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SlimGum - The Chewing Gum Diet

Imagine simply chewing your weight away; this is what SlimGum claims you can do. It claims to be the world’s only chewing gum diet and the easiest way to lose weight.

However, this may be too good to be true as it could work out to be very expensive and may not be any more effective than chewing any normal piece of gum. Despite coming from a reputable company, as good as chewing gum weight loss sounds, LA tone SlimGum might just be too good to be true.

SlimGum Pros
  • Relatively safe to take and is very easy to follow
  • Can help distract you from hunger and help avoid snacking
SlimGum Cons
  • Can become quite an expensive habit over time
  • Minimal weight loss benefits over and beyond that of any chewing gum

SlimGum Review

Claimed weight-loss benefits:

We agree with SlimGum’s claims to be an appetite suppressant.

How SlimGum Works

SlimGum works in a similar way to normal chewing gum. It looks similar and even tastes similar, however, this gum contains special weight loss encouraging ingredients. It is suggested that you take no more than four a day in between meals when you begin to feel hungry. Read more about the effects of chewing gum on the appetite here.

The idea behind SlimGum is that you are keeping your mouth busy and therefore your mind is taken off food which will hopefully stop you reaching for snacks between meals. SlimGum also contains proven weight loss ingredients that are released as you chew. However, it is not clear whether it features these ingredients in big enough quantities to make a large difference.

To learn more read our article on how Slimgum works.

Key SlimGum Ingredients

Made by a reputable company, the ingredients are easy to find and are truthfully revealed which is a great positive. There are six main ingredients which are: Green Tea and Chromium, diet pill regulars, along with L-Carnitine, Thiamin, Biotin and Green Bean extract. The slimming gum looks very similar to any normal chewing gum and has a peppermint taste, however, the taste soon disappears after 5 to 10 minutes.

All of the featured ingredients are very promising for weight loss, however, the ingredients may not be featured in large enough quantities to have a major effect. If so, chewing normal gum could work equally well to take your mind off snacking or to suppress your appetite a little. Read more about Green Tea here.

SlimGum Results

Weight Loss Power: 50/100

As many SlimGum reviews have pointed out, the weight loss power may not come directly from the pills but may simply be from the fact that it stops you snacking between meals. If this is your vice during dieting then the weight loss power could be quite high.
Speed of results: 50/100

The speed of the results will come from how much you’re able to restrain yourself from snacks using SlimGum and not necessarily from the gum itself. If you’re able to diet more effectively by avoiding snacks then weight could fall off quicker than it might without using SlimGum.
Appetite Suppression: 70/100

This is the main area SlimGum works. Many a slim gum review has claimed the product can provide a great distraction from snacking in a similar way to how fake cigarettes work for people trying to quit smoking. They work to keep the mouth busy and simulate eating. Many SlimGum reviews have said it is very effective at this.
Long Term Results: 50/100

In the long term this chewing gum diet may not directly keep the weight off. Having said that, if SlimGum helps you to stop snacking and to gradually learn to eat a little less then it could realistically help change your eating habits in the long term.

Safety: 75/100

SlimGum is a product with few side effects. However, there have been some reports that eating too many in one day could lead to them having laxative type side effects. This is why the makers recommend eating no more than four slimming chewing gum pieces a day.

To learn more read our article on Slimgum side effects.

Value for money: 50/100

At first glance SlimGum appears very cheap with a pack of 10 pieces costing just £2.99. However, taking four each day means you’ll be buying a new pack every two to three days. This could realistically mean you’re spending closer to £10 every week making them reasonably expensive considering they’re minimal effect.

To learn more read our article on where to buy Slimgum.

SlimGum Side-Effects

No SlimGum review has mentioned many side effects other than taking too many can lead to needing to visit the toilet more often. Sticking to the recommended dosage should mean you see no or very minimal side effects.

To learn more read our article on Slimgum side effects.

Where to Buy SlimGum

Slim gum is quite easy to buy, being found in some high street shops including Superdrug. It can also be bought from the official website where multi-packs are available.

To learn more read our article on where to buy Slimgum.

Overall SlimGum Verdict

SlimGum is a difficult supplement to judge because while it won’t directly induce weight loss, it can indirectly help through the stopping of snacking and keeping your mouth busy and hunger at bay. If snacking is a particular part of dieting that you struggle with then the chewing gum diet could be helpful, however, there are more effective weight loss options out there. It is a largely safe supplement to take and many SlimGum reviews have heard from happy customers.

To learn more read our article on Slimgum clinical studies.

Overall: 53/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Slim Gum diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about SlimGum , so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does SlimGum work?

SlimGum works by trying to suppress your appetite through keeping your mouth busy with the chewing gum. It also features some weight loss ingredients. It hopes to keep your mind off food and prevent you reaching for snacks in between meals.

2. How long do they take to work?

SlimGum gets to work quickly. The effect of chewing might trick your brain into thinking you’re eating. In terms of how long till you see weight loss it may be a fairly slow process especially as SlimGum’s effectiveness has been questioned.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

The chance of experiencing any major side effects while taking SlimGum is low. The only problems that have been reported is that if you take too many some users have experienced laxative type effects.

4. When do I take the tablets?

The makers advise that you take no more than four tablets each day but when you take them is down to you. It would be a good idea to take them when you are most likely to want to snack.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the diet pills?

It would be sensible to diet while taking SlimGum. The idea behind the product is that it makes it easier to diet because it hopefully suppresses your appetite and distracts you from thinking you’re hungry.

6. What ingredients go into Slim Gum pills?

Green Tea and Chromium are included in SlimGum, these are ingredients which feature regularly in many diet pills. Other ingredients featured are L-Carnitine, Thiamin, Biotin and Green Bean extract. The ingredients themselves look promising but are unlikely to be included in large enough quantities to have any major effect.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the tablets?

Exercise is not required but it is encouraged. If you are attempting to lose weight exercise is a great way of trying to achieve it. While you are not asked to do more exercise with Slim Gum, it is advisable on any diet.

8. Where can I buy Slim Gum tablets?

Multipacks of SlimGum can be bought from the official website. You can also find it in a small number of high street shops including Superdrug. Taking four pieces a day may see you go through three or four packs each week.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

You are free to take the tablets for as long or as short a time as you like. As long as you stick to or below the recommended daily dosage there are no major side effects so you should not have any problems taking the pieces for as long as you like.

10. How much weight could I lose?

Weight loss will come down to how effective SlimGum is at distracting you from snacking. It is not the most powerful diet supplement and the effect on your appetite will not be huge. However if it is successful in stopping your snacking habit it may help boost your weight loss a little.

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