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Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore

Pyro MX Leancore, created by the UK company Sci-MX, is advertised as a metabolism and fat-oxidation boosting supplement, although clinical studies in support of these potential effects are limited.

Below we have reviewed Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore

Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore Pros
  • Produced by an established, UK-based company, Sci-MX
  • Many of the key ingredients have been subject to some scientific testing
Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore Cons
  • Contains a number of stimulant ingredients, some of which have been associated with severe side effects
  • Not been studied as a whole product, and none of the key ingredients have been conclusively proven to aid weight loss

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Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore Review

Pyro MX Leancore contains many active ingredients that are thought to have weight-loss-associated effects. However, a lack of safety information from Sci-MX, and a long list of potential side-effects mar its appeal.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Sci-MX claims that Pyro MX Leancore can increase metabolic rate, causing more calories to be burnt as the body increases the speed of cellular reactions and releasing the energy as heat; they also claim that it causes a rise in body temperature leading to energy expenditure, though this is the same effect. They also claim that it can increase the rate of body-fat oxidation (burning for energy) through the green tea extract, and that Pyro MX Leancore gives 100% of the RDA of vitamin B5, which ‘helps maintain normal energy metabolism’.

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How Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore Works

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Sci-MX claims that Pyro MX Leancore contains eleven active ingredients, causing it to act as a body-fat oxidiser, a metabolism booster and a ‘thermogenic’ supplement. Thermogenesis is the process of generating heat; applied to biology, this normally means increasing the rate of metabolic reactions that produce heat as a side-effect. This means that the last two points are essentially the same, so Pyro MX Leancore allegedly increased the rate of metabolism and helps oxidise body-fat.

Unfortunately, Sci-MX don’t provide any studies of Pyro MX Leancore and no independent studies appear to have been carried out; analysing the ingredients gives some insight as to the legitimacy of these claims however. The active ingredients contained within Pyro MX Leancore are as follows: ‘Pyro-therm complexTM’, an own branded combination of ingredients; caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant; green tea extract; acetyl carnitine, an amino acid synthesised by the body but used up during strenuous exercise; ‘white kidney bean extract’, thought to prevent starch digestion; and tyrosine, bioperine, and vitamin B5.These ingredients are present in varying amounts with Pyro-Therm complexTM being the most concentrated and chromium the lowest. Each of these ingredients is analysed below.


Guarana is a climbing plant from Portugal, the seeds of which contain a significant amount of caffeine, twice as much in fact as is present in coffee beans. The seeds also contain small quantities of catechins, phenol compounds which are linked to increased fat oxidation. It is thought that guarana supplementation could decrease appetite, though results of studies are not widely accepted. Guarana has been suggested to increase fat oxidation through its caffeine content, and a few studies in rats, discussed later, have shown that weight gain over time is decreased with guarana supplementation. Guarana is present in a high concentration in Pyro MX Leancore; however, it’s worth noting that the actual concentration of caffeine in Pyro MX Leancore is probably much higher than the stated concentration, since the caffeine content of guarana is so high. This could lead to some adverse psychological and health effects.

Bitter Orange Peel

This ingredient is derived from the ‘Bitter Orange‘ (Citrus Aurantium), and has associated appetite suppressant effects due to the concentration of synephrine present, along with a few other compounds. Synephrine has been said to have a small effect on metabolic rate when taken in supplement-sized. More human studies are needed before a conclusion can be reached however. No studies have conclusively proven the appetite suppressing effects.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is another Portuguese plant which again contains caffeine, and theobromine and theophylline. It is thought that yerba mate has effects on muscle tissue rather than the central nervous system, stimulating the heart and relaxing the muscles in blood vessels, which could help prepare individuals for exercise. It has been suggested to help prevent fat formation and cause more fat to be burnt than carbohydrate.

For more information on Yerba Mate, we recommend you read our Can Yerba Mate Help You To Lose Weight? article.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Cayenne contains high levels of capsaicin, which is believed to increase the rate of metabolism and help suppress appetite, as well as increase fat oxidation. Capsaicin is an ‘alkaloid’ which is thought to increase adrenaline production; one of the effects of adrenaline is to increase the metabolic rate, to prepare the body for exercise.


