Secret Diet Drops UK Review, Dangers & Side Effects
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Secret Diet Drops Review & Scam Report

Secret Diet Drops are one of the newest diet supplements to hit the UK market. It is recommended you to take the diet pills alongside a very strict calorie controlled diet so the question is, do secret diet drops work or is it the diet plan?

Secret Diet DropsThe manufacturers don’t appear to explain how the Secret Drops actually work, but what is clear is that they require a very strict regime for taking the drops and following the Secret Diet Drops diet.

We will review the product and also investigate the claims that their low calorie diet plan is un-safe.

Secret Diet Drops Pros
  • One of the cheaper diet pill options available
Secret Diet Drops Cons
  • The actual diet drops appear to do very little to help weight loss
  • Diet plan is very extreme and potentially dangerous, at the least it could make the daily routine difficult

Secret Diet Drops Review

How Secret Diet Drops Work

adiosNo Secret Diet Drops review can seem to work out what the drops actually do and there are many questions about whether Secret Diet Drops actually work. The aspect that would clearly help you to lose weight is the strict Secret Drops diet which asks you to restrict yourself to particular foods and amounts of foods. What you would hope is that the Secret Drops actually make the strict diet easier but this hasn’t been proved and so you may be forgiven for thinking that the Secret Diet Drops product is a scam.

The regime it asks you to follow is incredibly strict and doesn’t allow you to eat very much at all. The routine of taking the drops is also very difficult; it asks you to take 15 drops three times a day, which can mean you’re taking up to 45 drops a day. All of this can make you question whether Secret Diet Drops are safe and force you to worry about any possibleSecret Diet Drops side effects.

Learn more by reading our articles on how to take Secret Diet Drops and how Secret Diet Drops work.

Key Secret Diet Drops Ingredients

The ingredient list in this country for the Secret Diet Drops UK is extensive. Diet pill regulars of African Mango, Green Tea and Chromium are featured in Secret Drops alongside Garcinia and Guarana; find out more about Guarana here. All of these are individually proven to help you lose weight but this is not necessarily the case for the Secret Drops as a whole. There is no mention of the amounts of each ingredient, so there is no indication of whether enough of the ingredients are included to have an effect.

The Secret Diet Drops diet plan is likely to be where the weight loss comes from. This has three stages to it; for the first couple of days it doesn’t restrict your food intake at all and you can eat anything you like. For the next 43 days it asks you to stick to pretty much no food at breakfast and at lunch you’re allowed 100g of meat or fish with one type of vegetable but with no oil or butter for cooking, and similarly for dinner. It also allows two snacks during the day, but suggests these are an apple, orange or other fruit. You can get some informed dieting advice from the NHS here.

Secret Diet Drops Results

Weight Loss Power: 15/100

The actual Secret Diet Drops pills will not make you lose weight; it comes down to the very strict and restrictive diet plan. The amount of drops the manufacturers ask you to take each day would suggest they should have some effect but there has been little evidence that the drops help you to lose the weight. The extreme diet will be effective it is so restrictive, so much so that there are worries over the dangers that may be associated with following the Secret Diet Drops plan.
Speed of results: 25/100

The extreme nature of this diet is dangerous but because of this the results should begin to be visible quite quickly. If you are willing to run the risks associated with Secret Diet Drops then you could lose the weight reasonably quickly.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

Some customers have suggested it is a ‘Secret Diet Drops scam’ because the drops appear to do very little to make the diet easier. It is claimed that these drops will suppress your appetite, making the extreme diet easier to follow, but numerous Secret Diet Drops reviews have questioned this and there is little proof it will help suppress your appetite.
Long Term Results: 50/100

The extreme nature of this diet makes it incredibly unlikely you’ll feel like sticking to any of the dieting processes. The strict diet and speed of weight loss means you’re more likely to go back to the same eating habits as before and therefore the weight won’t stay off. The only positive is that you may improve your cooking skills from the Secret Diet Drops recipes included in the diet plan.
Safety: 65/100

Secret Diet Drop reviews have questioned the safety of following such a strict diet. Eating so little is very dangerous and can leave you feeling very weak, low on energy and even experience some constipation. In the manufacturers’ defense, they have included some Secret Diet Drops recipes, which makes the diet slightly easier.Learn more by reading our article on potential Secret Diet Drops side effects.
Value for money: 20/100
Fortunately Secret Diet Drops UK is one of the cheaper diet pill options. Having said that, they still cost around £35, which is a lot for drops which seemingly do so little to aid weight loss.Learn more by reading our article on where to buy Secret Diet Drops.

