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RKG Extreme & Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus

American in origin and nature, RKG Extreme (Also called Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus) is yet another addition to the plethora of weight loss supplements available. RKG Extreme includes green coffee bean extracts and raspberry ketones, both of which are popular ingredients claiming to have the potential to deliver significant weight loss.

The manufacturers of RKG Extreme claim that both green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones work together in a coherent and efficient manner to offer a perfect formula aiming at weight loss and energy boosting simultaneously. Let us look at RKG Extreme diet pills in greater detail and investigate whether it can really deliver on these claims.

RKG-Extreme_Pure-Green-Coffee-Bean-Plus Review

RKG Extreme & Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Pros
  • All the ingredients are listed online in the official website of RKG Extreme
  • Money back guarantee
  • Some of the constituents of RKG Extreme, such as raspberry ketones, are believed to be beneficial for both weight loss and otherwise
RKG Extreme & Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Cons
  • There are some doubts associated with the clinical studies of this particular product
  • The manufacturers are quite vague about over how much time you can expect a change in weight
  • No Ingredient quantities listed

RKG Extreme & Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Free Trial Auto-billing Scam Warning

A quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the RKG Extreme and Pure Coffee Bean Plus products have been linked to a number of free diet pill scams – whereby you are “given” a free sample and provide your Credit Card details to pay a small “shipping charge” only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter and can be very hard to cancel. Read our article on free diet pill scams to learn more.

RKG Extreme & Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Review

As has been aforementioned, RKG Extreme is a combination of green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones, and both are believed to be quite useful in terms of weight loss as indicated by recent studies associated with them. Let us start by discussing what promises the manufacturers of RKG Extreme weight loss supplement make and whether these promises should be believed or not.

Claimed weight loss benefits

RKG Extreme claims to have two primary benefits. The first of these is weight loss and the second is metabolism boosting. In fact, as can be read in more detail on the official website, both these actions are believed to supplement each other through the effective combination of green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones.

How RKG Extreme & Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus Works

How does RKG Extreme workThe official website of RKG Extreme explains that the weight loss supplement essentially works through a combination of green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones, both of which are organic and natural in nature. While the website does not delve into an explanation of how exactly this weight loss supplement acts to cause biological changes in terms of processes within the body, it does give an overview of how both these prime ingredients contribute to effective weight loss.

Raspberry ketone is believed to contain the protein adiponectin. It is believed that the higher the level of this protein in the body, the higher the level of energy metabolism and the lower the level of fat build up in the body. Moreover, it is also believed that raspberry ketone helps in suppressing appetite by keeping one satiated for longer periods of time. More research is definitely needed to validate this claim. However, raspberry ketones are also claimed to have a thermogenic effect, which results in increasing the energy levels of the body by generating more heat. This allows the body to attain significant energy and metabolism boosters while it is trying to reduce the fat content simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the green bean coffee extract supplements these aforementioned roles of the raspberry ketones by containing high proportions of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has two chief functions. One, it prevents the build up of fat and two; it offers a significant boost of energy.

Now, what makes RKG Extreme quite unique according to its manufacturers is that it offers a combination of these two highly popular weight loss ingredients by combining them in one compact pill.

For more information, we recommend you read our How does RKG Extreme work article.

Key RKG Extreme Ingredients

Raspberry ketone:

raspberry ketone in RKG ExtremeOne of the prime ingredients, as discussed above, is raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketones are found in berries such as raspberries, cranberries amongst others. They are chiefly responsible for giving the aroma that is associated with this family of fruits. A vast number of weight loss supplements out in the markets use raspberry ketone as their prime ingredient, owing to the weight loss benefits that have been found to be associated with it.

Raspberry ketones are believed to be contributing elements to both weight loss and metabolism gain. It is believed that the presence of a protein called adiponectin assists this particular compound in these two properties, allowing individuals to lose fat and simultaneously retain energy and metabolism boosters while going through these arduous processes.

For more information, we recommend you read our What are the benefits of Raspberry Ketone? article.

Cinnamon bark extract:

Cinnamon bark extract is another ingredient contained in RKG Extreme. Obtained from the bark of a tree called Cinnamomum, cinnamon bark extract is quite commonly obtained from countries such as India and Sri Lanka. Cinnamon bark extract is believed to have two prime roles. Firstly, it has great digestive properties and hence it allows effective weight management. Secondly, it is believed to regulate the level of glucose in the body and can also possibly support insulin responses. It is hence believed to be quite a useful ingredient.

Green coffee bean extract:

green coffee bean in RKG ExtremeGreen coffee bean extract is another chief ingredient. Green coffee beans are essentially seeds that are unroasted. The chlorogenic acid contained in the green coffee bean extract is believed to be a very effective chemical agent, for it allows the body to maintain a balance of blood glucose levels. Furthermore, it allows the body to retain a significant amount of energy through offering a boost of energy, and this is believed to be pivotal in terms of assisting the body when it is going through extensive weight loss.

Caffeine Anhydrous:

As the name suggests, caffeine anhydrous is essentially dry caffeine, or caffeine without water. Caffeine is believed to be a popular metabolism booster, and its inclusion in the ingredients formula of RKG Extreme weight loss supplement allows one to be assured of extensive supply of energy when going through weight loss.

For more information about the weight loss benefits of caffeine, we recommend you read our Caffeine – Weight Loss Benefits and Side Effects article.

