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Slim New

Slim New is a weight loss supplement that claims to allow its users to lose weight without stress and while feeling great. However, a lack of clinical evidence to support these claims and accusations of the product being a scam casts some doubt over the effectiveness of the supplement.

slim new

Slim New Pros
  • No known adverse side effects from ingredients
  • Some ingredients have been clinically tested
  • Company offer 14 day money back guarantee
  • Main ingredients can provide a boost in energy
Slim New Cons
  • Customer reviews suggest product could be a scam
  • Lack of information regarding manufacturing company
  • Amounts of ingredients are not given
  • No clinical evidence on product itself

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Slim New Free Trial Auto-billing Warning

Warning message about diet pill free trial auto billing scamsA quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the Slim New product auto-enrols you in to a recurring billing agreement. This means you are “given” a free sample and provide your Credit Card details to pay a small “shipping charge” only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter unless you cancel. In some cases you are also charged for the “free” sample if you do not call up and return the sample product.

Read our article on A warning about diet pill free trials to learn more.

Product Name Review

Slim New, the makers of the supplement with the same name, appear to have two websites, which are linked to each other, and both make large and impressive claims about the weight loss product. Made from 100% all natural ingredients the product is said to be completely safe to use while being able to make weight loss easy and producing drastic results. But is this the product for you? In this review we will look in detail at both the positive and negative aspects of Slim New before establishing whether it is the best option available for you.

Slim New Claimed weight loss benefits

Slim New is claimed to use a blend of potent natural ingredients in order to bring about a number of weight loss qualities including the suppression of appetite and food cravings, increased metabolic rate and an increase in fat burning. It is also said to be able to give the body an added boost in energy meaning that users are able to exercise for longer and potentially burn a larger amount of fat.

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How Slim New Works

According to the product’s website, the makers of Slim New consider their supplement as being one of the select few currently available on the market that actually work. The product is further described as an advanced fat burning formula that is made up from a range of potent ingredients that are all natural and additive free and are able to bring about weight loss even without the help of exercise or dieting. These substances are able to work together in order to increase the body’s metabolic rate and make the weight loss journey as simple as possible, dramatically improving results.

Raspberry Ketone
One of the main ingredients within Slim New, raspberry ketone is a substance that has caused debate over its ability to aid weight loss. When used in high doses, raspberry ketone is believed to be able to have fat burning effects on certain areas of a fat cell, breaking it down and ultimately reducing the level of fat within the body.

Green Coffee
This substance contains a large amount of strong antioxidants from the polyphenol family and has a high chlorogenic acid content. Chlorogenic acid is able to have a strong reducing effect on blood sugar levels and can stop the release of glucose in the body while increasing the metabolic rate and fat burning in the liver. Green coffee is also a source of caffeine meaning it may provide the body with added energy, however it is worth remembering that the caffeine content of the substance is significantly less that a cup of coffee.

Green Tea
Green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants known as catechins and one in particular is thought to be very effective when it comes to weight loss. This catechin is called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG and is able to boost the body’s metabolism while decreasing the amount of a substance known as triglyceride in the body. In lowering the amount of excess triglyceride, EGCG is able to prevent new stores of fat from being created in the body. Furthermore, green tea also contains caffeine, meaning that it is able to increase energy levels, leaving you more likely to exercise for longer and therefore potentially burn a greater amount of calories.

Acai Berries
The acai berry is another substance that contains a high amount of antioxidants. While there has not been enough research into the berry to know for certain whether it can aid weight loss, it has been suggested that these antioxidants are able to improve general well being and increase energy levels allowing you to work out for longer and leading to a more successful weight loss programme.

African Mango
African mango is an ingredient that is found in many weight loss supplements. It is believed to be able to lower appetite when taken before a meal and can slow the rate of gastric emptying, leaving users feeling fuller for longer and therefore less likely to overeat. Furthermore, it is able inhibit the conversion of glucose into stores of fat within the body, instead allowing it to be used up for energy. It is also considered to be capable of triggering the process of thermogenesis in the body, meaning that more fat can be burned and weight loss can be achieved.

Part of the plant compound group called polyphenols, resveratrol is a natural substance that is thought to have antioxidant qualities. The ingredient can increase insulin sensitivity and therefore is able to reduce the amount of glucose in the body that will be stored as fat, reducing weight.

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Key Ingredients

Raspberry Ketones
The ingredients used within Slim New are believed to have their own weight loss advantages enabling users to reach their weight loss goals. However when used together they are also able to have an effect on the general well being of the consumer and help them by focusing on other areas of their health. In this section of the review we will look in detail at the other properties of the main ingredients found in Slim New and determine how else they are able to aid your health, assessing the benefits that they bring.

