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Reductil is an appetite suppressant that is claimed to help you eat less. Reductil required a doctor’s prescription to be able to use before being banned in the EU and UK because of dangerous potential side effects.

Below we have reviewed Reductil against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.


Reductil Pros
  • Has been proven in clinical studies to suppress the appetite
  • Has been shown to improve weight maintenance as well as initial weight loss
Reductil Cons
  • Has been banned because of potential dangerous side effects
  • Not suitable for everybody

Reductil is marked as ‘Rejected’ as it fails to meet all of the points on our ‘Approved Criteria’. To find out more about how Reductil performed against our criteria click here.

Reductil Review

Reductil is the brand name for a drug called Sibutramine. The diet pill was advertised only as an appetite suppressant but since its ban in 2010, is no longer available on prescription or to buy in the UK or the rest of the EU. This ban was based on the potential of the drug to cause dangerous side effects.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The drug is only believed to target one of the five key areas of weight loss: appetite suppression.

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How Reductil Works


Reductil is said to work by making its users want to eat less. In order to suppress its users’ appetites, Reductil purportedly works as a reuptake inhibitor for the neurotransmitters serotonin and noradrenaline. Neurotransmitters are chemical messages sent by your nerves and exchanged between your body and the brain so that your bodily processes can be co-ordinated. Different neurotransmitters send different messages. Serotonin and noradrenaline are used to send messages relating to the body’s energy intake, or how many calories the body takes in as fuel for its activities.

Once a neurotransmitter message has been received and acted upon by the brain, it is reabsorbed so that the brain knows to stop responding to the message now that it has dealt with the issue. Serotonin and noradrenaline create sensations of hunger and fullness which tell us to eat or to stop eating, thus controlling our appetite. A lack of serotonin in the body is responded to as extreme hunger.

So, serotonin and noradrenaline produce sensations of hunger and satiety according to whether or not you need to eat, and how much you need to eat in one sitting. Reductil is designed to harness these neurotransmitters and use their influence over appetite to help users lose weight. Its active ingredient is sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate (SHM), a known reuptake inhibitor of serotonin and noradrenaline.

What this means is that when a person uses Reductil, the introduction of SHM to their body should impede the reabsorption of serotonin and noradrenaline after the brain has received their message that the user has eaten enough. The user’s brain may interpret the continued presence of these neurotransmitters as a signal that he or she is already full and doesn’t need to eat any more. Reductil doesn’t stop its users from becoming hungry all together but it should decrease their appetite. Many users find that they don’t feel the need to eat as often and that when they do eat they feel fuller sooner. Consequently, they eat less and lose weight.

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Key Reductil Ingredients

woman wondering how diet pill works 538

Reductil capsules contain just one active ingredient – sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate, which works by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain.


Serotonin and noradrenaline are neurotransmitters which are used by your body to signal to the brain that you are full. Sibutramine is said to decrease the appetite of its users by creating increased levels of these chemicals in their brains, making the brain signal to the body that it is full. Many users have found that they felt hungry less frequently and that when they did eat they felt fuller sooner. As a consequence, they ate fewer calories and lost weight.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

A large selection of clinical studies have been undertaken on Reductil; this would have been a requirement before the drug could be available on prescription. A clinical study is a trial that is conducted on a product by scientists before it can be prescribed. There trials attempt to determine the efficacy of the drugs as well as assess their safety. A small selection of the clinical studies that have been undertaken on sibutramine (the clinical name of the drug) can be discussed below.


A study published in 2000 aimed to determine the effects of sibutramine on weight maintenance over two years. A total of 605 obese participants took sibutramine for six months alongside a low-calorie diet. Four hundred and sixty-seven of these participants who had lost more than 5% of their body weight during this time were given either 10mg sibutramine per day or a placebo for another 18 months. If weight regain was seen, the dose of sibutramine was increased to 20mg a day.

The results indicated that those who took sibutramine had a singnificantly greater chance of maintaining weight loss than those who were taking the placebo. Moreover, those taking sibutramine also saw an improvement in HDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Besides helping with weight loss, sibutramine may also help to reduce the likelihood of an individual suffering from cardiovascular disease.

A study published in 2010 aimed to determine the cardiovascular outcomes of sibutramine. For this trial, 10,744 overweight and obese subjects aged 55 or above who had cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, or both, all received sibutramine alongside a weight management programme for six weeks. After this run-in phase, the subjects were divided to receive either sibutramine or a placebo.

