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Super Ketone Plus

Super Ketone Plus claims to carry out metabolism boosting, appetite suppression and fat burning. However, customers are misled into believing the product is a ‘free trial’ when in fact the product is sold via an auto-billing scheme method.

Below we have reviewed Super Ketone Plus against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Super Ketone Plus Review

Super Ketone Plus Pros
  • It contains a potent mix of ingredients
Super Ketone Plus Cons
  • If you don't return the 'free' bottle you are billed £79.99 for the 'free' bottle plus £79.99 per month until you cancel which can be hard to do.
  • It does not have clinical backing as a product
  • Possible side effects

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Super Ketone Plus Free Trial Auto-billing Scam Warning

Warning message about diet pill free trial auto billing scamsA quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the Super Ketone Plus product has been linked to a number of free diet pill scams – whereby you are “given” a free sample and provide your Credit Card details to pay a small “shipping charge” only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter and can be very hard to cancel. Free trial scams refuse to mention the fact that users will be regularly billed, except in the terms and conditions which is why it is always important to read a product’s terms and conditions before purchase. Read our article on raspberry ketone free trial scams to learn more.

Super Ketone Plus Review

Super Ketone Plus aims to carry out weight loss along various features. It cashes in on the recent discovery of raspberry ketones as a potentially potent weight loss agent. It also contains several other ingredients which appear to supplement the process of weight loss brought about by raspberry ketones.

Claimed weight loss benefits

This particular weight loss supplement aims to carry out three different effects. The first of these is appetite suppression. The second of these is metabolism boosting. The third and last of these is fat burning. Let us look at each of these one by one.

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How Super Ketone Plus Works

Bowl Of Raspberries (538)
Firstly, Super Ketone Plus claims to assist appetite suppression. Appetite suppression implies that Super Ketone Plus is able to prevent the body from feeling excessively hungry. This therefore suggests that it prevents the body from engaging in consuming unnecessary meals by keeping the body satiated and full for longer periods of time. This also implies that the body does not experience hunger pangs.

Super Ketone Plus is also marketed as a metabolism booster. The prime ingredient of this particular weight loss supplement is raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketones contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are able to increase the rate at which metabolic reactions are carried out, thus resulting in providing heat which can be subsequently utilized as energy to provide a boost.

The third and final claim of this particular weight loss supplement is fat burning. This is attributed to antioxidants as well, because they allow for unwanted toxins to be purged out of the body. This is useful because they would otherwise be accumulated within the body as fats, causing excessive fat accumulation.

The product claims that it is able to target these three areas of weight loss using the primary ingredient, raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketones contain adiponectin, a hormone which plays a pivotal role in regulating the metabolic activity within the body. Moreover, it is also positively associated with playing a fairly important role in maintaining a healthy rate of lipolysis. Lipolysis is essentially the process whereby fat is burned. It is believed that a drop in the concentration of this particular hormone contributes to obesity amongst individuals. Super Ketone Plus is hence useful because it allows the body to carry out fat burning as well as maintain a fairly good rate of metabolism boosting by providing adiponectin at fairly consistent levels.

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Key Ingredients

Rasoberry Ketones
Raspberry ketone has made a name for itself after being promoted by American TV Presenter, Dr Oz. Raspberry ketones are claimed to help burn fat and various studies support this claim.

Raspberry Ketones

Caffeine Anhydrous
Caffeine anhydrous is essentially caffeine that does not contain water, as the name is capable of suggesting so. Clinical studies have yielded results that suggest that caffeine is able to contribute to metabolism boosting. This is why caffeine is used quite popularly in not just weight loss supplements, but energy drinks as well. By boosting metabolism, caffeine is able to increase energy levels. This energy can be used subsequently as heat for purposes of boosting the metabolic rate of reactions.