Raspberry Ketone
Raspberry ketone is the compound that is responsible for the aromatic flavour of fruits such as the red raspberry. Because of its unique flavour, it has been used as flavouring all over the world for many years in foods and cosmetics. In order to be able to support weight loss, the amount of the substance used in supplements must be very high – much higher than the amount found in raspberries and so for this reason raspberry ketone is produced in laboratories. Aside from claims regarding weight loss, raspberry ketone is believed to be able to encourage hair growth and improve skin elasticity.

Green Coffee
Green coffee refers to the coffee bean before it is roasted so that it can be used for drinking coffee. During the roasting process, many of the natural substances found in the bean are destroyed, but before the bean undergoes this process it is packed full of antioxidants and substances such as chlorogenic acid. Because of this, the ingredient is considered as being helpful in reducing blood pressure and improving health in general due to the ability of antioxidant to reduce cell damage caused by free radicals in the body.

Green Tea
Used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, green tea is thought to be able to treat conditions from headaches and fatigue to depression. Much like green coffee, green tea contains a high amount of antioxidants that are able to prevent damage to the body caused by free radicals. The substance is also believed to be able to lower cholesterol levels thanks to the high levels of catechins that it contains meaning that it can improve cardio vascular health. There is also a possibility that the substance can lower the risk of users developing Alzheimer’s disease and certain forms of cancer.

African Mango
African mango comes from the irvingia gabonensis tree, a plant that grows in Central and West Africa. The fruit has been used for centuries in Africa for an array of reasons. While the fleshy part of the mango has been used as food for generations and the bark, roots and leaves of the tree have antibiotic properties making it useful for medicinal reasons – the seeds within the mango are thought to be effective for weight loss as well as for improving general well being and reducing the risk of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease.

Acai Berries
The acai berry is a naturally occurring fruit from Central and South America that has been used for health purposes for many years. Usually found in swamps and floodplains, the substance’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects make it work well during the treatment of fevers, colds and flus and general pain, as well as allowing its oils to ease conditions such as diarrhoea and some stomach issues. The high level of antioxidants within the substance means that it is thought to be able to prevent some types of cancers, much like green tea, however more research is needed to prove this theory.

Resveratrol is a natural compound that comes from the skin of the red grape as well as peanuts and blueberries. The compound is packed full of antioxidants, much like the other ingredients within Slim New, and works to neutralise the free radicals inside the body, reducing the damage to cells. Because of this, resveratrol is considered as being able to improve general well being and reduce the risk of some conditions such as heart disease and stroke, while also protecting the circulatory system and lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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Clinical Studies

Although the Slim New website claims that the product has ‘proven results’ and has been ‘lab tested’, there is no evidence provided at all to support these suggestions, implying that there has not actually been any clinical testing on the product. Because of this, consumers have no way of knowing how safe and effective the supplement actually is and cannot be assured that the product is worth spending their money on. Despite the lack of clinical evidence based on the product as a whole, there has been some testing conducted on its main ingredients, which we will look at in more detail.

Raspberry Ketone
Despite being a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements, it is important to bear in mind that there has not been any clinical research into raspberry ketone’s effect on humans and for this reason there is no way to know how safe and effective the substance really is. In saying this, there have been some trials conducted in mice, with some suggesting that the ingredient is able to promote weight loss. One study that took place in 2005 gave mice a high fat diet that included 0.5, 1 or 2% of raspberry ketone for 10 weeks and then the mice were given the same high fat diet for 6 weeks before being given 1% of raspberry ketone for the following 5 weeks. The results of this experiment showed that raspberry ketone was able to prevent elevations in body weight that would usually be caused by the high fat diet, suggesting that the substance is able to improve obesity.

Green Coffee
There have been many clinical studies regarding the effectiveness of chlorogenic acid, green coffee’s active substance, on weight loss. In a 2010 study a group of scientists investigated the efficiency of the substance on altering body fat in mice. While given a diet that was high in fat, the mice were supplemented with either caffeic acid or chlorogenic acid. The results of the study showed that both acids were able to significantly lower body weight in the mice as well as visceral fat mass, plasma leptin and insulin levels compared to the high fat control group. The scientists concluded that chlorogenic acid has the ability to lower levels of fat in the body of mice and therefore it is likely to work in a similar manner in humans.