The results of this study indicated that sibutramine could provide further weight loss, and that blood pressure was reduced in both groups. The risk of an individual suffering a primary outcome event was 11.4% for the sibutramine group and 10.0% for the placebo group. For heart attacks and nonfatal strokes, rates were 4.1 and 2.6% for the sibutramine group compared to 3.2 and 1.9% for the placebo group. It was concluded that for those who had a pre-existing cardiovascular condition, sibutramine caused an increase in the risk of suffering from heart attack or stroke.

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Reductil Side Effects


All drugs can have side-effects, though they may vary in severity and type from person to person. Reductil is no exception. In fact, in 2010 the European Medicines Agency decided that Reductil’s side-effects on users’ cardiovascular health were dangerous enough to outweigh the potential weight-loss benefits it offered. Reductil affects the chemical messages that your gut sends to your brain and so the drug can create symptoms that are the result of your brain responding to what it thinks your gut is telling it to do.

As stated, all drugs have potential side-effects. This is why you should always read carefully the information that comes with any medication that you are taking, even if it’s prescribed to you, so that you know what side-effects you might expect and whether a reaction that you have to the drug is normal. When Reductil was first marketed it was known that its active ingredient, sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate, had a number of possible side-effects.

Side effects included:
– Increased blood pressure and heart rate
– Tachycardia (periods of an irregularly fast heartbeat / heart ‘flutters’)
– Chest pains
– Insomnia
– Constipation
– Anxiety
– Nausea
– Dry mouth
– Headaches
– Hot flushes
– Sensations of ‘pins and needles’
– Breathing problems
– Sweating

In 2002, the Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products assessed the marketing authorisations for sibutramine (and thus for drugs containing sibutramine, including Reductil) considering whether they were safe and appropriate. Their report can be accessed here. The assessment was prompted by a temporary suspension in Italy of all marketing authorisations for sibutramine-containing medical products after reports emerged on ‘serious adverse reactions’ linked to sibutramine in Italian patients, including two deaths related to cardiovascular issues. At the time, the CPMP decided that sibutramine’s benefits continued to outweigh its risks. However, their report drew attention to a number of side-effects which the Committee decided needed greater emphasis. These included unusual bleeding or bruising, depressive effects (predominantly where a patient had a predisposition to depression) and allergic hypersensitivity, ranging from mild skin reactions to more severe responses.

Furthermore, the CPMP was eager for the Sibutramine Cardiovascular Outcome Trial (SCOUT) study into the cardiovascular effects of sibutramine to be started. You can see from the above bullet-point list of effects that many of them suggest that sibutramine affects the cardiovascular system in a negative way – chest pains, tachycardia, increased heart rate, hot flushes and ‘pins and needles’ all indicate that this is the case. It was the discoveries made by SCOUT which led to Reductil being banned. SCOUT revealed that with long-term sibutramine use a person’s risk of strokes and cardiovascular issues (including non-fatal heart attacks) rose by 16%. With potential side-effects as serious as cardiovascular issues, heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents, in the aftermath of SCOUT’s early findings Reductil was deemed too dangerous to continue to be prescribed.

User reviews of Reductil confirm that a lot of people experience the drug’s side-effects. One frequent complaint is of suffering dry mouth. Dry mouth might not sound particularly significant but it can be a source of major irritation, causing a sore throat, bad breath, difficulties speaking or swallowing and thirstiness. Moreover, as saliva is responsible for protecting against infection in the mouth, dry mouth can increase a person’s risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Dry mouth can be an early indication of serotonin syndrome and for that reason it is a symptom worth monitoring (for more information on serotonin syndrome, see here). However, dry mouth is linked to noradrenergic stimulation, along with constipation and sweating, making it a fairly typical side-effect to Reductil and its action as a reuptake inhibitor of noradrenaline.

Headaches are another of Reductil’s frequently experienced side-effects. By interfering with your body’s natural control over your appetite, Reductil can cause you to eat less than your body requires to function healthily. Reductil masks hunger so that while you may not feel that you need to eat your body suffers the effects of too little fuel. Your blood sugar crashes, leading to headaches.

Headaches can also be the consequence of too little sleep. Reductil can cause insomnia. Again this is because it interferes with your body’s natural control mechanisms. Reductil inhibits serotonin from being reabsorbed by your nerves after it has been released, meaning that there are higher levels of the neurotransmitter present outside of your nerve cells than there would be naturally. Research on sleep has established clear links between high levels of serotonin and wakefulness, and low levels of serotonin and sleeping. This is likely the reason why Reductil causes sleeplessness; high serotonin levels interfere with natural patterns of sleeping and waking. A lack of food and sleep most probably lie behind the headaches, lethargy and listlessness of which users often complain.

