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Relacore Extra is claimed to target belly fat and combat anti-aging by lowering stress levels. Clinical evidence in support of these claims is however absent.

Below we have reviewed Relacore against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Relacore review

Relacore Pros
  • Mention of a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No stimulant ingredients
Relacore Cons
  • Lack of clinical evidence to back up claims
  • Some of the ingredients are largely understudied

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Relacore Review

Relacore Extra is claimed to target belly fat by lowering stress levels. It supposedly does this by using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to lower stress levels and deter stress related eating habits like comfort eating. The manufacturers claim that the stress of dieting is having the opposite effect on dieters. Lower stress levels can be felt within hours and customers are said to have seen results in a week. There is however very little evidence in support of any potential weight-loss effects of the ingredients in the supplement.

Claimed weight loss benefits

This product is advertised primarily as an appetite suppressant, though it is said specifically to help to reduce belly fat by lowering stress levels. No evidence is provided in support of this claim. It is also not clear how much of each ingredient is present in the supplement.

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How Relacore Works

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Relacore contains a blend of ingredients that are meant to act as cortisol blockers. Cortisol is the hormone released as a response to high stress levels and has been associated with appetite control. When stressed, cortisol can supposedly make the appetite increase and Relacore Extra is claimed to prevent this from happening. Relacore Extra says that even if a dieter has lost weight, they may still have fat around their midsection, which is caused by the stress of dieting. Their natural formula will purportedly reduce stress therefore getting rid of belly fat.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are various vitamins and minerals in the product that are not known to have an effect regarding weight loss. They are essential for the correct functioning of the body as they affect the metabolism of cells. This might offer Relacore its potential anti-aging properties as B vitamins are thought to protect telomeres, the ends of chromatids, preventing deterioration of chromosomes.

Vitamin C has been linked to the reduction of Cortisol therefore lowering stress; however the research is inconclusive. There are indications that Vitamin C can increase the metabolism.

Passion Flower Extract

Passionflower is the source of passion fruit and is native to south-eastern parts of America. The plant has been used in treating disorders related to anxiety of depression by increasing the levels of gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) in the brain. This is a chemical compound in the brain that lowers the activity of some brain cells, making the body feel more relaxed.

Magnolia Extract (bark)

Magnolia bark extract is from an Asian plant, which is often used in Chinese herbal medicine. There has been suggestion of Magnolia extract lowering the levels of Cortisol and thus lowering the calorie intake from stress related eating. However, this potential effect has not been confirmed.

Chinese Skullcap

Chinese skullcap is a flowering plant native to China and Russia. It is often used in herbal medicine to treat conditions such as arthritis due to its potential anti-inflammatory properties. American skullcap however is described as a mild relaxant and has been used to treat anti-anxiety disorders, perhaps indicating that Relacore would have benefited from the inclusion of this herb, rather than Chinese skullcap.

Asian Ginseng

Asian Ginseng root is used as a herbal remedy for treating anxiety. It has in the past actually been suggested to raise cortisol levels, so the case for Asian ginseng is inconclusive.

Poria extract

This is extracted from a mushroom and is often used in Chinese medicine to treat skin disorders. There is no link with weight loss and it is unclear why this ingredient has been included.

Jujube extract

This a Chinese fruit used also to treat skin disorders. Again it is unclear why this has been included in Relacore.

Perilla Extract

Perilla is a mint-like herb from Asia used to treat anti-inflammatory disorders. There is no evidence of it lowering stress levels or effecting weight loss.


This is a component of cell membranes, which is released to the surface of the cell when the cell dies. Phosphatidylserine is also believed to have an effect on cortisol levels however there is evidence suggesting it is not as effective when taken as an oral supplement.

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Key Relacore Ingredients

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Relacore extra has an extensive ingredient list comprising of B vitamins, magnesium and calcium. These contribute to the functioning of the body but have no proven effects on weight loss. Vitamin C is also included, which is thought to lower Cortisol and therefore stress levels, however this has not been proven. Relacore Extra additionally has a proprietary blend of ingredients including Asian ginseng and passion flower, which are used to treat anxiety. It also contains magnolia extract, believed to lower cortisol levels.