Pyro MX Leancore is primarily a caffeine-based supplement, with a high quantity of caffeine alone, and two of the other ingredients – yerba mate and guarana – having high caffeine content. Caffeine has been suggested to increase metabolic rate, mental alertness and energy levels through acting on the central nervous system; it purportedly causes the release of hormones which reduce hunger and prepare the body for activity, similar to adrenaline. It may be useful for dieters as it allows them to function on low calorie diets at normal or even heightened capability, whilst repressing hunger and increasing awareness. It has a few associated health benefits like improved alertness and mood and even cancer risk reduction; but it also has negative effects on health in the long-term, like dependency and addiction, and in the short-term concentrated sources of caffeine can make it difficult to focus and cause ‘energy crashes’.

Green tea extract

Green tea has been suggested to increase body-fat oxidation (use of fat stores) and increase energy use in the body; opinion is divided on this however. Green tea does have many notable health benefits including reduced cardiovascular disease risk. A herbal derivative of green tea leaves, it contains antioxidants that may help improve skin quality, improved brain health, and better liver functioning. The catechins present in Green Tea Extract have also been suggested to inhibit the formation of adipocytes (fat cells). It is worth noting that it also contains caffeine, which has lead to many of the weight loss claims associated with green tea; this again adds to the total caffeine content of Pyro MX Leancore.

For more information, we recommend you read our Green Tea Weight Loss article.

Acetyl Carnitine

This amino acid has been associated with increased testosterone levels, which are important for maintaining a healthy body weight. It is found in most meat, including the human body; it is in fact vital for good health. However, most studies suggest that it has limited effects on body fat levels except in individuals already deficient in it, like elderly people or vegetarians. Despite this, some suggest it can increase the rate of fat oxidation when paired with exercise, along with a few additional effects at very high concentrations.

White kidney bean extract

This is derived directly from white kidney beans. It has been suggested to inhibit the enzyme amylase, which helps digest starch in the saliva, (the carbohydrate found in plants). It is thought to have a similar effect in the intestines. Reducing the breakdown of starch prevents it from passing into the body, so it may mimic a deficit of calories; this could help users lose weight. White kidney bean extract is also high in fibre, which may aid digestion and help users feel fuller, which together with cayenne powder could give Pyro MX Leancore powerful appetite suppressing effects- however the levels of fibre in the supplement are likely to be too low to have a noticeable effect.


This is another amino acid, used by cells to synthesise protein; it is non-essential, and is derived from casein, the protein in cheese. It is sometimes associated with weight loss and improving body composition, though evidence in support of these effects is not strong.

To learn more, we recommend that you read our Can L-Tyrosine Help you to Lose Weight article.


Also known as Piperine, this ingredient allegedly increases metabolic rate. It is thought to increase the ability of the body to absorb nutrients, but few studies suggest that it can increase metabolic rate. It has been said to inhibit enzymes related to metabolism but links are not made to weight loss.

Vitamin B5

Also known as pantothenic acid, this essential vitamin is used to synthesise and metabolise fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Very few WebMD have associated it with weight loss, though deficiencies (uncommon) are linked to increased fat mass and problems like muscle weakness.

For more information, we recommend you read our B Vitamins – Are they the answer to natural weight loss? article.

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Key Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore Ingredients

Caffeine 538

Caffeine and Guarana

The most important ingredient in Pyro MX Leancore is caffeine, which is thought to act on most areas of the body to increase metabolic rate and energy levels. This is most concentrated in the ingredient guarana, which in its natural form contains twice as much caffeine as the coffee bean, and has also been suggested to help increase fat oxidation in rats. Guarana also contains catechins (which may be responsible for fat oxidation), as does green tea extract, which have been linked to weight loss; green tea extract’s catechins have been suggested to inhibit the formation of adipocytes (fat cells).

To learn more about Guarana Seed Extract, we recommend you read our Guarana for Weight Loss article.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is an unusual ingredient which again contains caffeine, and theobromine and theophylline. It is thought that yerba mate has significant effects on muscle tissue rather than the central nervous system, stimulating the heart and relaxing the muscles in blood vessels, which could help prepare individuals for exercise. It has been suggested to help prevent fat formation and cause more fat to be burnt than carbohydrate.

