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Shred-X Rippedcore

Shred-X Rippedcore claims to be a maximum strength fat burner without the crash normally associated with this kind of product. It can be assumed that this is because it contains large quantities of well-known thermogenic ingredients, but can it really be side effect free?

shred-x rippedcore

Shred-X Rippedcore Pros
  • The pills contain ingredients which are clinically proven to aid weight loss
  • The product is readily available to buy from numerous online retailers
Shred-X Rippedcore Cons
  • No money back guarantee is offered
  • There is a high chance that users will experience side effects

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Shred-X Rippedcore Review

The manufacturers of Shred-X Rippedcore have designed the product specifically with a view to helping users reduce their overall body fat. Although it is not explicitly stated that exercise must be done in conjunction with the use of the pills, the directions for use give alternative instructions for training days which suggests that users should ideally be taking part in some workout regime. Containing ten different active ingredients in two separate complexes the pills are said to be of the highest strength and quality. The company also emphasises that no ‘strange chemicals’ that leave users feeling drained or overly buzzy are used.

Shred-X Rippedcore Claimed weight loss benefits

The Shred-X Rippedcore pills are said to be able to target and reduce the body fat of users in two different ways. Firstly, the product is claimed to act as a fat burner making it easier for users to achieve weight loss and secondly it is said to support the metabolic system. With regards to the second of these, the manufacturers do not make any overly exertive claims and make clear that although it intends to boost the metabolic rate of users, this is only in terms of its contribution to the normal and healthy rate rather than anything beyond this.

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How Shred-X Rippedcore Works

This product contains two different sets of ingredients which make up the Vit-MX-Trim™ and Shred-Fast™ complexes. The first of these groups is designed to support the body, especially in terms of the metabolism, and provide it with the essential micronutrients that it needs to function at an optimum level. The second contains a number of well-known thermogenic agents and stimulant ingredients which are claimed to be able to increase the oxidation of fat within the body. By working together it is said that these complexes will allow users to shed body fat fast but without experiencing the usual stimulant crash.

Bitter Orange Peel
Bitter orange has most likely been chosen as an ingredient for these pills due to the fact that it contains Synephrine. This particular compound is known for its abilities to increase the metabolic rate via its thermogenic properties and is also thought to be able to help suppress the appetite. The Synephrine is believed to stimulate alpha one receptors in the body which regulate how full we feel. This means that it contributes to both the fat burning and metabolism enhancing effects of the pills. As well as this, the peel is also believed to have stimulant like effects on the body increasing alertness and reducing fatigue.

Much like the bitter orange, this ingredient is thought to work by stimulating the central nervous system and increasing the thermogenic rate. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body produces heat by burning calories in the form of stored energy. This is obviously beneficial in terms of fat burning and also forces the body to metabolise quicker as energy is being used up at a faster rate. Most of these properties of Guarana are believed to come from its Caffeine content and because it contains such a high amount, it too has been said to work as a stimulant.

Green Tea Extract
This is yet another stimulant ingredient containing Caffeine. The manufacturers of the Shred-X Rippedcore pills explain that they have included the Green Tea extract in their product because, they claim, it increases the beta oxidation of fatty acids which in turn leads to the break down and reduction specifically of body fat mass. This is thought to be due to the fact that it contains Caffeine as well as a number of catechins. One of these in particular, EGCG, is an antioxidant and this is the compound which has been most frequently linked to increased fat oxidation and energy metabolism.

Niacin is thought to be able to help in the maintenance of a normal metabolic rate as well as increase energy. It is believed to aid in the production of L-Carnitine. This is particularly beneficial for weight loss since this is an amino acid responsible for stimulating fat oxidation. It allegedly does this by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells which is where energy is produced. As well as breaking down fat at a faster rate this is also believed to result in the body making energy more quickly and thus niacin is said to provide an energy boost.

Whilst not contributing to the weight loss effects of the pills directly, Bioperine may still play an important part in how the pills claim to work. It is thought that Piperine, the main compound in this ingredient, has the ability to stimulate digestive enzymes found in the pancreas. This is believed to enhance the digestive system and the absorption of various compounds into the blood stream potentially meaning that they can get to work quicker and have more of an impact on the body. This effectively means that this ingredient may improve the efficacy of others used in the pills.

