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Regeneslim is an American diet pill which is promoted by Taylor Armstrong, a reality TV star from ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, a more recognisable figure to American audiences.

Regeneslim reviewRegeneslim claims to give you an energy boost, suppress your appetite and food cravings as well enhancing your overall health. Can it live up to all of these claims? Read on to find out.

Regeneslim Pros
  • Contains a couple of reasonable ingredients
Regeneslim Cons
  • Safety concerns including an FDA written warning over one ingredient
  • Ingredient list not fully revealed
  • Very expensive

Regeneslim Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Regeneslim is an appetite suppressing diet pill. It uses a couple of reasonable ingredients but neglects to mention quantities or provide any testing on the product. Therefore there is little reason to believe in the claims this product makes.

How Regeneslim Works

appetite suppressing Regeneslim Regeneslim is primarily an appetite suppressing diet pill consisting of what appears to be two main ingredients, ChromeMate and Citrimax, which are patented versions of basically chromium and Garcinia Cambogia. In truth, the official website doesn’t tell us much more than this; we are not told exactly how it suppresses appetite nor are we given any clinical trial evidence or proof of its effectiveness.

What is even more frustrating is that the official website actually says that the product is ‘vigorously tested’ and says “All batch testing can be reviewed on this site.” Sadly we’ve searched all over the website and no such testing or studies can be seen. The ingredient quantities are only partially revealed, in the form of effectively two proprietary blends, which combined with the lack of any evidence makes Regeneslim look much less impressive.

There is very little information given about the lifestyle you should follow while taking the tablets. You are simply told to take two tablets a day but nothing is mentioned about the kind of diet or amount of exercise you should be doing alongside this. We find this disappointing as diet pills are only ever truly successful alongside a proper diet plan

Key Regeneslim Ingredients

Garcina Cambogia in RegeneslimThe two main ingredients, given the most attention on the official website, are ChromeMate and Citrimax, two patented ingredients which basically boil down to being chromium and Garcinia Cambogia. The exact quantities of each are not revealed but we are told there is a combined 375mg of them. There is also a second proprietary blend which adds up to 176mg and includes Kola nut extract, green tea, tyramine and methylphenethylamine amongst others.

The latter ingredient, methylphenylethymine, is the subject of some controversy after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to Regeneslim. The makers declared this ingredient as a dietary supplement but the FDA warned it had not been tested for its safety and it therefore may still be unsafe to take especially considering it is a chemical ingredient. Read a copy of the FDA warning letter here.


Weight Loss Power:


The weight loss power of this product is far from proven. There is a major lack of information and testing on this product which is highlighted further by the company saying you could find evidence on their website which doesn’t appear to be true. The ingredient details are not fully revealed but quantities that have been released seem quite low. All of these areas of doubt add up to a product probably lacking in any true weight loss power.

Speed of results:


As we have serious doubts about Regeneslim’s ability to actually follow through with its claims, we suspect the speed of any weight loss will be slow. There is no proof provided, the power of ingredients are doubtful as are the testimonials we’re given and there is doubt even the celebrity endorsement is true as no quotes from her are provided. There is little trust built and no evidence behind their claims, we therefore suggest that weight loss will be hard to come by.

Appetite Suppression:


This is the area where Regeneslim claims to have the biggest effect but once again there is little provided to help you believe in their claims. The ingredients are decent enough but the quantities of them provide a large question mark. Without providing clinical trial evidence, or at least more information, we have little reason to believe Regeneslim can effectively suppress your appetite.

Long Term Results:


There is little to suggest Regeneslim will have any positive long term effects on your weight. The only possible positive stems from the fact it is an appetite suppressant and therefore, if it works effectively, you may eat less and consequently develop a healthier attitude towards portion sizes and curb snacking habits. Sadly, with no evidence that Regeneslim does work effectively we don’t believe this long term effect will be experienced. Click here to see our top rated diet pills.



Once again the lack of any product testing makes this product difficult to review. The FDA have already given the product and company a warning regarding safety. The manufacturers themselves suggest you consult a doctor if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headaches or shortness of breath, suggesting there may be possible side effects. The product looks to have a high caffeine content which can also cause further side effects including trouble sleeping.

Value for money:


Regeneslim is available both from the official website and Amazon US. In terms of value for money Regeneslim is very poor as one month costs an eye-watering $89.70, which is close to £70. Considering the lack of evidence suggesting the product actually works and the FDA warning, charging this much is quite ridiculous and as it stands it is impossible to justify such a high price tag.

Regeneslim Side Effects

With no customer reviews available online we have no way of telling for definite what kind of side effects might be experienced, and the lack of product testing makes this even more difficult. The makers do warn that if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headaches or shortness of breath you should consult a doctor, which suggests these are all possible side effects. The FDA has also felt the need to warn the company regarding a potentially unsafe ingredient too.

Where to Buy Regeneslim

Regeneslim can be bought from the official website and is also available on Amazon US, but this is through Regeneslim themselves not Amazon. There is no difference in price either, both sell one month supplies for just under $89 and at least on the official website there is the offer of a 30 day money back guarantee. The official website also sells a two month supply for $179.40.

Overall Verdict

Regeneslim is most definitely a diet pill to avoid. There is nothing to suggest this diet pill will work to help suppress your appetite or ultimately lose weight. It is incredibly expensive considering the effect, or lack of, it may have and there are safety concerns surrounding the product too. The concerns are big enough for the Food and Drug Administration to write to the makers.

With no clinical trial evidence to prove its effectiveness or safety and a partially hidden ingredient list, the reasons not to take Regeneslim keep piling up. We recommend you investigate some of our highest rated diet pills instead.

For more information we recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions article on Regeneslim.



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