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Reflex Nutrition – Instant Whey

Reflex Nutrition’s Instant Whey is a product marketed more as an aid to muscle gain than weight loss. This review is an objective and unbiased summary of the pros and cons, claimed benefits, mechanism of action, key ingredients, results, side effects, and stockists of the 3 varieties of instant whey, giving an overall verdict on whether we agree or disagree with their claims, the best places to buy, and so on.

We strongly recommend reading the review before making any purchase of Instant Whey, to gain the necessary information to make up your mind as to whether it is right for you.

reflex-nutrition-instant-whey review

Reflex Nutrition - Instant Whey Pros
  • Average price for a whey protein product
  • Literature supports its effects for weight loss in the small scale trials that have been carried out
Reflex Nutrition - Instant Whey Cons
  • Highly priced for a minimal effect
  • Even the limited literature supports the fact that the effects are not going to be outstanding, you will likely need to combine with diet and exercise
  • Lactose intolerance means the product is out of bounds

Reflex Nutrition Review

Instant Whey is a whey protein product that is produced by Reflex Nutrition based in the UK. This review is an objective look at the clinical trials undertaken, any side effects, key ingredients, and so on. All information will be purely factual and unbiased, so that you can make up your own mind about whether you want to try Instant Whey based on your own lifestyle, and taking into account any side effects.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Instant Whey does not have any direct weight loss claims as such, but the website states, “It’s also low on carbohydrates and fat, so can be used by those looking to lose weight as well”.

If you want more information, please read our article on Reflex Nutrition – Instant Whey Clinical Studies.

How it Works

How does Reflex Nutrition workThere is very little information from Reflex Nutrition as to how exactly Instant Whey works to promote weight loss, due to it being heavily marketed as a general muscle-building protein supplement for gym goers. The only statement on weight loss on the website is that Instant Whey is low in carbohydrate and fat, and this means that if you use it instead of other whey protein supplements on the market then you would likely lose more weight as a result.

Protein consumption is known to have benefits to weight loss, such as increased “fullness” feeling, and the increased levels of muscle that are produced from combining high protein consumption and resistance exercises cause you to burn more calories at rest, meaning that even if you maintained your normal diet alongside these activities you would still likely lose some weight. However, it must be stated that diet and exercise should both be combined when looking to lose weight, as carrying out one or the other will simply produce results that are half as good.

More information about how Instant Whey works to aid weight loss can be found in our How Does Instant Whey Work article.

Key Ingredients

Reflex Nutrition key ingredients check listThe ingredient lists for all 3 variants of Instant Whey are provided below (all values are given for grams of ingredient per 100g):-

• Instant WheyTM Deluxe:-
– Protein – 74g
– Carbohydrate – 11g
Of which sugars – 8.4g

– Fat – 3.7g
Of which saturates – 0.8g
– Monounsaturates – 1.2g
Polyunsaturates – 1.5g

– Fibre – 2.2g
– Sodium – 373mg
Equivalent as salt – 932mg

– Lactose – 8.4g
– Digestive enzymes – 160mg
– Probiotics – 200,000,000 spores

• Instant WheyTM PRO:-
– Protein – 80g
– Carbohydrate – 6.4g
Of which sugars – 3.9g

– Fat – 4.5g
Of which saturates – 1.4g
Mono-unsaturates – 1.3g
Polyunsaturates – 1.5g

– Fibre – 1.5g
– Salt – 0.45g
Sodium equivalent – 0.18g

– Digestive enzymes – 200mg
– Probiotics – 500,000,000 spores

• Instant WheyTM Duo:-
– Protein – 75g
– Carbohydrate – 8.1g
Of which sugars – 2.5g

– Fat – 5g
Of which saturates – 2.5g
Mono-unsaturates – 1.4g
Polyunsaturates – 1.1g

– Fibre – 2.45g
– Sodium – 1.84g
Salt equivalent – 735mg

– Lactose – 3g
– Digestive enzymes – 160mg
– Probiotics – 200,000,000 spores

As can be seen above, the major ingredient in all 3 of these sub-products is “protein”, and it is mostly in the form of short chains of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of larger proteins present in muscle in the body. With a greater muscle mass your resting metabolic rate will increase, and you will burn more calories at rest.

