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SlimLite Skinni

SlimLite Skinni is one of the lower priced diet pills available on the market. This particular weight loss supplement claims to be a fat burner and metabolism booster, essentially aimed at performing weight regulation through these two provisions.

SlimLite Skinni Review

SlimLite Skinni Pros
  • Several additional benefits
  • Ingredients have clinical backing
  • Low price tag
SlimLite Skinni Cons
  • It contains Chromium Polynicotinate, which can be dangerous when taken in large doses
  • Potential for caffeine related side effects

SlimLite Skinni Review

SlimLite Skinni aims to work through the action of ingredients such as selenium and green tea extract amongst others. These are antioxidants and hence play a pivotal role in protecting against damages within the body, as well as in regulating effective and sustainable weight loss.

SlimLite Skinni claims to have two benefits. Firstly, it is believed to be a fat burner, owing primarily due to its antioxidant nature. The second benefit it claims to have is that of boosting metabolism, doing this through its antioxidant activities that make sure the body has sufficient energy in times of ongoing exertion and weight loss.

How SlimLite Skinni Works

The official website does not tell us a lot about precisely how SlimLite Skinni works, and hence we are left to make conjectures on our own. One accurate way to proceed with this is by looking at the prominent ingredients of SlimLite Skinni and seeing what they tell us about effective weight loss management.

Firstly, SlimLite Skinni is an antioxidant. What this essentially implies is as follows: green tea can result in the removal of lipids, which are fats. So the antioxidant action of green tea in SlimLite Skinni results in elimination of lipid free radicals, which in turn contributes to effective weight loss.

Another related effect is that of appetite suppression. Consumption of SlimLite Skinni allows one to feel full and satiated, owing to the presence primarily of guarana. So SlimLite Skinni prevents the user from experiencing hunger pangs consistently and instead allows you to feel hungry after considerably long intervals.

SlimLite Skinni also provides thermogenic action through the burning of fat. This leads to an effective boost on metabolism, which triggers off a substantial effect. This essentially happens due to the intake of cayenne pepper found in SlimLite Skinni that contains fat burning elements, which results in the subsequent release of energy achieved from fat burning. This leads to a heightened level of metabolic activity, resulting in an increased allocation of energy for stamina demanding practices such as weight loss management.

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Key SlimLite Skinni Ingredients

Green tea extract

green tea in SlimLite SkinniAssociated with China and used very commonly in the world in general, green tea is a very popular tea extract. It is believed that green tea extract contains polyphenols, which allows thermogenesis to take place. Thermogenesis is the generation of heat, which subsequently results in metabolism boosting through burning of fat elements.

Extensive research has been carried out to determine the effect on green tea on metabolism in particular and weight loss in general. In a study conducted over a period of 12 to 13 weeks, it was discovered that both the body mass index and the weight circumference decreased considerably following intake of green tea extract. Two more studies to demonstrate the effect of green tea, involving 184 participants, showed an average weight loss of about 0.6 to 1.6 kg, a change in BMI from 0.2 to – 0.5 kg/m, and a change in waist circumference from 0.3 to -1.7 cm. From these studies we can see that green tea extract is rightly believed to be quite a useful ingredient for the purposes of weight loss management.

Chromium Polynicotinate

Chromium Polynicotinate is a compound, and we are concerned in particular with the metal chromium aspect, despite the fact that it is contained only in trace amounts. Chromium is used very effectively for diabetes patients, because it helps to regulate and control blood glucose levels. It is also used quite extensively by athletes because it is believed to raise performance levels, owing primarily to the belief that usage of chromium results in decreased fat and increased replacement of it by muscle tissue.

However, research tends to provide us with opposing arguments. In a study lasting a duration of 24 weeks, 80 healthy participants were administered chromium in concentrations of 100 micrograms. Following the completion of the study, no changes could be observed in the body mass index, allowing us to be quite doubtful of the powers quite strongly associated with chromium polynicotinate.

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper extract in SlimLite SkinniBlack pepper is commonly used as a culinary agent all over the world, and is also an ingredient in SlimLite Skinni weight loss supplement. Research reveals that black pepper can assist in weight loss owing to a peculiar property – it can block fat cells owing to its pungent smell. Therefore this suggests that the intake of black pepper extract results in extensive weight loss.