Some Reductil users also describe suffering digestive discomfort, including nausea, stomach pains and constipation. Again, these symptoms are the result of Reductil’s effects on the natural balance of serotonin in the body. Cells in the stomach release serotonin when they encounter something that they don’t think should be there. This release of serotonin triggers a response in the body designed to get rid of the offending substance and so when serotonin levels are high enough to overflow from the gut into the blood vomiting is induced. Hence increased serotonin levels, as would be present in a Reductil user, can cause nausea and stomach cramps.

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How to Use

Woman With Pills 538

As the product is no longer available, there are no official instructions available regarding how Reductil should have been used. The drug came in capsule form, and so should have been taken with water. states that the medication should have been taken with or without food in the morning. It is also warned against taking two doses at once.

There are a number of groups of people who should not take Reductil for risk of side effects and interactions. These include people with a history of cardiovascular or blood-related disease, those who have liver or kidney problems, those who are taking, or have taken selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or monoamine oxidase inhibitors within the past 14 days, or those who are over the age of 65. In order to be prescribed Reductil, your doctor would have checked that the medication would be suitable for you – this is important since it can effect certain groups of people severely.

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Who Makes It?

Reductil was only available on prescription in the UK and should no longer be available either on prescription or to buy. An internet search reveals that some online sources do sell what they claim to be Reductil, but it is highly unlikely that these are reliable sources since the product has been banned since 2010.

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Where to Buy Reductil


Reductil can’t be bought over the counter and if you see it available online you should be very wary of the seller. Reductil has now been banned in the UK and so should not be available from any reliable doctor or pharmacist. A search reveals that Reductil is still sold through a few online retailers, but it is not recommended that you purchase the product from these websites since it has been banned.

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Does Reductil Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No, this was a prescription medication.

One-off payment: The drug is not available to buy.

Manufacturing Standard: The drug should no longer be made legally in the UK.

Accompanying Diet Plan: Not applicable as the product is no longer available.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: These would have been revealed, but the drug is no longer available.

Company contact details readily available: Not applicable as it is no longer sold by any reliable companies in the EU.

Reductil does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as it has now been banned in the UK and the EU.


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Overall Verdict

Reductil was a weight loss medication that was available on prescription. It was claimed to work principally as an appetite suppressant and contained just one ingredient – sibutramine. However, the drug has been banned in the EU (including the UK) since 2010 as it is known to cause severe side effects. It is therefore not currently available from any reliable retailers. Whilst the drug may be able to help with weight loss, it could also cause heart attacks and strokes, amongst other dangerous effects, and would not be suitable for everybody.

Average rating:  
 32 reviews
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so far so good.

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Strong pill, strong side effects!!

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high blood pressure

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38 responses to “Reductil”

  1. Shanaze Bissex says:

    I’m really not sure whether to try these pills. I’ve heard they really do curb your appetite but I’ve also heard they can cause some serious damage to your health. There must be a good reason why they were banned?
    Has anyone used them and been ok?

    • Danny Silverman says:

      Shanaze I’d be careful, I admittedly haven’t taken them but when I was looking for a diet pill I was put off by the changes to your brain signals. Sounds pretty dangerous to me even if it does limit your appetite.
      I’d never put my safety and health at risk just to lose weight a little bit quicker.

    • carol says:

      I don’t think you could try these slimming pills anyway Shanaze, they’ve been banned for being dangerous. I think that should also answer the question why you shouldn’t try them even if they weren’t banned!

    • David says:

      I was prescribed these tablets and they work a treat I lost so much weight in just a few weeks it was so rapid it makes. You light headed
      I would use them again if I could get them

    • tigerlilly says:

      I took these pills and ended up in hospital. They are extremely dangerous. Do not try them. No amount of weight loss is worth the risk. If you are serious about losing weight I suggest you see a fully qualified nutritionist who can support and advise you. There is no quick fix to weight loss

  2. Claire Robinson says:

    Reductil worked like a charm for me! I lost so much of my appetite and I was able to lose a lot of weight since I ate a lot less. Worked great for me and I’d happily recommend it.

