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Slimsticks supposedly aim to make you feel fuller for longer and help you control portion sizes by making your brain believe you are full sooner. There are however potential side effects associated with the main ingredient in this product.

Below we have reviewed Slimsticks against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Slimsticks Pros
  • Some evidence to suggest that they may be able to help to suppress the appetite
  • Easy to take
Slimsticks Cons
  • May cause undisclosed side effects
  • Many customers report an unpleasant taste

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Slimsticks Review

Slimsticks is a supplement that is dissolved in liquid and then consumed as a drink. It contains two main ingredients that are believed to target appetite suppression. The product is sold via the official website as well as through one high street store in the UK – Boots.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Slimsticks claims to works as an appetite suppressant, targeting just one of the five key areas of weight loss.

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How Slimsticks Works

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You firstly take Slimsticks with water, drinking a couple more glasses of water after consuming the initial glass with Slimsticks in. The supplement supposedly then gets to work in two phases: firstly the extra fluid you have drunk is said to help the konjac expand in the stomach which is where the feeling of fullness comes from. This happens very soon after you have consumed the Slimsticks. The second phase purportedly starts working three or four hours later when the palm and oats oils kick in. These are claimed to trick your brain into thinking there is undigested fat which tells you you’re still full therefore not hungry.

Slimsticks attempt to bring about weight loss through one simple method; they work using only appetite suppression. They use a combination of ingredients that, while containing little nutrition and calories, makes you feel full. Appetite suppression is a popular property among diet supplements. The basic idea is to convince your body that you’ve had as much food as usual, but in fact taking in a reduced amount of calories.

Slimsticks makes use of two methods in order to suppress your appetite. Both of these approaches trick your body into thinking it’s had as much food as it’s accustomed to, so you won’t feel the need to eat as much. The first way in which Slimsticks suppresses your appetite is through the use of an ingredient called konjac and the second is due to the other ingredient: palm and oats oils.


Konjac is a plant originating from the Far East, and it is sometimes sold on its own as a diet supplement. Konjac is advertised as an appetite suppressant because it contains a certain chemical, Glucomannan. Glucomannan comes from the root of the Konjac plant and is said to have the special property of being able to absorb large amounts of water. Slimsticks are advised to be taken with a preliminary glass of water (with the stick dissolved in it) and then followed by another two glasses. Some of this water is held by the Glucomannan, causing it to expand in your stomach, and this is what creates the feeling of being full.

Palm and Oats Oils

Sometime after the konjac has done its work, it’s time for the palm and oats oils to take effect (after they have gone some way through your digestive system). They supposedly have a chemical composition such that your body thinks of them as undigested fats. The presence of undigested is claimed to signal to your body that further eating isn’t necessary – since it thinks you haven’t finished digesting fats from earlier – creating a secondary feeling of fullness. It should be mentioned that there is no evidence in support of this theory.

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Key Slimsticks Ingredients

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There are two main ingredients in Slimsticks; these are palm and oats oils, and konjac. Konjac is an ingredient that has been approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It is designed to help you eat less and manage your weight through tricking your brain into thinking you’re full. Slimsticks are also claimed to have no harmful side effects (although this is not necessarily true) and to be suitable for most people including vegetarians, vegans and the lactose intolerant. They are taken in drink form – the contents of the stick is emptied into a liquid of your choosing which are then consumed before drinking a further two glasses to help the absorption and for the Slimstick ingredients to get to work.

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Clinical Studies

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No clinical studies appear to have been undertaken to determine the effects and safety of slimsticks as a whole product. Nevertheless, it is possible to find some studies on its key ingredients which may offer an insight into the effects of the product.


Konjac root is the main ingredient in Slimsticks, and glucomannan is the chemical in Konjac that causes weight loss. In an analysis of trials done on Konjac, the European Food Safety Authority confirmed that there was “a statistically significant effect of glucomannan on body weight loss”. They also said “the mechanism by which glucomannan could exert the claimed effect is established.”, meaning the way in which Konjac allegedly works – binding water and then expanding to make you feel full – is verified and correct.

In effect, this conclusion drawn by the EFSA tells us that glucomannan (and therefore Slimsticks) has been proven to help with weight loss. Not only that, but since the EFSA’s analysis examines a variety of studies, a number of independent clinical tests must have come to this same conclusion. Furthermore the fact that the method in which glucomannan works to elicit weight loss has been confirmed gives credit to the Slimsticks Company’s trustworthiness; their product is doing what they claim.

A study carried out showed that glucomannan had a noticeable effect in reducing total cholesterol by reducing LDL cholesterol (low density lipoproteins – the “bad” cholesterol) but had no effect on HDL cholesterol (high density lipoproteins – the “good” cholesterol). This means that Konjac may help to get rid of the sort of cholesterol you don’t want, but leaves alone the sort you want to keep.

Palm and Oat Oils

The European Food Safety Authority published a much shorter piece of literature on the weight loss benefits of a palm and oat oils emulsion. When presented with data from clinical trials, they declared there was insufficient evidence to support the claim that a palm and oats oil emulsion helps attain or retain a normal body weight.

In the end, there’s mixed results for Slimsticks as far as clinical trials go. There are some very encouraging results from studies on its main ingredient Konjac/glucomannan, showing that it can indeed help you lose weight and maintain healthy cholesterol. The disappointment is that their secondary ingredient, palm and oats oils, seems to have no effect – or at least no significant effect – on body weight.

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Slimsticks Side Effects

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It is stated on the official website that Slimsticks has ‘no side effects’. Unfortunately, based on a review of potential side effects associated with the ingredients in the product, this is not true. There have been reports of the key ingredient in the product (konjac) causing blockages in the oesophagus and intestines as well as causing milder gastro-intestinal problems. We do advise caution when taking Slimsticks and ensure that they’re properly broken down and consumed with plenty of water so you won’t be able to choke on them.

