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Reductil is an appetite suppressant, which aims to help you eat less. Reductil requires a doctor’s prescription to be able to use the supplement and was one of the most powerful and effective appetite suppressants available before being banned in the EU and UK because of dangerous potential side effects.

ReductilWe investigate whether Reductil really works and consider the side-effects which lead to Reductil being banned.

Reductil Pros
  • Very strong and extreme appetite controlling drug
  • Can have long-term effects of eating less and being more aware of portion control
Reductil Cons
  • Has now been banned because of its extreme effect within the body and potential dangerous side effects
  • Changes signals your brain receives about hunger

Reductil Review

Reductil does one job, and that’s to suppress your appetite. We agree this is a benefit of taking Reductil.

Claimed weight loss benefits:

How Reductil Works

Reductil will reduce your hunger. It will leave you feeling fuller for longer which will ideally leave you wanting to eat less and serving up smaller portion sizes. A lot of people are skeptical about diet supplements, claiming that they are merely ‘placebos’ but Reductil would prove any cynic wrong as the loss of hunger is not just tangible – it’s extreme. In the long term some of the portion control might stick and make it easier to keep the weight off without needing the pills.

Key Reductil Ingredients

Reductil is an extreme appetite suppressing pill. Reductil acts differently to other pills by changing messages your brain receives from your digestive system. Reductil capsules contain the active ingredient sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate, which is a type of anti-obesity medicine. It works by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain.

Sibutramine prevents two of these neurotransmitters from being reabsorbed back into the nerve cells, the two neurotransmitters which are responsible for moderating mood and various other processes in the brain.

Reductil Results

Weight Loss Power: 40/100

The weight loss power in Reductil comes from changing or stopping the messages your brain receives about hunger. This means that you will want to eat less which will in turn help you lose weight. So Reductil has an incredibly strong effect of reducing your appetite, therefore you’ll eat less and then lose weight.

Speed of results: 90/100

You will experience the loss of hunger very quickly and you will soon be eating less or thinking you need to eat less. In terms of weight loss, it will take a little longer but like with any diet you might start to slowly see results after a week or two.
Appetite Suppression: 88/100

It doesn’t reduce your appetite through filling your stomach with slow digesting fibre or expanding substances, instead Reductil changes the messages your brain receives. Reductil has a very strong, extreme effect on your appetite but can also have a dangerous effect on your health.
Long Term Results: 40/100

In the long term Reductil may help you learn about portion control and eating less to lose weight, whether you really need to take the potentially dangerous Reductil to do so is the question. Learning and training yourself to eat less should help control and lose weight but Reductil may be a very risky, dangerous way to do this.
Safety: 0/100

The European Medicines Agency reviewed Reductil in 2010 and found that despite undoubted positive weight loss effects, the severe side effects such as increased risk of heart attacks and strokes deemed it to dangerous and banned the drug in the EU. Effecting and changing brain messages can have very dangerous side effects and is not worth the potential weight loss.
Value for money: 50/100

Reductil is not available without a prescription from a doctor and considering the very serious potential side effects whatever the price, Reductil may not be worth the risk or value for money.

Reductil Side Effects

The effect Reductil has inside your body by changing, effecting or stopping messages the brain receives is a very dangerous way of trying to lose weight. The European Medicines Agency found that Reductil increases the chances of heart attacks and strokes which is an incredibly dangerous side effect which led to the EMA banning it and why you should steer clear.

Should I Buy Reductil Tablets Online?

Reductil can’t be bought over the counter and if you see it available online you should be very wary of the seller. Reductil has now been banned in the UK so you are likely to struggle to find any doctor willing to give you the green light to try these pills.

Overall Verdict

Reductil has a really strong effect on your appetite; it is not an artificial effect on your appetite and changes brain messages to leave you thinking you don’t need to eat as much. This is both its strength and its negative because this method, despite its strong weight loss potential, is just too dangerous. Potential side effects of heart attacks or strokes are just too much of a risk, hence why Reductil has been banned, and why we would strongly urge you to stay well clear of Reductil.

Overall: 52/100

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33 Responses to “Reductil”

  1. Shanaze Bissex says:

    I’m really not sure whether to try these pills. I’ve heard they really do curb your appetite but I’ve also heard they can cause some serious damage to your health. There must be a good reason why they were banned?
    Has anyone used them and been ok?

    • Danny Silverman says:

      Shanaze I’d be careful, I admittedly haven’t taken them but when I was looking for a diet pill I was put off by the changes to your brain signals. Sounds pretty dangerous to me even if it does limit your appetite.
      I’d never put my safety and health at risk just to lose weight a little bit quicker.

