’t experienced any trouble sleeping but hasn’t told me about any health benefits either. Waste of money!

    • Lyla says:

      You have to be careful. I cannot take them either because they make my body stiff and I already have arthritis. They also raise my already high blood pressure. They are really an upper. You can try taking just a little bit out of the capsule. My boyfriend does that and he lost 25 lbs. and he no longer needs all the high dose Lipitor he was taking for cholesterol. His doctor cannot believe it, ran down the hallway after him and said “Are you sure you stopped taking the Lipitor?” For him just a little bit works and he says he is a lot less depressed. He has no trouble sleeping at night. He is older.

  7. Monica Wallace says:

    Raspberry Ketone diet pills are ok, nothing more nothing less. I’m not that keen on the taste of them and sometimes it feels like they’ve got stuck in your throat. I’ve used them for a week now and I’ve lost four pounds in money, sadly not in weight.

    • Janey says:

      Monica, just wondering whether you’re judging them too soon. You’ve only taken them for a week and I know when I took them they took a week or so to start working. Just be patient and give it time.
      I managed to lose about 7lbs in a month but they didn’t do much after the first week so keep going, for me it was worth it.

  8. Portia says:

    I had to give these diet pills a top rating as they’re really working well for me. I’ve been taking them alongside some more exercise and less chocolate and so far so good.
    I would happily recommend them, they’re doing what they promised for me.

  9. Caroline D. says:

    I’ve been struggling with my weight for a few years now. I’ve been desperate to get my weight down which led me to giving these pills a go. They’ve been the best decision I ever made!
    I’ve taken them for 6 days so far and I’ve lost half a stone! They’ve given me a lot more energy so I’ve felt more up to walking more and doing more exercise. It also stops me snacking during the day so no wonder I’ve lost so much weight so quickly.
    I could not recommend this product highly enough!!

    • julya says:

      can i ask you how meny do you take per day,as i take them from the 2`nd week of january and i loost i fink 2-4pounds.can you tell me a bit more how to do to loose weigth becouse the weigth i have is supose to loose more weight till now.:((.thank you

  10. traci says:

    I have very mixed feelings about this product. I took them for two weeks and suffered really bad headaches and stomach pains. I was in pain quite often over the two weeks. Then at the end of the fortnight I found out I’d lost 4lbs. Its not amazing weight loss but it’s something right? I didn’t continue with them because of the side effects.

    • Danielle Carlisle says:

      Hi Traci, interesting to hear you suffered with side effects. I did too but I also lost quite a lot of weight (6lbs in two weeks) so I was really frustrated that I just couldn’t carry on taking them. Good to know I wasn’t the only one!

  11. carol p says:

    I must say I’ve seen a few reviews absolutely raving about these tablets. I don’t really get that from my experience. I took them for about 3 or 4 weeks and my weight loss wasn’t really amazing. It maybe helped me with an extra pound a week at a push.
    There were no side effects which I was pleased about but its not the amazing pill everyone seems to think it is. not in my opinion anyway!

    • janet says:

      been taking rasberry keytones plus colon cleanse for six weeks, and I have lost the grand total of one, yes one pound. I bought three bottles, so i’ve got to finish them, but up till now,i’me not impressed.

  12. andrew says:

    I’ve been taking these diet pills for about 2 weeks now. I can feel they’ve worked in terms of an energy boost but I haven’t lost very much weight. This review gives them a low speed of weight loss mark so has anyone experienced them working this slowly?? Is it worth carrying on with them?

  13. samantha says:

    These slimming pills have been brilliant for me. They helped me almost completely cut out the snacks I used to have between meals. This helped me to start losing 2 or 3lbs regularly every week. I’ve not seen any side effects either so I really am delighted with these pills!

  14. Beverley says:

    On buying both theses products I was charged about nine pounds for the free trial . Which I received . On reading reviews about other people’s problems I cancelled any further shipments . I received email of this effect . Unknow to me you have to cancel both products seperatly . Apparently I only cancelled one and have received a bill for £84.95 as you will understand I was furious so I rang theses people up they told me I should have sent both products back or cancelled both within 14 days as I only unknowingly cancelled one I received this charge nothing I can do about it is what I have been told. . After all of this the dam things don’t even work . Please be aweare and read terms and conditions or you will end up the same way . I have now blocked my card to stop any further money going out a little to late I think.