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Key Ingredients

bitter orange peel in t5 fat burner
The manufacturers of this product say that it has ten active ingredients and makes an exhaustive list of these, all binders and fillers and their quantities available to view on the nutrition section of the website. Due to the fact that there are so many, we have decided to focus only on those which are used in the most abundance and hence are likely to have a larger role in the pills’ weight loss abilities. All of the active ingredients are natural and they are combined into two different patented complexes to give the product its multi-faceted weight loss approach.

Bitter Orange Peel
Bitter orange is more scientifically known as Citrus Aurantium. It has been used for many purposes including as a way to reduce cholesterol, a flavouring in many foods, and as a sedative. More recently though, its extract has been used in diet supplements as an alternative to Ephedra which was previously banned. The peel itself contains a number of different compounds but Synephrine is the main one associated with any weight loss properties. The extract can come in the form of an oil or a powder but it usually the latter of these that is included in most diet products.

The Guarana extract comes from a small bean-like seed much like a Coffee bean that originates in South America. The seed contains a variety of stimulant chemicals including theophylline, theobromine and caffeine itself. It is particularly rich in the latter of these and is thought to have one of the highest caffeine contents of all plants. Despite being previously used to treat diarrhoea and headaches, the Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated this ingredient in terms of its safety, effectiveness or purity so its potential benefits and any risks it is associated with may not be fully known.

Green Tea Extract
The use of Green Tea for medical purposes dates back to over 5,000 years. It has been used as a traditional herbal remedy in China during this time to treat a variety of conditions including stomach problems, high cholesterol and to prevent dental cavities. Most often consumed as a warm beverage the extract contains both Caffeine and a number of catechins which are thought to be responsible for its claimed weight loss effects. The quantities of these compounds vary depending on the brand of extract but the manufacturers of Shred-X Rippedcore say that the pills’ total Caffeine content is 190mg.

Niacin is an ingredient better known as Vitamin B3. It occurs naturally in both plants and in the body and is involved in over 60 different metabolic processes related to the production of energy. As well as this, it is also involved in the production of steroid hormones and cellular respiration. Its most common medical uses include lowering cholesterol levels, lowering risk of heart attack for those with high cholesterol and treating coronary artery disease. Most people get the correct amount of Niacin needed from their diet but those with a deficiency are usually given a supplement to increase their levels.

Bioperine is a patented trade name of an ingredient owned by a company called Sabinsa mainly containing the substance Piperine. This is an alkaloid found in black pepper. As well as being consumed for dietary purposes, black pepper is also used for various different medical purposes, as a preservative and in perfumery. Bioperine is said to be more effective than simply black pepper extract itself due to the fact that it contains purified Piperine which is claimed to be able to demonstrate its absorption enhancing effects on the body much quicker than if the entire black pepper extract were used.

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Clinical Studies

The manufacturers of Shred-X Rippedcore do not claim that their product has undergone any clinical testing as a whole. In addition to this they do not make any references to any clinical studies on their website but this is not to say that there haven’t been any in terms of the individual ingredients. Clinical studies are extremely valuable within the diet industry as they assess both the effectiveness and the safety of various ingredients in a controlled and (usually) impartial manner. Published results are often used to validate or disprove claims made by diet pill manufacturers relating to a product’s weight loss power.

Bitter Orange Peel
There has been a large amount of research done on this particular ingredient and many trials have attempted to determine whether the Synephrine in the extract can contribute to an enhanced metabolic rate or fat burning. One review outlines the general findings of both published and unpublished studies on human subjects using this compound. It states that around 50% of the subjects who took part in the trials were overweight or obese when they began and around 2/3 of them were also consuming Caffeine in addition to the Synephrine. This is particularly helpful in predicting the effects of the pills since they do also contain Caffeine in a lot of the other ingredients. The maximum duration of the trials was 12 weeks and subjects were given either bitter orange extract, Synephrine on its own or various products containing it. The average results showed that those who were given the Synephrine alone for a duration of 6-12 weeks showed a significant increase in their resting metabolic rate as well as in their energy expenditure which resulted in an increase in overall weight loss. This suggests then that Synephrine does act as a thermogenic agent helping to burn fat faster and increase the metabolism. It must be remembered though that the Shred-X Rippedcore pills contain the bitter orange extract in its entirety rather than only Synephrine and there is no information about its Synephrine content on the website.

