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Slim in 6

Slim in 6 is an exercise to music DVD that aims to help you lose weight in the comfort of your own home within a six week period. The product comes with a lot of extra material, some of which is more useful than others, for example, you can get a diet plan and a resistance band for free in comparison to a tape measure, which you may have anyway.

There are many positive comments on internet forums, which have garnered some mainstream attention from consumers and retailers. Any negative comments seem to be based on the consumer’s opinion of the instructor rather than the product itself. The DVD’s use both aerobic exercise and resistance exercise using the resistance band to help you meet your weight loss goals.


Slim in 6 Pros
  • Lots of different exercises that can be done with no equipment
  • Exercise to music often makes the exercises themselves more enjoyable
Slim in 6 Cons
  • It is a very intense program, advises six exercise sessions per week
  • Website promotes a ‘crash diet’ which aims to help you lose 6 pounds in a week, health experts claim healthy weight loss is a maximum of 3 pounds per week
  • Quite expensive for what is essentially three DVDs and a resistance band
  • Some exercises are not suitable for clinically obese individuals

Slim in 6 Review

Slim in 6 is an exercise to music set of DVD’s which promise that you will lose weight after following the program for six weeks. The only equipment that you need is a space to do the exercises in, a television and a resistance band, which comes with the package. This product has received a number of positive reviews on various websites and the only negative comments that customers have complained about is that they personally find that minor things could be improved such as background music. In this review, we will be examining both the benefits and potential problems that committing to an exercise regime such as this may produce.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Slim in 6 weight loss claimsThe following extract is taken directly from the official website of Slim in 6 (beachbody).

‘Slim in 6 will literally reshape your body in six short weeks. The secret is Debbie’s exclusive Slim Training technique, which combines fat burning cardio with light resistance moves to help you slim and sculpt your body without bulking you up! Shrink your midsection and get slim, sexy thighs, hips and arms all in just six weeks.’

Slim in 6 are careful not to give an indication of how much weight you could potentially lose after the six week period has ended. This is very clever on their part, as the amount of weight you lose will depend on a wide variety of factors such as how many sessions a week you do, your diet plan and if you keep up with the session and not be tempted to pause it to take a break.

How Slim in 6 Works

Slim in 6 is split into three separate DVD’s which all focus on a different approach to help you lose weight.

The first DVD called ‘Start It Up!’ is meant as a gentle introduction to the exercises that you will be seeing a lot of during the course of the six week program. The workout lasts for thirty minutes and can be thought of as an orientation displaying the types of exercises and the desired technique for each individual exercise. Originally, this DVD was an hour long but has been revised to just over thirty minutes. The following is a breakdown of the exercises you should expect to find in this particular DVD:

– Warm-Up, 5m
– Plie phase, 2.5m (add upper body moves)
– Alternating reverse lunge, 3m (add biceps)
– Plie phase, 2m
– Standing abs, 1.5m (reaches & side crunches)
– Squat phase, 4m (medium, narrow, & wide stance)
– Push-ups on knees, 1.5m
– Abs, 3m (reverse crunch, obliques, crunch)
– Stretch, 1m

Slim-in-6-Disc-2-SquatsThe second DVD is entitled ‘Ramp It Up!’ and is designed as a more intense workout in comparison to the first DVD with the aim of burning more calories due to higher physical demands. There are new exercises, which are introduced, and the rest time between some exercises has been reduced. Short bouts of jogging have also been introduced to replace some of the walking sections. The following is a breakdown of the exercises contained within the second DVD:

– 2.1 Credits 0:03
– 2.2 Introduction 0:16
– 2.3 Warm-up :55 (4:31)
– 2.4 Plie Phase 5:26 (2:25)
– 2.5 Standing Oblique crunches 7:51 (1:40)
– 2.6 Lunges 9:31 (3:19)
– 2.7 Standing Oblique crunches 12:50 (2:04)
– 2.8 Squats 14:54 (3:45)
– 2.9 Hamstrings 18:39 (2:05)
– 2.10 Resistance bands 20:44 (8:55)
– 2.11 Floorwork 29:39 (6:34)
– 2.12 Abdominals 36:13 (6:25)
– 2.13 Stretch & yoga 42:38 (6:10)

Slim-in-6-Disc-3-KickBoxingThe third and final DVD that you receive for the Slim in 6 package is entitled ‘Burn It Up!’ which is the most physically demanding of the three DVDs. This particular DVD incorporates new elements into the program such as kickboxing. Many reviews have stated that this is the hardest of the three workouts and that they feel it was very beneficial for them. The total workout time is just under an hour, which is the longest in the series. The following is an outline of what exercises to expect from this third and final DVD:

– Warm-Up, 4.5m
– Squats, 9m
– Standing Abs, 6.5m
– Lunge Series, 5m
– Standing Abs, 7m
– water break, 15 sec
– Band Work, 6.5m
– Floor Work, 10m
– Abs, 4m
– Lying Stretch, 2m
– Yoga, 4m

While the structure of the three DVDs do not change that much the content is different in each individual DVD. The whole body is worked during the course of the sessions, which suggests that the creators of the series have thought carefully about structure. If the reviews are accurate then you should expect to be worked hard during the second DVD and maybe even challenged in the third and final DVD.