The use of a proprietary blend means that the manufacturer can give the overall amount of the blend (257mg), without disclosing the individual ingredient quantities. Therefore it is very difficult to examine the efficacy of these because the ingredient amount can be so small that it will have no effect whatsoever but still enables to manufacturer to include it in the ingredient list.

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Clinical Studies

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Relacore Extra has not undergone any clinical trials. This means that it is an untested product and its safety and efficacy cannot be fully evaluated. Clinical testing is a series of experiments on a product over a duration of time to test a hypothesis. It observes the results while monitoring the side effects and provides scientific understanding to each element of the product. Prescription drugs must have extensive clinical testing before being released however dietary supplements do not need trialling before being sold to the public. As Relacore Extra has no clinical trials, we will examine the testing behind the weight/stress reducing ingredients used in the proprietary blend.

Passion Flower Extract

Passion flower extract (or Passiflora) was tested in a clinical study to examine the effects it has on anxiety. Two studies were performed on a randomised basis, using random doses and methods of administration on 198 participants. Results were recorded using clinical equipment. The findings from one study favoured passiflora and the other showed that passiflora reduced drowsiness when compared with another substance. However, researchers concluded that there was no scientific significance to prove passionflower extract can lower anxiety.

Magnolia Extract

A trial was conducted to examine the effect of magnolia and phellodendron in reducing stress related eating habits. The study consisted of 32 women who eat more than average in stress related situations. They were also self-diagnosed with anxiety. They were divided into a placebo group and a group that were given a 250mg capsule, three times a day for six weeks. Results showed that the placebo group gained 1.5kg in weight and no change in the treatment group. Overall, it was established that “there is a correlation between perceived stress and weight loss.”

Researchers concluded that those suffering from stress related obesity could benefit from taking a supplement containing both magnolia and phellodendron. This study shows evidence supporting the theory behind Relacore Extra however this would require the inclusion of both ingredients and Relacore Extra only contains magnolia extract. The stud was also of very poor quality.

Vitamin C

A study was conducted on 120 people placed in a stressful situation (public speaking including maths problems). Some were given a 1000mg dose of Vitamin C. Blood pressure and Cortisol levels were higher in those who did not receive the vitamin than those who did.

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Relacore Side Effects

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Relacore Extra claims to be free of side effects and it is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. However, there have been user complaints of drowsiness, nausea, heart palpitations and even weight gain. It is an untested supplement and cannot be deemed as 100% safe. Untested products can have unpredicted effects like an allergic reaction, particularly as this supplement contains so many exotic ingredients. Supplements can have different effects in different people and so it is impossible to say that there are no side effects whatsoever.

Passion Flower Extract

Some users have reported effects of feeling drowsy or having difficulty concentrating. This can be caused from the passionflower extract. Even though Relacore Extra is non-sedative, this extract makes the brain cells relax which could cause drowsiness and difficulty sustaining attention.

Magnolia Extract (bark)

Some users have complained of increased blood pressure and heart palpitations, which have been linked to the magnolia extract, which can provide an energy boost. This can be potentially dangerous particularly for those with heart problems. The ingredient might also cause side effects such as heart burn, tiredness, headaches, jitteriness, thyroid problems, tiredness, and sexual problems. It should not be taken in the run-up to surgery.

Chinese Skullcap

This ingredient might cause drowsiness and has been suggested to cause fever and lung inflammation, though these reported claims have not been proven. It might affect blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood clotting.

Asian Ginseng

Asian ginseng is considered to be possibly safe in the short-term as a supplement – it might cause side effects such as insomnia, changes in blood pressure, menstrual problems, increased heart rate, headaches, diarrhoea, mood changes, dizziness, rashes, diarrhoea, and breast pain. It might not be safe when taken for more than six months.