However, without carrying out resistance exercises regularly, you cannot greatly improve your muscle mass, meaning that the increased protein in your diet from taking one of these products would not be need by your body to maintain your current muscle mass, meaning that the product would be basically an expensive milkshake. However, if you are prepared to carry out regular resistance exercise then whey protein products can have a significant effect on weight loss.

If you are after more information, we suggest you read our article on How to use Reflex Nutrition – Instant Whey.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

This product has no direct weight loss abilities apart from the increased satiety levels from taking it. This would likely not be a great enough effect to produce any great weight loss results, and so to see significant results from this product then you would need to combine it with diet and exercise, to create a greater muscle mass and a calorific debt. This is exactly what many people don’t have time for when they turn to dieting supplements, and so this product will likely only have significant effects when it is used by people who already lead active and healthy lifestyles.
Speed of results: 0/100

There is no indication at all from Reflex Nutrition how long weight loss effects would take to be seen, due to it not really being marketed as a weight loss product. One trial over 23 weeks showed weight loss in people consuming whey protein. For more information on this trial see our Reflex Nutrition – Instant Whey Clinical Studies article.
Appetite Suppression: 50/100

Protein consumption does have some effect on feelings of satiety. There have been studies to confirm this, one in particular being one published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2007, where 113 subjects were investigated, and those who consumed high protein levels in their diet showed less weight regain and smaller waist sizes at the end of the study. More information can be found in our Does Protein Help Weight Loss? article.

Long Term Results: 40/100

Very little is known about the long term results of consuming whey protein products for weight loss, as the majority of information available is surrounding muscle gain and other exercise orientated information, however there have been studies, such as one published in the Journal of Nutrition that have shown results over periods of longer than 3 months, were weight loss had been seen in people consuming whey protein as opposed to other types of protein (in this particular trial it was compared to soy protein). Whether this can be confirmed for definite requires more clinical data.
Safety: 80/100

Whey protein is used by many people every day for a number of health and exercise purposes, and so there is very little risk in supplementing with it, however, there are a number of problems you may come across if you are allergic to certain substances. This is particularly apparent if you are lactose intolerant, as whey protein is a milk product, so always consult your doctor if concerned about starting a new supplementation program.
Value for money: 40/100

The RRP for these products is between £40 and £80, which is slightly above average for a whey protein product. This is pretty standard for a whey protein product, but as a product that is not even marketed as an aid to slimming it carries a hefty price tag for a product that likely has minimal effect. There are much more affordable and effective products for weight loss on the market.

Side Effects

Whey Protein with MilkWhey protein is classified as ‘likely safe’ for adult human consumption by WebMD does state that not enough is known about side effects from consuming whey protein when pregnant, and so to ‘stay on the safe side’, and not consume whey protein whilst pregnant. You should not use whey protein supplements if you are lactose intolerant, or allergic to milk in any other way.

Read more about the side effects on our article Reflex Nutrition – Instant Whey side effects.

Where to Buy Reflex Nutrition

The safest place to buy Instant Whey products is likely directly from the Reflex Nutrition website, due to the benefits of buying a product directly from the manufacturer. There are other online retailers, including, that sell this product, but they are often third party sellers.

For more information please visit our Where to Buy Reflex Nutrition – Instant Whey article.

Overall Verdict

Reflex Nutrition – Instant Whey appears to be a very well marketed product for what it is intended for, however, there is not enough information at present to say whether whey protein supplements 100% definitely result in weight loss.

Whilst it appears to be a perfect product for use in combination with resistance exercise for lean muscle gain, as would any whey protein product containing the correct amount of protein. Despite this, it is simply not good enough as a weight loss agent to produce significant results long term minus exercise, even if the claims in the literature are true regarding the weight loss effects of whey protein.

We suggest you read our article on The Company behind Reflex Nutrition – Instant Whey if you want more information on this product.

Overall: 37/100

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