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In this review we will look at the supplement in detail in order to determine both the positive and negative aspects, ultimately establishing whether this is the weight loss supplement for you.

SlimTurboVital Review

SlimTurboVital Pros
  • Protein intake has been associated with weight loss, as supported by a large number of scientific studies
  • There are a few seemingly legitimate positive review of the product online.
SlimTurboVital Cons
  • The protein content within SlimTurboVital seems unlikely to make any real difference to weight loss in the quantities it is supposed to be taken in.
  • No information provided about the product, including ingredients list, how to take it or even how much customers are paying for.
  • No information about the company anywhere online, who also produce a scam product called 'Royal Slim' that severely hurts their reputability.
  • Expensive, costing between £43 and £49 for a month's supply.

SlimTurboVital Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Unsure, puzzled or worriedVital Academy make an extraordinary list of claims about their product, primarily that it is guaranteed to help users lose 35 pounds in 2 months, but additionally that it is an appetite suppressant, can help improve skin elasticity, acts as an energising stimulant, provides vitamins and minerals, and even reduces drowsiness and creates a positive frame of mind. These claims are explained by the ‘enriched protein blend’ in SlimTurboVital, although this in not expanded upon. The protein supposedly releases causes the body to release ketones that create a feeling of satisfaction, reducing hunger, though none of the other claims are explained. Despite the ambitious weight loss claim at the top of the page, the payment section of the website reveals that there are actually two products; a basic blend, for users who wish to lose ‘2-14 pounds’, and an enriched blend for those to wish to loe ’14-35 pounds’. This is in direct conflict with the statement at the top of the page, which must be interpreted as false marketing.

How SlimTurboVital Works

high protein foodNo information is provided at all, not only on how SlimturboVital works, but even on what the ingredients are; however other sources have stated that whey protein is the only active ingredient. Protein takes a longer time to digest than carbohydrates, and doesn’t release glucose directly into the bloodstream to nearly the same extent, which avoids energy ‘peaks’ and ‘crashes’ and leads to feeling fuller for longer; high protein diets can therefore improve consumers energy levels and decrease the total number of calories they consume. This is believed to be due to the release of certain hormones in the body after the consumption of protein, which stimulate the hypothalamus (the region of the brain associated with hunger) to make the individual feel more satisfied.

Despite strong evidence to support protein’s weight loss abilities, it is impossible to tell how much protein SlimTurboVital, contains, other than that each serving can be added to a glass of water, and thus it is unlikely to contain more than 20-30 grams. Since the recommended daily protein intake varies between 60-120 grams, and SlimTurboVital is supposed to be taken once daily, this is unlikely to have a significant effect, expect in individuals who have particularly low protein intakes in their daily diet. Additionally, since this is the only active ingredient, SlimTurboVital appears to be little more than a protein supplement, which makes its enormous price tag extremely questionable.

For more information, we recommend our How Does SlimTurboVital Work article.

Key Ingredients

key ingredientsCustomer reviews reveal that the ingredients list consists of a concentrated whey protein blend, and no other active ingredients. The difference between the ‘basic’ and ‘special’ blends is not clear – one can only assume the special blend has a higher protein content. Whey protein has been associated with weight loss; a lack of protein in the diet has been often associated with obesity, usually because foods high in protein also contain the micronutrients, like iron and zinc, that the body needs to function.

A protein in the body, peptide YY, has been associated with the appetite suppressing benefits of protein; in studies on mice, those engineered to lack functioning peptide YY ate more and put on more weight even with high protein diets. Injections of peptide YY were found to have the same effect as consuming a high-protein meal, leading to more satisfied subjects. Furthermore, whey protein has been shown to be more effective in reducing appetite than other forms; a recent study, testing the effects of turkey, tuna, albumin (egg protein) and whey protein shakes, found that the whey protein shakes reduced the ability of the participants to enjoy a buffet meal to the greatest extent.

Weight lossThere is also evidence that high-protein diets can give long-term weight loss results; a 2008 study on ‘Prolibra’, a protein supplement, on 52 of 158 subjects, found that the Prolibra group consistently lost more weight over several months, even though each group had to cut their calorie intake by 500 every day. The Prolibra group also lost less muscle mass along the way. As stated above, although these results are convincing arguments for the effectiveness of protein for weight loss, the protein content and so effectiveness of SlimTurboVital cannot be known.