The way that Slimsticks’ main ingredient, Konjac, works is by collecting water and then expanding. This supposedly provides a feeling of fullness because, for your stomach, it is the equivalent of having eaten a great deal of food in one go. For some individuals, becoming full too quickly can make you feel unpleasant and cause bloating. Certain people feel that the subsequent drinking of a large amount of water can add to the unpleasantness of feeling so full. Also, though it may be an obvious and not too serious issue, you’ll probably need to use the toilet soon after downing the recommended three glasses of water.

One scientific paper discussed the safety of glucomannan and summarised a total of seven reports of oesophageal blockages caused by the ingredient. Four of these blockages were the result of an individual consuming just one tablet.

The most consistent and least dangerous side effect of Slimsticks is their unappetising taste. In fact, most reviews of Slimsticks, whether they be positive or negative about Slimsticks’ weight loss properties, mention that they have an awful taste or aren’t nice to take. Whilst they are offered in three different flavours, it seems that each is just a thin veil of sweetness; a poor attempt to mask the unpleasant bitterness of the drink. The vanilla flavour has a considerably lower rating on the Boots website.

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How to Use

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With nearly all supplements on the market being in tablet or drops form, Slimsticks are somewhat of an outlier. The unfamiliarity of their unique “stick” system of being consumed may be daunting to first time users.

Please note that if you suffer from any medical conditions relating to your digestive system (or any other conditions you think to be a cause for concern when combined with the effects of Slimsticks), you are urged to consult your GP before starting to use Slimsticks. The same applies if you are pregnant – you should see a doctor before embarking on any diet if you are expecting. You can see advice on who can take Slimsticks on the official website.

Each Slimstick must be crushed in its individual sachet before use. Ensuring that the stick is finely crushed will give a nicer overall experience – swallowing large clusters of the already bitter substance may not be a pleasant experience. You then proceed to tear the packet and pour the powder into a glass or cup. To this you then add 35 ml of hot water (from the tap is fine) and stir the mixture until it seems that the Slimstick has been dissolved. Afterwards you add a further 35 ml, this time cold water.

You are instructed to afterwards drink another two glasses of water. This is to help the Slimstick get to your stomach – you don’t want it expanding anywhere else. The water provides a smooth and swift passage to your stomach for the Slimstick. Once there, the Konjac in the Slimstick will bind some of the water to itself and consequently expand. Hence you can see the water is essential to the transition to the stomach and method of function of the Slimstick.

The recommended starting consumption of Slimsticks is 3 sachets per day. It is advisable to take Slimsticks sometime before a meal or a time of day when you tend to snack a lot. This is because the effects of Slimsticks may take a few hours to kick in, but supposedly last quite a long time. After around a month, it’s suggested to reduce down to two sachets per day since by then, with any luck, you’ll have the ability to restrict portion size by force of habit.

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Who Makes It?

The company that distributes Slimsticks is called “Inovate Health Ltd”, which we can only assume is a poorly spelled attempt at “Innovate Health”. Inovate Health is a British company founded in 2010; they are based in Chippenham, Bath – in England. They have an impressive Slimsticks website as far as aesthetics are concerned, which provides a lot of information about the product. Inovate Health does not have its own company website at this time.

The address that is listed checks out to be real and they provide a good deal of contact information. If there’s a question you found to be insufficiently answered by both this site and the FAQs section of the Slimsticks website, there are a number of ways you can contact Inovate Health. The Slimsticks website has an “ask the experts” section where you are instructed to address your queries to an email address.

The company has a notable presence on social networking sites. There is a profile for Slimsticks on both Twitter and Facebook – presumably you could get an answer to your question about Slimsticks on either of these sites by addressing it to the Slimsticks profile.

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Where to Buy Slimsticks


The Slimsticks website is one of the only two places you can consistently buy Slimsticks. A pack of 30 sticks will cost you £24.99, which includes 2nd class royal mail postage to any UK address. It’s no surprise that they sell all of the three flavours: strawberry, vanilla and double malt. Whilst these flavours are offered, one or two of them are frequently out of stock at any one time. The website recommends customers seeking an unavailable flavour go to Boots Stores.

Since Slimsticks aren’t available in any of the big supermarkets or Superdrug, Boots is the only other place where you can purchase Slimsticks. The price for 30 sticks is again £24.99 – but this does not include delivery (unless you spend over £45 on the Boots website) which is an extra £2.95. You can, however, collect your order from your local Boots, free of charge. With it being a big name, you might feel more comfortable trusting Boots with your credit card information and there is the possibility of gaining or using Boots loyalty benefits.

You might find the occasional Slimsticks product on eBay and they tend to sell for cheaper than retail price, but quality isn’t always assured when using eBay. Amazon does have a product page for Slimsticks but at the time of writing the product was unavailable and we don’t know how long it’s been that way.

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Does Slimsticks Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Yes, purchase of the supplement seems to be a one-off payment to either the official website or Boots.

Manufacturing Standard: This information is not provided, but it is stated that the main ingredient is EFSA-approved.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No, there is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: No; the ingredients are disclosed but not the quantities.

Company contact details readily available: A phone number and postal address are provided, as well as an online form for the customer to fill in.

Slimsticks does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards and ingredient quantities.

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Overall Verdict

Slimsticks offers an alternative to traditional diet supplements, although many users have complained about the unpleasant taste of the powder. The main ingredient in the product, glucomannan, has been shown in some clinical studies to have the potential to suppress the appetite. It has however also been associated with severe side effects, including oesophageal and intestinal blockages. Whilst the product is available from one high street store, some important information is lacking from the official website.

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