A study carried out in 2001 investigated the effects that Guarana could have specifically on weight loss in overweight human subjects. The trial took place over a duration of 8 weeks during which time their body weight, metabolism and cardiovascular changes were measured. 67 subjects were split into 2 groups; the first were given Guarana whilst the second were being given a placebo. The results showed that those taking the Guarana had lost significantly more weight and specifically more fat over the 8 weeks than those taking the placebo which led the researchers to conclude that it could effectively promote short term weight loss. Having said that, this study used Guarana in the context of an herbal mixture containing 72mg per day of ephedrine alkaloids and 240mg per day of Caffeine.

Green Tea Extract
In 1999, a study was carried out which examined the effectiveness of Green Tea with regards to increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans. The trial involved 10 healthy male subjects and only lasted for a period of 24 hours. During this time, each subject was given 1 of 3 treatments which included a a Green Tea extract made up of 50mg caffeine and 90mg Epigallocatechin gallate, a 50mg dose of caffeine on its own, or a placebo. These treatments were given to the subjects 3 times per day to be taken with meals. The results showed that when compared to those who had been given the placebo, the Green Tea extract had significantly increased the energy expenditure of subjects by approximately 4%. This indicates that the extract does have the potential to speed up the thermogenic and metabolic rate of those who consume it but without any information about the quantity of EGCG in the extract used in Shred-X Rippedcore, it cannot be said whether these pills will have the same results.

Unlike some of the other ingredients there has been a comparably smaller amount of research into the weight loss effects of Niacin but this is not surprising given that it is best known for being an essential vitamin. Having said this, one study done by the Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies for the European Food Safety Authority suggests that it can have some effect on the metabolism. During research the Panel found that Niacin contributed to ‘normal energy yielding metabolism’ but no findings were mentioned in terms of an enhancement beyond this. This coincides with what the manufacturers claim about their pills supporting normal metabolic rates and suggests that although niacin on its own might induce weight loss, this is in very limited circumstances and usually in those who have a slow metabolic rate to start with.

Given the nature of this ingredient there are no clinical studies that have been done on it relating to weight loss specifically. There are however various trials which suggest that it does work to enhance the effect of other ingredients. One trial used the main component Piperine to enhance the availability of Curcumin in both rats and humans. In rats, using the Piperine increased the serum concentration of Curcumin by 154% for 1-2 hours after it had been taken. The result was even larger in human subjects where the bioavailability was increased by 2000% 45 minutes after taking the Curcumin and Piperine simultaneously. This demonstrates that Piperine does enhance the serum concentration, extent of absorption and bioavailability of at least certain ingredients in both rats and humans.

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Weight Loss Power: 60/100

The Shred-X Rippedcore pills contain a large amount of ingredients in relatively high quantities. Many of these are well known in the diet industry and come supported by clinical trials with regards to their claimed weight loss properties. Of course, without knowing the exact quantities of particular compounds we cannot say for sure how effective the pills will be but given the scientific evidence, if included in high enough quantities, the overall weight loss power of this product is quite strong.
Speed of results: 40/100

Unfortunately the manufacturers of this product give no information about how long users should expect to wait before they experience any weight loss results. They do say however that the pills should be used in cycles of 30 days which suggests that users should start to notice at least some difference within a month. Some customer reviews have boasted weight loss in as little as 1 week but this seems to be the exception rather than the norm.
Appetite Suppression: 30/100

This product is not claimed to act as an appetite suppressant but it does include some ingredients that are believed to have this effect mostly in the form of strong stimulants. Given the sheer amount of this type of ingredient used in the pills, it is likely that users may experience a change in appetite and many consumers noted that they felt less hungry.
Long Term Results: 20/100

Using these pills is unlikely to provide long term results since they do not make any permanent changes to a user’s body or lifestyle. It is likely that after having stopped consuming the pills, they will have to maintain their weight through exercise etc. or they will put back on any they have lost. There is also uncertainty over whether this product would be safe to take for longer periods of time due to the high amounts of stimulants and some associated side effects. The manufacturers state that users must only use the pills for 30 days and then have a 2 week break before attempting to use them again.
Safety: 20/100

The pills have scored very low in this area due to the fact that they contain very high amounts of stimulants. Usually the side effects associated with these kinds of ingredients are fairly mild but when used in larger quantities these are more likely to be higher in severity. In addition, the inclusion of Bioperine means that the impact of any potential side effects could be increased. As well as this, there have been concerns over the long term safety of Synephrine which has been linked to more serious consequences.
Value for money: 65/100

Buying directly from the manufacturer means that the pills are priced at £42.98 for 100 capsules which equates to approximately £1.72 per day. Given the weight loss power of the pills this seems to be a very reasonable price but the pills score so highly here because they are also available for under £19 on

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Shred-X Rippedcore Side Effects

The manufacturers of Shred-X Rippedcore do not mention any side effects on their website and in fact emphasise that the pills come with no after crash. What they do mention however is that users should take the pills a certain amount of time before going to bed which implies that sleep disturbance is a likely potential side effect. Given the high quantities of ingredients, users are highly likely to experience the side effects usually associated with stimulants but there are also concerns over some symptoms resulting from long term use of specific ingredients used in the pills.

