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Slim-Be is a dietary supplement which aims to achieve weight loss through appetite suppression. The product only contains minimal active ingredients, although these all claim to be effective in satiating hunger.

Slim-Be Pros
  • The product comes in a powdered sachet form which can be added to water or milk, making it easier to use for individuals who find swallowing capsules difficult
  • Full money-back guarantee if the product is returned unopened within 28 days of purchase
Slim-Be Cons
  • Some of the active ingredients are under-tested and not fully supported by clinical studies
  • Slim-Be only claims to cause appetite suppression. Other areas of weight loss, such as fat burning or metabolism boosting, are not targeted

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Slim-Be Review

The Slim-Be supplement seems to be an increasingly popular way to lose weight as it is now readily available in many high street shops all over the UK and online. The reason for its popularity could be due to the fact that it doesn’t feel like other weight loss supplements; this is because the product is an instant drink mix that comes in three different flavours which can be added to either water or milk. Slim-Be claims to help customers lose weight through satiating appetite which could otherwise lead to weight gain through larger portion sizes and unnecessary snacking.

Slim-Be Claimed weight loss benefits

Slim-Be is an instant drink mix which claims to promote positive weight loss through appetite suppression. Customers therefore shouldn’t feel the need to snack throughout the day and may also find it easier to control portion sizes. However, the product is not thought to have any other fat burning or metabolism boosting effects, so the product’s potential may be somewhat limited.

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How Slim-Be Works

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Slim-Be contains an ingredient which claims to expand when it reaches the stomach, making the body feel fuller for longer and potentially giving customers more control over their diet. This product would therefore suit an individual who wanted to lose weight through eating less or through diet in general, although it could prove ineffective for those who want to increase weight loss by using a product which is able to burn fat or boost the metabolism. However, Slim-Be should be used as part of a healthy diet and, for best results, alongside regular physical activity.


Glucomannan, or Konjac root, is the primary ingredient in Slim-Be and is what the company claim to be the driving force behind rapid weight loss results. The ingredient allegedly works by entering the stomach and absorbing water quickly to produce a bulky fibre which swells. This swelling action is what claims to satiate hunger because the stomach sends a signal to the brain, thinking it is full, so that the user does not feel the need to eat between meals or consume excess calories throughout the day.

The FDA have acknowledged the positive effects of Glucomannan and suggest that it is possibly good for the gastrointestinal system and effective for the lowering of cholesterol. However, the FDA report does not state that the ingredient has any known effects on weight loss or appetite suppression.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is more of a secondary ingredient in Slim-Be. It is not stated on the product website as an active ingredient, but it is listed on the product packaging and there have been claims that the ingredient does promote weight loss, although clinical studies supporting this are considerably lacking. Although the Slim-Be company do not claim that Palm Oil is effective for weight loss, there are some online sources which state that the ingredient has the potential to boost metabolism. If these claims were supported by clinical studies then Slim-Be could also be seen as a metabolism booster as well as an appetite suppressant.

Palm Oil is known to be beneficial to health in general because it is rich in unsaturated fats, vitamins and amino acids which are all crucial to maintaining the body’s natural functions.

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Key Ingredients

The active ingredients in Slim-Be are particularly minimal. All other ingredients in the product are not known for their effects on weight loss; instead they are included as binding agents and flavourings. However, Slim-Be does contain two primary ingredients which have been tested to varying extents and both are thought to have some potentially beneficial effects which could lead to weight loss, such as satiation. Like most other weight loss supplements, all Slim-Be ingredients are naturally occurring and can be found in other products, such as in food and cosmetics, as well as other dietary supplements.


The Glucomannan in Slim-Be is extracted from the root of the Konjac plant. This plant is largely cultivated in tropical areas of eastern Asia, such as Japan, southern China and Indonesia. The dried corm of the Konjac plant contains around 40% glucomannan gum which is extracted and used in many products, such as confectionery, as well as in weight loss supplements. Konjac is extremely high in fibre, the element of the ingredient which claims to contribute to the satiating effects of Slim-Be. The plant also has very few calories which is also beneficial to those wishing to lose weight.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is one of the world’s most popular vegetable oils and is used in a vast array of products from cosmetics to biofuel. Palm Oil is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree which is primarily grown in palm oil plantations in tropical areas all over the world, including Africa, Asia and South America. The weight loss potential of Palm Oil is still largely unknown because clinical studies on the ingredient are lacking.

