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Slimplex is another raspberry ketone supplement, created by an unknown company and not available through any retailers except direct from the manufacturer. The company gives very little information about their product, with no serving, safety or production information, and does not even provide an address for themselves. Companies like this often set out to scam customers and customers should always be wary of little known companies promising big things from their supplements. This review looks at Slimplex, based on clinical research of its ingredients and that of similar products, analysing how it works and the key ingredients, the best place to buy similar products, its value for money and safety, and a final verdict on this little known supplement.

This review looks at how Slimplex works, by examining clinical studies of the ingredients; the safety of taking the supplement; how the product fares against other metabolism boosters, and the best place to buy Slimplex.

Slimplex Pros
  • Claims to contain green coffee bean or green tea extract, both of which have been suggested to be effective in inducing weight loss.
Slimplex Cons
  • The product could be a scam due to lack of company information, inconsistent information about the ingredients and a terms and conditions policy designed to take money from customers.
  • No address or company information-not even a name- provided.
  • Ingredients mostly ineffective for inducing weight loss
  • Several different sources claiming the whole operation to be a scam
  • Very expensive and little to distinguish it from other raspberry ketone based supplements

Simplex Review

Claimed weight loss benefits
Weight loss claimsThe unnamed manufacturer of Slimplex does not give a detailed description of how their product works, although claims that it can help ‘reduce cravings’, ‘burn stored fat’ and help users ‘stop feeling hungry’ are made. The raspberry ketones are decribed as helping to ‘slice up the fat cells making them easier to burn and making you feel full’, which is a ridiculous claim since this would be extremely difficult and is not a recorded effect of raspberry ketone. The raspberry ketones are claimed to contain adiponectin, a hormone that is secreted from the adipocytes into the bloodstream and has been associated with lower body fat levels; this is again inaccurate as adiponectin is a hormone produced by the body, and is not present in food substances.

Additionally, several of the claimed ingredients (African mango, bilberry and garcinia cambogia) are claimed to help boost metabolism. Metabolism refers to the reactions in the body that use up or release energy through every biological process; increasing metabolic rate means using up the body’s energy stores faster to help burn up fat and keep the users energised. Whether Slimplex can induce these effects depends on the concentrations of the different ingredients, and the studies of the ingredients will reveal whether boosted metabolism is a likely effect.

How Simplex Works

How B-Slenda WorksIt’s difficult to assess how effective Slimplex is because the manufacturer does not provide information about the concentrations of the ingredients. Moreover, there are three separate websites advertising Slimplex, and each of them gives a different list of active ingredients- one site claims green coffee beans, african mango and bilberry, whilst another claims caffeine and green tea extract. However, all the websites report raspberry ketones and some form of caffeine-whether in coffee or tea form- as the key ingredients. Firstly, caffeine: this is a stimulant familiar to most consumers of tea, coffee or fizzy drinks, that is the cause of the reputation of these drinks to help improve focus and boost energy levels.

CaffeineCaffeine is a stimulant that acts in multiple mechanisms in the body to help boost metabolic rate, reduce hunger and increase altertness; the primary way in which it does this is by increasing the release of the hormone epinephrine, better known as adrenaline, controlled by the adrenal glands. Adrenaline is absorbed into the muscle cells and activates genes that cause faster breakdown of energy sources into glucose, as well as acting on cells in the brain to help keep the body awake. This second action is aided by caffeine’s action on the neurotransmitter adenosine; caffeine binds to the receptors of adenosine and prevents it from being able to act on the cells in the brain. Adenosine causes the body to begin to slow down its processes to prepare for sleep, so through these two actions caffeine helps keep consumers alert and helps increase energy levels. The increased blood sugar levels mean the brain releases less hunger inducing hormones, so caffeine is also able to act as a mild appetite suppressant. Despite these benefits, it is still difficult to tell whether Slimplex would be effective or not since a concentration of caffeine is not listed.