    • Irene says:

      Hi Claire, I’m happy that they worked for you. But I can’t believe that you didn’t experienced some side effects? The review gave them 0/100 for safety I can’t believe they worked for you without any problems. Congrats on the weight loss but I’d never risk my health for a little quicker weight loss.

  3. Karen Sullivan says:

    This is certainly no placebo. I seriously felt the lack of hunger, it really does have a strong impact.
    For me, I tried it but I was worried I wasn’t eating enough and also about the long term effects so I stopped taking it. I guess if you were desperate to lose weight then these would probably work because they really cut your appetite in half. I was just worried about what they were doing in the long term.
    I don’t think I’d recommend them.

  4. Mary Stewart says:

    I found and researched these pills online and thought they sounded very effective. I went to check with my doctor and he said they were a very bad idea and were banned in the UK, he went on to explain the potential killer side effects!!!
    I was definitely put off my idea to take them and I would advise everyone to stay clear of them.

  5. elise says:

    I am so disappointed that these pills were banned in the UK. I was losing a lot of weight on them as they almost completely stopped my appetite. Yes they are strong and I don’t know what they were doing inside my body but I was losing so much weight. Its a big shame they were stopped.

    • phillipa says:

      elise, I must say i’m quite shocked at your comment. How can you place weight loss as more important than your overall health?? You yourself say that it felt quite strong and you didn’t know what it was doing inside but yet you’re disappointed they have been banned.
      Fair enough if they were working to lose you weight but i’m just a bit shocked.

  6. Jojo says:

    This product is flat out dangerous. I can totally understand why they banned it. I took them for a week a while ago and the effect was really dramatic. I felt like I could almost go without eating for days, I was massively not hungry.
    I think this product is just too strong, you obviously need to eat something to keep going. I would recommend you stay away from this one.

  7. Ross Mickelson says:

    I have mixed feelings about these slimming pills. A while ago I took them and they did help me lose some weight. I didn’t take the full dosage everyday because I felt they would just be too strong so I can see why they were banned. I think they would help you lose weight if you took them responsibly though.

  8. sharon says:

    Wow, I couldn’t believe how strong these pills were! My appetite almost completely disappeared overnight. I ate so much less which obviously helped me lose a lot of weight. I felt quite weak though and didn’t dare do any exercise as I just didn’t have the strength.

  9. rosa says:

    I couldn’t be happier with reductil. I love them. They work miracles in killing my appetite. A week or so not eating as much and I’m back at my target weight. It works like a charm but I can understand why people might be nervous about it.

    • natalie says:

      Hi Rosa, I’m just curious to know how much your appetite is reduced when you take them? How much do you eat when you’re on them?

      • john says:

        Hi natalie and all,

        please read my review of it below. do not be tempted to try this because the side effects are insanely bad. i have been on it in the past for almost three months. you will lose the fat and not only through its apetite suppressant functions, it increases your heart rate and has similar effects to very well known abusive drugs. Go natural please, you cannot continue to rely on pills all your life, your brain needs to be thin which reductil fails to deliver on, the moment you stop you feel bad and depressed for a very long period of time due to the lack of intake of certain addictive compounds available in it which i promise you will bring all the weight back and more, only this time round you feel bad and depressed and lack the energy and will and get on an emotional roller coaster which might affect other areas in your life and in turn make you eat more than what you used to eat before. god bless

    • tas says:

      I know all about the negative reviews but am looking for a short term solution. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, where are you getting reductil from. There are so many dodgy sellers ut there?

    • Maymay says:

      Hi Rosa
      I would like to know where you get Reductil as i would love to get them i dont trust the web or do you know a good websight where i can get them
      Many thanks

  10. jessie says:

    I am so glad these pills have now been banned. I STRONGLY urge everyone not to use these pills. I decided to try them a few months ago now and they were FAR too strong. I really didn’t eat enough because of reductil and almost fainted at work one day. That’s when I thought enough is enough.
    Glad they’re banned and think everyone should avoid, avoid, avoid!

  11. chris says:

    Avoid Reductil like the plague! It has incredibly serious side effects. My friend took it for a little while and ended up in hospital after not eating enough. Thankfully she is alright now but she says she’s never going anywhere near reductil again.

  12. cassie says:

    unbelievable that these pills were not banned sooner. I watched what my friend went through when she took these and it was quite shocking. She visibly looked tired and was far less energetic. She looked like she was really struggling. I’d never do that to myself and I’m glad hopefully no one else ever will.

