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Slim Bomb T5 Extreme

Slim Bomb T5 Fat Burners apparently works simultaneously to boost body toning, motivate metabolic rates and enhance energy levels for both dieters and gym-goers alike. The product reportedly stimulates the hormones responsible for metabolism speed, although there’s no proof supporting its success.


Slim Bomb T5 Extreme Pros
  • Appears to target a range of weight management areas
  • Active ingredients are generally well-known and also used as herbal remedies
Slim Bomb T5 Extreme Cons
  • Absence of quantity values for all ingredients
  • No money-back guarantee

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Slim Bomb T5 Extreme Review

T5 Fat Burners is part of the Slim Bomb range manufactured by dietary supplement company Dplan. It’s touted to be an advanced formula promising double-strength performance that targets people trying to lose weight by dieting, as well as those that require extra energy for exercise. The main aim of T5 Extreme is supposedly to stimulate the human hormones that modify and regulate the pace of the metabolism while providing an energy surge via some of its caffeine-based ingredients. However, only kelp extract shows any evidence of being able to affect these hormones and the quantity values of all ingredients except guarana seed are absent from the product description.

Slim Bomb T5 Extreme Claimed weight loss benefits

Slim Bomb T5 Extreme seems quite clear on which key weight management areas it’s attempting to target. Some of T5’s contents might be able to boost fat burning, metabolic rates and appetite suppression although it makes no outright claim that it tackles hunger pangs. There are some stimulating ingredients included in the product, such as guarana seed and capsicum extract, which should provide a physical and mental boost during workouts. However, there’s no diet plan provided, even though the company seems to suggest that the product is made for both dieters and gym-goers.

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How Slim Bomb T5 Extreme Works

The mix of ingredients in Slim Bomb T5 Extreme suggests that it is designed to actively target specific areas of weight management. Guarana seed and Siberian ginseng work in a similar way to caffeine by stimulating the central nervous system to provide both physical and mental alertness, which should motivate and possibly prolong exercise endurance. The remaining three ingredients appear to assist fat burning levels, as well as influence the user’s sense of fullness to lower food intake. However, the claim that it can stimulate the release of hormones for metabolism enhancement only appears possible due to its unknown quantity of kelp, although evidence for this is scant.

Guarana Seed Powder
The inclusion of guarana in Slim Bomb T5 Extreme is most likely due to its stimulant-like qualities and it is the only listed ingredient that includes a quantity level: 300mg. Out of all plants, guarana has one of the greatest concentrations of caffeine and was even traditionally consumed to help people abstain from eating during periods of fasting. It contains twice the amount of caffeine in its seeds than coffee seeds, which provides it with the ability to boost the rate of thermogenesis when eaten. It can also apparently motivate the central nervous system to enhance physical performance, boost mental readiness and reduce feelings of fatigue, all of which would arguably assist exercise. Guarana also includes theophylline and theobromine compounds. These both function similar to caffeine and should further support the stimulating effects of the extract.

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian ginseng is often grouped with the Asian and American forms of ginseng, but it is actually comprised of completely different active chemicals called eleutherosides and polysaccharides. These behave like stimulants that can reportedly boost energy and immunity, as well as increase mental readiness and muscle strength, which should aid physical performance. Polysaccharides might also be able to lower glucose levels in the blood and consequently control hunger pangs, although this has only been observed in animal trials to date. This ingredient has long been used in Russia as an adaptogen because it can supposedly help the user endure mental and physical stresses.

Capsicum Extract
Capsicum is also known as red pepper, but its chief active chemical capsaicin is believed to be the driving force behind its weight loss ability. Capsaicin can apparently enhance the digestive system, encourage thermogenesis and even decrease the creation of ghrelin, which is commonly known as the ‘hunger hormone’ that reportedly rouses the appetite. Capsicum is also believed to detox the body, regulate sugar levels and generally improve the immune system, but it’s unclear how much is required to achieve this significantly. It seems to work in a similar fashion to guarana seed, which might be complementary and result in added potency of both ingredients. However, neither have significant clinical support.