Bitter Orange

Synephrine, the active ingredient of bitter orange, has been suggested to have calorie burning effects in humans, as well as potentially having the ability to suppress the appetite. It has however been associated with severe side effects in the past.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which is thought to increase adrenaline production; adrenaline is thought to decrease hunger and increase metabolic rate.

White Kidney Bean Extract

Finally, white kidney bean extract is said to inhibit the enzyme amylase, which breaks down starch in the saliva and intestines; this may lead to starch not being digested and passing straight through the body (though it can be reabsorbed at a later stage).

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

The most reliable way to determine the effectiveness of a supplement is to look at the results of clinical trials of the product and its ingredients. Controlled trials on humans, with results repeated throughout the scientific community, are the most reliable, but one-off trials can give insight as to the potential effects of a supplement.

Sci-MX, the manufacturer, don’t appear to have provided any clinical trials of Pyro MX Leancore and there aren’t any available in scientific literature either. This decreases the reliability of Sci-MX’s claims of Pyro MX Leancore; however, there are studies available of the effects of almost all of the active ingredients.

Guarana (paullina cupana)

A 2009 study by Lima WP et al. on the effect of guarana supplementation in trained rats found that the effects of guarana itself on fat oxidation were limited- any fat oxidation effects were attributed to the caffeine content. The study took place over 14 days and found that muscle glycogen (carbohydrate) levels were increased in all rats, but more so in the caffeinated guarana group

Bitter orange peel

Synephrine, the active component, has been shown to boost metabolic rate. A 2011 study of synephrine alone and with additional ingredients found that, after 75 minutes following oral ingestion, the group receiving synephrine alone had an additional 65 calories added to their resting metabolic rate, with much larger increases when combined with other ingredients. Additionally, no increases in heart strain or blood pressure were recorded; the researchers noted that it was extremely rare for an ingredient to boost metabolic rate without adverse effects.

A 2012 review article of studies of synephrine summarised the findings of published and unpublished data, totalling over 360 subjects across the studies, over half of which were overweight, two thirds of whom consumed a synephrine supplement daily. Without side-effects, the synephrine was consistently shown to increase resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure, and modest increases in weight loss were observed with bitter orange extract/p-synephrine-containing products when given for six to 12 weeks.

Cayenne pepper

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin. One study by Ahuja KD et al. in 2006 saw thirty-six middle-aged subjects taking either a chilli-based or normal diet over four week period; the metabolic rates of all subjects was measured up to two hours after eating. The study found that insulin levels (the hormone that governs absorption of sugar from the blood) were lower in individuals on the chilli-diet after eating; this suggests that cayenne powder could reduce absorption of sugars, which could help reduce fat formation in the body.

Another study in 2003 saw ninety-one moderately overweight individuals consume placebo or capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne powder, over a 3 month period; the results showed that capsaicin caused greater fat oxidation and weight loss than the placebo over this period. However, a study in 2009 carried out on the effects of adding capsaicin, to the lunches of adults over a long period of time showed no significant increase in metabolic rate or body fat percentage compared to a normal lunch.


There are a number of studies of the effects of caffeine. A study from 2006 monitored the caffeine intake of healthy men and women from 1986-1998 and compared it to their weight change over this time. The results showed a lower mean weight gain amongst those with (slightly) higher caffeine intake than those without. Whilst there may be issues with control of variables in the trials, they provide evidence both that caffeine can help people lose weight and keep it off. However, a 2013 study by Sanford Bolton summarised by stating that high caffeine intake could lead to ‘psychological symptoms which resemble anxiety and depressive neuroses’, could ‘affect sleeping habits generally resulting in insomnia and hyperactivity’, and may cause ‘symptoms of mental illness’.