Caffeine 538

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract is quite popular as an ingredient when it comes to being included in weight loss supplements. This is because green tea has fairly useful properties. Firstly, it contains an exceptionally large number of antioxidants. Antioxidants are useful for two prime purposes. One, they enable the process of thermogenesis to be carried out. This is essentially the process which results in the generation of energy which can be subsequently utilized as heat for purposes of weight loss and weight management. Secondly, antioxidants also enable extensive fat oxidation to be carried out. This is also useful for purposes of weight loss and weight management because they prevent excessive accumulation of fats within the body. Finally, green tea is also fairly effective when it comes to detoxification. This process is the one whereby unwanted materials are removed from the body. This is fairly useful when it comes to weight loss because these materials would otherwise be accumulated within the body and be subsequently stored as fats.

For more information, we recommend you read our Green Tea Weight Loss article.

Green Tea 538

Kelp is a seaweed in nature, and has organic properties. Amongst the several organic nutrients that it contains, the most useful one is believed to be iodine. Iodine is believed to be essential for the purpose of thyroid. It is believed that if the body experiences a deficiency of iodine, it can result in extensive weight gain. Hence, kelp plays a fairly useful role by providing a consistent and effective supply of iodine which subsequently keeps the thyroid well and functioning.

Kelp 538

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Clinical Studies

It appears that this particular product does not have clinical validity as a whole, because the official website makes no reference to them as such. In such a situation, we turn to individual ingredients and see if they have clinical validity associated with them. Let us look at each of these ingredients one by one.

Clinical Studies On Raspberry Ketones

One particular study used mice as participants and lasted for a total period of 15 weeks. Its purpose was essentially to determine the potential effects of raspberry ketone on weight loss. More particularly, it aimed to determine the effects of raspberry ketones in terms of fat burning and metabolism boosting. These participant mice were administered a high fat diet for a period of 15 weeks and in addition they were also administered raspberry ketone, though the concentrations varied based on time periods. The exact concentrations of raspberry ketone were 0.5,1, or 2% for the first 10 weeks, and 1% for the next 5 weeks. When the results came out, they conveyed fairly positive results. This is because administration of raspberry ketone translated into a decrease in the total quantity of accumulated fats even though the mice were being fed with a considerably high fat diet for the duration of the study. Other than that, there was also a visible decrease in the content of triacylglycerol, and this hence allows us to assert that raspberry ketone results in a decrease of total fat content. Lastly, raspberry ketone intake resulted in a fall in the rate at which lipase is converted into lipids within fat cells in mice. However, we should essentially proceed with caution because this particular study was conducted on mice and not humans and hence we cannot just apply all the results obtained from this study onto the latter category.

Clinical Studies On Green Tea

Green tea is fairly well validated with two extensive set of studies to back it up. One study was conducted for a period of 12 to 13 weeks in Japan to see whether intake of green tea can positively influence weight loss. When the results came out, they demonstrated a range of weight loss from 0.2 kg to 3.5 kg. The second set of studies was conducted outside Japan for around the same duration. The results of this demonstrated a difference of a mean weight loss of 0.04 kg.

Clinical Researcher 538

Clinical Studies On Apple Cider Vinegar

One study was conducted so as to demonstrate the effects of cider vinegar on the content of glucose in a meal which is scientifically defined as the glycemic index (GI) of a meal. This study was conducted using 32 types of Japanese foods. When the results came out, they demonstrated that use of cider vinegar can actually lead to a decrease in the GI of rice between a range of 20% to 35%. A second study was conducted on women in particular to see if there is potentially a link between cider vinegar and meal consumption. The results of this particular study showed that women who consumed apple cider vinegar consumed fewer calories than women who consumed the placebo.

Looking at these studies on ingredients, it appears that this particular weight loss supplement contains ingredients which are associated with an extensive level of validity. However, it needs to be asserted that under no set of circumstances whatsoever is clinical validity associated with individual ingredients equivalent to clinical validity associated with a weight loss supplement as a whole, and this is indeed a shortcoming of Super Ketone Plus.

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Super Ketone Plus Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538

It is interesting to note that the official website does not have anything to say about side effects. While this may tempt a considerably large number of customers into thinking that there are actually no side effects associated with this particular weight loss supplement, we decided to do a bit of a scrutiny on our own and found out that such is not the case. This particular weight loss supplement can indeed manifest side effects, owing primarily due to the mix of ingredients that it contains. Let us look at these one by one.

