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Silver Slimming Tablets Reviews

This product is claimed to be able to promote weight loss via its alleged appetite suppressing qualities and metabolism boosting qualities. However, the company does not provide an ingredients list.

Below we have reviewed Silver Slimming Tablets against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Silver Slimming Tablet Review

Silver Slimming Tablets Pros
  • Money back Guarantee available
  • Some of the ingredients have been subject to preliminary testing
Silver Slimming Tablets Cons
  • No ingredients or ingredient quantities listed
  • Overall lack of clinical testing on the product and its ingredients

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Silver Slimming Tablets Review

The major tag line used to advertise Silver Slimming pills is that they have a strong ability to curb the appetite meaning that users are able to lower their calorie intake and lose weight this way. This is marketed as particularly impressive because it means that no extra effort is needed, e.g. through exercise, in order for users to experience a significant amount of weight loss. As well as this, the product contains some stimulants which are believed to boost the metabolism and thus enable users of the pills to burn more fat, again, irrelevant of the amount of exercise that they do.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The manufacturers of Silver Slimming Tablets claim that the pills possess 2 out of the 5 main weight loss properties. These include the function of the pills as an appetite suppressant and simultaneously as an enhancer of the metabolic rate. It is claimed that the pills achieve these qualities via their use of stimulants such as caffeine, guarana extract and ginseng.

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How Silver Slimming Tablets Works

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The official website states under their heading of how do they work, “Silver Slimming Tablets contain only the very best natural ingredients,” which doesn’t answer the question. Silver slimming tablets are not recognised by the Food and Drug Administration.

The manufacturers do not distribute an ingredients list, regardless of it being a legal requirement for food supplements to have the ingredients displayed on the side the bottle. This makes it an extremely difficult product to review in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Silver Slimming tablets are primarily meant to suppress appetite, by curbing hunger cravings and feeling satisfied with three meals a day. This in turn, supposedly boosts metabolic rate meaning more calories are burnt easier. Silver Slimming tablets promote thermogenesis, a heat production in the fatty tissues which purportedly burns fat therefore breaking down fatty acids into smaller, digestible molecules to be used for energy consumption.

A full ingredients list has been posted on some websites, and the product appears to include:

Potassium, Hydroxy Citrate, Magnesium Carbonate, Zinc, Chelate Di Alpha, Amino Acid, Tocophcryl Acetate, Guarana Extract, Chromium, Amino Acid, Chelare, Ginseng Root Powder, Bioprene, Goru Cola, Damiana Leaves, Powder Spirulina, Soy Lecithin, Cayenne Extract, Caffeine.

Cayenne Extract

Cayenne extract is believed to boost metabolism by promoting thermogenesis due to the substance Capsaicin. Cayenne extract is also said to decrease hunger cravings by stimulating the release of the norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter which plays an important role in controlling appetite. Without the ingredient quantity, it is difficult to judge if the capsule has enough Cayenne extract in for to have effect.


Bioperine is derived from black pepper and is meant to aid weight loss by increasing thermogenesis. This may result in a boosted metabolism and the body may therefore burn calories quicker. It purportedly kick-starts thermogenic activities by enhancing the transportation of nutrients into the blood. Bioperine is also said to stimulate the intestines and the uptake of nutrients. Due to a higher absorption of nutrients and minerals, hunger cravings are supposedly kept at bay as the body is receiving enough nutritional goodness therefore reducing appetite.

Hydroxycitric acid

Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is an active ingredient in Silver slimming tablets found from the rind of the Indonesian fruit Garcinia cambogia. The inclusion of potassium in the product supposedly neutralises the acid, making it Hydroxycitrate, a stable compound. HCA is claimed to be a competitive inhibitor of ATP citrate lyase, an enzyme which deals with the breakdown of fatty acids. It also purportedly speeds up oxidation of fatty acids, boosting metabolism. Hydroxycitrate is said to also suppress appetite but again, the quantities of the ingredient are unknown.


Guarana is from the seeds of a South American tree, which is naturally high in caffeine – supposedly even higher than coffee. As a stimulant, it is believed that Guarana plays a part in weight loss when consumed with other ingredients such as green tea. Caffeine may block adenosine, the hormone which induces tiredness, making the body more alert. It is also said to increase blood pressure and metabolic rate, burning more calories, however there is much debate to the extent of the effects and how much caffeine needs to be consumed.