Green tea extract

A 2007 study by Nagao T et al. suggested that ingestion of GTE high in ‘catechins’ (organic compounds), over a long period of time leads to a reduction in body-fat and cholesterol. The trial recruited men and women for a twelve week trial in which subjects ingested green tea daily, with varying amounts of catechins, with all members maintaining usual lifestyles. The results found that the green tea extract, high in catechins, caused greater weight loss, but that weight loss was observed in both groups. It is worth observing, though, that the subjects actually took green tea, not GTE; it may have been the caffeine in the tea that was causing the weight loss.

Outside of altering metabolism, green tea has been suggested to aid weight loss through reducing the absorption of fat in foods (lipids). In 2007, Koo SI et al carried out tests in vitro on the effects of GTE, particularly its catechins, on the digestion of lipids in the intestines. The results suggested that GTE catechins were very effective in lowering the lipid-absorption rate of the intestines by interfering with enzymes associated with digestion. However, most of GTE’s effectiveness still comes from its caffeine content.

Acetyl carnitine

A 2010 study on rats fed a high-fat diet found that carnitine supplementation increased the fat oxidation capabilities of the liver and muscles. The rats were split into carnitine and no-carnitine groups, with a group within each group allowed to exercise or remaining sedentary. It was found that the exericising group metabolised fat better, and that the carnitine group did the same by affecting the mitochondria of the tissue cells. AC has also been shown to promote fat oxidation in the presence of caffeine: a 2000 study on rats supplemented with AC and caffeine found that after 3 weeks of exercise and dieting, the fitness and level of fat oxidation of the supplemented group was greater than in the non-supplemented group. However, most studies still suggest that supplementation is ineffective in non-deficient individuals.

White kidney bean extract

A study in 1985 by Layer P et al. saw researchers take WKBE in a purified form and test it on the salivary glands and intestines. The extract significantly decreased the production of amylase, the enzyme responsible for digesting starch, even in the presence of other enzymes, slowing starch digestion and allowing more starch to pass through the gut. Similarly, another study by Udani J (2004) saw fifty obese adults take either a WKBE supplement or a placebo twice daily with meals for either weeks, (although only 27 completed the study). The WKBE group lost twice as much weight on average as the placebo group, with no adverse effects observed.

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Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538

Sci-MX, the manufacturer, does not state any side-effects or health warnings, though they do mention that Pyro MX Leancore contains gelatine, and so is not suitable for vegetarians, and traces of nuts. Pyro MX Leancore contains about ten active ingredients, most of which have been subjected to very little research, particularly in humans. The ingredient with most research behind its effects is caffeine; despite its numerous potential benefits, caffeine has both negative short and long term effects, occurring instantaneously or over time.

Consumers are advised to be cautious when first taking Pyro MX Leancore and to allow a few days between each day of supplementation to scout for any problems; if concerned, talk to a doctor. Pyro MX Leancore is an intense supplement and consumers are advised against use if they are suffering from any medical conditions, and Pyro MX Leancore should not be combined with any medication or other supplements without consulting a doctor first.


Caffeine is a stimulant, acting on the nerves which transport signals from the muscles to the brain to increase mental alertness, energy levels and muscular strength/endurance in the short term. However, once the ‘boost’ wears off, individuals often feel drained and depressed, particularly after a large caffeine intake. Pyro MX Leancore contains about 200 milligrams per 3 capsule serving, and the servings are divided throughout the day, so the effects are likely to be smoother; however, users may still feel weak and incapacitated in the evenings, when the effects wear off. Additionally, high caffeine intake in a short period of time can induce nausea, headaches and shakiness in users unused to the effects; overheating and inability to concentrate are also common symptoms. In the long-term, caffeine can have damaging psychological effects, as the body becomes dependent on the energy boost, leading to addiction and even depression. Sci-MX advise a 2 week break in-between each 6 weeks of supplementation to avoid this problem.


This problem is made more worrying by the high content of guarana in a 3 capsule serving – 800 milligrams. Guarana contains an extremely high level of caffeine, almost double that found in coffee beans; as such the effective dose of caffeine in Pyro MX Leancore is likely very high. WebMD suggest that guarana is likely unsafe in high doses or over long-term use, warning that ‘at typical doses, the caffeine in guarana can cause insomnia, nervousness and stomach irritation’, with ‘pain when urinating and irregular heartbeat’ at large doses. Even osteoporosis and glaucoma are potential symptoms.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate, another ingredient, and green tea extract, also contain caffeine and so pose the same issues.