    • carol says:

      I don’t think you could try these slimming pills anyway Shanaze, they’ve been banned for being dangerous. I think that should also answer the question why you shouldn’t try them even if they weren’t banned!

    • tigerlilly says:

      I took these pills and ended up in hospital. They are extremely dangerous. Do not try them. No amount of weight loss is worth the risk. If you are serious about losing weight I suggest you see a fully qualified nutritionist who can support and advise you. There is no quick fix to weight loss

  2. Claire Robinson says:

    Reductil worked like a charm for me! I lost so much of my appetite and I was able to lose a lot of weight since I ate a lot less. Worked great for me and I’d happily recommend it.

    • Irene says:

      Hi Claire, I’m happy that they worked for you. But I can’t believe that you didn’t experienced some side effects? The review gave them 0/100 for safety I can’t believe they worked for you without any problems. Congrats on the weight loss but I’d never risk my health for a little quicker weight loss.

  3. Karen Sullivan says:

    This is certainly no placebo. I seriously felt the lack of hunger, it really does have a strong impact.
    For me, I tried it but I was worried I wasn’t eating enough and also about the long term effects so I stopped taking it. I guess if you were desperate to lose weight then these would probably work because they really cut your appetite in half. I was just worried about what they were doing in the long term.
    I don’t think I’d recommend them.

  4. Mary Stewart says:

    I found and researched these pills online and thought they sounded very effective. I went to check with my doctor and he said they were a very bad idea and were banned in the UK, he went on to explain the potential killer side effects!!!
    I was definitely put off my idea to take them and I would advise everyone to stay clear of them.

  5. elise says:

    I am so disappointed that these pills were banned in the UK. I was losing a lot of weight on them as they almost completely stopped my appetite. Yes they are strong and I don’t know what they were doing inside my body but I was losing so much weight. Its a big shame they were stopped.

    • phillipa says:

      elise, I must say i’m quite shocked at your comment. How can you place weight loss as more important than your overall health?? You yourself say that it felt quite strong and you didn’t know what it was doing inside but yet you’re disappointed they have been banned.
      Fair enough if they were working to lose you weight but i’m just a bit shocked.

  6. Jojo says:

    This product is flat out dangerous. I can totally understand why they banned it. I took them for a week a while ago and the effect was really dramatic. I felt like I could almost go without eating for days, I was massively not hungry.
    I think this product is just too strong, you obviously need to eat something to keep going. I would recommend you stay away from this one.

  7. Ross Mickelson says:

    I have mixed feelings about these slimming pills. A while ago I took them and they did help me lose some weight. I didn’t take the full dosage everyday because I felt they would just be too strong so I can see why they were banned. I think they would help you lose weight if you took them responsibly though.

  8. sharon says:

    Wow, I couldn’t believe how strong these pills were! My appetite almost completely disappeared overnight. I ate so much less which obviously helped me lose a lot of weight. I felt quite weak though and didn’t dare do any exercise as I just didn’t have the strength.

  9. rosa says:

    I couldn’t be happier with reductil. I love them. They work miracles in killing my appetite. A week or so not eating as much and I’m back at my target weight. It works like a charm but I can understand why people might be nervous about it.

    • natalie says:

      Hi Rosa, I’m just curious to know how much your appetite is reduced when you take them? How much do you eat when you’re on them?

      • john says:

        Hi natalie and all,

        please read my review of it below. do not be tempted to try this because the side effects are insanely bad. i have been on it in the past for almost three months. you will lose the fat and not only through its apetite suppressant functions, it increases your heart rate and has similar effects to very well known abusive drugs. Go natural please, you cannot continue to rely on pills all your life, your brain needs to be thin which reductil fails to deliver on, the moment you stop you feel bad and depressed for a very long period of time due to the lack of intake of certain addictive compounds available in it which i promise you will bring all the weight back and more, only this time round you feel bad and depressed and lack the energy and will and get on an emotional roller coaster which might affect other areas in your life and in turn make you eat more than what you used to eat before. god bless

    • tas says:

      I know all about the negative reviews but am looking for a short term solution. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, where are you getting reductil from. There are so many dodgy sellers ut there?

    • Maymay says:

      Hi Rosa
      I would like to know where you get Reductil as i would love to get them i dont trust the web or do you know a good websight where i can get them
      Many thanks

  10. jessie says:

    I am so glad these pills have now been banned. I STRONGLY urge everyone not to use these pills. I decided to try them a few months ago now and they were FAR too strong. I really didn’t eat enough because of reductil and almost fainted at work one day. That’s when I thought enough is enough.
    Glad they’re banned and think everyone should avoid, avoid, avoid!