Secret Diet Drops Side Effects – Are Secret Diet Drops Safe?

To the credit of the drops, there isn’t one Secret Diet Drops review that says they have any major side effects. Most of the feelings you’ll experience come from the extreme diet plan, which can lead to fatigue, tiredness, irritability and possibly constipation.

Learn more by reading our article on potential Secret Diet Drops side effects.

Where to Buy

Despite a fairly negative review, many people are still interested in trying this product. The best place to buy the product is from the official website and many Secret Diet Drops reviews feature a link to the official site for buying the drops.

Learn more by reading our article on where to buy Secret Diet Drops.

Overall Verdict

This is yet another negative Secret Diet Drops review; the drops themselves seem to do very little to help weight loss in any way and the diet you are asked to follow is too restrictive and extreme. Although not many side effects are linked to the drops, the strict diet could leave you struggling to go through your normal daily life. Any weight loss will be hard earned and is unlikely to last in the long term. There are far better diet pills available.

Learn more by reading our article on the company behind Secret Diet Drops.
Overall: 23/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Secret Diet Drops diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Secret Diet Drops, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Secret Diet Drops work?

It is unclear exactly what effect the actual Secret Diet Drops have. It is assumed that the majority, if not all, the weight loss comes from the diet you follow. It is an extremely strict diet which will leave you hungry but may help you lose weight quite quick.

2. How long do Secret Diet Drops take to work?

You may be waiting a long time to see an effect from the diet drops alone. However if you manage to stick to the extreme diet which heavily restricts what food you eat and how much of it, then you could see weight loss quite soon, possibly within a week or two.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

To the credit of Secret Diet Drops they don’t appear to have many side effects. Following the diet plan that accompanies the drops may leave you feeling weak, tired, lethargic and irritable.

4. When do I take the tablets?

You are asked to take 45 drops every day in three, 15 drop turns. It is up to you when you decide to take each 15 drop dosage but the most common option is before or after the three main meals.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the diet pills?

Yes. Alongside taking the drops you are asked to follow a very strict diet plan which restricts you to almost no food at breakfast and small amounts at lunch and dinner. It will be difficult to follow and will require a lot of dedication and willpower.

6. What ingredients go into Secret Diet Drops pills?

Secret Diet Drops feature a number of diet pill regulars. The ingredient list is extensive but it does not mention how much of each ingredient is featured which may be an answer to why the drops appear to be so ineffective. Ingredients include Capsicum, African Mango, Green Tea and Chromium.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the tablets?

You do not need to do more exercise and it may be advisable if you didn’t do any more exercise considering the lack of food and consequently lack of energy you’ll experience. Normally exercise would be advantageous but with such a restrictive diet exercise could even be dangerous.

8. Where can I buy Secret Diet Drops?

The price of Secret Diet Drops could be the reason behind its popularity as it is one of the cheaper diet pill options. It still costs around £30-£35 but is fairly easy to find to buy online, including on the official website.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

The diet plan lasts about 2 or 3 months so you may face taking the drops for up to three months. You will likely be quite keen for the diet to come to an end given how restrictive and extreme it is.

10. How much weight could I lose with Secret Diet Drops?

If you manage to stick to the diet plan and see it through then you are highly likely to lose weight given the diet plan’s extreme nature. How much weight is up to you and how carefully you follow the diet but it has the potential to lose a large amount of weight.

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2 Responses to “Secret Diet Drops”

  1. Fearless says:

    I did this diet, and I completed it last week after reaching my target weight. I would say to folks who want to loose weight effectively and keep it off.. to give Secret Diet Drops a go. you will never look back. I know I havent.

    • Elaine gray says:

      I am on it now and losing weight steadily. Frankly I don’t care if it is a psychological effect or not as long as I lose weight! My hair looks great and is now shiny, my skin has cleared up and I feel amazing having lost two and a half stones so far. Yes the diet s restrictive but basically just cuts out the stuff you shouldn’t eat. I am not weak or tired and in fact the opposite is true and I am raring to go to the gym!
      My sister has just reached her target weight and followed the maintenance plan where you test out what will make you put on weight. So far se has regained none of the eight that she lost!

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