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SlimStrips are a bit of an unusual weight loss supplement. They are not pills that you can take, but are instead strips as the name suggests. These strips are to be applied to the skin, where upon contact they are supposed to provide an appetite suppressing effect.

In this review we will look at these claims and investigate how effective SlimStrips really are, exploring both the positive and negative aspects while determining whether it is the correct weight loss supplement for you.

SlimStrips Review

SlimStrips Pros
  • It offers a unique kind of weight loss
  • It contains a potent mix of ingredients within the strip
SlimStrips Cons
  • It lacks clinical backing as a product
  • Ingredients contained within it have the potential of causing side effects

SlimStrips Review

SlimStrips are a unique kind of a weight loss product, as they aim to bring about their effects through contact with the skin. Their manufacturers assert that this particular feature makes them much more effective than other weight loss supplements out there in the market.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The prime claim of this particular product is appetite suppression. It is essentially able to prolong one’s hunger pangs and keep one satiated and satisfied for longer periods of time. Let us look in more detail at how this particular product works.

How SlimStrips Work

How do Slimstrips work?The official website notes that there are three steps to weight loss. They are however quite brief in their description. Here are essentially how they have been given on the website by the manufacturers:

1. Open up a SlimStrips pack
2. Place the Bandaid-like strip on an area of clean, dry skin
3. Go about your day

The information provided gives the impression that application of this particular product is all that is required and it will result in phenomenal weight loss through appetite suppression. However sadly, the manufacturers do not stress on the feature of appetite suppression and how it is brought about.

The website also contains an Ebook which provides more information with reference to the product. Essentially, you are not required to skip meals with this particular product. The manufacturers recommend that you should eat until you feel full and then stop. However, they do stop you from overeating, owing to the fact that this particular product will make you feel considerably full and bloated as well. Next, they tell you to chart progress each work. You are required to weigh yourself each work, so that you have a fair idea of how well you are doing in terms of your weight loss through SlimStrips. Lastly, they tell you that you should not expect the weight loss to be fast. Indeed, the manufacturers note that you should give it at least a few months to kick off, so you are looking at weight loss that is slow in pace.

For more information, we recommend our How Do SlimStrips Work article.

Key Ingredients

Yerba Mate
Yerba MateYerba mate is a leaf extract that is used quite commonly in weight loss supplements. It is native to the South American region, and is believed to possess antioxidant properties. This essentially implies that it is able to prevent the buildup of fat cells in the body, thus working in terms of weight loss. This is because the presence of antioxidants results in freeing the body from unnecessary radicals, which would otherwise be converted and stored as fats within the body. This action of antioxidants is also believed to provide energy for metabolic purposes and yerba mate hence also helps in metabolism boosting.

For more information on Yerba Mate, we recommend you read our Can Yerba Mate Help You To Lose Weight? article.

Chamomile in SlimStripsChamomile has been used quite popularly as a weight loss agent owing to its beneficial features. First off, this particular ingredient helps with digestion within the body. A healthy digestion mechanism is essential for weight loss. This is because if food is not properly digested within the body, it will make you feel hungry and want you to consume more food. Moreover, chamomile is also an appetite suppressant and so it makes you feel full and you end up consuming fewer calories. Lastly, this particular ingredient also contains flavinoids which are believed to have an antioxidant effect. Therefore, they purge the body of unnecessary items, and result in acting against excessive accumulation of fat within the body.

Chrysanthemum Flower
Chrysanthemum flower Spirulina is believed to be potent in terms of causing appetite suppression. This is because it is nutritionally quite rich. Spirulina is rich in vitamins, pigments and protein. In fact the protein content in this particular ingredient is exceptionally high. Protein is able to satisfy hunger much more sufficiently than fats or carbohydrates, and therefore the intake of spirulina by the body implies that the user ends up feeling full and satiated for much longer periods of time. Moreover, the cell structure of spirulina is quite simple and it can dissolve in water fairly easily and fairly quickly, hence resulting in effective appetite suppression taking place. Finally, due to its rich content of proteins, it is able to provide sufficient levels of energy and hence results in boosting up the metabolism rate of activities taking place within the body.