Kelp Extract
Kelp supposedly contains an abundance of enzymes, minerals, proteins and vitamins that are absorbed by the body for a range of health benefits. Similar to capsicum but possibly to a greater extent, it can apparently act as a detox agent and immunity enhancer, as well as renewing skin cells and tissue. However, it’s also reported to be a helpful aide for weight loss. Kelp can supposedly boost energy and endurance levels during exercise, whereas its high-level of iodine allegedly assists in speeding up the metabolic rate. It is reportedly the iodine content that provides the hormone stimulation the manufacturer claims its product possesses. However, the amount of kelp needed to achieve any of these attributes might be higher than the quantity offered in Slim Bomb T5 Extreme.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
Apple cider vinegar is a reported fat burner and can allegedly boost the body’s metabolic rate and capability of breaking down fats and proteins efficiently in the digestive system. This ingredient also contains pectin, which is a fibre that can supposedly trigger the feeling of fullness and control blood lipoprotein levels. Both the appetite suppression and fat-burning attributes would theoretically contribute towards weight loss, but they have not been scientifically proven.

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Key Ingredients

Slim Bomb T5 Extreme contains four active ingredients that are all quite popular elements used in other dietary supplements. This combination appears to focus on increasing energy levels, boosting metabolic rates, and suppressing appetites, although none of the ingredients have conclusively proven their abilities in these areas through clinical tests. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide quantity values of each element, although it does reveal that there should be 300mg of guarana seed powder per serving. Consequently, past research into the safety and success of its ingredients can only be partially trusted to evaluate the product.

Guarana Seed Powder
Guarana extract derives from the Paullinia cupana plant, which is indigenous to South America. It’s part of the maple family and has seeds that are approximately the same size as the coffee plant, although they have double the amount of caffeine. As a result of its caffeine potency, it’s generally considered a highly useful stimulant to tackle tiredness and enhance athleticism, although this has never been analysed and clinically proven. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved guarana as generally safe to use (GRAS) and it’s commonly used in teas, soft drinks and supplements.

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian ginseng might also be known by its scientific name of Eleutherococcus senticosus or Eleuthero and is a small shrub found in Korea, Japan and Russia, as well as China where it is a longstanding component of the country’s traditional medicine. It is often confused with the Panax genus of ginseng, which can be found in both Asia and North America. However these contain completely different active compounds. Siberian ginseng is believed to possess many biological benefits for human health such as: increasing energy, boosting cognitive ability, alleviating feelings of depression, acting as an anti-inflammatory and aiding the immunity system. Unfortunately, these attributes have only been observed through animals tests.

Capsicum Extract
Capsicum extract is taken from the genus of plants of the nightshade family and are often more commonly called red or bell peppers. This flowering plant is native to the Americas with approximately 20-27 different species and has been used in cuisine and medicine for many centuries. Most species of capsicum contains capsaicin, which is the chemical that provides its spiciness and also supposedly its skill of burning fat and calories at a high rate. However, it’s also believed to aid the treatment of arthritis by alleviating joint pain, although the FDA has not yet evaluated and sanctioned all types of capsicum for safety or effectiveness.

Kelp Extract
Kelp is a type of large seaweed that has grown in shallow oceans for millions of years and can reportedly grow at a rate of half a metre per day. Kelp has been used for many purposes over the centuries, including soap making and glass production. The alginate carbohydrate of kelp is often used as a thickening agent in foods like jelly and ice cream, whereas its high concentration of iodine is believed to treat certain problems of the thyroid gland and stimulate the metabolism-controlling hormones. Researchers of a recent study observed that kelp might be able to decrease the rate of fat absorption, although this theory requires further analysis.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
Apple cider vinegar usually has a pale amber colour and is used in a range of foods such as: chutneys, marinades and dressings. Liquid from squeezed apples is mixed with bacteria and yeast to trigger the fermentation process required to make the vinegar, the sugars of which initially turn into alcohol. After this procedure, the alcohol changes into vinegar by acetic acid-forming bacteria, which also gives the solution its sourness. Apple cider vinegar is believed to give the consumer a feeling of satiety after eating, due to its concentration of pectin and effect on lowering levels of sugar in the blood. However, this might be dangerous for people with diabetes.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538
Clinical trials are commonly used to judge the safety and effectiveness of an individual ingredient or whole product. However, Slim Bomb T5 Extreme has not been scientifically analysed and so any success or risk of consuming it remains speculation. Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be any customer complaints regarding adverse reactions from taking the supplement, although there are very few reviews from past users available to read online. Separate clinical tests have been carried out on the product’s ingredients individually, although they weren’t all aimed at evaluating their weight loss or energy enhancing capabilities. Encouragingly, the safety value of each element appears high.