Raspberry Ketone Side Effects

The essential problem with raspberry ketones is that they are similar in chemical composition to an ingredient called synephrine. They are hence capable of manifesting the side effects associated with synephrine. It can therefore cause jitteriness and shakiness. It is also capable of causing rapid rises in heart beat and blood pressure.

Green Tea Side Effects

hile green tea is a fairly helpful ingredient when it comes to weight loss, it is also slightly problematic. This is because it contains caffeine, and is hence capable of manifesting all the side effects associated with caffeine. Noticeable amongst these are nervousness, anxiety, depression, tension and vomiting. It can also cause headaches as well as sleeping disorders such as insomnia. Other than that, caffeine can cause ringing in the ears as well as palpitations. Lastly, this particular ingredient can cause rapid rises in heart beat and blood pressure.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

This particular ingredient has been associated with side effects as well. For instance, it is believed that intake of this particular ingredient can result in low levels of potassium. This can subsequently translate into a condition called osteoporosis, which is essentially weakening of the bones. Finally, intake of this particular ingredient can result in low levels of glucose within the body, which can be quite worrisome, particularly for patients of diabetes.

Kelp Side Effects

This particular ingredient is a very potent source of iodine. This is a bit problematic, because extremely high levels of iodine can damage the thyroid. Other than that, kelp may also result in damaging kidneys, owing to a considerably large content of potassium.
Hence, as is visible, this particular weight loss supplement contains ingredients that are capable of manifesting several side effects. This is something that must be taken into account and it is indeed the right of all prospective customers to find out about them before they make a final decision as to whether to purchase this particular weight loss supplement or not.

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How To Use Super Ketone Plus

Woman With Pills 538

Interestingly enough, the official website has nothing to say about how to use this particular weight loss supplement. This is worrisome because it leaves everything to the conjecture on the part of customers. Customers are left baffled as to how many pills they should take per day, at which times they should take them and what they should be accompanied with. They may have additional queries about whether they should supplement the process with a particular kind of a diet or a particular exercise plan.

It is only known that the daily dosage is 2 capsules per day. It is not recommended to exceed the daily dose. Although the official website doesn’t disclose who should take the product, as with all diet pills, we would strongly advise that pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take Super Ketone Plus.

The quantities of iodine in the product pose dangers to those with thyroid problems, therefore it is strongly recommended that people with thyroid problems don’t take the supplement.

Let us share what we know about intake of weight loss supplements in general. While instructions of course vary from product to product, there are some commonalities that you can draw and these would be useful in this particular case where no knowledge whatsoever has been provided with reference to intake of this particular supplement.

First off, it is better to take weight loss supplements before meals. The average time gap is half an hour though it may of course vary from product to product. Next up, water intake is fairly important. You should usually take each pill with a huge glass of water and make sure that your water intake is generally quite high. Other than that, it is often quite useful to follow a meal plan and an exercise plan, though of course the absence of any specific kind of a plan in this particular regard does complicate matters.

Therefore, as can be seen, the absence of information with reference to this particular weight loss supplement is an extensive impediment and complicates matters for prospective customers extensively.

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Who Makes Super Ketone Plus?

The company behind this particular weight loss supplement is All Natural Labs. It is based in the United Kingdom, more specifically in London. The official website provides the postal address as well as the email address. Moreover, there is also a phone number and the good thing is that you can avail customer service by calling them 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Despite this, many customers have complained that they had great difficulty getting through to customer service, which makes us doubt the company.

Where to Buy Super Ketone Plus

Most weight loss supplements can be purchased either through their official websites, or through third party agents such as Amazon or both. It is usually better to purchase a weight loss supplement through the official site of that particular product, since it offers you a more direct route and in most cases an assured sense of more reliability. Let us see what options there are to buy Super Ketone Plus.

Super Ketone Plus is sold via a free trial auto-billing scheme. Read their terms and conditions carefully as if you don’t return your trial bottle you will be billed £79.99 and then you will be billed £79.99 every month thereafter until you cancel.