  11. chris says:

    Avoid Reductil like the plague! It has incredibly serious side effects. My friend took it for a little while and ended up in hospital after not eating enough. Thankfully she is alright now but she says she’s never going anywhere near reductil again.

  12. cassie says:

    unbelievable that these pills were not banned sooner. I watched what my friend went through when she took these and it was quite shocking. She visibly looked tired and was far less energetic. She looked like she was really struggling. I’d never do that to myself and I’m glad hopefully no one else ever will.

  13. john says:

    Dear all,

    to all those considering the use of this drug, Please DONT!

    I have taken it myself based on a reccomendation of a friend who has been using it during the time i started as well. let me start by saying that you will indeed lose alot of weight and it does give you false feelings of wellbeing. however,i have gained all the weight back since i stopped and even more, i felt depressed for a period not less than 8 months after i stopped due to the drop of certain drugs pertained in the chemical makeup of this drug, i started biting hard on my teeth till today which i cannot seem to get rid of, I went from smoking one pack of cigirettes to three, my knees ached for a period not less than 6 months and was only able to restore back its normal function by having to exercise harder. Overall, if you just want to lose weight and do not really care about all the other really really really really bad things that will happen to you go for it. Otherwise, this drug should deffinitely be banned as it is. I have never ever been big on medication, and i am someone who thinks twice before consuming panadols. Reductil is poison in every sense, you lose the weight , gain it all and more back when you stop, and are only left with a worse body than what you started, a multitude of bad habits, and poisinous after math. DO NOT CONSUME THIS DRUG. i have now lost all the weight again after a long period of time and this time its 100% natural! i juice, i train, i live healthy and gradually the extra pounds shake away but this time round i am stronger mentally, physically and simply feeling great. AVOID REDUCTIL, GO natural, only natural really works!

    • john says:

      and by the way, the exact same thing happened to my friend, only i had a stronger will to control the side effects he looks like a nightmare at the moment both mentally and physically.

  14. Sue says:

    Hi 3 years ago I was prescribed reductil by my go and was on them for a year I lost 6 stone and 3years later still the weight has kept off. I didn’t have no bad side effects just a lot of energy however I would go back on them tomorrow if I could as they banned them before I hit my weight loss target but I certainly would not advise buying off the Internet as when I was on them I had regular checks for blood pressure by my doctor and check ups plus they don’t make them anymore so who knows what you could be buying off the Internet. Shame they banned them.

  15. carol says:

    i have been on these before and lost 11st on 5 years ago now i cant get them from my doctor and really want to know how and where you guys are gettin them from so i can get them x

  16. Wendy says:

    I took them for a few months and they were great where can you get them from if they have stopped making them???

  17. Isabela says:

    If anyone know how to obtain it, please let me know. I had very good results with it and no side effects at all.
    I wanted to purchase for maintenance but they stopped trade it in Romania.

  18. debs says:

    I was on reductil for 6 months, I don’t know why everyone is making a fuss .. surely if you felt ill you would stop taking it!! .. I had fantastic support from my doctors with weekly checkups .. I was fine and had no side effects from this drug. .. Maybe my doctors were just extra careful and I was grateful for their constant support.
    Reductil is like any other drug .. it doesn’t suit everybody and there are other options for those it doesn’t suit but for me it was fantastic.

  19. Jane says:

    Some of you say you have taken these as recently as 2013, how did you get them as they are band

  20. zoe says:

    From experince I can say that taking Reductil 15mg was the best thing that happened to me in relation to losing weight! I was on the pills for a year and lost about 16kg. I felt amazing didn’t have any bad side effects, as in one of the previous posts someone mentioned I had to force myself to eat as I simply didn’t feel like it, the bad taste in your mouth and thurst are normal as if you are on a simple diet. However I was very disappointed when Reductil was banned, I don’t dare buy them online as I can’t be sure they’re real. If anyone has bought them online and they work please do share the link of the website.
    I guess the pills will be dangerous for people at certain age to be more at risk but then again the same goes about any other strong drugs.

  21. loving iy says:

    After seeing great results before the ban with little side affects I found a local supplier here in dublin. My first week back on them and I’ve lost half a stone reminding me why I love these so much.

    I know the side affects can be extreme. I’m happy to risk it as I did not suffer from them the first time round under doctor supervision but my husband would like to try them however it may be a bit of a risk without doctor supervision.

  22. precious says:

    Can someone please tell me where i can buy these pills from the uk??

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