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Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50

Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 is sold in the UK by Desirable Body, and claims to aid in weight loss by boosting the metabolism. Scientific evidence in support of these claims is however lacking.

Below we have reviewed Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 Review

Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 Pros
  • Sold by an established company
  • Not likely to cause severe side effects for most people
  • Ingredient quantities provided
Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 Cons
  • Some side effects reported by users associated with caffeine content
  • Very little information available about manufacturer
  • Neither the product or its ingredients have been proven to aid weight loss

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Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 Review

There seems to be a divide in users who have tried Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50, between those who have seen good results and those who have seen no results at all. Like many other diet pill supplements, it seems as though this one is not effective for everyone, and there may also be some side effects for those who do see results.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The makers of Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 have claimed that one of the main effects of their product is to boost the metabolism, thereby allowing users to get more benefits out of exercise and see less negative effects from the food that they eat. This is the main brunt of the effects of the pills, but they may also have some appetite suppressive effects as well thanks to the inclusion of caffeine in the ingredients. Those who have their appetite suppressed tend to feel fuller after eating, and are therefore less inclined to continue eating or to eat to excess.

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How Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 Works

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There is a list of several ingredients in Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 that supposedly work in terms of boosting the metabolism and helping users to feel more full after they eat. The manufacturers claim that these elements will work together in order to help consumers to lose weight as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.


First of all is the caffeine element, which is believed to have the potential to help to boost the metabolism by kick start the body into being more active and having more energy, as well as suppress the appetite.


Then there are a number of other ingredients which purportedly line up to increase the effects of the caffeine: Naringin is included because it is thought to boost the effects of caffeine as a whole. It is a natural ingredient taken from grapefruit and which is thought to prevent free radical damage.


Tyrosine, an amino acid, is said to increase the production of hormones from the thyroid which help with weight loss and control. It is thought to influence the production of thyroid hormones. In particular, what the manufacturers are pointing to here is the production of thyroxin, which may regulate your metabolic rate in order to provide better results.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is believed to help to break down proteins and release glucose from your system, which supposedly helps the metabolism to work more efficiently.

Acai Berry

Acai Berry is supposedly used to flush out toxins and create a more healthy body; despite its popularity, it is unclear how this ingredient is thought to directly target weight loss.


L-Tryptophan is converted into serotonin and so may be used to improve general mood and wellbeing as well as boosting the ability to exercise and increasing feelings of fullness, although there is little evidence in support of this.

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Key Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 Ingredients

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It is always important to know what is in the supplements that you are taking in order to stay safe and healthy while you are pursuing a diet. There is a full list of the ingredients in this supplement available when you go straight to the source at Desirable Body to see the product on their website, which allows you to see what is included and how large a percentage of the diet pills they make up.

The main key ingredient is caffeine, with 180mg of it included in each capsule. This is what is believed to have the main effects of appetite suppression and metabolism boosting, but there are other ingredients which have larger quantities within the pills. There is 220mg of Tyrosine, which is an amino acid, which is said to help in the regulation of several different hormones.

50mg of Naringin is included to, in theory, support and boost the effects of the caffeine, while L-Tryptophan takes up 35mg of each pill. This is a hormone which is said to be converted into 5hydroxytrytophan or 5-HTP when it enters your system, and in turn converted into Serotonin later on. Vitamin B6 is included at 1.4mg, and you will also see 50mg of Acai Berry 4:1 in the supplement.

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Clinical Studies

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When considering a new weight loss supplement, it is important to know if a product will work as well as claimed, and whether it is safe to use. This is where clinical studies come in; however, as weight loss supplements do not need to be clinically tested before they are sold, we often find ourselves looking to the clinical studies of the individual ingredients.

The clinical studies which have been conducted into some of the ingredients which are used in Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 can tell us a bit more about what we can expect from the supplement, including whether the ingredients really have the effects that they say they have. If the metabolism boosting claims can be supported by research done in a clinical manner, then we may start to believe that the supplement will have some effect.


We can start by looking at caffeine, which seems to be the main ingredient in this diet pill and the element which is believed to have the most influence over all of the others in order to create weight loss results. Caffeine has been shown to have some effect on weight loss, particularly when combined with green tea. The effects of caffeine are most felt by those who are overweight or moderately obese, so it may be that those who are at a slimmer size, and just trying to lose a few pounds or trying to maintain weight loss will not see as strong or dramatic results.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is another of the important ingredients in the diet pills, and this is understood to be good for the metabolism because it helps to break down proteins.


Tyrosine, which is a nonessential amino acid, is important for regulating the hormones, including those which come out of the thyroid gland. As you may know, the thyroid needs to function properly in order to maintain a healthy metabolism, but it has been found in the past that taking tyrosine supplements will not necessarily actually increase thyroid production, so this may be an area in which the supplement is not as effective as it is suggested. However, there is good news if you are intending to combine exercise with the diet pills in order to lose more weight, as it has been shown that taking oral Tyrosine supplements will improve your capacity to exercise in heat or under stress 5 .