For more information about the scientific evidence behind these ingredients, we recommend you read our SlimTurboVital Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 30/100

There are a few positive reports online, though no specifics are given by users, and a lot appear to have been fabricated by the company themselves. SlimTurboVital doesn’t seem to have any active ingredient other than protein, and though a high protein diet has been associated with good health, it cannot be called a weight loss supplement on its own. The claims made by the company seem too extreme to be taken seriously and they provide little evidence that their product can work.
Speed of results: 30/100

There’s just too little information to come to a solid conclusion on the speed of results, as most people claim not to have seen any results at all. Those that have vary their descriptions from a few weeks to several months. Based on what SlimTurboVital actually is-a protein supplement- users should expect to have to wait many months for any significant results to occur, despite the claims made by the manufacturers. Increasing the dosage to several servings a day will likely speed up results with few side-effects, but there are no reports on this.
Appetite Suppression: 40/100

Protein has been associated with appetite suppression, and a high protein diet is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body weight based on the strong link between hunger-reducing hormones and protein digestion. However, the content of protein in SlimTurboVital is unknown, but likely too low to reduce hunger significantly if taken once a day. Taken with every meal, it may be more effective, but simply consuming meat with every meal would have the same effect, and be considerably cheaper. The company’s claims of releasing ‘ketones’ into the body are complete pseudoscience and have no scientific evidence to support them whatsoever.
Long Term Results: 40/100

Consuming a larger amount of protein, every day for a long period of time, could result in long-term health and weight loss results. This is assuming, however, that users replace some of the carbohydrate and fat dense foods in their diet with the protein; adding the protein on top of the usual diet will simply increase the calories the body takes in and so is more likely to help users gain weight in the long term than lose weight. Whilst any results obtained with SlimTurboVital are likely to stay, providing consumers continue to eat a high-protein diet, these results are unlikely to occur in the first place.
Safety: 80/100

There’s little evidence that SlimTurboVital is dangerous; it doesn’t contain enough active ingredients to have any real effect at all. Whey protein has been associated with a few diseases like kidney failure and prostate cancer when taken in large quantities, especially in people unused to high protein diets, but these links are largely dismissed by the scientific community and individuals would have to consistently overdose on protein to see any negative effects. SlimTurboVital doesn’t contain enough protein to be even slightly dangerous. However, Vital Academy, the manufacturer, is an extremely untrustworthy company which sells scam products in addition to SlimTurboVital. Though their products are more likely to do nothing than cause harm, caution should still be exercised when buying from any shady business.
Value for money: 10/100

This is one of the most expensive diet supplements, when considering what it actually is, that is available today. SlimTurboVital is a protein supplement, and nothing more, and may not even contain a significant amount of protein- the ingredients are unknown. Whey protein is available for very low prices, in large quantities, through thousands of retailers online; ‘’, one of the main retailers, offer 5 kilograms of protein for £46.79, which is cheaper than the ‘special’ brand (especially considering shipping) and contains a lot more protein. There is really no point buying SlimTurboVital when so many superior options are available elsewhere.

SlimTurboVital Side Effects

First up we have prickly pear. This is generally a safe ingredient though it can cause side effects at times. Noticeable amongst these are feelings of nausea, diarrhoea, as well as occasional bloating. It can also increase the amount of stool that you pass. Next up we have magnesium stearate. This particular ingredient is a bit problematic because it can at times suppress the immune system. It is capable of doing this because it can destroy the T cells of the body. This ingredient is also capable of effecting the functioning of the cells greatly by breaking down the membranes of the cells. Another problem is that the stearate in this particular ingredient is commonly obtained from cottonseed oil which is often genetically modified and hence can be contaminated. This can indeed by quite dangerous for the body.

For more information, read our article on SlimTurboVital Side Effects

Where to Buy SlimTurboVital

scamThere is only one retailer of SlimTurboVital; Vital Academy, the apparent manufacturers of the product. They offer two varieties; a ‘basic variety’, priced at £43 a pack for an unknown number of samples, and an ‘enriched’ variety at £49 a pack for the same; the latter option claims between 14-35 pounds worth of weight loss, whereas the first claims between 2 and 14 pounds. Neither claim is likely to be true. There is a £6.90 shipping cost on all items and no discount for multiple purchases. Customers are strongly advised to be extremely cautious about buying from Vital Academy, as they have been claimed to be untrustworthy, and customers have reported problems getting refunded after disappointment.

We recommend you read our User Reviews of SlimTurboVital article, to learn more.

If you still wish to purchase SlimTurboVital, we recommend you read our article on Where to Buy and How To Use SlimTurboVital.

Overall Verdict

SlimTurboVital is one of the most blatant scam products on the market today. The company gives no information about themselves, and produces an obvious scam product with similar claims; SlimTurboVital contains one active ingredient with very dubious weight loss associations, and does not even contain it in a large quantity; no instructions are given on how to, or who should, take this product, or on how much comes in a single delivery; and the costs are extortionate compared to most protein products available elsewhere.

Do not buy this product if you can possibly avoid it; for more options, look at ‘dietpill-reviews’ list of Top 5 Diet Pills.

If you are interested in who makes SlimTurboVital, please read our The Company Behind SlimTurboVital article.

Overall: 38/100

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