While we were unable to come across studies or trials that could effectively validate this claim, academic research points to black pepper strongly as a prominent source of weight loss and metabolism boosting.

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Weight Loss Power: 35/100

We feel that while SlimLite Skinni appears to be a potent weight loss supplement, it does not contain a particular ingredient or feature that aims to be highly promising in terms of weight loss. While it contains a nice mix of ingredients, none of them are phenomenal in their effects.
Speed of results: 26/100

The manufacturers do not mention anything about the speed of results. We are not provided with any estimates in terms of days, weeks or months for how long it should take on average to start expecting results. Hence, SlimLite Skinni weight loss supplement receives a low score in this regard.
Appetite Suppression: 15/100

When it comes to appetite suppression, we see that the manufacturers do not claim that SlimLite Skinni is an appetite suppressant. However, SlimLite Skinni contains guarana, and guarana is believed to have appetite suppression properties. The problem is that we do not find any research or clinical trials that confirm this and so we are tempted to give SlimLite Skinni a low score on the account of these two particular features: Firstly, the manufacturers themselves do not claim for the pills to have appetite suppression properties, and secondly, because we cannot find any clinical backing for guarana.
Long Term Results: 30/100

SlimLite Skinni receives a low score for this as well, owing primarily due to the fact that the manufacturers remain completely silent on this subject. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 60/100

The manufacturers remain silent on the question of side effects as well. However, when we scrutinized the product, we found out that several of the ingredients are independently capable of manifesting side effects.
Value for money: 38/100

A single bottle costs around $39.99 (£24.66), which makes SlimLite Skinni one of the cheaper diet pills available. However, even at this price we are not convinced it provides good value for money.

SlimLite Skinni Side Effects

The manufacturers make no mention of side effects on the official website, and while that may easily tempt people into believing that SlimLite Skinni is actually free of side effects, it did not tempt us into thinking the same. This is because we often find that ingredients contained within a particular weight loss supplement can often cause significant side effects. After careful scrutiny we can conclude that such is the case for SlimLite Skinni as well.

caffeine side effectsWe know that SlimLite Skinni contains green tea. Green tea is generally believed to be a safe product, but can be dangerous in large amounts owing to the presence of caffeine. Hence, it can potentially cause headaches, nervousness, dizziness and vomiting if taken in large amounts. At times, usage of green tea can also cause tremors, irregular heartbeats and increase in blood pressure levels.

Chromium can also cause several problems for users of SlimLite Skinni. Firstly, it can result in kidney problems and thus one must refrain from intake of chromium if one is already experiencing kidney problems. Secondly, it can result in liver diseases, which is quite worrisome. Additionally, chromium can cause a fairly significant fall of blood glucose levels and it can trigger allergic reactions, which manifest as red rashes on one’s skin. Finally, it can alter levels of metabolism in the brain, causing imbalances along the lines of depression, anxiety or even schizophrenia in some people.

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Where to Buy SlimLite Skinni

It is possible to buy SlimLite Skinni both from the official website and from third party suppliers. If you purchase this particular weight loss supplement from the official website, you can buy a single bottle containing 60 capsules for $39.95 (£24.6). You can also get more for your money by buying two bottles together for a price of $29.95 (£18.44) each. All these prices are promotional prices and have been brought down significantly from the older ones. There are also a variety of shipping costs. Urban shipping, which is shipping within New Zealand, is free of cost. Rural and PO Box shipping costs $5 (£3.08), shipping to Australia costs $10 (£6.16) and for the rest of the world, the shipping cost remains a constant of $15 (£9.24).

You can also purchase from third party suppliers, and the official website offers a comprehensive list of all the pharmacies from where you can purchase SlimLite Skinni. These pharmacies are based in New Zealand only, and so if you are situated outside of the country, purchasing them online through the website is probably your best bet.

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Overall Verdict

We feel that while SlimLite Skinni offers a potent mix of ingredients, it is not really something that we can label as effective. While we may merit it for its useful features such as affordability and effective ingredients, the cost-benefit analysis reveals that there are more negatives than positives. For one, the product does not have clinical backing. Two, it can have certain strong side effects despite the opposing belief of the manufacturers. Based on these conclusions, our final verdict lies as follows: SlimLite Skinni is a useful weight loss supplement, but not the perfect answer for someone looking for an effective weight loss programme. There are more effective products available on the market.

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Overall: 41/100

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