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Slimlite Skinni Chews

Slimlite Skinni Chews is another addition to the extensive variety of weight loss supplements that you have access to these days in the markets, except that it’s a bit different from all of them out there. You will want to ask why they are different and we are here to tell you precisely that.

The answer is – they are not pills but zero calorie snacks that are promoted by their manufacturers as being “guilt free snacks.” So they keep you satiate and do away with your hunger pangs, but not by preventing you from eating as is the case with most weight loss supplements out there in the market. Instead, they keep you full because you can munch on them without guilt owing to them lacking any calories.

Slimlite Skinni Chews Review

Slimlite Skinni Chews Pros
  • They keep you full, and that too without feeling guilty
  • They can be eaten whenever you want
  • They are zero calories
Slimlite Skinni Chews Cons
  • They have no clinical studies to support them
  • They are fairly expensive
  • Their prime ingredient glucomannan can have potential side effects

Slimlite Skinni Chews Review

Known more specifically as Skinni Chews, you can purchase a pack containing either 30 Skinni Chews or 60 Skinni Chews, and be fascinated by this new innovation to losing weight. The official website tells us that the prime purpose of this particular product is to allow one to feel full between meals. Let us discuss what promises this particular weight loss supplement makes and whether we can believe them or not.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The Slimlite Skinni Chews only make one claim, that of being an appetite suppressant. They are also fairly low in fat content. Hence, the only promise that this particular weight supplement makes is that of allowing one to feel full and satiated by providing itself as a healthy and zero calories worth of filler in between meals.

How Slimlite Skinni Chews Works

Skinni Chews Is A Appetite Suppressing SnackMuch to our dismay, we do not have much information about how this particular weight loss supplement works. Well of course, we know that it is an appetite suppressant, and it claims to essentially keep you full in between meals by being a zero calorie and low fibre snack that you can happily indulge in without feeling guilty. However, the manufacturers have actually not discussed the biological processes that go underway in one’s body following intake of this particular product.

However, we do know that the chief composite of Skinni Chews is glucomannan, and it might be helpful to look at how it works to get some answers here. Let us start by discussing what glucomannan really is. So, glucomannan is a sugar that comes from the root of the konjak plant, a variety that is Japanese in origin and hence quite predominant in Japan. It is sometimes referred to as the broom of the intestines and this can help one understand what function this particular sugar performs within our bodies. Essentially, this particular agent absorbs the water within our bodies and then swells to occupy a large space, thus making us feel full and satiated for longer periods. Moreover, the absorption of water and the subsequent swelling of fats also results in inhibiting the absorption of carbohydrates, and this can assist in weight loss. However, Skinni Chews do not make any claim associated with weight loss, and so it could be that glucomannan exists in a modest amount, one that is not substantial enough to translate into weight loss. However, we can infer that the primary property of Skinni Chews, which is appetite suppression, comes from glucomannan.

Studies associated with glucomannan also appear to be promising. In a particular study lasting for a duration of 16 weeks and involving 200 obese participants, glucomannan was administered twice a day. When the study ended, the glucomannan group lost 10.14 Ibs in comparison to the control group.

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Key Slimlite Skinni Chews Ingredients


Konjac Root GlucomannanAs we discussed above, one of the key ingredients is glucomannan, and this is chiefly responsible for the prime claim of appetite suppression made by Skinni Chews. This is because it absorbs up the water present in the digestive tract, and then expands to occupy an extensive amount of space hence resulting in making one feel full and satiated. Moreover, as aforementioned, it is also associated with weight loss tendencies, though that as a property remains untouched by the manufacturers of Slimlite Skinni Chews.

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Weight Loss Power: 20/100

This particular product does not aim to make any claims associated with weight loss, and though we have found that glucomannan can have weight loss properties, the manufacturers do not stress much on this particular feature and so we are inclined to give a low score in this regard.
Speed of results: 0/100

Since Skinni Chews is primarily an appetite suppressant and not a weight loss supplement, the question of speed of results becomes a bit redundant here.
Appetite Suppression: 65/100

We cannot give an assertive answer here for sure since we were not able to come across any independent customer reviews. However, following our extensive scrutiny of the product, we believe we can provide a good score to Slimlite Skinni Chews in this particular category.
Long Term Results: 10/100

The manufacturers remain exceptionally silent when it comes to this particular facet and so we are tempted to give Slimlite Skinni Chews a low score here. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 50/100

The official website does not mention any side effects, and while we feel that the product is generally harmless, there are some concerns associated with glucomannan as a chemical that one should be cautious of. We are hence tempted to give Slimlite Skinni Chews a mediocre score here.
Value for money: 20/100

While we feel that the product is credible, we are not sure if it truly offers value for money as it is fairly expensive and only offers appetite suppression properties. You would be better off buying a product that is much cheaper than this and offers much more properties clumped together.

Slimlite Skinni Chews Side Effects

Slimlite Skinni Chews Side EffectsThe manufacturers do not mention of any side effects at all. While most websites that we come across for other weight loss supplements or products have a side effects section where they mention the prospective side effects or just tell you if there are none, we find nothing for Slimlite Skinni Chews.

Hence, we delved into our own research and looked up side effects associated with glucomannan. Our research led us to believe that while glucomannan is not potentially very harmful, it can exhibit certain side effects that you ought to know about.

Firstly, glucomannan can cause blocking of the intestines. As aforementioned, it absorbs water within the intestines and then swells to make one feel full. However, at times this can result in the blocking of the intestines. Accordingly, one may feel nauseas and bloated owing to the blockage. Related to this is another problem associated with the extensive usage of glucomannan, that it can cause diarrhoea and stomach ache. Moreover, glucomannan can also often cause skin allergies, and you may experience rashes, swelling in the mouth or the throat, and difficulties with breathing. Diabetic patients ought to be particularly careful, as glucomannan can often drastically alter and modify the levels of glucose in the blood. Finally, not enough is known about the usage of glucomannan when it comes to situations of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and hence it is advisable to stay away from the usage of this chemical in these two particular situations.

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Where to Buy Slimlite Skinni Chews

It is possible to buy Slimlite Skinni Chews both from the official website and from third party suppliers. From the official website, you can either buy Slimlite Skinni Chews 30’s pack for NZ$69.99 (£38.48), Slimlite Skinni Chews 60’s pack for NZ$109.95 (£60.47). There are many options for those who wish to buy a sample, or in bulk.

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Overall Verdict

As you can see, the product is fairly expensive, and offers just one particular property, that of appetite suppression. It is not associated with weight loss tendencies and will only provide you an option of a healthy snack that does not make you feel guilty. In our opinion, the price is too high to pay for something that just helps you divulge into a guilt free delight between meals and does not offer any hope of weight loss. So our final verdict is as follows – you would be better off purchasing a product that is considerably lower in price, and offers you a combination of both appetite suppression, weight loss, and metabolism boost.

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Overall: 28/100

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