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Sliminex is a diet pill which is seems quite hard to locate, as it does not have an official website of its own, instead it has a type of purchase page on the website of the company who has given the world Sliminex.

Despite searching online it is difficult to find the official site and the product which is unusual for a diet pill. Is this a good sign or does the lack of promotion simply mean there is nothing to promote?Sliminex review

Sliminex Pros
  • Promising ingredient list
Sliminex Cons
  • No evidence, clinical trials or proof of effectiveness is provided
  • Lacking customer testimonials

Sliminex Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Sliminex is a diet pill that makes a lot of claims but doesn’t offer any kind of evidence to make us believe it will fulfil its claims. Without proof of its effectiveness we can only think it isn’t going to be a great weight loss supplement.

How Sliminex Works

Sliminex appears to simply be a metabolism booster and fat burner. The sales page of the site for Sliminex is brief but in the benefits section we are told that Sliminex ‘helps burn fat’ ‘helps increase energy’ and ‘helps suppress appetite’ which kind of covers every base no matter what kind of weight loss you’re after. This then leads you to think that it is merely another diet pill which claims to do everything but gives you no proof of how or why.

Saffron in SliminexHowever in the brief description it gives about itself, the ingredients in the product do begin to convince you it could work as it mentions green tea, saffron, Garcinia Cambogia and green coffee bean. However once again, if you look in further detail you’ll see these are included in a proprietary blend and does not reveal the amounts of each one.

It does not offer any links to clinical trials or evidence that suggests it works to help you lose weight and instead continues to talk about how it, “increases energy levels, maintains cardiovascular health, increases lean body and muscle mass, and reduces body fat.” This statement is of course clarified in the fine print as the makers admit the statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It does appear Sliminex is just another diet pill that claims to do it all but in fact does very little.

Key Sliminex Ingredients

green tea is common in diet pillsThe ingredient list does look quite good on paper, that is until you find out all the potentially good weight loss ingredients are in fact only included in a proprietary blend. What this means is that the makers only have to reveal the total amounts of all the ingredients as one total rather than saying exactly how much of each one is included. This gives the maker the option of filling it up with the cheapest and usually least effective ingredient or simply not including enough of the most important ingredients but being able to hide in under the title, proprietary blend.

On paper ingredients like green tea, garcinia cambogia and black pepper extract sound great but you have no way of knowing just how much of any of these are actually included in the diet pill. The only amounts revealed are for Chromium (200mcg) and saffron extract (175mg)which are not huge amounts themselves. When ingredient amounts are hidden, it does raise suspicions as you wonder why they are hidden. If they were included in good amounts, that could help weight loss, would they be hidden? Learn more about proprietary blends here.


Weight Loss Power:


You have to be extremely doubtful about the weight loss power of a diet pill which does not fully reveal its ingredient amounts and that does not back up the claims it makes with any form of evidence or proof. Yes the ingredients it lists look potentially promising but because the amounts are hidden in a proprietary blend, you can’t realistically see this pill being very powerful.

Speed of results:


Following on from the disappointing weight loss power results this means the rate of any weight loss is likely to be slow. The website does not give very much information at all, let alone how quick any weight loss might be but considering the suspicions that there is little included in these pills to actually cause or encourage weight loss, the rate of any losses is likely to be quite slow.

Appetite Suppression:


Once again this is another area which is made much more difficult to review simply because the ingredient amounts are not fully revealed. You wonder why any company would hide its ingredients and it is highly likely it will be because it won’t help sell the product. Therefore, despite having some promising appetite suppressing ingredients listed, we can’t see there being much effect on your appetite.

Long Term Results:


There is absolutely zero evidence, proof or clinical trials provided to back up its effectiveness claims, what this also means is that the long term results from taking Sliminex are also untested. With the assumption that this diet pill is probably not very powerful it means that any long term boost in helping you keep weight off is highly unlikely. The likelihood is that unless you change your dieting habits, taking this product alone will probably result in weight being regained once you stop the pills. Click here to see out top rated diet pills.



Once again with the lack of product testing there is no way to know for sure exactly how safe or unsafe Sliminex could be. However looking at the ingredient list, there is nothing included that has been noted as significantly harmful or prone to major side effects. Add to this the likelihood that there are not large amounts of anything included, it means that side effects will be minimal and safety not too heavily at risk.

Value for money:


One month’s supply of Sliminex will cost $39.99 which equates to around £25 or £30. There will be shipping costs unless you spend over $100 which would require ordering three months’ worth of Sliminex tablets. There does not seem to be a money back guarantee on offer from the official website. It is not as expensive as some other diet pills which have made similar promises but considering the likelihood of not having much effect it still constitutes poor value for money.

Sliminex Side Effects

Given the ingredients and their likely small quantities, side effects are probably going to be minimised. However the website does warn, ‘if you experience dizziness, headache, nausea, chills, fever or heart palpitations’ then you should stop taking the pills. This suggests these are possible side effects but are probably not likely side effects.

Where to Buy Sliminex

Sliminex can only be bought from the official site. There is Sliminex Xtreme available on the Amazon US site which is obviously the boosted version of the original Sliminex but this costs around 25% more.

Overall Verdict

Sliminex is a very disappointing diet pill. On the surface it looks to be fairly positive, it includes some good ingredients and promises a lot of things but after delving deeper there are a lot of negatives which mean you should avoid it. The most important negative is that despite all the promises and claims there is zero evidence in the shape of clinical trials, studies or any kind of research to back them up. They appear to be empty promises.

There is also the ingredient list which sounds promising until you realise the majority of the key ingredients are included in a proprietary blend which usually means they aren’t included in any great quantity. This therefore means the weight loss power is probably quite small and won’t have any great effect on weight loss. There are much better diet pill options which offer much better chances of weight loss at cheaper prices with a full ingredient list.

Learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions article on Sliminex.



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