Guarana Seed Powder
One study looked at the anti-fatigue capability of guarana extract (Paullini cupana). The 40 subjects used in the trial were patients who were experiencing chemotherapy-related tiredness. They were each given either a 37.5mg dose of guarana or a placebo supplement twice every day for three weeks. The outcome of the trial suggested that the guarana consumers felt less tired, which was established after analysing the patients’ Brief Fatigue Inventory questionnaire. However, the placebo participants also reported an improvement in energy levels that could weaken guarana’s success in the trial, but this is believed to be down to a conditioning effect.

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian ginseng is known by its scientific name of Eleutherococcus senticosus in one trial, which examined its effect on physical fitness. A combination of 50 men and women were used in the study and were randomly sorted into two groups. Group A received a supplement containing Siberian ginseng and Group B took a different ingredient named Echinacea over the course of one month. Both were consumed three times each day. A blood test at the end of the trial showed that cholesterol, triglycerides and blood-sugar levels had decreased in Group A, while there was no difference in Group B. Further examinations at the end of this trial showed that those taking Siberian ginseng had a higher oxygen plateau that would arguably benefit exercise endurance. Overall, the test implies that this extract can boost physical ability and promote healthier blood, although T5 Extreme might not contain an ample supply to achieve such an outcome.

Capsicum Extract
Capsaicin is generally thought to control capsicum extract’s weight loss ability. One article analysed two different examinations that both looked at the power of capsicum in suppressing the appetite.

Capsicum’s influence on food choices and hunger pangs
Thirteen women consumed either: a high-fat breakfast and high-fat lunch or a high-carbohydrate breakfast and high-carbohydrate lunch. However, only some of the women then ate red pepper (capsicum). The women supplementing their diets with red pepper reported a significantly reduced sense of hunger before lunchtime and they also consumed far less protein and fatty foods at lunchtime. This indicates that capsicum might have some skill at dulling hunger pangs and even positively influencing the types of food the user chooses to eat.

Capsicum as part of a normal diet
The next study involved ten men who each consumed the same breakfast, although only a few of the group were given red pepper for lunch. The red pepper consumers appeared to eat much less for lunch and even the following hours, which suggests again that capsicum has at least some appetite suppressing ability. However, studies conducted on a larger quantity of people need to be carried out for a more accurate evaluation.

Kelp Extract
One study looked at the effect iodine-enriched eggs had on human fat levels. These eggs came from chickens that ate a diet high in kelp and the point of the study was to test the human subjects for any changes in cholesterol and fat levels in the blood. A total of 103 people took part in the trial and were all fed a low-fat diet for 12 weeks, with only half of the group given one iodine-enriched egg per day between weeks 4 and 12. Both groups showed reduced cholesterol levels at the end of the trial, although those eating the eggs experienced a significantly greater level of reduction. This supports the idea that the iodine in kelp can work to positively affect fat levels in the blood, however, the results seemed more prevalent in subjects with initially higher levels of cholesterol.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
Vinegar’s impact on blood sugar regulation
One study examined the antiglycaemic effect of vinegar, which should theoretically be able to control hunger pangs by avoiding a sudden drop in blood-sugar levels. People both with and without diabetes were used in this trial, which all followed the same procedure. This involved eating a regulated evening meal, followed by overnight fasting, and then a two-hour glucose test after ingesting a bagel and juice. The results showed that those eating two teaspoons of vinegar showed a reduction of post-meal glycaemia, which was most apparent when eaten during the meals rather than before. However, it seems as though the vinegar was only truly effective when taken alongside complex carbohydrates.