    • Lyla says:

      I found out the only way to get out of these automatic monthly billing charges is to call the bank and request a new card. It takes a five days to receive a replacement debit/credit card with the new number but the diet pill billing department can no longer charge your card as soon as you make the call/request for new card. Otherwise you may be charged for months to come. If you continue to allow the charges, there is nothing to be done in the end as the bank will then ask “Why did you not inform us earlier? All prior charges stand.” Bite the bullet early and cancel the card. Some dumb woman kept allowing Female Viagra Pills to keep charging her account year after year trying everything, letters and calls etc. but was just too dumb to cancel her card! I couldn’t believe it.

    • june says:

      I also had trouble cancelling these in all they took 400 pounds out of my account had to cancel my card.

    • DEE says:

      I HAVE had the same as you total rip of, there must be some thing we can do about this I think denise martin

  15. Ada says:

    Anyone buying ANYTHING online, even from a reputable company should state that they do not give permission for a “continuous payment authority” to be set up using their card details and then tell their card issuer (preferably in writing) that under no circumstances are Continuous Payment Authorities to be set up using their card details. CPA’s have no requirement to give you notice they are debiting, unlike a Direct Debit where the consumer is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. If you take these steps and still have a CPA taken from your card, then it is an unauthorised payment and the card issuer must decline it. If it is a legitimate payment (for example, you make a change to your insurance that involves a premium increase or additional charge) then you will still be liable to pay up, but not via a CPA. Hope this helps.

    Reference: Financial Conduct Authority

  16. sarah says:

    To avoid being billed stupid amounts by trying free trials etc you do all realise you can buy them off Amazon right? I’m on my first day of taking them so fingers crossed they work as I have to lose weight to build up my confidence again :/

  17. Tammy says:

    Don’t want to jinx things but this was my last resort before thinking of a gastric band. My weight pilled on after a hysterectomy so it’s dressers sing for me as I was always a size 10 till 4 years ago now a generous 18 I’ve lost 3.5kg in 5 days (7.7lb) and I’m in a strict diet no booze but l do cheat cos lm greedy by nature. LOL I know ppl will say its fluid blah blah but dah! If it’s adding weight on that scale it has to go.

  18. Ellie says:

    I started using this product at the beginning of the week and can already see weight loss which I am extremely happy with but can anyone tell me about the side affects as I feel like I have the flu. Every part of me is hurting to which I spent a day and a half in bed and have stopped taking them. I dont no if I should try them again when I feel better or just give them a miss. Any advice would be grateful.

  19. Jinty says:

    did anyone experience any side affects, I feel horrible and itchy and sick and dizzy and I have only took 1, and do they really work

    • dar★ says:

      Funny thing is that I’ve combined 3 items as recommended by Vitamin World: CLA, Raspberry Keytones with Green tea & Garcinia cambogia, taking for 1 week with almost no issues…then I ran out of garcinia c. When I took Raspberry Keytones by itself yesterday, it gave me a painful bloat that gradually increased after dinner last night…like air trapped because when I would roll from side to back.’s like the pain traveled from my back to stomach (weird). What I did to relieve was I drank root beer (which I don’t really dig sodas), and belched a couple of big ones scaring myself at 2:30am. So, I thought maybe it was the food…and I took it again today and same effect…gradual increase of back and abdominal pain…so I popped another can of soda. Is this one of the side effects on some people?

  20. Marie Marie says:

    I’ve been using Raspberry ketones drops from Natural Labs Group who sells product on amazon and I was very surprised at the great taste of this first of all so for
    I have been taking this for just a few days and I noticed that I did
    lose 3 pounds. What I wanted to lose was just 4 to 5 pounds. And so far
    this is really working well for me. What I like the most about this is
    that it inspires me to stay on a healthy diet with more protein and less
    One more thing…yesterday I added this to my morning
    smoothie, afternoon smoothie and it added to the taste of the smoothie
    and also it is a pleasant way for me to use this. And I have just 2 more
    pounds to go, so I am very happy with this!

  21. lola says:

    Can the hypothyroid patients take these pills?? Reply me as soon as possible!!

  22. christopher says:

    I just rung my bank to cancel the debit card that I ordered the free trial with. They will send me a new one one day this week. It was the only sure-fire way to stop these people billing me for £hundreds in the next three weeks.Please do it BEFORE you get ripped off, because getting the money back, after it’s gone, is harder than losing weight.

  23. Natalie tilsley says:

    I cannot agree with you more. I am also going to do the same thing. I was also taken for granted, and then instead of just taking out the £4.95 shipping payment, they also had taken out of my bank account 79.31 which is is not right at all. I went to my bank and now they are in contact with the their fraud team and they are going to be in contact with me in a couple of days and I will be able to end this scam. The thieves should be locked in prison for a long time shouldn’t they?

  24. Kim Rodden says:

    I had €95 taken out of my bank, I did not order anything.

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