Raspberry ketone, the other major ingredient, has a lot less evidence to support its effectiveness as a weight-loss agent. Raspberry Ketones were first made famous by the Dr. Oz show; on the show, the host claimed that raspberry ketones ‘improve the production of certain enzymes associated with metabolism’, citing adiponectin to increase break down of body-fat and leptin to help suppress appetite. Adiponectin is a protein involved in regulating glucose levels and the breakdown of fatty acids. It is secreted from the adipose tissue (fat cells) into the blood-stream to decrease help modulate glucose levels; it is believed that increasing the levels of adiponectin in the blood can help reduce the conversion of glucose to fat, and Dr. Oz claimed that raspberry ketones are able to increase the amount of length of time that adiponectin is maintained in the blood.

Banned Raspberry KetonesIt’s worth noting however that the show’s website references a number of articles to support their case, which do not arrive at this conclusion at all. An in vitro study of raspberry ketones found that they caused greater adiponectin production and fatty acid oxidation in a fat-cell precursor (cells which turn into fat cells; however, a massive concentration of raspberry ketone was needed to achieve this effect, much higher than in any supplement. This is true of all the studies on this ingredient; although fat loss effects have been observed, the concentrations needed are much higher than those found in any supplement. If Slimplex were to have any fat loss properties at all, they would likely only be due to the caffeine content.

For more information, we recommend our How Does Slimplex Work article.

Simplex Ingredients

Green Tea Extract
green tea extractGreen coffee or green tea extract: a 2014 study on mice saw decaffeinated green coffee prove effective at limiting the weight gain of the mice fed a high fat diet, with 0.3% of the mice’s diet composed of green coffee beans; this was attributed to the coffee stopping the genes related to fat production from being activated. There was another study in the same year, however, that directly disagreed with this result: the researchers tested the effects of green coffee bean supplementation of about 0.5% of dietary calories for 12 weeks, and did not notice any decreased body weight in the green coffee bean group. Green tea extract, by comparison, has a lot more evidence to support its effectiveness, primarily due to the catechins present in green tea that help improve fat oxidation rate (the breakdown of fat into energy); but both of these ingredients have caffeine in common, which is proven to help consumers lose weight. For example, a study saw 76 overweight individuals undergo a very low energy diet for 4 weeks followed by 3 months of weight maintenance, during which subjects took either a caffeine supplement or a placebo.

The caffeine consumers were found to lose more weight, and keep it off, than the placebo group; metabolic rate increase was attributed to this result. A long-term study of caffeine intake revealed similar results, with greater weight maintenance over several years observed in coffee or tea drinkers than other people. However, caffeine has also been associated with negative side-effects, so Slimplex could be dangerous if the dosage is too high.

Raspberry Keytone
Only 75% managed to maintain weightMany studies suggest that very high dosages of raspberry ketones can induce weight loss related effects, but the dosages used are always much higher than those present in any supplement. For example, mice fed a high fat diet with varying concentrations of raspberry ketone were shown to have different levels of body fat gain; the group which consumed 2% of their body weight in raspberry ketone were shown to have reduced weight gain from the diet. This is an extraordinarily high dosage however. A similar study on fat cell-precursors raised in vitro demonstrated that exposure to raspberry ketone significantly increased the amount of adiponectin the cells were producing; but again, it is very unlikely that the raspberry ketone would ever be present in this concentration in the human body. Until human trials are carried out, the effectiveness of raspberry ketones cannot be determined; but it seems likely that they will not be effective when taken in supplement form.

For more information about the scientific evidence behind these ingredients, we recommend you read our Slimplex Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

The rating is so low because Slimplex’s manufacturer have not bothered to include any description of dosages and so it cannot be reliably claimed that Slimplex has any weight loss potential. If it contains enough caffeine, it could prove effective- but in all likelihood, and as discussed in the ‘The company behind Slimplex and scam alerts’ article, Slimplex is a scam product and so will not prove effective at all.
Speed of results: 20/100

Again assuming Slimplex contains between 100 and 500 milligrams of caffeine per serving, users should expect to see results within a few months. Caffeine has been shown to act relatively quickly, with obvious short term results, and many users of caffeine supplements claim to see results very quickly; but Slimplex may not contain any caffeine at all..
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

Caffeine has definite appetite suppressing abilities since the increased blood sugar it generates means the body sends less hormones that make the consumer hungry; again, Slimplex may not contain caffeine however.
Long Term Results: 10/100