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Key Silver Slimming Tablets Ingredients

Caffeine 538

Unlike other diet pills there does not appear to be one particular ingredient that stands out as the main driving force behind the Silver Slimming pills’ claimed weight loss effects. It seems that stimulants as a general group appear to be used within the pill, such as caffeine and guarana, although the supposed appetite suppressing qualities of the Cayenne extract may be said to have quite a crucial role.

Other ingredients contained in the pills that have not already been mentioned include:

– Magnesium Carbonate
– Zinc
– Chelate Di Alpha
– Amino Acids
– Tocophcryl Acetate
– Chromium
– Chelare
– Goru Cola
– Damiana Leaves
– Powder Spirulina
– Soy Lecithin

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Clinical Studies

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Silver Slimming tablets have no clinical trials to support their claims as yet. They do however, refer to the trials which have been performed on the individual ingredients. Clinical trials are experiments, designed upon predisposed knowledge and theories, which are usually exercised over a period of time to determine the effects of a product. They tend to be practised upon animal subjects first, such as rats, to ensure that the product is safe to test further upon a human subject. This is the concern with over the counter supplements as many have not had any testing and as Silver Slimming is one of these questionable products, this article will examine the clinical trials for the individual ingredients in these tablets.

Cayenne Extract

It is believed that capsaicinoids (the bioactive chemicals found within chilli peppers) have weight loss properties. They are said to increase energy-expenditure, increase fat oxidation and reduce appetite. 20 trials were done with 563 participants to test these theories. The trial duration and dosages varied, but the overall results concluded that the consumption of capsaicin led to an increase energy expenditure of 50 calories per day and would be a clinically significant weight loss in 1 – 2 years. It was also proven that capsaicinoids reduced abdominal fat tissue and reduced appetite. Although the details of how these effects are achieved are unknown, it is thought that this is due to the stimulation of the TRPV1 receptor. It is a protein within the body whose function is to regulate body temperature and when activated by capsaicin, the receptor causes a burning and painful sensation in response to the core temperature rising.


A trial was conducted on Hydroxycitrate to study its effects on weight loss. 135 overweight subjects were split into two groups; one to be given a 1500mg dose of HCA and the other to receive a placebo. They were prescribed a high fibre and low energy diet for 12 weeks. Both groups lost weight but there were no significant differences between the two groups. “The authors concluded that G. cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo.”

Another 8 week trial was performed upon 60 obese subjects. There were given a 280mg dose of HCA three times a day 30-60 minutes before meals. The subjects had a 2000 calorie diet and endured supervised walking. The results indicated a 5-6% decrease in BMI. These trials produced conflicting results, deeming Hydroxycitric acid an ingredient which has inconclusive weight loss effects and needs further testing.


One study was conducted on the weight loss effects of Guarana when combined with ephedra. 24 subjects were given the supplement while the other 24 were fed a placebo over an 8 week trial period. The subjects who were given the supplement had shown a higher weight and fat loss than those with the placebo. However, many subjects dropped out from the clinical trial because of side effects such as insomnia, dry mouth and headaches. The results of the experiment concluded that Guarana/ephedra produced short term weight loss but the researchers could not differentiate if these results were produced from just the Guarana or the combination of the two.

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Silver Slimming Tablets Side Effects

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Unfortunately ingredient quantities are not provided for this product, making it impossible to state whether or not it may be safe. The most common side effects associated with diet pills that potentially contain high amounts of stimulants include mild unpleasantries such as nausea, insomnia, anxiety and/or headaches. Should these persist and become very intense it is recommended that you consult a GP for guidance concerning further use of the pills. There are some side effects which can occur in some users but not others which may explain the mixed comments online.

Some praise the pills, stating that they started to notice positive results within a week however some reviews have mentioned side effects such as “stomach pains (like indigestion) and after eating I am running to the toilet.” Cayenne pepper extract and Bioperine are thought to be able to have a detoxifying result when introduced to the body, due to the stimulation of the intestines. The body may adapt to this change, however diarrhoea is an unpleasant side effect.

Cayenne Extract

Pepper extracts could also cause heartburn, due to the excess heat production from thermogenesis. Also, the stimulation capsaicin has on the receptor can result in a burning painful sensation as a response. The effects of the pepper extracts can vary, depending on the tolerance of the user. The TRVP1 receptor can become desensitized to the presence of capsaicin if consumed regularly. Dieters not used to capsaicin in their diet may feel the side effects much more than those who consume it usually.