Finally there is L-Tryptophan, which is converted into 5hydroxytrytophan, known normally for short as 5-HTP. There have been a few clinical trials which have looked into whether or not 5-HTP will help people to lose weight or not, and some suggest that 5-TP will help you to feel more full after eating, therefore helping you to eat less. A follow up study to this particular trial also found that those who took 5-TP during a diet period lost around three per cent of their body weight, with a further two per cent lost during a non-diet period.

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Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 Side Effects

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The side effects related to this supplement are one of the main areas of concern for users, as they can vary in severity and in frequency. Some users have reported experiencing no side effects at all, and so it seems that they may differ from person to person – but even the main suppliers warn that it may be possible to experience jitters after taking the diet pills, as a result of the high caffeine content which they contain. For this reason, it is important to be very careful about taking them if you have any pre existing conditions, particularly a low tolerance for caffeine and any form of cardiovascular condition.

Caffeine can leave you feeling a little bit anxious and shaky, and is in fact a common side effect, which is known with many diet supplements. The jitters are not considered to be harmful generally, and will often pass soon, but they can be disconcerting for those who have never experienced them and may even be inconvenient for those who need to be focused and steady in their daily lives or jobs. In high quantities, caffeine can also increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Users have noted in customer reviews a raised heart rate which occurs a couple of hours after taking the pills, as well as a feeling of warmth, both of which can most likely be attributed to the caffeine which is included in the supplement. There have also been reports that the pills can cause insomnia and headaches. Others have reported a feeling of sickness, which occurs when they eat after having taken the supplement, and also having a dry mouth. The good news is that some customers have not reported experiencing any side effects at all, and so this may well be the case for you if you are used to a caffeine intake already.

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How to Use

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In order to ensure that the Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 work in the optimal way, there are some recommendations which have been given by the manufacturer as to how they should be stored. The pills are sensitive to heat and moisture, and for this reason you should ensure that the container remains sealed when it is not in use, as well as storing it at room temperature. You should also take steps to ensure that it is not in an area of higher than average heat or light, as these elements may interfere with how effective the pills are.

When you have decided to start taking them, you should start by taking one a day in order to see what results you find first of all. If you are not finding the kind of results that you would like to see and are also not experiencing side effects, then you can increase the dose to two a day, making sure to take one in the morning and one in the afternoon rather than taking both at once. You should be careful not to exceed the daily dose, and also to ensure that you take them at the suggested times if you want the best results with the minimum side effects.

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Who Makes It?

Finding any information about the company who makes Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 is tricky, as when you go to the site of the main stockists – Desirable Body – they simply claim to be the main suppliers of the pills within the UK . However, it does seem as though they are the company, which is behind the brand, as there is no other company which is linked to them in any way. The company has gone through numerous name changes, which does not help with the identity issues: they have also been known as Forza Retail Limited and Forza Group Limited.

The company was created in 2009, and is currently based in the county of Kent in the UK. They sell a large range of products from the Re:Active line, including the T5 fat burners that they are also known for, as well as a range of other slimming products such as exercise equipment. The company is registered in the UK and does seem to have a trustworthy record, as well as having appeared in many magazines to talk about their diet pill supplements – though of course this is no indication that they will actually work, as they may have paid for the media attention themselves. They do have a series of Frequently Asked Questions and a live help chat line which you can use if you want to find out more about their products and the company themselves. They also run Facebook and Twitter accounts, which you can look at if you want to know more about their latest releases or deals.

One positive thing about the company is that they allow customers to leave feedback on their website, and not all of it reports good results from their products. This allows you to have a more realistic outlook on what the products might be able to do for you.

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Where to Buy Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50


There are several places in which you can purchase Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 tablets, but since they are all stocked from the same place the bottles themselves are always the same. There are sixty tablets in a bottle, which is designed in a white shell with purple lettering and branding on the front to explain what the product is and what it does.

The main supplier in the UK for the whole Re:Active range is Desirable Body, and so of course they supply this product as well. They have the sixty-tab bottle available at a price of £12.95; with postage added on top (though you may receive free postage if you buy two bottles at once, as UK orders above £25 will have this option added). You will find that most other sites on the internet where you could buy the supplement have a similar price.

Another option, which you could go for is to shop through Amazon. Here, the pills are distributed by Desirable Body as well, and although they will be a little bit more expensive at £14.95, this includes free delivery and so it may work out as cheaper for you depending on factors such as where you live and how quickly you would like the pills to arrive.

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Does Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Yes, although the product is not available in any high street stores in the UK.

Manufacturing Standard: This information is not provided.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of an accompanying diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, a full ingredients list is available.

Company contact details readily available: Contact information is available on the official website.

Re:Active Phentramine-Rx 50 does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards.

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Overall Verdict

The company which stocks the supplement, and which seems to be the company behind it in general, appear to be fairly established; however, what is clear from those customer reviews is that not everyone has seen the results that they were hoping for. Although some have been subject to a small amount of testing, none of the ingredients in the product have been proven to significantly boost weight loss. The caffeine content may cause side effects for some people, although these effects are not likely to be severe. Unfortunately the product is not available from any high street retailers and the company behind the product does not provide a money-back guarantee.

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