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Slim 24 Pro

Slim 24 Pro comes in the form of a weight loss shake, acting as a meal replacement plan. The product’s key ingredient is whey protein. Although whey protein has few side effects associated with it, the ingredient has not been thoroughly studied in terms of weight loss.

Below we have reviewed Slim 24 Pro against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

slim 24 pro review

Slim 24 Pro Pros
  • Few side effects associated with key ingredient, whey protein
  • Product's ingredient quantities are easily accessible
Slim 24 Pro Cons
  • Does not come with money-back-guarantee
  • Main ingredient, whey protein, has not been thoroughly researched

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Slim 24 Pro Review

Slim 24 Pro is a meal replacement shake that uses whey protein as its primary ingredient. Although some studies have shown whey protein to be effective in terms of weight loss, the ingredient hasn’t been thoroughly studied. The product does not come with a money-back-guarantee.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Slim 24 Pro is claimed to be a fat burner and an apppetite suppressant. Both these functions are attributed to the presence of whey protein, which is the primary active ingredient in this meal replacement plan.

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How Slim 24 Pro Works


The official website of Slim 24 Pro states that this weight loss supplement contains a proprietary formula, which essentially allows its users to lose weight, gain fitness and recover faster, to use the exact words of the manufacturers.

The first claim is that Slim 24 Pro contains nutrients in a very balanced and measured manner. This implies that all the ingredients that go in the making of this weight loss supplement have been effectively measured to meet the nutrient requirements of one’s body. It is important to note here that Slim 24 Pro is a meal replacement plan, and so its intake helps one cut down on heavy meals. Moreover, it allows one to feel satiated and full for longer periods of time, thus reducing tendencies oriented towards obesity. Regular and monitored usage of Slim 24 Pro according to its manufacturers results in eventual loss of fat as the body fills itself on two scoops of this product each day. Subsequently, this loss of fat can result in fatigue and decreased stamina but this meal replacement plan keeps that in check by providing the essential nutrients to counteract these effects.

Slim 24 Pro is also claimed to allow effective and healthy building of the muscle tissue owing to the presence of whey protein. This whey protein is contained in micro ultra filtered form according to the manufacturers of Slim 24 Pro. Hence, this allows fat to eventually be replaced with muscle tissue instead, not only giving your body a toned and shapely look, but also allowing you to maintain enough vigour and energy for times of stress and fatigue.

This meal replacement plan also contains several other ingredients such as Iron, Riboflavin, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Zinc and Phosphorus amongst others. All of these are essential nutrients and are thought to allow one to gain considerable energy reserves. From this claim, it appears that the manufacturers realize that the meal replacement plan can be quite strenuous in terms of sapping energy out of the body. Therefore, it takes care of this concern by making sure your body is not deprived of energy and continues to receive the same amount and variety of nutrients that it would normally do from other meals.

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Key Slim 24 Pro Ingredients

While Slim 24 Pro contains a multitude of different ingredients ranging from Iron and Phosphorus to folic acid and pantothenic acid, the chief ingredient is protein, more precisely in the form of whey protein. Whey protein constitutes about 35 percent of each serving, or more specifically 13.5 grams for every 30 grams of Slim 24 Pro. In this regard, it is the prime element contained in this meal replacement plan.

Whey protein is one of the two proteins found in milk, with the other being casein. Whey protein contains several water-soluble amino acids, and is hence the water-soluble part of milk. It is responsible for building up of muscle tissue, which then replaces the fat being burned. This action of whey protein provides an extensive build-up of muscle tissue and gives the body a firm and tight shape.

In a study conducted to study the effects of whey protein with reference to fat burning, it has been proven that whey protein increases the lean mass and simultaneously reduces the body fat mass. It is also believed that whey protein has a faster absorption rate as opposed to other forms of protein and hence it is able to contribute to the synthesis and growth of muscle protein at higher rates as opposed to other proteins.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

Although there have been no clinical trials conducted on Slim 24 Pro itself, there have been some conducted on the product’s ingredients.

Whey Protein clinical studies

Whey proteins is one of the two proteins contained in milk, with the other protein present being casein. Whey protein forms the water-soluble part of milk, and contains a series of water-soluble amino acids.

