How Does Raspberry Ketone UK Work?
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Raspberry Ketone: How Do They Work?

Over the last five years, a compound known as Raspberry Ketone has been closely associated with weight loss. It has been touted as the next weight loss miracle drug, with many manufacturers claiming that the ketones help your body break down fat more efficiently.

What are Raspberry Ketones?

They are a natural phenolic compound found in red raspberries. This chemical compound gives berries their strong pleasant smell. Until recently, Raspberry Ketones were originally used by the perfume and manufactured food industries, but recently they have been developed to be used in supplements. The structure of Raspberry Ketones has been said to be similar to that of capsaicin, active component in chilli peppers; however, these facts are only backed by studies done on rodents.

How Does Raspberry Ketones work?

raspberry ketones for weight lossThey work in two ways. Firstly they increase the brain chemical called norepinephine, which is a substance released naturally by the nerve cells. The increase of this chemical ultimately breaks down the fat inside of fat cells called adipocytes, which is a cell that controls levels of fat whether it be manufactured or stored. The second way that Raspberry Ketones work is that they increase the secretion of adiponectin, this is a protein, which is created by fat cells, which help to break down fat, regulate sugar levels and regulate metabolism. It has been found that many obese people in fact have low levels of adiponectin.

It has been said that the effects of Raspberry Ketone only work when the extract is used, and is in its purest form, and similar grade and dose to what was used in the clinical trials.

Health Benefits

Weight loss isn’t the only benefit of taking Raspberry Ketones; it has been recommend to aid many health problems such as lowering body cholesterol, fighting cancer, it can also help with pain experienced after intense exercise. Let’s look further into these extra benefits. It plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels and body cholesterol levels without affecting the major functions of the cardiovascular system. Raspberry Ketones contain salicylic acid so it can also help combat atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Studies have shown that Raspberry Ketones have anti-cancer benefits, which enable them to fight different kinds of cancers. This is due to the large amounts of phytochemicals that are abundant in anti-carcinogenic, any chemical which reduces the occurrence of cancers, properties. It protects body cells as it contains natural antioxidants. The antioxidant properties contained in this compound protects against disease and cell damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also reduce inflammation, which relieves muscular pain that can be experienced after strenuous exercise.

It also enhances the production of omega 3 fatty acids, which is responsible for preventing skin ailments, increase levels of HGH, Human Growth Hormone, improve brain functions and increase production of growth hormones. There are many other benefits, such as Raspberry Ketones can also help people who suffer from alopecia. However, none of these benefits have been studied thoroughly enough to prove its effectiveness.

Does this prove that Raspberry Ketones is an all round health benefit, and that it is a weight loss miracle pill? Well no it doesn’t. There haven’t yet been tests on humans to see if by taking this chemical compound you can lose weight with no side effects. Also, many of the Raspberry Ketone tablets do not just solely contain raspberry ketones, which casts doubt on the usefulness of it, and until human trials have taken place there is no guarantee that they work. Humans have many more complex reasons to eat then rodents do, so to tackle over eating this needs to be considered. If you haven’t already please check out our Raspberry Ketone review.

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