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Slim Sip

The Slim Sip diet drink is marketed as being a much easier solution to weight loss than diet pills. The manufacturers claim that it is a good tasting drink that can help users to achieve significant weight loss without any exercise.

Below we have reviewed Slim Sip against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Slim Sip Pros
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee is offered
  • Company is based in the UK and has a good reputation online
Slim Sip Cons
  • The ingredient does not seem to be as revolutionary as the manufacturers suggest.
  • Ingredient quantities may be too low to have a big impact

Slim Sip is marked as ‘Rejected’ as it fails to meet all of the points on our ‘Approved Criteria’. To find out more about how Slim Sip performed against our criteria click here.

Slim Sip Review

This product comes in a powdered form that is mixed with water prior to consumption. The idea of a diet drink seems to be much more flexible than a pill and Slim Sip is advertised as being an easy and simple solution to weight loss.

Containing only one active ingredient, Glucomannan, the product focuses on only one form of weight loss so that it appears to be a lot gentler on the body, something that is preferred by most that want to use diet supplements. As well as this it is also claimed to be beneficial due to the fact that it can help to manage and control the cholesterol levels of its users making it good for overall well-being. This is quite an unusual claim from a diet pill manufacturer and does seem to make the product stand out to those that are worried about related conditions.

Claimed weight loss benefits

In terms of our five main weight loss properties, the manufacturers of the Slim Sip diet drink powder do not really allege that they possess any of these, although it does appear that the product works much like an appetite suppressant. In fact, the site itself is quite vague when describing what the product actually does in terms of how it works inside the body and our experts had to undertake their own research in order to find this out.

There has been differing and contradicting evidence concerning the validity of these claims but based on a general review of some of the evidence available, our experts are inclined to believe that unfortunately the drink may not be as effective for weight loss as it claims.

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How Slim Sip Works

The manufacturers of Slim Sip say that the drink’s weight loss properties are all down to the fibre Glucomannan. Possessing a very small amount of calories itself, the fibre expands in the body to make users feel fuller for longer which in turn lowers their calorie intake because they don’t feel as hungry. In practice, the drink works as a type of appetite suppressant and promotes weight loss this way.

It is however unclear whether any diet or exercise are needed to produce the results claimed to be associated with this product although the manufacturer does seem to suggest that a calorie controlled diet might be of assistance.

Firstly, it makes sense to know what Glucomannan actually is; one of the good things about it is that it is a natural ingredient usually found in the roots of certain plants. There are usually 2 ways of describing the substance, the first is as a sugar and the second as a fibre due to the way it works within the body. It is known for its ability to thicken and act as a gelling agent bulking up anything that is already inside the stomach.

It is not hard to see how this could be beneficial for those trying to lose weight, in practical terms it seems that this ingredient works as a sort of appetite suppressant. It is said to be able to work by interacting with any liquid that can be found in the stomach. Due to the fact that it is a fibrous substance, the Glucomannan acts a bit like a sponge and absorbs this liquid. This in turn means that the fibre actually expands inside the stomach of users becoming more bulky and considerably larger creating a sense of fullness even if you haven’t eaten much.

As the fibre absorbs the liquid it goes from being a dry substance to something more sticky and gel like (hence its reputation as a gelling agent). This fact alone makes it a fair amount harder for the body to digest and the longer it takes to digest, the longer it remains in the body. This means that as well as making users feel fuller it is also able to create this effect over a fairly long amount of time; however long the body takes to digest the newly expanded fibre which will of course vary from person to person.

In terms of being able to manage cholesterol, it is thought that since the Glucomannan also absorbs the liquid found in the digestive tract, this actually reduces the body’s ability to absorb things like carbohydrates and bad cholesterol also helping with weight loss.

The fibre itself only contains a few calories so by switching it for food, the idea is that users can lose a substantial amount of weight due to a much lower calorie intake.

Once the Glucomannan has expanded inside of the stomach it is excreted from the body naturally. Due to this, it has also been known to be good for cleansing the body and it has been suggested by some that this process might reduce the effects of diabetes, constipation and, as mentioned, high cholesterol.

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Key Slim Sip Ingredients

The key active ingredient in the Slim Sip drinking powder is Glucomannan fibre. This is said to be able to manage both weight and cholesterol.

Aside from this one ingredient the only others that can be found in the powder are those used to give it its orange flavour as well as some binders, fillers and colours. The site actually makes the full ingredients list available for potential consumers to view before purchasing the product and lists them as follows:

– acidity regulators
– citric acid
– sodium bicarbonate
– flavour
– anti-caking agent magnesium oxide
– sweeteners – sucralose
– acesulfame K
– beta-carotene.

