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Slimvox is specifically targeted at women and because of this, the opening line on the official website is about getting the perfect bikini body with a thin model in a bikini next to it. This is subliminal marketing at its best, getting you to picture yourself looking that good.

We investigate whether there is there actually a good product beneath these marketing tricks or whether is it something women should avoid?

Slimvox review

Slimvox Pros
  • Contains a number of promising ingredients
Slimvox Cons
  • Zero evidence of its effectiveness
  • Does not reveal ingredient quantities
  • Expensive price tag

Slimvox Review

Slimvox makes a wide range of claims including a metabolism boost, appetite suppression and interestingly even breast enhancement. This ‘cover all the bases’ technique suggests that it may be over-compensating and probably won’t be that effective in any of the areas.

How Slimvox Works

The official website, featuring lots of pink just because it’s for women, immediately starts promising almost every sort of weight loss. It lists five bullet points which include enhancing your breasts alongside increasing metabolism, boosting energy and suppressing your appetite. The latter three are common promises but the breast enhancement is a new and frankly laughable claim – how will a diet pill help in that way?

There are plenty of diet pills that make lots of promises but it appears Slimvox is amongst the best at making unfounded claims. The website continues to make further promises including heightening sexual pleasure, clearing and conditioning your skin, and the list goes on. How a diet pill is meant to achieve some of these results is not at all clear. Even for the promises Slimvox could actually fulfil, it gives no proof or reason to make you believe it will.

The website talks about how women have more enzymes for storing fat because they’re needed for reproduction and mentions a few more scientific reasons why women may put on weight, but never mentions how Slimvox actually works to get rid of the weight. Slimvox never once uses any form of evidence to support its bold claims and so it appears to be just another diet pill making promises it can’t keep. Take a look at the National Institutes of Health’s guidelines on things you need to know about diet supplements.

For more detailed information regarding the effects Slimvox, you can read our How Does Slimvox Work article.

Key Slimvox Ingredients

raspberry ketones in slimvoxThe official website does list the ingredients that it uses, not specifying whether it is the full ingredient list or not, but we will assume that it is. The ingredients sound promising enough but like so many diet pills it has forgotten to include any amounts or quantities which again leaves us guessing as to how effective it may or may not be. Effectively, the product promises you a fantastic bikini body, increased sexual pleasure and an improvement in your mood but neglects to say how it does it with neither evidence or ingredients.

The ingredients that are listed include green tea, which is a diet pill regular shown to have some benefits. Also included is Chromax, described on the website as a fat blasting ingredient. Razberi-K is another one featured, which is effectively just a branded form of raspberry ketone and is unlikely to be any more effective than the unbranded form. Appetite suppression may come from the ingredient Irvingia Gabonensis which is another name for African Mango, another popular diet pill ingredient. Here is a piece of research looking at the effect of Irvingia Gabonensis on body weight.

african mango in slimvoxThe makers can claim these ingredients will achieve all the promises it makes but there appears to be no testing conducted on the mix of these ingredients. With no ingredient quantities it leads us to think that it simply doesn’t include very much of any of the ingredients it raves about

Learn more by reading our article on Slimvox Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power: 23/100

The weight loss power of Slimvox is likely to be quite small. This is based on the overcompensation in the claims the product makes, the missing quantities of the ingredients and the complete lack of any supporting evidence. These are all signs that the power of this product is quite weak and therefore they are doing all they can to sell it. Some of the claims made are just impossible to believe with is no evidence backing it up. The quantities aren’t mentioned because they are probably quite low and therefore they’re better off simply not revealing them.
Speed of results: 21/100

Assuming that the power of Slimvox is reasonably weak we would therefore not expect to see any dramatic pace of weight loss. The official website says you can get the perfect bikini body in just four weeks.This is ambiguous as the perfect bikini body varies for different people, all starting at various weights away from their perfect body. Essentially, it cleverly avoids giving an exact weight you might lose but we would expect the rate of weight loss to be quite slow.For more information read our How to use Slimvox article.
Appetite Suppression: 19/100

Potentially the raspberry ketones and African mango could have an effect on appetite suppression if they are included in large enough quantities, which of course we don’t know. By not revealing the ingredient amounts, it has to be assumed there is something to hide and so the effect on your appetite is probably not going to be very noticeable.
Long Term Results: 27/100

There has not been any testing on Slimvox which means no one truly knows exactly what the long term effect of taking Slimvox is. Considering that the weight loss power is probably quite low and the speed of any results likely to be slow, it would be surprising if Slimvox made any lasting impression on your body, either by helping weight to stay off or by a lack of any harmful, negative effects. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 48/100

As there hasn’t been any testing on Slimvox, not only are we in the dark about its true effectiveness but we also don’t know exactly how safe the product is. The manufacturers claim that it is an all-natural diet pill with no side effects but it is hard to believe anything they say after the amount of claims made on the official website. It is probably a safe product but it is difficult to be sure without further testing.See our article on Slimvox Side Effects.
Value for money: 20/100

One month’s worth of Slimvox pills costs $39.99 which is probably quite similar to other diet pills of similar quality. Judging by the lack of evidence supporting how the product actually works, it would not be surprising if you felt it offers poor value for money after going through a bottle.Learn more by reading our article on Where to buy Slimvox.

Slimvox Side Effects

The manufacturers claim their product is free of side effects, stemming from the all-natural ingredient list; however they are bound to say this. Without proper testing to the product it will be impossible to say it is safe to take. At least the ingredients are made known and the likelihood is that they’ll be in quite small quantities making it more probable that it is fairly safe to use.

We examine these side effects and their possible causes in more detail in our article on Slimvox Side Effects.

Where to Buy Slimvox

Slimvox can only be bought from the official website. A one month bottle costs $39.99 which is just under £30. Two months is priced at $79.98 while three months costs $119.97 with a free extra bottle, this is their most expensive package and naturally is labelled their most popular option. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee on offer.

Learn more by reading our Where to buy Slimvox article.

Overall Verdict

Slimvox is a diet pill you should avoid. The manufacturers seem to be trying to appeal to women in any way possible, whether it is claiming you can lose weight, suppress appetite, enhance sexual pleasure or lift your breasts. It does not back up a single claim it makes with any evidence, clinical trials or studies and no scientific reasoning. The ingredient amounts are not listed suggesting the quantities are not too impressive, which means the weight loss power of Slimvox will be disappointing.

Added to all this is the expensive price which makes it poor value for money. There are many other diet pills that offer better weight loss chances, more realistic details and information for a similar price if not cheaper, so before considering Slimvox have a look elsewhere.

Learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions article on Slimvox.

Interested in finding out who makes Slimvox, then read our The company behind Slimvox article.

Overall: 29/100

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