Bitter orange is considered safe at typical doses but potentially unsafe when taken with caffeine, causing increases in blood pressure, headaches, and heart attack risk.

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How to Use

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Sci-MX recommend taking ‘2-3 capsules with water, three times a day’ for up to six weeks, followed by a two week rest period. Pyro MX Leancore is, primarily, a caffeine based supplement, likely containing over 200 milligrams per 3 capsule serving, leading to up to 600 milligrams per day. This is the same amount of caffeine as is present in six cups of coffee, or three espressos; Pyro MX Leancore contains a very large concentration of guarana however, which in turn is a mostly caffeine based ingredient, so the actual dosage could be much higher. Splitting the dosages up into three daily servings then becomes sensible advice, as too much caffeine at once can lead to jitteriness, nausea, headaches or even unconciousness.

Sci-MX also warn against taking Pyro MX Leancore four hours before bedtime, so the recommended times are early morning, midday and around six PM. Consumers unused to high levels of caffeine should start with smaller dosages- 1 to 2 capsule servings, for example- in order to allow their bodies to adjust, and test for any side-effects.

Sci-MX doesn’t appear to offer any safety advice for Pyro MX Leancore; not even standard warnings against pregnant women or under 18’s from using diet supplements. Pyro MX Leancore should not be taken on an empty stomach or just before sleeping. Pregnant women or under 18’s should not take any diet supplement, and sufferers of medical conditions should always consult a doctor before taking a supplement. The product should be avoided by those with a history of cardiovascular problems.

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Who Makes It?

Sci-MX Nutrition are a British company, based in Gloucester. They primarily do business in supplements, including muscle-builders, pre-and-post workout supplements, fat-burners, hormone boosters etc., as well as selling a few workout accessories. Founded in 2011 by a Mr Tim Hyman, there are currently between 20 and 49 people employed at the company. The company provides an address and phone number confirmed by a number of online sources, and is considered safe by most independent business inspectors (DueDil, CompanyCheck, etc.). They are currently estimated at £2.1 million net worth, with £213300 of cash and nearly £4.5 million in assets; as such, they are considered financially stable. They are active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Sci-MX don’t provide much information about their history, but they do provide a series of articles about fitness, nutrition and general health, most of which advertise their products to some extent. The advice given seems to agree with the current opinions and science around physique building and the company appears to have designed their product range to fit every possible agenda, from meal supplements to workout improvement to recovery.

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Where to Buy Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore


Pyro MX Leancore is available from several large online retailers, most of whom appear to have reduced prices at any given time. Sci-MX, the manufacturer, offer 40 capsule, 90 capsule and 180 capsule tubs at £17.35, £30.62 and £45.95 respectively, and currently offer 25% off all stock at the checkout. Users are likely to need at least a 180 capsule tub, since this is a maximum 30 day serving, and will probably want an additional 90 capsule tub to give a six week supply. This gives a minimum price of £47.55.

Amazon offer lower prices (again on offer) with all containers at 40% off Sci-MX prices.. They have a returns centre to deal with all issues and typically offer a 30 day return window. There are also a few smaller retailers, like and, which have similar prices but slightly varying return and delivery options.

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Does Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money back guarantee.

One-off payment: Yes, purchasing this product consists of a one-off payment only and can be purchased from a number of retailers.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention whether the product meets any official quality standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, a full list is provided.

Company contact details readily available: An email address and phone number is provided.

Sci-MX Pyro MX Leancore does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back-guarantee or diet plan, and some information is lacking, including manufacturing standards.

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Overall Verdict

Pyro MX Leancore is a weight loss supplement that is high in stimulants, particularly caffeine. Most of the ingredients have been subject to some preliminary study, though none have been definitively proven to aid weight loss. The ingredients in the product have been associated with a number of side effects, some of which are very severe. The product will not be suitable for certain groups of people. The company is well-established and the product can be purchased from several online retailers.

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