The following study allows us to make two deductions pertaining to whey protein. The first is that whey protein is absorbed at a faster rate as opposed to other forms of protein, and hence it is able to subsequently contribute more than other proteins to muscle building. This explains why its containment in Slim 24 Pro results in muscle synthesis as explained by the manufacturers. Secondly, whey protein is also believed to reduce fat, and it is believed in accordance with this particular study that an increase in intake of whey protein is proportional to the decrease of fat content in the body.

Another study conducted by Greens First shows that whey protein could have two prominent effects. Firstly, it can increase lean mass and subsequently reduce body fat, and is hence associated with weight loss properties. Secondly, this particular study also demonstrates that whey protein can manifest metabolism-boosting properties and hence help in reducing the appetite and allowing one to feel full for longer periods of time.

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Slim 24 Pro Side Effects

The manufacturers assert that the product Slim 24 Pro is entirely organic in nature and hence free from side effects. Nonetheless, let us look at the prime ingredient of Slim 24 Pro and see if it is capable of exhibiting any side effects.

Whey protein side effects

The prime active ingredient of Slim 24 Pro is whey protein, and it is generally believed to be a safe product. However, it does exhibit some side effects, which are mostly not hazardous in nature. Let us analyze them one by one.

1. Increased bowel movements: Slim 24 Pro aims to flush fat out of the body. This is partly done through the action of whey protein and partly through other agents. Nonetheless, these weight loss actions result in increased movement of the bowel, and can correspondingly result in cramps and stomach pain.

2. Tiredness and fatigue: The second side effect of using the meal replacement plan Slim 24 Pro is fatigue. Naturally, as your body is burning fat and correspondingly building up muscle tissue, you are bound to feel fatigued. This is further caused by the fact that you are compromising both on proper meals as well as the occasional snacking, and relying only on this meal replacement plan for nourishment. Moreover, protein is the only food group that you are consuming sufficiently, as you cut down on both fats and carbohydrates. These changes take time for your body to get used to, and so it responds meanwhile in the transitory phase by experiencing tiredness, fatigue and headaches.

3. Potential problems if you are allergic to milk: Whey protein is contained as one of the two proteins in milk, and it is likely that if you are allergic to milk, intake of this meal replacement plan may be problematic for you. Whey protein is indeed present in quite a strong concentration in Slim 24 Pro, and hence you should refrain from using it in the case of an allergy or potential allergies to milk.

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How To Use Slim 24 Pro

woman wondering how diet pill works 538

One should take it if one has a body mass index of 25 or above, otherwise it would not be very beneficial. The manufacturers advise against taking it if you are in the below normal range of body mass index.

It is also suggested that Slim 24 Pro should be taken along with either milk, curd or water. Users should take two scoops a day together for as long as they wish to remain on this meal replacement plan. Since this plan intends to replace your meals, naturally it is also suggested that you refrain from snacking, particularly snacking that is unhealthy in nature. For instance, foods rich in carbohydrates, oils and fats will work to interrupt your meal replacement plan and may even reverse the effects that Slim 24 Pro will be working hard to instill in you internally.

These are essentially the instructions provided by the manufacturers. While they are not exceptionally brief in nature, they are neither very broad either. For instance, the manufacturers conveniently miss out groups that should refrain from using this product. It also fails to mention if you need to follow a particular workout plan to help the effects of Slim 24 become visible. Let us discuss these issues in more detail below.

The first issue is as follows. Can you take this product if you are pregnant? Can you take this product if you are breastfeeding? You have no way of finding out because the manufacturers fail to offer any information. Most weight loss supplements are accompanied with a comment concerning whether the particular supplement is advisable for these two categories or not and such is a highly responsible thing to do so. However, Slim 24 Pro fails to offer us any insight on this.

Secondly, what workout plan should you be focusing on to aid the working of the meal replacement plan? Again, you have no means of finding out because the manufacturers remain silent on this.

Hence, we see that the manufacturers are vocal about certain instructions such as how often the meal replacement plan should be taken, what it should be taken with, what you should avoid doing and what weight categories it is suitable for. However, at the same time, they very easily miss out elements that are aforementioned.