None of the ingredients except caffeine have been shown to be effective in inducing weight loss at this concentration, and caffeine can become tolerated by the body after several months of use, as the body adapts to be less sensitive to the drug. This means that results can taper off over time; this isn’t guaranteed as some studies suggest long term caffeine use can still help with weight maintenance, but the effectiveness will likely be reduced to some extent.
Safety: 0/100

It is unknown what ingredients Slimplex contains and the company does not alert users to this at all. This makes it extremely dangerous. Customers are strongly advised to avoid Slimplex on the basis that supplements with unknown ingredients are also very unlikely to have been evaluated by any independent governing board like the Food Standards Agency, etc.
Value for money: 10/100

Although a ‘free trial’ is offered (which many users complain has led to their loss of money regardless) Slimplex is ridiculously expensive. A tub costs almost £80, and it is unknown how long this lasts, though a stock photo of the product suggests 60 capsules are included, so it will last no longer than 60 days in all likelihood. The company will also take a further £80 out of consumer’s accounts every month if the consumer does not cancel this agreement within 14 days- many customers have complained that they still struggled to cancel the agreement when fulfilling this requirement.

Simplex Side Effects

Digestive discomfort side effectIt can’t be known for sure what the side-effects will be; it isn’t even known what the actual effects will be, or if the product even exists. However, assuming it contains the claimed ingredients (of which there are many), Slimplex will likely be pretty harmless. Raspberry ketone, African mango and most of the other ingredients which have been claimed have few reported side-effects in humans in any supplement-sized dose. It has been suggested that raspberry ketones may caused heart palpitations and shakiness due to the decrease of blood sugar levels, but this is just speculation and the product likely does nothing at all. Acai berries can be dangerous when taken in large concentrations; problems with the bladder and kidneys, and mild intestinal discomfort, have been observed in lab animals and humans respectively.

A limit of 600 milligrams a day for no perceivable effects, of resveratrol, the active component, has been established in beagles, so dosages of up to 1000 milligrams should be safe in humans; this is far more than is (probably) present in Slimplex but again there is no way of knowing. Caffeine is known to be addictive when taken in the long term as the body comes to depend on the energy boost it provides; a paper released in Caffeine is known to be addictive when taken in the long term as the body comes to depend on the energy boost it provides; a paper released in 1981 summarised by stating that high caffeine intake could lead to ‘psychological symptoms which resemble anxiety and depressive neuroses’, could ‘affect sleeping habits generally resulting in insomnia and hyperactivity’, and may cause ‘symptoms of mental illness’. To be sure to be safe, users are strongly advised to take half servings of Slimplex for the first few weeks to scout for side-effects before progressing to the recommended serving; or better, to not take the product at all.

For more information, read our article on Slimplex Side Effects

Where to Buy Simplex

How to use Lichi Super FruitSlimplex is only available through the three separate websites that appear to be marketing the same product. These websites provide a comprehensive terms and conditions and privacy policy, but offer no information about the retailer, delivery options or what to do if the product causes dangerous side-effects. They all charge almost £80 for a tub, with no discount for bundle or multiple purchases. This is extremely expensive for supplements, with most high range supplements costing at most £60 for a month’s supply.

woman with hand upMore importantly, there is strong evidence to suggest that these retailers are scamming customers and not providing a product at all.’s reviews section for Slimplex contains just 4 unhappy reviews detailing inability to cancel the automatic payment method, no product arriving, and several cases where customers attempted legal action against the company. Moreover one reviewer complained on a separate reviews platform that they had lost £160 to the company before they were able to cancel the transaction. Customers are strongly advised never to purchase from companies that provide no information about themselves and have mostly negative reviews online.

For more information read our article on Where to Buy Slimplex. If you have bought Slimplex, then we recommend you read our How to use Slimplex article.

Overall Verdict

scamSlimplex is almost certainly a scam product; and if it isn’t, it is very unlikely to work due to a poor selection of active ingredients and misinformation regarding dosages. There are thousands of supplements available for dieters and most of these are ineffective-however, the manufacturers usually provide at least a little information about themselves and their product. Companies that do not are rare, but should not be trusted under any circumstances. Slimplex’s manufacturer is one such company. For far better options, see dietpill-review’s ‘Top 5 Diet supplements of 2014’.

If you are interested in who makes Simplex, please read our The Company Behind Slimplex article.

Overall: 10/100

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