How to Take Relacore

How to take RelacoreThe official Relacore site does not publish any information on how to take Relacore Extra. We have however found some information on taking Relacore through some searching online.

Relacore Extra should be taken twice a day in two capsule servings. One dose is to be taken in the morning with a glass of water and the other in the afternoon, again with water. The pack contains 72 tablets which would last 18 days if taking the maximum daily dose of 4 pills.

There are no lifestyle tips advertised by Relacore Extra and they even imply that taking these pills will be more effective than exercise. As with every dietary supplement, it is recommended to eat well and exercise regularly to see any real results.

The product description states that in as little as few hours the lower stress levels will take effect.

Relacore also have a Relacore PM version which is meant to take the edge of so it can be consumed before bed. Relacore does not contain any stimulants so it is unclear what this means, as there is no edge to begin with, suggesting that this is a marketing ploy.

Who Shouldn’t Take Relacore Extra?

There are only a few people who should certainly not take Relacore Extra and they include;
•Pregnant or breast feeding women should not take Relacore Extra.
•Not suitable for vegetarians as Relacore Extra contains Gelatine.
•If using prescription drugs, check with GP before use as the supplement can interfere.
•Relacore Extra should not be taken by anyone with heart disease, depression, prostate problems or low cholesterol.
•Always seek medical advice before using a dietary supplement, especially if taking prescription drugs or have a medical condition.

To learn more we recommend reading our main Relacore review.

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