Where to Buy Secret Diet Drops
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Where to Buy Secret Diet Drops

where to buy secret diet dropsDeciding which diet pill to take can be a tough decision and we’re sure that price will play a large part in your decision. So to help you out we’ve put together a guide to the best place to buy Secret Diet Drops.

Have you made the right choice?

Before rushing into a decision to buy Secret Diet Drops, it’s important to consider whether you’ve made the right choice; are Secret Diet Drops the supplement for you? We’d recommend that you have a look at our Secret Diet Drops review and some of the other articles about them in order to have the full set of information on them before purchasing them. It’s also worth it to browse the other diet pills we’ve reviewed – you might come across something which appeals to you more than Secret Diet Drops.

For a number of reasons, Secret Diet Drops aren’t a supplement we would recommend. With the general consensus from reviews of Secret Diet Drops being a negative one, a seemingly deliberate vagueness from the manufacturers about the ingredient quantities and the fact that the drops are supposed to be accompanied by an almost impossible to follow and borderline-dangerous diet, Secret Diet Drops don’t come across as a recipe for success.

That said, it’s our responsibility to give you all the information, including where you can buy the drops. So if you want to take a risk and try Secret Diet Drops, read on to find out about your buying options.

The Official Websites

The options for buying Secret Diet Drops first hand are severely limited. The European site, www.secretdietdrops.eu are based in Ireland and do not deliver to the UK or the rest of Europe “due to recent changes in EU postal regulations”. Hence buying from this website is only an option if you live in the Republic of Ireland or outside of Europe. A bottle of the drops costs €44, which is approximately equivalent to £38.

Their UK website, www.secretdietdrops.co.uk (where all the reviews seem to be 5 stars, suspiciously) is another option for buying Secret Diet Drops. A bottle of the drops from this site will cost you £35, with delivery costing an additional £3.50 for UK addresses and £4 for the rest of the world.


The only other place where you can purchase Secret Diet Drops is from eBay. As these drops come from individual sellers, the prices vary drastically – you could pay between half and double the price on the website. eBay is definitely not somewhere we would recommend buying diet supplements from; there is no guarantee of quality of the product and no accountability for the seller.

Before buying we recommend you get more information by reading our Secret Diet Drops review.

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