  13. john says:

    Dear all,

    to all those considering the use of this drug, Please DONT!

    I have taken it myself based on a reccomendation of a friend who has been using it during the time i started as well. let me start by saying that you will indeed lose alot of weight and it does give you false feelings of wellbeing. however,i have gained all the weight back since i stopped and even more, i felt depressed for a period not less than 8 months after i stopped due to the drop of certain drugs pertained in the chemical makeup of this drug, i started biting hard on my teeth till today which i cannot seem to get rid of, I went from smoking one pack of cigirettes to three, my knees ached for a period not less than 6 months and was only able to restore back its normal function by having to exercise harder. Overall, if you just want to lose weight and do not really care about all the other really really really really bad things that will happen to you go for it. Otherwise, this drug should deffinitely be banned as it is. I have never ever been big on medication, and i am someone who thinks twice before consuming panadols. Reductil is poison in every sense, you lose the weight , gain it all and more back when you stop, and are only left with a worse body than what you started, a multitude of bad habits, and poisinous after math. DO NOT CONSUME THIS DRUG. i have now lost all the weight again after a long period of time and this time its 100% natural! i juice, i train, i live healthy and gradually the extra pounds shake away but this time round i am stronger mentally, physically and simply feeling great. AVOID REDUCTIL, GO natural, only natural really works!

    • john says:

      and by the way, the exact same thing happened to my friend, only i had a stronger will to control the side effects he looks like a nightmare at the moment both mentally and physically.

  14. Sue says:

    Hi 3 years ago I was prescribed reductil by my go and was on them for a year I lost 6 stone and 3years later still the weight has kept off. I didn’t have no bad side effects just a lot of energy however I would go back on them tomorrow if I could as they banned them before I hit my weight loss target but I certainly would not advise buying off the Internet as when I was on them I had regular checks for blood pressure by my doctor and check ups plus they don’t make them anymore so who knows what you could be buying off the Internet. Shame they banned them.

  15. carol says:

    i have been on these before and lost 11st on 5 years ago now i cant get them from my doctor and really want to know how and where you guys are gettin them from so i can get them x

  16. Wendy says:

    I took them for a few months and they were great where can you get them from if they have stopped making them???

  17. Isabela says:

    If anyone know how to obtain it, please let me know. I had very good results with it and no side effects at all.
    I wanted to purchase for maintenance but they stopped trade it in Romania.

  18. debs says:

    I was on reductil for 6 months, I don’t know why everyone is making a fuss .. surely if you felt ill you would stop taking it!! .. I had fantastic support from my doctors with weekly checkups .. I was fine and had no side effects from this drug. .. Maybe my doctors were just extra careful and I was grateful for their constant support.
    Reductil is like any other drug .. it doesn’t suit everybody and there are other options for those it doesn’t suit but for me it was fantastic.

  19. Jane says:

    Some of you say you have taken these as recently as 2013, how did you get them as they are band

  20. zoe says:

    From experince I can say that taking Reductil 15mg was the best thing that happened to me in relation to losing weight! I was on the pills for a year and lost about 16kg. I felt amazing didn’t have any bad side effects, as in one of the previous posts someone mentioned I had to force myself to eat as I simply didn’t feel like it, the bad taste in your mouth and thurst are normal as if you are on a simple diet. However I was very disappointed when Reductil was banned, I don’t dare buy them online as I can’t be sure they’re real. If anyone has bought them online and they work please do share the link of the website.
    I guess the pills will be dangerous for people at certain age to be more at risk but then again the same goes about any other strong drugs.

  21. loving iy says:

    After seeing great results before the ban with little side affects I found a local supplier here in dublin. My first week back on them and I’ve lost half a stone reminding me why I love these so much.

    I know the side affects can be extreme. I’m happy to risk it as I did not suffer from them the first time round under doctor supervision but my husband would like to try them however it may be a bit of a risk without doctor supervision.

  22. precious says:

    Can someone please tell me where i can buy these pills from the uk??

  23. aarti says:

    5***** stars to reductil I love to buy I don’t know y u guys ban that pills pls any 1 can recommend from where I can buy if still any shop is selling I lost 16 kgs without any sideffect

  24. Mel says:

    Look them for a week and lost 12lbs only needee to drop about 2 stone so was perfect only take half of one now here and there as dont like way they make me feel and also have made my lips so go a few times which scared me but overall i think are very good but risky

  25. Mel says:

    Meant made my lips go blue

  26. Lina says:

    We’re can l get them vic

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