Elderberry extract:

Elderberry-extract-in-RKG-ExtremeLastly, the RKG Extreme weight loss supplement contains elderberry extract, with elderberries being berries found quite commonly in regions of North Africa. Elderberry has been found to contain elements such as flavanol glycosides, anthocyanins and hydroxycinnamates. All three of these are associated with blocking the production of fat, and this is probably where the RKG Extreme weight loss supplement gets its weight loss properties from.

For more information, we recommend you read our RKG Extreme Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 55/100

While we agree that the RKG Extreme weight loss supplement contains ingredients which have been associated with both weight loss and metabolism boosting properties, we are unaware of the concentrations in which they exist in the pills. So while the manufacturers have offered information about what the constituents are, they remain silent when it comes to their quantities. In the absence of such extensive information, we cannot hence give a high score to this weight loss supplement when it comes to weight loss power.
Speed of results: 30/100

The manufacturers remain entirely silent about the time it would take for one to experience weight loss, and there are not even any rough estimates one can turn to. So for all you know, it could take 3 weeks or it could take 3 months, but the issue is we do not know. Hence, the RKG Extreme weight loss supplement fares low when it comes to the speed of results.
Appetite Suppression: 23/100

While the manufacturers do not boast about appetite suppression as such, one of the ingredients raspberry ketone has been associated with appetite suppression qualities. However, since we do not know the concentration in which, raspberry ketone exists in the RKG Extreme weight loss supplement; we cannot attribute a high score.
Long Term Results: 20/100

It appears that there are no highly useful long-term results to be attained from this particular weight loss supplement, as the manufacturers fail to offer any timeline or information with reference to this. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 45/100

While the official website asserts that there are no side effects associated with the green bean coffee extract, we would beg to differ and thus tell you that while the product is not unsafe, it is not entirely safe either. You will need to keep an eye out for potential side effects associated not only with the green bean coffee extract but the other ingredients as well.
Value for money: 35/100

The RKG Extreme isn’t one of the cheapest diet pills out there in the market. A two month supply costs around $60 (£37.40) and hence you would want to look around and scrutinize carefully before deciding whether this weight loss supplement is actually worth the money or not.

RKG Extreme Side Effects

The official website claims that the product is entirely free from side effects. While green bean is generally believed to be a harmless product, one must not forget that it contains caffeine and that too in significant proportions.

Caffeine is associated with causing anxiety, nervousness and insomnia and that too quite commonly. Even raspberry ketone is not entirely free from side effects, and as asserted in this article, raspberry ketone has been found to be associated potentially with causing a rise in the blood pressure, as well as the heart rate. While research on these potential problems is still underway, one must keep in mind that these are potentially dangerous and worrisome issues.

For more information, we recommend you read our RKG Extreme Side Effects article.

Where to Buy RKG Extreme

You can purchase RKG Extreme weight loss supplement from its official website. There are three different deals up for grabs, and let us discuss each of them one by one. The first offer is the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer, which will cost you $59.90 (£37.34) for a total of two bottles. You will also have to add additional shipping charges of $9.99 (£6.23). A single bottle alone would cost you $34.99 (£21.81), and so you end up saving some money if you buy two together through this offer. The second offer is Buy 2 Get 2 Free, for a total of $99.80 (£62.22) and added shipping charges of $12.99 (£8.10). In this case, a single bottle hence costs you $24.95 (£15.55). The third and final offer is Buy 3 Get 3 Free, for a total of $119.90 (£74.75) and additional shipping charges of $14.99 (£9.34). In this particular case, the price of a single bottle comes down to $19.98 (£12.46) per bottle. Hence, you can see that RKG Extreme is more affordable if you buy in larger amounts. However, it is expensive if you buy just one month’s worth of supply. Therefore, we would suggest you think carefully before buying. Finally, all offers are accompanied by a money back guarantee and so if you feel that this product is not up to your expectations and not what you wished it to be, you can get your money back.

For more information, please read our Where to buy RKG Extreme article. If you’ve bought RKG Extreme, we recommend you read our How to use RKG Extreme article.

Overall Verdict

RKG Extreme weight loss supplement does offer quite an interesting combination of ingredients. The company seems reliable and good with customer care as far as our scrutiny goes. However, since we are not aware of the quantities of ingredients, we cannot say much for the effectiveness of this particular weight loss supplement.

Also it appears that the original RKG Extreme is now also called Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus, the reason for this change is unknown, however by looking at the FAQ page you can see that this product is referred to as both.

Moreover, the price should make one reconsider and think whether the RKG Extreme is actually worth buying or not. Hence, our final verdict would be as such – the product contains some good ingredients, but it would be possible for you to get a similar one with more information about ingredient concentration and at lower prices.

Interested in finding out who makes RKG Extreme , then read our The company behind RKG Extreme article.

Overall: 43/100

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  1. Angel says:

    I have been ordering RKG extreme for about a year now. In the first 6 months I lost about 45 pounds without adding exercise or dieting. I did feel fuller quicker and in turn did eat less amounts at mealtimes. However my recent order I noticed the pills are different. They are smaller, a lighter color and they taste and smell different. I have noticed a lack of energy when the pills used to give me energy. While the ingredients listed on the bottle are the same this is clearly a different pill. I just contacted their customer service today and I am waiting to hear back.

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