Green Tea
One study focused on green tea’s ability to prevent weight gain after weight loss in overweight subjects. The experiment was randomised, parallel and placebo controlled and used 104 male and female subjects. After 4 weeks of a weight maintenance period, subjects were given either a placebo or green tea and their weight was measured throughout. The results of the study showed that although those who took the green tea keep their body weight lower, the difference between the 2 groups was not significant.

Acai Berries
Compared to some of the other ingredients found in Slim New, there have not been a large amount of clinical studies carried out acai berries when it comes to their ability to aid weight loss. Using 10 overweight adults as subjects, one clinical study measured the effects of taking 100mg of acai twice a day for one month. Compared to the measurements from baseline, scientists recorded borderline significant reductions in cholesterol levels, suggesting that the substance is able to improve some aspects of health.

African Mango
In order to assess African mango’s effect on body weight, a study was conducted using 40 obese subjects between the ages of 19 and 55. The study was randomised; double blind and placebo controlled and took place over 4 weeks. Subjects were given either 350mg of African mango or a placebo. Three capsules were taken three times each day, half an hour before meals with a glass of water. Subjects were examined weekly with their body weight; body fat and waist and hip circumferences measured each time. The results of the study showed that African mango was able to induce a significant reduction in body weight and waist and hip circumference, while the placebo was unable to cause any significant changes. The study concluded that African mango has the ability to increase weight loss.

Mice were used as the subjects in a clinical trial that was carried out to establish resveratrol’s role in weight loss. The study concluded that the substance has several health benefits as it is able to impact mitochondrial function and metabolic homeostasis and was able protect mice against diet induced obesity and insulin resistance.

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Weight Loss Power: 25/100

According to the Slim New website, the product’s impressive claims regarding their results have been clinically proven, however there is no evidence to support this. The customer testimonials provided on the supplement’s website suggest that Slim New is able to bring about large amounts of weight loss of up to 21kg but again there is no evidence to prove that these testimonials are genuine. Although the ingredients within Slim New are thought to aid weight loss, more evidence is needed to prove Slim New’s weight loss power.
Speed of results: 25/100

In one section of the Slim New website, users are told that thanks to the inclusion of the key ingredient African mango they can expect to lose 14kg and 15cm of circumference in just 10 weeks. Despite these claims, there is a lack of customer reviews regarding the speed of results and there is no clinical data to back up these suggestions.
Appetite Suppression: 35/100

The Slim New website lists appetite suppression as a quality of the product thanks to the ingredients it contains such as African mango. As we have said, some of these ingredients are thought to be able to slow down the rate of gastric emptying in the body, leaving users feeling fuller for longer and therefore likely to consume fewer calories. Slim New also contains substance that are high in caffeine, meaning that they are able to provide the body with a boost of energy that users may usually seek from snacks – however the ingredient amounts may not be large enough to successfully suppress appetite.
Long Term Results: 20/100

Again, although customer testimonials are provided on the Slim New website they are not sourced and so there is no way to know for certain whether they are real and therefore their claims made about the long term results of the product cannot be proven as genuine. The fact that the amounts of each ingredient within the supplement are not provided means that we cannot establish how potent the formula is and the lack of diet plan and exercise regime suggests that the results of Slim New is unlikely to be long lasting.
Safety: 25/100

The lack of evidence of clinical testing casts some doubt over the safety of the supplement as testing needs to be carried out in order to ensure that it is suitable for human use and will not cause any uncomfortable side effects. There are no known adverse side effects from normal doses of any of the ingredients within Slim New, but in saying this we do not know the amounts of the substances within the product and so cannot establish for certain whether they are safe to consume. Furthermore, the groups of people who should avoid using the product are not highlighted.
Value for money: 15/100

At £89.99 for a month’s supply, Slim New averages to almost £3 per day, making it one of the more expensive supplements on the market. The uncertainty over the effectiveness of the product due to the lack of clinical evidence and the possibility of the supplement being a scam suggests that it may not be good value for money.

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Slim New Side Effects

There is no mention of any potential side effects that users may experience while taking Slim New on the product website. Rather, the makers of the weight loss supplement claim that users will have a smooth weight loss journey and will feel great while taking the product. However, this does not mean that there are no unwanted side effects that may arise, and the lack of clinical testing is a cause for concern. Here we will explore the potential effects associated with each ingredient in order to determine whether the product is safe to use.

Raspberry Ketone
Despite being a natural substance, there are still some side effects that users of raspberry ketone may experience. To date, there has not been enough clinical research carried out in order to know for certain how safe raspberry ketone really is. It is known that the substance has the potential to cause jitteriness, increased blood pressure and rapid heart beat in its users and due to the lack of knowledge, pregnant women are advised not to use it.

