Slim 24 Pro Side Effects

slim 24 pro side effectsSlim 24 Pro is a meal replacement plan that is gaining popularity these days. It aims to reduce the content of fat and strengthen the content of muscle in the body. Contrary to what is the case with most weight loss supplements, it is not taken in the form of pills, but instead as scoops which replace the regular meals. It is manufactured in India but can be purchased internationally through the product’s website as well. The manufacturers claim that the meal replacement plan Slim 24 Pro is entirely free from any side effects. In this article, we investigate this particular claim in more detail.

The manufacturers assert that the product Slim 24 Pro is entirely organic in nature and hence free from side effects. The customer reviews that we went through did not report any side effects, allowing us to believe that we may be able to agree with the manufacturers on this. Nonetheless, let us look at the prime ingredient of Slim 24 Pro and see if it is capable of exhibiting any side effects.

Whey protein side effects

whey-protein-from-milk-side effectsThe prime active ingredient of Slim 24 Pro is whey protein, and it is generally believed to be a safe product. However, it does exhibit some side effects, which are mostly not hazardous in nature. Let us analyze them one by one.

1. Increased bowel movements:

Slim 24 Pro aims to flush fat out of the body. This is partly done through the action of whey protein and partly through other agents. Nonetheless, these weight loss actions result in increased movement of the bowel, and can correspondingly result in cramps and stomach pain.

2. Tiredness and fatigue:

The second side effect of using the meal replacement plan Slim 24 Pro is fatigue. Naturally, as your body is burning fat and correspondingly building up muscle tissue, you are bound to feel fatigued. This is further caused by the fact that you are compromising both on proper meals as well as the occasional snacking, and relying only on this meal replacement plan for nourishment. Moreover, protein is the only food group that you are consuming sufficiently, as you cut down on both fats and carbohydrates. These changes take time for your body to get used to, and so it responds meanwhile in the transitory phase by experiencing tiredness, fatigue and headaches.

3. Potential problems if you are allergic to milk:

Whey protein is contained as one of the two proteins in milk, and it is likely that if you are allergic to milk, intake of this meal replacement plan may be problematic for you. Whey protein is indeed present in quite a strong concentration in Slim 24 Pro, and hence you should refrain from using it in the case of an allergy or potential allergies to milk.

We can see that the side effects of whey protein are not troublesome, and it is generally a safe product. However, due to the absence of clinical trials associated with Slim 24 Pro, we can of course never be entirely sure. Our best bet is to rely on customer reviews and statements concerning side effects of whey protein, both of which we have done so. These allow us to believe that Slim 24 Pro is probably safe in terms of side effects.

If you have not already done so, we also recommend you read our main Slim 24 Pro Review.

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4 Responses to “Slim 24 Pro Side Effects”

  1. karim says:

    Can a person made kidney replacement take it !!

  2. liyendra says:

    Can a 16 year old take it?

  3. priya says: height is 5’3 , age 22, just i completed my graduation…before 1 month my weight was 60 kg…before 2days when i checkd its 63 only problem is my tummy…evnthough i look thin i have a very big tummy so am very much tensed…when i askd to use slim 24 pro to my mom she told we should not use any television product as it cause side effects and can be addicted too….only we should exercise with diet.
    til now i too have not used any products…..please suggest me is tis product safe or not.???

    2. why u repaced this slim24 with slim as u had given add first..
    Was slim pro not workin or it had any bad effects..or the people u were showing in 1st add slim were all fake ones…because these pupils,of they are worth to the product then whats the need of replacing the product..
    Both adds were same, in both also people were loosing weight.then which is true n which is false..
    plz reply as fast as possible

  4. Ali says:

    I’m sure this question will be raised from a lot of customers. Does this Effect fertility or Sperm of Men?

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