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Who Makes Slim 24 Pro

This is what the official website of Slim 24 Pro has to say – “We are, an e-commerce website by Telemart Shopping Network Pvt. Ltd., Indore, M.P., India – 452016.” The issue here is that the website is not very clear. On the one hand, it allows one to be tilted towards the belief that Slim 24 Pro is the company itself, and that the product and the company stand by the same name. On the other hand, one is also tempted to believe that Telemart Shopping Network Pvt. Ltd has some stakes involved, as the website further mentions that the payments received in return for the meal replacement plan are processed by Telemart. This is hence a contention that we fail to be decisive on.

The website does have a contact page, but this is not very elaborate in nature. It lists an email address as well as two telephone numbers. Moreover, there is also a comments box where you can write your concerns and have them submitted. However, there is not much clarity about who is at the receiving end of these comments and phone lines.

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Where to Buy Slim 24 Pro


There are several options that you can avail if you want to purchase the meal replacement plan named Slim 24 Pro. Like all weight loss supplements out there, this product too can be purchased through either its own website or through third party suppliers. Moreover, again like all other weight supplements out there, you can pick and choose from a variety of offers and options, In this article, we discuss in more detail where you can buy Slim 24 Pro from, what offers you can avail and more.

The official website provides three different ways through which you can buy Slim 24 Pro. The price figures are quoted in the local Indian currency, which is Rupees. Let us look at each of the three options one by one.

The first option is online delivery for those residing within India. This takes an average of around 6 to 8 days as reported by the website. This option allows you to enjoy a 10 percent discount, as you can buy Slim 24 Pro through this option for Rs 3870 instead of the usual Rs 4300. You do have to pay Rs 200 for postage and handling charges though.

The second option is cash on delivery, in which case you have to pay the usual price of Rs 4300. This option takes a bit shorter, as your order reaches you in around 4 to 6 days in this particular case. The postage and handling charges remain the same, i.e. Rs 200.

The third option is for overseas residents. This option allows you to purchase Slim 24 Pro for $170 (£105.63) instead of $200 (£124.27), allowing you to save $30 (£18.64) and hence enjoy a 15 percent discount. This option takes around 8 to 10 days for the order to be delivered at your doorstep.

You can also purchase Slim 24 Pro from third party suppliers. Some of these are locally based, and are hence not as prominent as Amazon is for instance.

Winnetka Patch is one of the available options. Here, you can purchase a bottle of Slim 24 Pro for Rs 3900. This website provides a link to another website as well as some contact details to help you progress towards placing an order.

What we see is that most sites merely publicize this meal replacement plan, listing another website called Herbaslim24pro, which then allows you to place the order for a payment of Rs 3900. The packing is in a box, each of which contains two bottles.

Therefore, while you may be able to find numerous websites from where you can order 24 Slim Pro, you cannot be entirely sure of which is reliable and which is a scam. This is because these sites are at times only locally established, and at other times dealing merely as advertisers and hence do not take any responsibility for the product itself. It is therefore advisable that you buy 24 Slim Pro from its own website. This is a feasible option because it allows for accountability. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact the manufacturers through the same website and express your concerns. You can also avail a wide range of options and be assured of delivery regardless of whether you are a local customer or an international one. Therefore, our suggestion would be to purchase 24 Slim Pro from its own official website, so that you can be assured of discounts, swift delivery, accountability and satisfaction.

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Does Slim 24 Pro Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No, we couldn’t find any mention of a money-back-guarantee on the product’s official website.

One-off payment: Yes, for £109.55.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find a manufacturing standard on the product’s official website.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No, there is no mention of a diet plan on the official website.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes.

Company contact details readily available: Yes.

Slim 24 Pro doesn’t meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as it doesn’t come with a money-back-guarantee and doesn’t come with a diet plan.

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Overall Verdict

The product’s key ingredients do not have many side effects associated with them. There is some clinical evidence to support the key ingredient, whey protein, however, not enough research has been done on this ingredient to validate the findings of those studies. Furthermore, the product doesn’t come with a money-back-guarantee nor does it promote the use of a diet plan alongside Slim 24 Pro.

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