Weight Loss Power: 70/100

If the comments left by customers are, anything to go by then Slim in 6 is a very intense weight loss regime, which can help you lose weight. This means that the product is more catered to people who wish to lose a few pounds rather than those who want to lose a lot of weight. That being said, people who have a lot of weight to lose can take inspiration from this DVD and perhaps incorporate the exercises at their own pace. That being said the effectiveness of the product is very dependent upon your commitment to the programme. If ever the phrase ‘you get out what you put in’ applies to anything then this product is a prime example.
Speed of results: 60/100

The product promises weight loss within the six week period it is designed for. This timescale is a relatively short time period and so relapsing may be an issue when the program has finished. Having said this, the physical nature of the product should mean that weight loss should be noticeable fairly quickly. Experts recommend that you should not lose any more than three pounds per week; this is because any excess weight loss will be in the form of muscle rather than fat. This means that the maximum weight loss you should experience should be no more than eighteen pounds, which is, still potentially a life changing amount.
Appetite Suppression: 30/100

This product is not designed as an appetite suppressant. Due to the physical nature of the product it is likely that you will eat more as your need for calories will be increased. It is advised that during the course of the six weeks and indeed in your general diet, you should look to increase your protein intake as this will facilitate fat loss and will make you feel fuller for longer than fat or carbohydrate rich diets.
Long Term Results: 65/100

The longer you use this product the less effective it is likely to become. As with any form of exercise your body will get used to it, and its effectiveness will reduce unless you make changes. These changes could be in the form of increasing the intensity or introducing new exercises into your program.
Safety: 70/100

The product is perfectly safe for anyone that does not suffer from a heart or lung related condition. There is very minimal equipment that is needed which induces the likelihood of injuries caused by improper use or bad technique. If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle for a prolonged period of time, it is advisable to stop immediately if you feel any pain. This product is not recommended for people with heart or lung problems as intense or abnormal amounts of exercise could aggravate your existing difficulties. If you are unsure whether an exercise program, such as Slim in 6, is suitable for you then please seek the advice of your local doctor who can offer you alternatives and guidance.
Value for money: 65/100

The product is very expensive for what are essentially three DVD’s and a resistance band; these two items are certainly where you will be getting your direct benefit from. The supplementary materials such as the calendar and the nutrition suggestions are nice touches but even so, they do not justify such a high price. However, the price that different people put on achieving their goals can be very different and some consumers may see this as good value for money. Unlike diet pills, this product can be used over time without the need to buy another bottle or packet of pills and so its replay value is quite high should you wish to come back to it after a few months of leaving it in your DVD collection.

Slim in 6 Side Effects

Slim-6-muscle-painAn exercise DVD is unique in the respect of the potential side effects that you can experience. If you are obese, have led a sedentary lifestyle for a long time prior to undertaking the DVD or have a history of respiratory illness in your family then you should consult your doctor before taking on the programme. During the programme itself you should not stop if you feel a ‘burning’ sensation as this is the muscle working, however if there is a pain in the muscle then you should stop immediately as you may further injure the muscle if you continue. If at any point you find yourself struggling to breathe, then you should stop immediately and try again the next day. If this problem reoccurs on a regular basis then you should see your doctor.

Where to Buy Slim in 6

The official website for Slim in 6 is called Beachbody and this is where we are going to look first. The product is available for a total price of £66.80 spread over two payments of £22.27 and a third and final payment of £22.26, these payments are spread over three months and is the typical payment structure for customers. Having said this, you do have the option to spend the £66.80 total price all at once, which may suit some people better than the three month option. As well as buying online, you can also use the following telephone number to place your order: 0800 183 0137. Beachbody also offers a full six week money back guarantee. You may think that the total price of £66.80 is quite expensive for three DVD’s, which is why you also receive a selection of bonus material. As well as the three DVD’s you also receive: a guidebook to help you get the most out of the DVD’s, a calendar, a tape measure, free online support, three one-off DVD’s (Abs, Flexibility and Cardio), nutrition guide, diet plan and a resistance band.

The product is also available from Amazon although it is sold from Beachbody once again and therefore the price and materials you get are exactly the same. The only difference is that you have to pay the full price of £66.80 instead of the three payments of £22.27.

The product is also available on EBay. The only official seller on Ebay is “beachbody_uk_store”. You need to be very careful when buying from second hand websites such as EBay as the exact composition of the package may be different from seller to seller, for example, one seller may not include the resistance band while another seller may be missing the diet plan.

Be wary of buying from other sellers as according to the manufacturer, they are likely to be counterfeit sellers so you will end up with a lower quality product and won’t receive the correct resistance band necessary for the programme.

Overall Verdict

Any product that promotes exercise instead of a ‘miracle diet pill’ should be closely looked at, and if found to be favourable should be seriously considered. Slim in 6 is a product that employs a fairly intense six week program to aid in weight loss, this product is undoubtedly aimed at people who wish to lose a few pounds rather than a few stone. A problem with the product is that is advises you do six sessions per week in order to see the results, however people who do not currently exercise or exercise very little often feel that time is a major reason why they can’t lose weight. Although each workout is less than an hour, some people may feel they cannot commit the time necessary nor feel like exercising after a long day at work. However, unlike diet pills there is no reason why you can’t re-use the product every once in a while or if you feel you need some motivation. The effectiveness of the product is really down to each individual customer and while in theory the product will benefit you the reality may be different for some individuals.

Overall: 60/100

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