Size Zero Patch
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Size Zero Patch

The Size Zero Patch is a relatively unique way of losing weight – through wearing a patch, similar to the patch you might wear when trying to quit smoking.

Size Zero Patch for weight lossThe name is an obvious attempt to link the patch to the famous ‘size zero’ that is often thrown at models for being too skinny, which is an attempt to get the customer picturing themselves losing dramatic amounts of weight thanks to the patch. It’s a very bold claim to make; can it possibly achieve it? Read on to find out more.

Size Zero Patch Pros
  • Easy to use
Size Zero Patch Cons
  • No ingredient list at all
  • No proof, evidence or clinical trials to back up its claims
  • Very expensive price

Size Zero Patch Review

Size Zero Patch is a simple patch similar to a caffeine patch. It claims it will release powerful fat burning ingredients into your system and yet doesn’t tell customers of even one ingredient, nor does it present any kind of evidence or clinical trials. Therefore we doubt it’ll be anywhere near as potent as it claims.

How Size Zero Patch Works

Size Zero Patch reviewThe Size Zero Patch reveals just enough about itself to appear attractive to customers but does not give enough information to be trusted. The Size Zero Patch is a patch which is worn every day, replaced with a new patch each day for six straight days, that releases its ingredients into the body. This is practically all it reveals about itself and all we’re told about how it works is that it is a fat burner.

A team of doctors and scientists are apparently behind the product, they have been dedicated to weight loss and yet they’re so proud of their product they are not named or pictured on the website. The technology behind the patch was also apparently first used in hospitals for those suffering with long term weight loss making it as powerful and effective as prescription drugs but once again there is zero evidence to back this up.

The Size Zero Patch does a good job at attempting to sell the patch but look behind the flimsy sales pitch and you’ll find zero evidence that it works, no ingredient details, no product testing and even testimonials with dubious looking before and after pictures. There is very little other than the hard working sales pitch that says this will help you to lose weight. Here is an analysis of dieting patches and their effectiveness from ABC News.

For more detailed information regarding the effects of the pills, you can read our How Size Zero Patch Works article.

Key Size Zero Patch Ingredients

toes crossed for weight loss with Size Zero PatchThe ingredient list is completely missing from the website, as is a picture of the actual box or bottle of the product. The patch uses time release technology to slowly release the fat burning ingredients in to the body, which it claims is revolutionary, but without knowing what ingredients there are and in what quantities this is basically meaningless. It could be releasing a fraction of nothing or releasing a large amount of ingredients that are not very effective, so the ingredient list not even being mentioned is a huge miss.

The website says the patch uses 100% natural plant ingredients but this is still meaningless. Without proof of what the patch includes this could be completely untrue and even if it is true, the ingredients may still not be effective for weight loss. This and the lack of any evidence that the product works makes the Size Zero Patch completely impossible to invest in and incredibly unlikely to work in helping you to lose weight. Here is further doubt about the effectiveness of diet patches in an article by the Los Angeles Times.

Learn more by reading our article on Size Zero Patch Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power:


The website is incredibly confident about the product and gives an impressive sales pitch but this is all undermined with a complete lack of any evidence or any tests on the product, as well as an invisible ingredient list. Despite having an exact amount of weight loss attached to each product size (e.g. 12 patches means 24lbs of weight loss) there is a huge amount of doubt whether this is accurate or even true. It would be surprising if this product is very powerful at all.

Speed of results:


The speed of the results has been very specifically detailed; you will apparently lose 24lbs in 2 weeks with 12 patches and 48lbs in a month with 24 patches. The question is whether you actually believe these quotas or not, with no clinical trials or any evidence at all and the hidden ingredient list it is hard to find a reason to believe you can lose weight this quickly. Some customers have complained of zero weight loss and it would not be surprising to find out these patches included very little or anything at all to help the weight loss process.

Appetite Suppression:


Appetite suppression is not something that is mentioned on the Size Zero Patch website so we would not expect any effect on your appetite. It would be surprising, if the immense weight loss is to be believed, that your hunger would not increase to make up the amount of food you are burning.

Long Term Results:


With no testing on the product at all, let alone long term testing, there is no telling what the long term effect of using the Size Zero Patch could be. Once again if the huge amounts of potential weight loss are to be believed, you would have to worry about the consequences of losing so much weight in so little time. It gives the body no time to adapt and also no time for a change in your diet, which suggests weight will come straight back on even if you do lose it in the first place. Click here to see our top rated diet pills.



As a result of the complete lack of any sort of product testing or clinical trials it is impossible to say the Size Zero Patch is safe. Added to this, the fact that you will have no idea what is being pumped in to your body thanks to the hidden ingredient list, it could potentially be a very unsafe product. Of course the makers say it has no side effects and interestingly makes a point of saying it will not affect bowel movements, but once again there is no evidence to back this up. Read about the dangers of diet patches on

Value for money:


Considering that there is no evidence to support any of the claims made by the makers and no ingredient list to look at either, you cannot expect to lose the amount of weight they are promising. Taking this in to account, having to pay $50 for two weeks of patches and $70 for just under a month is hugely expensive. Size Zero Patches are very poor value for money and only offer a very vague money back guarantee too.

Size Zero Patch Side Effects

Considering the track record of Size Zero Patches on the lack of important information, it is not surprising to hear the safety and side effects of the product are not mentioned in much detail. They merely say it is side effect free, 100% natural and won’t affect bowel movements, without backing it up with proof. It would be a safety risk to use a Size Zero Patch missing so much crucial information.

We examine the possible side effects in more detail in our article on Size Zero Patch Side Effects.

Where to Buy Size Zero Patch

The size zero patch can only be bought from the official website. It asks you to take them for six days straight with a seventh day off to recover from the weight loss. This means 12 patches will last 14 days and so on. 12 patches costs $49.95, 24 for $69.95, 36 costs $89.95 and the biggest pack is 48 patches and costs $109.95. The makers claim you can lose about 2lbs a day thanks to the patch.

For more information, please read our Where To Buy Size Zero Patch article.

Overall Verdict

The Size Zero Patch is another dieting supplement to be avoided. The attempt to sell the product on the website is admirable but all the sales talk and hype is undermined with the glaringly obvious lack of any evidence of the patch working. On top of this there is the omission of the ingredient list; with not even a single ingredient revealed you can’t expect anyone to believe the expansive claims being made.

There are also doubts around the safety of the product and it is way overpriced for something so clearly difficult to believe to be effective. You’re more likely to lose zero pounds than reach size zero with these patches.

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