Bitter Orange Peel
The most serious side effects thought to result from long term ingestion of this ingredient come from the fact that it contains Synephrine. Although it is often marketed as a safer alternative to Ephedrine, there are still concerns over whether it will result in the same kinds of symptoms but just take a longer period of time to materialise. Bitter orange has been deemed possibly unsafe when used in weight loss products since it is believed to have serious effects in terms of blood pressure and the potential to cause heart defects including heart attacks and even strokes in rarer cases.

The side effects associated with this ingredient are most commonly those linked to stimulants. This includes but is not limited to anxiety, loose stools, headaches, nausea, insomnia, vomiting and tremors. As well as this, Guarana is also said to cause some more severe symptoms in rarer cases including skin rashes, itching, difficulty breathing, swelling of the mouth or face, irregular heartbeat and in the most exceptional circumstances, seizures.

Green Tea Extract
Also a stimulant ingredient, the side effects associated with Green Tea are much the same as those mentioned above for Guarana.

Quite a few side effects have been linked to the long term consumption of Niacin in high doses. These include but are not limited to dizziness, fever, dry and itchy skin, joint pain, muscle aches/cramps, back pain, sickness, swelling of feet or legs, fatigue and irregular heartbeat. It is not clear however exactly how much Niacin is likely to cause these effects.

This ingredient is unlikely to cause any side effects other than in those who may be allergic to it. This might be the case if you experience swelling, redness or itching of the skin or difficulty breathing. Whilst not being prone to side effects on its own, due to the way in which it works, Bioperine can increase the impact or severity of side effects associated with other ingredients.

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How To Use

The manufacturers include specific instructions regarding how to take these pills on their website. They state that users should take 2 capsules with water on an empty stomach. It is said that this can be done up to 2 times per day implying that the maximum dose that can be taken in any 24 hour period is 4 capsules. For those who partake in strict exercise regimes, the manufacturers advise that you take each 2 capsule dose 30-40 minutes before a workout. The product must be used in cycles of 30 days followed by a 14 day wash out period until the desired weight loss is achieved. Due to the high quantities of stimulants it is also recommended that you do not take the pills within 4 hours of bedtime. Given the potential side effects of this product, if you are pregnant, taking antidepressants, particularly sensitive to Caffeine, or suffer from any heart defects, it is not recommended that you use Shred-X Rippedcore.

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Who Makes Shred-X Rippedcore

The main website provides some useful information on a separate page about the company who makes the Shred-X Rippedcore product. This company is called Sci-MX Nutrition LLP and is a UK company based in Brockworth. It sells a range of weight and fitness products which it categorises into 3 groups; the Hardcore series, Leancore series and Rippedcore series. Their products are also allegedly endorsed by a variety of different athletes. The company is not mentioned on any complaints boards and provides ample contact information which leads us to believe that it is reputable. The company itself claims that 9 out of 10 of their customers recommend them on Trust Pilot despite not offering a money back guarantee.

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Where To Buy

Unfortunately it does not look as though this product is available to purchase physically on the high street but consumers can still acquire the capsules online from a number of different retailers including the well-known high street retailer Argos. Prices do seem to vary quite a lot on different websites so it is definitely worth looking around before committing to a purchase from the manufacturer. On the main website you can purchase 1 bottle of the pills for £42.98 inclusive of free next day delivery before a 25% winter discount is added and you can also get 30% off your first order by using a discount code. An even cheaper alternative is to purchase the pills from for £18.70 which also includes free delivery and appears to be sold by the company itself.

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Overall Verdict

Overall the Shred-X Rippedcore pills include a variety of clinically proven ingredients giving it real potential to aid in weight loss. Having said this, these ingredients are used in very large quantities which makes it highly likely that users will experience quite a large amount of side effects. The company is very realistic in terms of the effect that the pills can have on the metabolism and due to this, the pills may work better for those who have a slow metabolic rate or an ingredient deficiency to start with. The product also appears to be good value for money.



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