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Clinical Studies

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Each of Slim-Be’s ingredients have been tested in varying amounts of detail. Results, however, are inconclusive in terms of the weight loss potential of the ingredients. The Slim-Be company seem eager to promote the inclusion of Konjac in their product, although they ignore the other ingredients which could have other weight loss benefits besides appetite suppression. The only source of reference for customers to check the full ingredients list is on seller websites such as Holland and Barrett, and even these sites are not clear as to all of the Slim-Be ingredients.


Glucomannan has been approved by the EFSA as effective for weight loss. An authoritative panel looked at multiple clinical studies that had been undertaken to prove the weight loss potential of the ingredient and concluded that a dose of at least 3g of Glucomannan was needed per day to result in significant effects. However, this type of authority approval goes far in supporting the ingredient’s ability to increase weight loss.

An example of a clinical trial that tested the weight loss potential of Glucomannan was a randomised placebo-controlled trial from 2013. Participants (the number is not given) were assigned a dose of either Glucomannan or an identical placebo pill to take over an eight-week period. The most significant difference was in body weight reduction, although other efficacy outcomes such as satiation, lipid metabolism and glucose concentrations were also largely positively affected.

A more recent report from 2014 draws together the results of multiple clinical studies which all measured the weight loss potential of Glucomannan on overweight adults. Nine studies are included in the report and the results from these were all largely inconclusive. The study results suggested that the chosen trials did not meet the standards in order to act as evidence for the effectiveness of Glucomannan as a weight loss aid. The report advises that ‘future trials should be more rigorous and better reported’; this should produce a more solid result to base scientific evidence upon.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is an ingredient frequently used in weight loss supplements, although it is considerably under-tested. There are, however, some trials which have been undertaken to test the metabolic effects of the ingredient which could lead to weight loss, although even these are scarce. A 1991 trial measured the effects of Palm Oil on the lipid and lipoprotein metabolisms of rats. The scientific report for the trial is very brief, although suggests that doses of Palm Oil were tested against both safflower and olive oil. Results showed that Palm Oil did have some positive effects upon the lipid profiles of the animals, although the ingredient did not perform much better than the other oils in many of the tested areas. This study does not therefore conclude in a positive result as for the effects of Palm Oil and authoritative sources outlining the metabolic effects or weight loss potential of Palm Oil are uncommon.

This said, the EFSA have published a journal containing a report about the weight management effects of Palm Oil. This report suggests that Palm Oil may be effective in helping an individual to maintain their weight after weight loss. However, the results of studies which tested the ingredient were not substantial enough to provide an authoritative result in which evidence could be upheld. The report does, however, go some way in suggesting that there may be some benefits in consuming Palm Oil to achieve weight loss or at least to maintain at a healthy weight.

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Weight Loss Power: 50/100

Slim-Be contains only a minimal amount of ingredients which could potentially decrease the strength of the product. However, the inclusion of these few ingredients claims to be optimised so customers can achieve the highest amount of weight loss possible.
Speed of results: 60/100

Slim-Be claims to work as an appetite suppressant and therefore should affect the customer’s diet fairly rapidly. However, the length of time between reducing calorie intake and seeing weight loss effects is totally dependent upon each individual and their speed of reaction to the ingredients in the product. The product website and other retailers do not state the speed of results for Slim-Be.
Appetite Suppression: 70/100

The primary ingredient of Slim-Be is Glucomannan, or Konjac root. Glucomannan has been given fairly authoritative approval as an effective appetite suppressant, although more clinical studies are needed to make these positive results completely concrete. Also, Slim-Be is only focused on promoting weight loss through appetite suppression, whereas if the product contained more ingredients which claimed to help weight loss in other ways, the product could be stronger and more effective.
Long Term Results: 30/100

The long term results of Slim-Be are not given on the product website or from any other online retailer. However, there is no capped limit on the duration in which a customer can take the product. This means that an individual may be able to continue taking Slim-Be for long periods of time and therefore increase weight loss potential.
Safety: 80/100

Compared to many other weight loss supplements, Slim-Be comes with relatively minor risks to health. The majority of authoritative sources claim that the active ingredients in the product do not pose excessive threat to health and should be safe to use if consumed according to product guidelines and packaging. Glucomannan may be harmful to certain customers with underlying health issues, such as diabetes, although the product may still be safe to use after consulting a medical professional before taking the product.
Value for money: 50/100

The cost of Slim-Be varies depending on product size, type and retailer. However, the Slim-Be Instant Drink Mix, in either strawberry, vanilla or orange flavour, would cost a customer around £20 for a 10-day box from all authoritative retailers listed on the official Slim-Be website, including Holland and Barrett, Superdrug and Boots. This could prove to be fairly expensive, particularly if a customer wanted to take the product for an extended period of time, as the cost per month would be just under £60.