It is stated that each sachet of Slim Sip contains 1.34 g of purified Glucomannan fibre and users are instructed to take 3 sachets per day over quite a long period of time.

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Slim Sip Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

There have been no clinical studies conducted on Slim Sip itself. There have, however, been numerous clinical studies conducted on the product’s key ingredient, glucomannan. These studies have yielded mixed results in terms of glucomannan’s weight loss abilities.

Glucomannan Clinical Studies

One study published in the US National Library of Medicine looked at the the effect of the Glucomannan on obese patients. In this study subjects were actually told not to change their exercise or eating patterns for the entirety of the 8 weeks in which the experiment lasted. This is in contrast to what the statement given on the website seems to imply.

This study in particular is quite relevant to the claims here as it involved purified Glucomannan Fibre which is what the manufacturers claim to be using in their product. However, the Glucomannan was actually given in the form of a food supplement not as a powder to be mixed with water. Although it is uncertain as to whether this will have much of an effect on the usefulness of the results attained here and how they relate to Slim Sip, it is worth baring this in mind in the interest of fairness.

The study was moderate in size and 20 obese subjects took part. Some of these received the Glucomannan whilst the others were administered with a placebo. Both of these were given in 1g doses (a similar but slightly smaller amount than the manufacturers of Slim Sip suggest) in the form of 2 500mg capsules. These were taken with 8 oz of water an hour before each of the subjects’ 3 meals per day.

The results showed that the Glucomannan did induce a significant mean weight loss of 5.5 lbs over the 8 weeks. As well as this, cholesterol was also reduced and no adverse reactions or side effects were reported by any of the subjects.

This is particularly interesting since the amount of Glucomannan used here was slightly smaller than that contained in a daily dose of Slim Sip which would suggest that product might be quite powerful.

However, it is extremely important to remember that the use of this study in validating Slim Sip’s claims is actually quite limited due to the fact that the fibre was contained in what is describe as a ‘food supplement’. There is no specific description of what this entails and so we cannot be 100% sure that this was the only ingredient used in the study.

A second study tells a very different story which is quite confusing as it seems to provide somewhat conflicting evidence.

During this study the effect of the Glucomannan was measured on overweight and moderately obese subjects. They were also randomly split into 2 groups where one group took a placebo and the others were told to take 1.33g. it is worth noting that this is almost exactly the same amount as is contained in 1 sachet of the Slim Sip product and therefore it is arguable that this study may provide a more realistic view of the possible results even though the change in amount from the first study is admittedly quite small.

All of the subjects were made to take their product with 8 oz of water an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like the first, this study also lasted for a duration of 8 weeks.

After this amount of time, the body weight of all of the subjects were measured but as well as this there was also an inquiry into whether the subjects felt more or less hungry and their lipid and glucose concentrations were also measured.

In total 53 subjects took part in the study; at the end of the full 8 weeks the 2 groups into which they were split (placebo and non-placebo) actually showed no significant difference whatsoever in terms of the amounts of weight that they had lost. Furthermore there was also no difference noted in any of the other topics that were measured including fullness and cholesterol levels.

The researchers concluded (and stated in very express terms) that Glucomannan supplements given over a period of 8 weeks were well tolerated by users but did not promote any weight loss or alter body composition, hunger and fullness levels or lipid and glucose parameters significantly.

A review published in 2014 looked at glucomannan in detail.

In this review 18 trials were identified as being of some relevance but of these only 9 were included due to the fact that some had not been reported as well as others.

The examination of these revealed only a non-statistically significant difference in weight loss between subjects who had been administered with a placebo and those who were actually given the Glucomannan.

In summary the review actually confirmed the latter study and concluded that the evidence from the random control trials available did not show that consuming the Glucomannan would generate any statistically significant weight loss, especially on its own.

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Slim Sip Side Effects


The manufacturers do not mention any possible side effects on Slim Sip’s official website. They state that the product is the ‘only product in its category supported by two European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claims for both Weight Loss & Cholesterol Management’.

Research shows, however, that in rare cases glucomannan can cause side effects.

Due to the fact that it is a fibre, Glucomannan is known for absorbing a lot of water in the body. Although this helps to make users feel fuller, this absorption allows the fibre to increase in size by a substantial amount. This is potentially dangerous and can result in serious consequences if the large fibre gets stuck in the oesophagus (throat) before it reaches the stomach. This could potentially be quite an obvious choking hazard and so consumers should be especially careful when mixing the sachet with water and drinking it.