For more information about the scientific evidence behind these ingredients, we recommend you read our Slimstrips Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 25/100

It appears that this particular weight loss supplement only has modest weight loss power. This is because the only claim that it is making is appetite suppression. While appetite suppression of course contributes to losing weight, it is not sufficient to cause highly effective weight loss on its own. Therefore, while SlimStrips may result in loss of weight, it appears that this loss will be fairly small in nature. Hence we feel that it is fair to assign it with a low value when it comes to the feature of weight loss power.
Speed of results: 30/100

The speed of results expected from the usage of SlimStrips is slow. The manufacturers note how one must not expect any quick results and should instead allow a few months for the product to kick in. this implies that the weight loss to be achieved with this particular product is slow and the results can only be seen over several months. Hence, SlimStrips receives a low rating when it comes to speed of results.
Appetite Suppression: 80/100

This particular product fares well when it comes to appetite suppression. This is because appetite suppression is the prime claim of SlimStrips and it lives up well to it owing to the ingredients that it contains. Spirulina and Chamomile both appear quite effective at causing appetite suppression and making one feel satiated. Hence, we feel that it is fair to assign this particular product with a good rating when it comes to the feature of appetite suppression.
Long Term Results: 15/100

The manufacturers do not provide us with much information in this regard. While they do imply that intake of this particular ingredient is believed to translate into weight loss that is sustainable, no more detail is offered and hence we do not have sufficient information to rate the product well on this. Hence, SlimStrips receives a low rating when it comes to long term effects.
Safety: 45/100

It appears that this particular weight loss supplement is indeed capable of manifesting side effects. While they are not exceptionally disastrous in nature, they are nonetheless a cause of concern. In this regard, it seems fair to assign this particular product with an average scoring when it comes to the question of side effects.
Value for money: 40/100

It appears that this particular product is moderately priced, though slightly towards the upper spectrum. In fact, a one month supply of this product costs £38.56. Hence we can say that this particular product has fair value for money and can therefore assign it with an average score when it comes to this category.

SlimStrips Side Effects

side effects - digestive distressThis particular product is not free from side effects owing to the ingredients that it contains. Yerba mate is associated with several side effects. For instance, it can cause nervousness, anxiety and restlessness. It may also result in sleep disorders occasionally. Prominent amongst these is insomnia. It may also cause stomach upset, nausea and vomiting. All of these side effects are a result of the fact that this particular ingredient contains caffeine. Other than these side effects, intake of this ingredient can also at times result in conditions such as glaucoma and irritable bowel syndrome. Lastly, intake of yerba mate can cause osteoporosis which is the weakening of bones. This is owing to the fact that it results in flushing the calcium content out of the body.

While spirulina is generally believed to be a safe ingredient, it may cause side effects at times. Noticeable amongst these are liver damage, stomach pain, weakness and nausea and vomiting. Other than that, this particular ingredient can result in the immune system becoming overactive, resulting in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Lastly we have chamomile. Chamomile has very few side effects, and even those are quite mild. For instance it can cause drowsiness and at times vomiting. Other than that it may occasionally trigger allergic reactions in people.

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Where to Buy SlimStrips

It is possible to purchase this particular product from its official website You can either purchase a one month supply or a two month supply. The former costs £38.56 whereas the latter costs £64.82. shipping costs an additional £5.37 if you wish to have the product shipped to the United Kingdom via the official link as aforementioned.

For more information read our article on Where to Buy SlimStrips. If you have bought SlimStrips, then we recommend you read our How to use SlimStrips article.

Overall Verdict

Weight lossWe feel that this particular product does have its merits. It offers a unique kind of a weight loss mechanism, contains a potent mix of ingredients and offers appetite suppression of a good quality. However, there are certain demerits as well. For instance, it does not have clinical backing as a product. It is capable of manifesting extensive side effects. Moreover, we are not entirely convinced that effective weight loss can be brought about by appetite suppression alone. Based on these evaluations, we feel that it is fair to conclude that this product is worth a try, but you should not expect any phenomenal outcomes from it.

One of the chief ingredients used in this particular weight loss supplement is Spirulina. It is associated with effective levels of appetite suppression. It is fairly rich in vitamins, proteins as well as pigments. The presence of pigments is fairly useful, because protein is capable of satisfying one’s hunger much more effectively than fats or carbohydrates. What this essentially means is that the users end up feeling full for much longer periods and are hence able to avoid unnecessary snacking. Other than that, this particular ingredient is fairly simple in terms of its structure, and can dissolve fairly easily in water, allowing it to show its effects quite early. Lastly, as it is rich in proteins, it is capable of boosting the metabolic rate fairly significantly owing to the extensive levels of energy that it provides.

Therefore, the prime feature of SlimStrips is appetite suppression and it is essentially brought about by the ingredients that it contains. However, the effects are not expected to be phenomenal and fast, and that is something that prospective users must keep in mind.

If you are interested in who makes SlimStrips, please read our The Company Behind SlimStrips article.

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