Our Criteria For Reviewing Products
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Our Criteria For Reviewing Products

This review criteria has been updated on 6/03/2015.

All product reviews written after the introduction of this new criteria will be reviewed according the criteria detailed below. Products reviewed before the introduction of this new criteria are currently being updated in-line with the new criteria.

We have introduced this new criteria to ensure all products are reviewed in a fair, balanced and consistent way. You may also wish to read our new Approved criteria.

If you believe a review of any product does not comply with the review criteria, you can contact us via the details on our contact page and we will investigate promptly.

The Review Criteria:

Guidelines for the Review as a Whole – All reviews must be balanced and are written using information provided online. Personal opinions will never be displayed in a review. All reviews are written in a neutral and informative tone. All statements are backed-up with references to where the information was found.

Introduction – The aim of the introduction is to highlight the product’s key points. All reviews must mention a positive aspect of the product followed by a negative aspect of the product in order to keep the review balanced from the start.

Pros/Cons – Pros and cons are used to quickly highlight key aspects of a product. Products must have an equal number of pros and cons where possible to keep the review balanced. In rare cases where these are not equal, we provide a detailed explanation as to why this is under the pros and cons section.

Product Review – We include a section in all reviews that is titled ‘[Product Name] Review’. What this is, is a detailed overview of the product that has more depth than the ‘Introduction’. This must be kept balanced.

Claimed Weight Loss Benefits – For this section, we will look to a product’s official website to discover what the company say the product does. Here, we will reiterate what the product claims to do. These must be clearly stated as ‘claims’ and not ‘facts’ as there is no evidence to back-up the claims.

How It Works – This section essentially looks at the product’s ingredient list and how each ingredient works. This is done by looking at clinical studies that have been conducted on the ingredients. All findings must be sourced to the website in which they were found. Findings may be compared to the original product claims to see if there is a correlation.

Ingredients – For this section, general information is given on each of the product’s ingredients. The information may not be directly linked to weight loss but be instead some background information on the ingredient. As with all sections, any findings must be sourced to the websites in which they were found.

Clinical Studies – For this section, we will first look at whether any clinical studies have been conducted on a product. If any are found, a detailed description of the study will be written including a link to it. If there are no clinical studies conducted on the product this may be stated. The product’s key ingredients will then be looked at and some clinical studies conducted on them will be documented. When documenting clinical studies, we will talk about the aim, method, results and conclusion. Any studies referred to must be linked to.

Does the Product Meet our ‘Approved’ Criteria? – There are 6 points in our ‘Approved Criteria’. If all 6 of these are met, we will mark the product as ‘Approved’. For this section of the review, we write which of the 6 points in the ‘Approved Criteria’ the product meets and which it doesn’t. More information on our ‘Approved Criteria’ can be found here.

Side Effects – For this section we will look at any documented side effects associated with the product’s ingredients. These will be found on sources online that we deem reputable such as WebMD and NCBI. Sources will always be referenced.

How to Use – We will write any usage instructions for the ingredient here. The usage instructions will be found on the product’s official website. If no usage instructions can be found, we will mention this. We will also write about any precautions here such as who cannot take the product. Once again, this information will be sourced.

Who Makes It – For this section, any available details on the company who manufacture the product will be mentioned. These will include the company name, address and any contact details. If there are none of these details available, this will be mentioned. Any money-back-guarantee offered by the company will also be mentioned in this section.

Where to Buy – Details on where customers can purchase the product will be placed here. Product pricing and shipping options will also be mentioned. It will also be mentioned if the product can be purchased via one-off payment or if the product is sold via auto-billing scheme.

Conclusion – This is a summary of the review. Key aspects discussed in the review will be mentioned here including both positive and negative aspects of the product in order to keep the conclusion balanced. No opinions will be given.