In even rarer cases, the fibrous lump might even pierce the oesophagus and the consequences of this include the need for surgical treatment to remove the fibrous mass. It is strongly advised that anyone who is suffering from or has previously suffered from oesophageal problems including any previous surgeries should completely avoid the ingestion of any Glucomannan and should not take this product under any circumstances.

Also associated with the fibrous nature of the ingredient Glucomannan are side effects concerning the gastric area of the body. Compared to those mentioned above, these symptoms should (in most cases) be mildly unpleasant and not pose any serious life threatening risks but potential consumers should be warned as to what they should expect whilst consuming the product especially since this was the most commonly reported symptom in clinical trials.

These sorts of symptoms include conditions such as loose stools and diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence, bloating and sometimes even stomach or abdominal cramps.

It may seem contradictory that the pills can cause such a variety of symptoms that are so different from each other especially in terms of constipation and loose stools but this all depends on the sensitivity of the individual user. The fibre can do this because most side effects experienced by users will be very personal and largely dependent on the individual’s tolerance to certain things and will also depend on their previous dietary fibre intake.

Those users who already consumed a large or moderate amount of fibre before the use of this product are most likely to experience loose stools and diarrhoea as their bodies are already adjusted to digesting this type of substance and excreting it meaning that the more fibre they eat, the more excretion will happen at an increased rate.

Those on the opposite end of the spectrum may experience constipation and cramping as their stomach is not used to having to deal with such a high fibre intake and will have more trouble passing it through the system.

These types of side effects should only generally last up to 2 weeks after users start drinking the sachets and should ease up and in most cases disappear as the body adjusts to its new diet. Having said this, if you do experience these symptoms for a prolonged period of time or with increased intensity then it would be wise to discontinue the use of the pills and seek medical advice from your GP.

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How To Take Slim Sip

Woman With Pills 538

The Slim Sip website provides a brief description of how users should take the product and it seems to be extremely easy. All you have to do is take 3 sachets per day mixed with water. Some people may prefer this to having to try to swallow pills and so this product may be a good alternative if you want an easy and flexible way to consume a diet supplement. As well as this it is made clear that the manufacturers of the product recommend that each sachet is mixed well with 250 ml of water and that the drink is consumed approximately half an hour before each main meal of the day is consumed. It is actually quite important that you stick to this half an hour mark because you do not want the fibre to have left the body before it has gotten a chance to help you to eat less.

Given the fact that the drink contains no stimulants, the use of the product actually becomes very flexible and easy to fit into any routine. It does not seem to matter what time you eat since you can have the drink later in the day without it disrupting any sleeping patterns etc.

The sachets are said to be an orange flavour and so users should find the product quite pleasant to taste due to the use of flavourings and sweeteners.

It is extremely important that you always follow the directions for use on the packaging of the product and do not exceed the recommended 3 sachets per day. It is also important that you do not mix the sachets with any other liquid other than that specified as this might have undesired effects.

Due to the effects that the pills may have on the body we would not recommend their use for the following groups of people:

– Pregnant or nursing women.
– Those who may be allergic to any of the ingredients, binders or fillers used in the product.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any digestive conditions.
– Those who have a family history or are suffering from or have previously suffered any throat or intestinal damage.
– Those who have undergone any surgeries involving the throat, digestive tract or stomach.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from diabetes or any other blood sugar related problems.
– Those who have a family history or are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or any other gastric disorder.
– Those who are currently taking insulin.
– Those who have any other underlying medical issue.

If you are unsure about whether you should be taking these types of pills always consult a GP before doing so; this is particularly recommended if you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions.

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Who Makes Slim Sip

Unlike some other diet companies, the people that make Slim Sip seem to be very proud of their product and make it very easy to find out who they are. Besides the fact that the product is actually sold on the company website, there is clear labeling made available for potential consumers to view that depicts the name of the company.

New Image Health is stated as being a trading division of High Street Tv (Group) Ltd.

It appears to be based in Manchester and gives the following address:
High Street TV
PO Box 724
WA15 5BJ

The site provides the following contact details as well as the option of a live chat service should you need to ask any questions:
• 0844 800 0631 (UK customers)
• 0344 800 0631 (UK customers)
• 0412 132 998 (Irish customers)
Lines are said to be open on Mon to Fri from 7.30am to 7.30pm and Sat and Sun from 7.30am to 4pm.

You can also email the company via a form found on their contact page and it is stated that they aim to respond within 24 hours of receipt.

High Street TV itself does also seem to be quite well known and even lists its TV channels in case consumers want to order something that way.

This combined with the fact that the money back guarantee offered by the company is not particularly strict and does not contain any hidden regulations suggests that they are not solely profit orientated and do take some pride in maintaining their reputation.