Reported side effects of caffeine are nausea, headaches and nervousness. This is from the amount of caffeine in the supplement as there is caffeine used as an ingredient and then the high amounts of caffeine found in the guarana extract. Caffeine may block adenosine, a hormone which induces tiredness and relaxation in the body and an excessive amount can cause the nervous system to go into overdrive. Side effects of caffeine affect those with a low tolerance more severely and may include increased heart rate and blood pressure.

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How to Use

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The official website instructs taking two Silver Slimming tablets at 10am and another 2 at 3pm. They are sold in a 4 week course and a 7 week course however there is no recommendation how long of a course should be taken. The makers do say that once your desired weight has been achieved users should reduce the pill intake to a “maintenance level” but this needs explaining as it lacks detail and clarity.

Silver Slimming advises reducing caffeine intake along with sugary foods, alcohol and junk food. Silver Slimming does not mention exercise in conjunction with the tablets but does say to drink 10 glasses of water a day. They do not offer any meal plans or exercise regimes to achieve optimal results.

Silver slimming clearly state not to exceed 4 tablets in a day but then go on to advertise their night tablets. These are to be taken with the normal tablets, 2 pills at night with a glass of water but Silver Slimming do not express the benefit of this. It appears that the pills contain similar ingredients (from what could be found). The company also offers slimming patches which contain the same ingredients but are placed on the skin in the morning and left on throughout the day instead of remembering to take pills.

Silver Slimming says that “people judge their results from reductions in waist line rather than on the scales in the first week”. They say users may start seeing results from as early as a week.

Based on the ingredients listed above, Silver Slimming Tablets should not be used by the following groups of people:

– Those who are sensitive to stimulants
– Those who have high blood pressure
– Those who have a family history of heart defects
– Women who are pregnant and/or nursing
– Those with a potassium deficiency
– Anyone who has any other underlying medical condition

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Who Makes It?

Silver Slimming is a UK company. The company offers a money back guarantee, but does not disclose the ingredients or quantities in Silver Slimming Tablets. Silver Slimming has a small range of weight loss products, including detox pills and slimming patches. The website suggests taking both day and night pills alongside a detox course and slimming patches.

It is difficult to judge Silver Slimming on their customer reviews as there are such a limited amount of them. Amazon only has one 2 star review and there are a few mixed reviews scattered across a couple of forums which don’t seem to reveal much. Their website does not have a comments box neither does it have any fake testimonials praising their product.

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Where to Buy Silver Slimming Tablets


Silver Slimming tablets are not available to purchase from high street stores. The official Silver Slimming website state that their tablets are available from Superdrug, Harrods and Selfridges yet these retailers websites show no evidence of this.

The first place to purchase the supplement would be the official website. They sell a 4 week course for £12.95 or a week course for £19.99. They also sell slimming patches and a night time formula, but this is not displayed on the website. If not 100% satisfied with the product within 2 weeks, the remaining tablets can be sent back and a full refund will be issued. sells a pack of 85 tablets for £18.99. This is an online pharmacy and the site provides a couple of customer reviews with star ratings. They also offer a one week supply of 28 tablets for £6.99. stocks a 4 week course for £13.95 and a 7 week course for £23.95. They also offer a money back guarantee within a 30 day period. This website also offers a 7 day diet plan download with the purchase and lists the ingredients, therefore proving to be more useful than the official website. There are customer reviews ranging from one star to five but its overall star rating is 3 out of 5.

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Does Silver Slimming Tablets Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is mention of a two-week money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: Yes, payment is one-off when purchasing Silver Slimming Tablets from the official website.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There does not appear to be a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: No, a full ingredients list is not provided.

Company contact details readily available: Some contact details are available.

Silver Slimming Tablets does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no diet plan, and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards and ingredient quantities.

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Overall Verdict

Silver Slimming tablets appear to have a long ingredients list, many of which have not been studied and none of which have been definitively proven to aid weight loss. The product does not contain any ingredients that are known to be dangerous, although since ingredient quantities are not provided, we cannot be certain that the supplement will be safe. It is not advised for people with cardiovascular conditions due to the caffeine content. The company does offer a money-back guarantee, but there is a lot of information missing from the official website.

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  1. Dina says:

    The Silver slimming pills worked wonders for me. I lost 4 stone in 7 months taking these pills every day, and eating a balanced diet with exercise 3-5 days a week.

  2. Kelly says:

    Why can I no longer buy silver slimming products any where ??

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