Poria extract

This ingredient is thought to be safe for use by most people, but a lack of clinical studies into poria extract means that its safety cannot be confirmed and there might be unreported side effects.

Jujube extract

Similarly, jujube extract is understudied and so a full list of side effects cannot be provided. The ingredient might effect blood glucose levels and so diabetics should consume it with caution.

Perilla Extract

This ingredient is thought to be possibly safe for use in the short-term. Long term side effects are not known.


Phosphatidylserine is considered to be safe in the short term (up to six months). It might cause insomnia and stomach upset.

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How to Use

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The official Relacore site does not publish any information on how to take Relacore Extra. We have however found some information on taking Relacore through some searching online. Third party sources suggest that Relacore Extra should be taken twice a day in two capsule servings. One dose is to be taken in the morning with a glass of water and the other in the afternoon, again with water. The pack contains 72 tablets, which would last 18 days if taking the maximum daily dose of 4 pills.

There are no lifestyle tips advertised by Relacore Extra and they even imply that taking these pills will be more effective than exercise. As with every dietary supplement, it is recommended to eat well and exercise regularly. There are only a few people who should not take Relacore Extra and they include: pregnant or breastfeeding women, vegetarians, or anyone with heart disease, depression, prostate problems or low cholesterol. Always seek medical advice before using a dietary supplement, especially if taking prescription drugs or if you have a medical condition.

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Who Makes It?

The company responsible for Relacore Extra is Carter-Reed. They are an American company based in Utah who sells Relacore Extra, Relacore PM and another supplement called Osetovalin. The company has been trading for 11 years and the Business Bureau gives the company a rating of A+, with only one complaint filed against them. On their website, they boast 12.7 million bottle sales and deem themselves “America’s #1 selling belly fat pill”.

Carter-Reed states that their formula was developed to combat stress and that later observations shown results in weight loss and anti-aging, which they now market their pill as. Carter-Reed does not disclose the ingredients in their products or even any user guidelines. By not distributing user guidelines or safety precautions, many could buy the product and be consuming it at their own risk. Carter-Reed even received a letter from the FDA when they began trading for implying that Relacore cured stress related illness and obesity, for which they had to change their wording and issue a disclaimer or their site.

Carter-Reed does reassure their customers with a 30-day money back guarantee, but the details of this are also not disclosed and they don’t even have any terms and conditions published on their site. They do not have a customer support line but do give an email address.

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Where to Buy Relacore


Relacore Extra is available to purchase from the official site for $29.99 for a pack of 72 pills, or $58.99 for three packs. There is also a “preferred customer plan” which automatically charges and sends 3 boxes every 36 days. However, this is not recommended, as these can be difficult to get out of. Relacore does offer a 30-day money back guarantee in the small print, however there are no terms and conditions expressed so it would be advisable to contact the company beforehand with regards to their refund policy.

It can also be purchased from GNC for the same price, or from Amazon for $24.99. A pack of 72 pills will last for 18 days.

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Does Relacore Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is mention of a 30-day money-back guarantee, but terms and conditions of this offer are not available.

One-off payment: This product can be purchased as a one-off payment, or using an auto-payment plan.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of any official manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan with this product.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Specific ingredient quantities are not revealed.

Company contact details readily available: Full contact details are not provided on the official website.

Relacore does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there are no details of the apparent money-back guarantee, there is no diet plan, and some information is lacking from the official website, including specific ingredient quantities, full contact details, and manufacturing standards.

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Overall Verdict

Relacore is advertised as a “feel good” pill that should help to reduce body fat (specifically tummy fat), by improving mood. There are positive reviews online but these tend be surrounding the mood improvement effect of Relacore Extra rather than the weight loss claims. There are no clinical trials that prove any of the claims made on the official website. Specific ingredient quantities are not disclosed by the company behind the product and some information is lacking from the official website, including information regarding the money-back guarantee, manufacturing standards, and contact details.

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