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Slendatrim is a diet supplement which utilises both the weight loss potential of a metabolism booster and an appetite suppressant. It is the most recent product manufactured by Vitegrity who specialise in producing health care products.

The product is very new to market and as such there are no real customer reviews to speak of, therefore it is hoped that this article can give you an insight into what essentially is an untested product.


Slendatrim Pros
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • No problems associated with manufacturer or product
  • Ingredient profile is available although not immediately obvious
Slendatrim Cons
  • Only available in America
  • Have to enter personal information before price is displayed
  • Contains bitter orange

Slendatrim Review

The official website has a very helpful list of ‘benefits’ that taking the product will provide you with:

• Contains bitter orange to help increase thermogenesis
• Hoodia grodonii to curb your appetite
• Chromium to regulate sugar levels
• Vitamin B12 to help with food breakdown
• Thiamine to help with carbohydrate breakdown
• Glucomannan as a high fibre source
• African mango to regulate blood glucose levels
• Green tea to help kick-start your metabolism

How Slendatrim Works

Generally a diet pill will concentrate on a specific mechanism of weight loss whether this be in the form of an appetite suppressant, fat binder or metabolism booster for instance. In the case of Slendatrim, the product has decided to encompass both appetite suppression and metabolism boosting ingredients to try to help you meet your weight loss goals.

appetite suppressantOne function of appetite suppressants is the increase of the hormone serotonin, also known as the feel-good hormone. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that’s responsible for the regulation of mood, sleep, appetite and even learning. When you take an appetite suppressant you increase your serotonin levels and this spares you the need to snack because you no longer feel hungry — your brain is tricked into believing your stomach is already full. Therefore, appetite suppressors achieve weight loss by overall decreasing your daily calorie intake since you both eat less during the day and don’t have the urge to eat heavily. As you have increased your serotonin levels then you generally feel happier during the day and thus may feel more motivated to exercise or be more productive at work if it is of a physical nature.

boosts metabolismYour metabolism is the rate at which your body can convert food into energy that the body can use, otherwise known as ATP. There are many factors which control your metabolism, some of which are out of your control (age and gender) but there are also many factors which you can directly influence (activity and intensity). When the chemical processes in the body begin to happen at a quicker rate more and more energy is required. In this way, your body is actually burning more calories. Therefore, by including ingredients which can artificially raise your metabolic rate you can burn more calories and will continue to burn more calories even when you are sitting down not doing anything. The downside to this is that if you do not maintain a lifestyle which encourages high energy requirements then the moment you stop taking the stimulants you will feel your metabolism become slower and you will feel sluggish once again.

For more information, read our How Slendatrim Works article and our How To Use Slendatrim article.

Key Slendatrim Ingredients

The Slendatrim product contains many ingredients but it is the dual action of metabolism boosting and appetite suppression where the product really tries to sell itself. Therefore in this section we will only look at the ingredients which tout themselves as either useful metabolic boosters or appetite suppressants.

Bitter Orange
bitter orangeThis ingredient is a hybrid fruit containing characteristics of both the mandarin and the pomelo fruits. The main use of bitter oranges is as flavouring but it is also common to see them in perfume production. In recent times the bitter orange has also seen itself adopted by practitioners of herbal medicine as both a stimulant and appetite suppressant. The reason for this is the chemical structure of bitter orange is very similar to ephedra which was a popular appetite suppressant before it got banned by the FDA. There have been studies which have shown that the ingredient may well carry similar (although not quite as serious) risks as ephedra due to a demonstrated rise in blood pressure and heart rate with just one concentrated dosage. There are very few available studies which have measured its potential to be an appetite suppressant as yet.

More information about the weight loss effects of bitter orange can be found in our Bitter Orange article.

Hoodia Gordonii
Hoodia igordonii plantThis plant, native to Africa, is very popular in mainstream media right about now. The reason for this is that it the local tribesmen of the particular region in which it is grown use the plant for long hunting trips and so it was deduced that the plant must have appetite supressing properties. As yet, the studies examining the potential use of hoodia as an actual appetite suppressant are ongoing and share conflicting views. It was discovered that the actual cause of appetite suppression was the pregnane glycoside in the hoodia itself. The problem arises because these very same glycosides appear in many other already domesticated plants native to Europe such as the thistle. These plants have not yet been tested for appetite suppressive properties which beg the question; does this mean that thistles can help you lose weight? If the answer to this is yes then there is nothing really special about hoodia gordonii, yet if the answer is no then hoodia may well be the next big appetite suppressant.

Green Tea
At some point in an individual’s life it is likely that they have drunk green tea. This is commonly seen as a safer alternative to coffee as the caffeine content is slightly lower and as such is much more tolerable. In addition to this, green tea contains many more vitamins and minerals which allow health benefits outside of the weight loss spectrum not supported by coffee.

Find out more about the weight loss potential of green tea in our Green Tea article.

There are more ingredients included in Slendatrim but there are far too many to cover in this section. As such, this brief review has only covered the above three ingredients as they represent each of the mechanisms of action that are present in Slendatrim plus the complimentary caffeine source which is common amongst nearly all diet pills.