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Slim-Be Side Effects

Considering that Slim-Be only contains very few active ingredients, the side effects of the product as a whole may be less than a weight loss supplement which contains more ingredients. The fact that Slim-Be state that all of its active ingredients are 100% natural is much like other weight management pills on the market. However, the fact that the ingredients are natural does not necessarily mean that they come without risk of adverse side effects which could occur if the product is not taken according to product guidelines or if a customer is allergic to any of the ingredients in the product.


A study from 2013 measured the safety of Glucomannan when used for weight loss purposes. Several groups of overweight adults were given doses of Glucomannan and both weight loss and side effects were documented over an eight-week period. No significant effects were experienced by any of the participants and the study concluded that ‘Glucomannan was generally well tolerated’. However, the report does go on to advise that more studies should be undertaken with particular focus into the safety of Glucomannan to achieve a more authoritative result.

One further precaution that customers should take is that Glucomannan may cause hypoglyceamic effects, so may be harmful to individuals with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It is always important to discuss potential risks with a doctor prior to taking Slim-Be if you have any underlying medical conditions or take any other form of medication.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is not known particularly for its adverse side effects as it is used in thousands of different products, including cooking oils, cosmetics and food items. A recent scientific article describes the many properties of Palm Oil and its potential health benefits; however, this text also suggests that the ingredient is ‘a safe and nutritious oil’. The article outlines a variety of clinical studies which either have positive or inconclusive results, although no adverse side effects are mentioned. This could suggest that Palm Oil is considered as relatively safe to use and poses little threat to health.

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How To Use

Slim-Be Instant Drink mix seems easy to use. The product website states that the product should be taken when you are feeling hungry, perhaps replacing a snack or consumed a short while before a main meal so it is possible to reduce the portion size. Slim-Be comes in sachets and should be added to either water or milk, although the company does advise not to mix the orange-flavoured mix with milk. The recommended dose is to take one sachet three times per day. Customers should mix the powdered mix with their choice of liquid and then drink a further 2 glasses of water afterwards to make sure all the residue is consumed and the powder reaches the stomach as soon as possible.

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Who Makes Slim-Be

Slim-Be is a company that produces weight loss and weight management products which are focused around diet. The company is based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and so can be easily contacted by UK customers; the location may also reduce shipping costs to buyers in the UK. If a customer is not happy with their purchase then the Slim-Be company offer a full money-back guarantee as long as items are returned in original condition and none of the sachets have been opened. However, the company’s return policy does not cover items which the customer is unsatisfied with and so any opened products cannot be refunded. Overall, the Slim-Be company seem relatively reputable and popular considering that their products are sold in a variety of high street stores all over the UK. Slim-Be also produce other weight loss and weight management products, such as cereal bars; these are also available from many high street and online stores but vary in price.

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Where To Buy

Slim-Be products are available to purchase both online as well as in high street stores. It is also available directly from the Slim-Be online shop which sells a 10-day box at a price of £18.99. Boots only sell the orange flavour Slim-Be drink mix at a price of £19.99, slightly more expensive than the Slim-Be website. The strawberry flavour supplement is available from Holland and Barrett at a more expensive £24.99, and also from Superdrug at a cheaper £19.99. However, to achieve the best value for money it could be best to purchase any of the three flavours in 10 to 30 day bundles for the cheapest possible price directly from the Slim-Be online store. All of the above retailers are very reliable and so the choice of retailer should really depend upon price more than reliability or quality.

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Overall Verdict

Overall, Slim-Be could prove to be a successful product for those who want to lose weight through a decreased calorie diet as it claims to work as an appetite suppressant. One potential benefit of the product is that the risk of adverse side effects from individual ingredients are relatively low and should not cause any severe harm to customers who follow the product guidelines carefully. However, the inclusion of Glucomannan in Slim-Be could affect diabetics as there have been claims that Glucomannan has some hypoglyceamic effects; therefore it is important to consult a doctor if you wish to take Slim-Be and have underlying health problems or take any other medications.

Overall: 57/100

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