Effect of pectin on feeling full
Pectin is believed to be an important part of apple cider vinegar’s weight management skill. This test involved both male and female army employees with normal body weights, who fasted overnight before drinking 448ml of orange juice on two separate days. This was then followed by 0.47 litres of ice cream. However, the participants were given a different measure of pectin mixed in with their orange juice on one one of these two days. Satiety was then analysed after the orange juice, as well as after the ice cream. The participants showed a substantial difference in fullness after consuming any dose of pectin with some effects lasting up to four hours. Unfortunately, Slim Bomb T5 Extreme doesn’t state the amount of apple cider vinegar in its product.

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Weight Loss Power: 70/100

Slim Bomb T5 Extreme contains a range of stimulants that have each been studied for weight loss potential, although some appear more adept than others. The 300mg of guarana seed in particular should provide mental and physical boosts, while the other ingredients should apparently work toward appetite suppression and boosting thermogenesis. However, the product’s main claim is that it can stimulate the secretion of hormones to actively enhance the metabolism, but past studies and research show only kelp has a possibly tenuous ability to achieve this.
Speed of results: 50/100

Guarana seed and capsicum extract should theoretically provide the physical motivation needed for gym-goers to endure longer workouts, while the other elements handle the maintenance of blood sugar levels for avoiding hunger pangs. However, the potency and subsequent success of this relies on the quantity of each ingredient, which is not provided in the product description.
Appetite Suppression: 50/100

Slim Bomb T5 Extreme makes no claim in its description that it aims to tackle feelings of hunger and quell the appetite of its consumer. But oddly, various research and tests have indicated that it might be able successful at this weight loss attribute. Capsicum extract and apple cider vinegar in particular show an ability to positively influence appetite suppression. However, the fact that the manufacturer fails to list this as a feature of its T5 Extreme suggests that there may not be an ample supply of each element to accomplish this.
Long Term Results: 40/100

There have been no long-term studies carried out on T5 Extreme, although it is relatively new. Consequently, it’s difficult to judge how long the results, if any are experienced, will last. It appears predominantly comprised of stimulants, which are often only useful if exploited by the consumer. Overall, it’s likely that the longevity of Slim Bomb T5 Extreme depends heavily on the physical motivation of the user to act on any energy surges.
Safety: 60/100

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a great amount of reviews from past users of this supplement to determine whether any side effects have occurred from taking it. However, past research indicates Slim Bomb T5 Extreme is unlikely to cause serious harm. Generally, these ingredients have been used in medicine for a long time and are only potentially dangerous if consumed in very high doses, although admittedly the amount in this product isn’t provided. Overall, it seems that only people on medication for other illnesses should be wary.
Value for money: 60/100

Slim Bomb T5 Extreme contains an assortment of elements that are well known and generally approved of on the dietary market. Studies support their abilities as weight loss aides to a certain extent and its safety rating appears relatively high. However, the lack of values for the amount of each ingredient limits the backing of any support, since this mostly relies on dosage quantity. The main claim regarding the product’s ability to stimulate the hormones that control metabolism also lacks any true support.

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Slim Bomb T5 Extreme Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
Consuming any type of dietary, health or weight loss supplement poses the risk of triggering negative side effects or even harmful allergic reactions. Slim Bomb T5 Extreme appears relatively safe compared to many other products on the market, but it is comprised of mainly stimulants that might negatively affect some consumers. Guarana seed has a particularly potent supply of caffeine, so people with high sensitivity to this stimulant should possibly avoid the product. However, the FDA has approved some of Slim Bomb T5 Extreme’s ingredients and there aren’t any serious reports of illnesses from past users.

Guarana Seed Powder
Guarana extract is often safe to consume, if taken in amounts usually found in food. However, large doses might trigger some caffeine-based adverse reactions including: irritability, insomnia, nausea, tremors and headaches. Caffeine is also a diuretic, which means it can cause excessive urination that might increase the chances of dehydration. There’s 300mg of caffeine in a serving of Slim Bomb T5 Extreme and it’s generally believed that 400mg of caffeine should be safe for humans to consume per day, which is quite close to the product’s quantity.