Further information can be found in our Slendatrim Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

The product has no reviews that are independent from the official website which makes it difficult to estimate the weight loss power of the product when actually used by the intended audience. Studies conducted on the ingredients contained within Slendatrim claim that you may experience weight loss although this is by no means guaranteed. There are no magic ingredients in Slendatrim and you will most probably have taken most of the ingredients in other products before.
Speed of results: 20/100

Slendatrim utilises the thermogenic effects of metabolism boosting ingredients, and regardless of whether they are significantly effective or just slightly effective you should begin to feel the difference in energy levels within the first couple of days. In addition to these metabolism boosters, Slendatrim also contains appetite supressing ingredients. While not being as fast acting as metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants tend to be effective within the first week of taking the product. It is definitely the case that products of this type are the most effective within the first one to two weeks and then begin to tail of as your body gets used to them. As there are no real life customer reviews it is difficult to suggest how effective the product is likely to be but as time goes by it will certainly become less effective.
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

Slendatrim does contain hoodia gordonii which has been receiving much media attention for its apparent appetite supressing properties in addition to glucommanan. Research has suggested that hoodia gordonii does have the potential to help customers lose weight through eating less although the research is at a very early stage. The most interesting find was that the appetite supressing qualities of hoodia gordonii were isolated to a specific branch of chemical structures called pregnane glycosides. These structures have also been found in other plant based organisms such as the thistle plant. Until other plants which contain this specific glycoside are tested then the weight loss potential of hoodia gordonii will not be fully realised.
Long Term Results: 10/100

As the product utilises both metabolism boosting ingredients and appetite suppressant ingredients it is unlikely to continue working as effectively after a couple of months. This is because the body will slowly build up a tolerance to the ingredients which will reduce their effectiveness. You should be wary of taking the product for more than three months at a time as it around this time you may see results begin to diminish. If you feel that the product was effective in the short term then feel free to leave about 3-4 weeks before you begin taking the product again.
Safety: 20/100

The product has the usual side effects of nausea, vomiting and stomach pains associated with it as many other diet supplements do and this fact doesn’t carry too much concern. The main concern with the product lies with the bitter orange ingredient which has been scientifically proven to increase blood pressure and heart rate in healthy subjects. If this change can occur in healthy subjects then it is potentially very worrying to think about the possible effects in more obese and therefore unhealthy individuals. If you experience any unusual sensations while taking the product then cease immediately. It may also be worth asking your doctor to carry out a quick check of your blood pressure and heart rate while you are consulting with them.
Value for money: 30/100

At £28 for a one month supply Slendatrim is not exactly an expensive product which is promising. Having said this, if you plan on buying multiple bottles then the price can stack up quite quickly. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews aside from those posted on the official website and these reviews will likely be chosen based on the fact they have something positive to say. This means that it is difficult to say whether the product is worth the £28 price tag.

Slendatrim Side Effects

headacheUnfortunately, Slendatrim has a few side effects associated with it. The most concerning of which is in direct relation to bitter orange. This ingredient has been shown to cause very severe headaches which can last as long as several months, this condition is very rare and only affects roughly 1,000 per year. Additionally, a study by Bui has shown that one single dose of bitter orange is enough to significantly increase your blood pressure and heart rate which could lead to complications in unhealthy individuals.

Aside from this, Slendatrim has side effects that are common with other diet supplements such as vomiting, nausea, digestive distress and possible irritation. This should come as no surprise due to making such drastic changes to your lifestyle that your body cannot handle the changes quick enough. While only minor, these side effects may be enough to put some customers off buying the product.

For more information, read our Slendatrim Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Slendatrim

diet pillsSlendatrim is available from the official website but before you even place an order you have to enter all kinds of personal information. For this reason it is probably better to buy the product from Amazon US, where the price is exactly the same, but may be more costly for UK customers.

The product is sold by the manufacturer of Slendatrim (Vitegrity) which should ensure that any trouble with the ordering process should be minimal. As Amazon are also involved in this transaction then this increases the likelihood that you will not experience any untoward problems, it is important to remember though that Amazon have no obligation to step in but they do tend to be quite helpful in such situations. The product is currently priced at $47.92 when postage and packing is taken into consideration. To bring this into perspective you will be paying £28.74 in British Pound Stirling.

For more information about buying Slendatrim, read our Where To Buy Slendatrim article and our The Company Behind Slendatrim article.

Overall Verdict

Slendatrim is fairly new to the market and as such it is difficult to gauge how well received it has been in these early stages. By looking at the ingredients it is difficult to see how exactly the product can live up to the bold claims that it lays out on the website. Having said this, the product may well be effective for some people but it is difficult to see this product having mass market appeal. The biggest concern with this product is the inclusion of bitter orange as a key ingredient as studies have shown it to be able to raise blood pressure and heart rate in even healthy individuals with just one concentrated dose. The price of the product is fairly reasonable when its competitors are taken into account. However, without any real world testimonials it is difficult to say exactly how much value it is likely to be. It would be a prudent decision to perhaps wait for a couple of months as more and more people review it.

Overall: 20/100

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  1. Purchased Slendatrim 1 week ago. Took the pills at 6am and decided to go running at 7 am HUGE MISTAKE ! The diarrhea started 2 miles into my jog, Totally embarrassed myself it was running down my legs. I had to hide behinded a tree until my husband picked me up. This STUFF is nothing more then a bad laxative.

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