The company also sells many other diet products none of which seem to have been involved in any complaints. As well as this it also distributes super foods and the like which suggests that it does have some knowledge and experience in this area of the industry.

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Where to Buy Slim Sip


As with most diet products there are a number of ways that potential consumers can purchase Slim Sip. The first of these is most often preferred due to the difference in price of the product and that is obtained by ordering from a third party retail site.

It is available on for various prices although these will be sold by individual sellers and pose more of a risk.

Other places where you can purchase Slim Sip are:

Argos where you can buy 30 servings for £19.99.
Very where you can buy 30 servings for £19.00 and pay in instalments.
Boots where you can also buy 30 servings for £19.99.
Lloyds Pharmacy where you can also purchase the product for the above price.

The last option is of course to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website. Although it might be a little less well known it might be in your interests to read on as buying direct comes with free delivery and also a bonus eating plan to help potential consumers with their weight loss efforts.

The site gives potential consumers 2 options when buying the product. The first is 30 servings for £19.99 plus free delivery. This is more or less the same as most of the high street retailers but the site also offers a second option whereby consumers can purchase 3 boxes (90 servings) for the price of 2 – £39.98. This obviously saves you £19.99 and seems to be the best value when compared to the websites above which do not seem to offer any discounted promotions such as a 3 for 2 option.

Once you have chosen which package you want to order, the website takes you to a page which introduces what is called the ‘Repeat and Save’ program. This means that if you ‘upgrade’ your order on this basis you will not have to make a purchase every month as the company will do that for you. As an incentive they claim to offer the product at an even more discounted price which is said to save you 50% every month. What is not made so clear is that by doing this consumers would be signing up to an automatic billing and shipping subscription. This means that the money for orders automatically placed can be taken from your account without monthly authorisation by you.

A lot of diet product websites use this format but what is quite positive about this one is that it is made quite clear from the outset that it will involve some sort of subscription process. You absolutely do not have to upgrade and can continue with your purchase without signing up to the program. You can choose not to sign up to the subscription by clicking the ‘No’ button which is not hidden or misleading.

It is claimed that products will be dispatched within 24 hours of the order being placed and that they should arrive between 5 and 7 working days for standard delivery orders.

The site also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. The terms and conditions state that this guarantee gives you the right to change your mind and cancel your order for 30 days after the day you receive your products and it seems that the only restriction is that all products must be returned to the company in their original packaging. Once you have done this you will be refunded the price of the order minus any delivery fee e.g. express delivery.

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Does Slim Sip Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: Yes, Slim Sip comes with a 30 day money-back-guarantee. This excludes any postage costs.

One-off payment: There is an option for a one-off payment. However, there is also an option for a subscription. The subscription option is clearly outlined.

Manufacturing Standard: EFSA Approved.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes.

Company contact details readily available: Yes.

Slip Sip doesn’t meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as it does not come with a diet plan.


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Overall Verdict

The company that makes the pills does appear to be reputable and provides a money back guarantee. Furthermore, the likelihood of experiencing any side effects is rare. However, some clinical studies on the key ingredients suggest that it may not be as effective as claimed.

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5 responses to “Slim Sip”

  1. jan tetard says:

    Slimsip uses a high grade glucomannan which is the only fiber ingredient which has been granted 2 claims by EFSA (european food safety case you didn’t know…). This is a clinically supported product!!

  2. Julie archer says:

    Have been using Slimsip for a couple of months now, it has not worked for me at all!! I wasted my money on this product!

  3. Melissa says:

    This review falsely suggests Slim Sip has “ingredient quantities that may be too low to have a big impact”.

    Slim Sip uses the highest grade of Glucomannan, a natural ingredient that is suported by two ESFA claims for both weight loss and cholesterol maintenance and has been clinically proven.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I don’t think anyone with a modicum of common sense, would expect any diet product to work, without the user doing anything else to support their weight loss efforts. Of course it isn’t going to ‘make
    You’ lose weight by taking this product in isolation, its not a magic potion!
    Anyone using it needs to follow a healthy eating regime whilst using it.
    What this product does, is suppress appetite so it lessens the urge to overeat and/or binge and in doing so allows you to eat sensibly and help achieve your weight loss goals until you have got into a rhythm and can control your appetite naturally.

    I have been using this product and find it most helpful in preventing me from eating more than is good for me and binging on unhealthy snacks.

    If you use it sensibly, in the way it is intended to be used it does work!
    It isn’t going to shed your excess pounds on its own, surely to goodness any intelligent adult would know that?

  5. Angela Appleby says:

    Is it safe to take slim sip if you are a diabetic and taken metforman tablets.

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