Siberian Ginseng
Siberian ginseng is probably safe to consume in T5 Extreme, but it’s not known how large a dose is included. This ingredient should be avoided by people suffering from arthritis, hypertension, sleeping problems, heart disease and mental illnesses. Possible side effects include: headaches, vomiting, drowsiness, insomnia and irregular heartbeats, but it might also dangerously interfere with blood, heart and diabetes medications.

Capsicum Extract
Capsicum can apparently cause gastric discomfort, heartburn and diarrhoea with a small risk of triggering allergic reactions. This extract might also cause sweating, a runny nose and possibly a burning feeling in the mouth or throat. However, this is often only following potent amounts of the ingredient, although it’s not revealed how much is actually in T5 Extreme.

Kelp Extract
Kelp contains a plethora of nutrients that should boost immunity and health in the consumer, however, it also reportedly possesses some risk of adverse side effects. The level of iodine has the potential to incite hyperthyroidism and other thyroid-related issues. Also, the kelp extract might have absorbed some toxic elements if grown in polluted water, although both of these scenarios are very rare.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder
Generally, apple cider vinegar is a safe substance, although there is the potential of some side effects occurring. It’s very acidic and must be diluted before consuming to prevent any damage it could cause to tooth enamel and tissues in the throat. It’s also believed that long-term use of apple cider vinegar might decrease potassium and bone density levels, as well as adversely affect diabetic medicines. However, this depends on the concentration and duration of its use.

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How To Use

There isn’t much information regarding how best to use Slim Bomb T5 Extreme, although it is advised that vegans and vegetarians don’t use the product. Users should take between one and two capsules per day, but the guidelines don’t state whether this should be done together, at what time, or with a meal. It’s also warned that the pills should not replace food and that the consumer should maintain a balanced diet. However, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and people under the age of 18 years should not take Slim Bomb T5 Extreme. Often, warnings on supplements tend to advise the reader to consult a doctor before starting a course of the pills, but Slim Bomb’s product merely states that this is only necessary if using other forms of medication. However, it is advised to stop taking it if side effects occur, but it makes no reference to what these side effects might be.

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Who Makes Slim Bomb T5 Extreme

Slim Bomb T5 Extreme, like the rest of the Slim Bomb range, is manufacturered by UK-based firm Dplan. The company was founded in 2001 and offers a reasonably substantial range of pills, patches, beverages and detox aides aimed at achieving weight loss. There’s also a selection shapewear and fitness equipment on offer from the business, but it’s difficult to locate the Slim Bomb T5 Extreme product anywhere on the official website. The exact location of Dplan’s head office is unclear and the only way to contact the company is via a message page on its website, which is slightly vague. Reassuringly, there doesn’t appear to be any customer complaints about the purchasing or delivery services of Dplan, although there’s no information regarding refunds, terms and conditions or money-back guarantees.

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Where To Buy

The product oddly doesn’t seem currently available to buy directly from the Dplan website, although many other sites have it on offer. Slimming Solutions sells one tub of 90 capsules for £19.95 or six tubs for £69.95. Shipping costs range from £2.99 for a one-to-three day delivery or £6.99 to get it the next working day. Alternatively, customers can buy the product through Amazon, which offers a 90-capsule bottle for the cheaper price of £18.95 and free delivery in the UK. However, the lowest price seems to come from Ebay, as it sells Slim Bomb T5 Extreme for just £17.95 with no charge for postage. Unfortunately, but not uncommonly, Slim Bomb T5 Extreme isn’t available to buy in-store, although the websites listed above commonly receive positive ratings for delivery services and are considered reputable vendors.

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Overall Verdict

Slim Bomb T5 Extreme makes various impressive claims regarding the type of weight management areas it targets and how it functions to achieve its success. The inclusion of popular stimulants guarana seed and Siberian ginseng indicate a pursuit of energy enhancement and improvement of physical performance, while capsicum extract and apple cider vinegar’s presence appear to focus on appetite suppressing and regulating blood-sugar. However, it’s unclear how the stimulation of metabolism-controlling hormones will occur, which appears to be the product’s main selling point. Kelp might assist to a limited degree, but there’s very little proof that it possesses this skill.

Overall: 47/100

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