Green Coffee
Green coffee is believed to be able to cause insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting and increased breathing and heart rates – all of which are thought to be due to the amount of caffeine within the substance. For this reason, pregnant and breast feeding women and those who suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure and irritable bowel syndrome should avoid using supplements containing green coffee.

Green Tea
The potential side effects that users of green tea may experience are very similar to those of green coffee and are again due to the high level of caffeine that the substance contains. It is important that you do not take green tea if you are taking any blood thinning medications and you should speak to your doctor if you suffer from any medical conditions, are pregnant or are taking any prescription medications – as green tea may interfere.

African Mango
Although African mango is generally considered safe to use, it is worth pointing out that the substance is able to worsen some side effects from certain medications and so if you suffer from any illnesses or are taking prescribed drugs, you should speak with your healthcare professional before taking African mango. There have been reports of some mild side effects from users of African mango including headaches, dry mouth, flu- like symptoms and sleep disturbances.

Acai Berries
There does not appear to have been much research regarding the safety of the acai berry, and so it is difficult to establish whether users can expect to feel any side effects. Due to the lack of clinical data, pregnant and breast feeding women should avoid using the substance and anyone with health issues or who are worried about their health should seek medical advice before using it.

There are no known adverse side effects associated with resveratrol, however the substance is thought to be able to interfere with some medical conditions such as blood disorders and certain types of cancer. There has not been enough clinical research into the safety of pregnant women taking resveratrol and so they should avoid using the substance.

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How To Use

When it comes to trying a new weight loss product it is important that consumers are provided with a detailed set of directions so that they are able to get the best results possible. Instructions are also important in order to stay safe while using a supplement, as they should note the amount that users should take while also outlining the excluded groups of people who should avoid using the product. There does not appear to be any instructions on the Slim New website and there is no mention of any groups of people who may find Slim New unsuitable. As a month’s supply of the supplement consists of 60 capsules, it seems likely that users are supposed to take 2 capsules a day – however this is not made clear on the product website. Although a set of instructions is likely to arrive with the product, they should be displayed on the website first so that potential users are able to make an educated decision and establish whether the product is suitable for them to use before purchasing it.

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Who Makes Slim New

There is very little information available regarding the company behind Slim New on the product website, with the contact page only providing a company name of Slim New, a telephone number and an email address. The lack of a physical address raises some concern, as credible companies are usually known to provide details of their headquarters. Although there are few customer reviews regarding Slim New, there are complaints about the company online from buyers of the company’s other products. After making complaints over the company’s controversial auto-billing scheme, some consumers have been unable to get hold of the company with calls and emails going unanswered. There are also complaints that the company do not stick to their refund policy, with suggestions that customers who returned the product within the 14 allowed days did not get their money back. This poor level of customer service does not make the company look reliable and implies that Slim New may be a scam. Furthermore, one of the Slim New web pages suggests that users will achieve best results when they use Pure Colon Cleanse alongside the product, however they provide no reasoning for this, suggesting it may just be a way to get customers to purchase their other products.

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Where To Buy

It appears that consumers cannot purchase Slim New from the UK high street or from online retailers, leaving the only option to buy the supplement directly from its makers from the Slim New website. As mentioned earlier, there is a significant risk of being charged a large amount of money with the misleading ‘free trial’. The company behind Slim New use an auto billing system where £80-£100 is taken from customers’ accounts each month before they are sent a month’s supply of Slim New, but customers are given the option of a free 14 day trial in order to test out the product first. There have been many complaints made about Slim New’s free trial, in which consumers pay a £4.95 postage fee in order to receive a free bottle of the product to try before they make a purchase. However, once the consumer’s card details are given, they will be charged £94.99 if they do not cancel their order within 14 days and £89.99 a month thereafter. Although the company do highlight their auto-billing scheme in their terms and conditions, the wording is complicated and the way in which the trial is advertised on the main page seems to be misleading.

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Overall Verdict

To conclude, although the manufacturers of Slim New make big claims to suggest that their supplement is one of the most effective on the market, there is no clinical evidence provided to support these claims. Furthermore, there are no clear directions for use provided on the product web pages, nor are any potential side effects or excluded groups outlined which could result in poor reactions. Finally, the way in which the company operates an auto- billing scheme is controversial, as some customers believe the free trial to be misleading and possibly a scam.

Overall: 24/100

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