Super Ketone Plus’s official website ships globally, making the product readily available in all countries including South Africa.

The are no stockists of the product therefore Super Ketone Plus is not available for purchase in high-street retailers such as Boots, Holland & Barratt, Superdrug and asda, nor is it available to buy from reputable online retailers such as Amazon. The only other place besides the official website where you can purchase Super Ketone Plus is ebay, although buyers should bear in mind that products bought from ebay may already have been opened or tampered with.

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Does Super Ketone Plus Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No, the company behind Super Ketone Plus do not appear to offer any money-back-guarantee.

One-off payment: No, signing up for a ‘free trial’ automatically enrolls customers in an auto-billing scheme where they are charged £79.95 each month.

Manufacturing Standard: No manufacturing standard can be found on the official website.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes.

Company contact details readily available: Yes.

Super Ketone Plus does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as it doesn’t come with a money-back-guarantee an enrolls customers in an auto-billing scheme upon purchase.

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Overall Verdict

Some of Super Ketone Plus’ ingredients are supported by clinical trials. However, in regards to the key ingredient, raspberry ketone, there have never been any clinical trials conducted on humans.

The product does not come with a money-back-guarantee. Furthermore, the product is marketed as a ‘free trial’ by its official website, misleading customers into beliveing the product is free when they are in fact charged monthly for the product via an auto-billing scheme. You can read about the Super Ketone Plus Free trial on

Average rating:  
 50 reviews
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42 responses to “Super Ketone Plus”

  1. Lucy says:

    This is a scam! They make you think you are getting a free product and then they take £100’s from your account. I’m struggling to contact them. I really can’t afford to lose this sort of money and I am feeling really depressed now. My husband is going to go mad! Does anyone know how to get your money back?

    • Kate says:

      Hi Lucy

      This is terrible, I’ve been caught out too! Reading this website it looks like there are loads of these scams going on at the moment if you look at the nutriberry slim review there are loads of comments about the same thing happening on there too! I hope my bank can get my money back!

    • Emma says:

      Hi lucy I’ve been caught out, I managed to get in touch with someone and they said if I cancel I have to send back my tablets. Then I read the reviews and realised it’s a scam. Aslong as the transaction of them taking money out your account is still there you can call the bank and request a cancelation, this means they make it so the company can’t take anymore money out your account and if the still do the bank gets the money back for you

      • kathy says:

        Hi. Good advice wish i had seen this before i got trapped by them. I rang them today. They said im in time to cancel and emailed that to me. But wanted full price for the tablets. I decided to return them. So im well out of pocket. The vital key is tell your bank so they cant rob you anymore. BUYER BEWARE

    • Lorraine says:

      Hi Lucy,

      I have only just checked my bank and found I’ve been conned by these people. I called the call centre who said its not refundable and hung up.
      I rang again and asked for the person in charge and explained it all again, she first offered a 25% disc, then 50%. I explained she had 2 options, she either refunds me in full or I report her to trading standards for mis-leading consumers. She agreed to refund if I return the bottles to their Milton Keynes address. I should receive the refund in 3-5 working days – so we’ll see!

      Don’t give up, keep calling until you speak to them and demand your refund hun!

    • tina says:

      my son got scammed by the same company with bodybuilding tablets. i managed to get some of his £300 back. i returned the tablets to them unopened and i got a partial refund. i also reported them to consumer advice who will give you a number for a fraud site who can try and stop them. do not give in to them insist on money back and dont take there first offer keep at them. i hope you get sorted

    • Kelly says:

      I got the super ketones plus and alovera cleanse, total waste of time put on weight and total scam, I’m out of £160 they won’t refund and right near Christmas to, Im skint and still need to get pressies! DONT BUY IT lose weight the old fashioned way! I live in the uk and this is the number I rang 0800 909 8021 to cancel .also I told my bank I don’t want them to take out anymore money they gave me the number to ring. The only other thing to do is cancel your card I guess. What a time to get screwed over.

    • Alan says:

      I managed to cancel before they sent pills after reading it they still sent pills but to cancel I threatened to do chargeback through bank and they cancelled straight away

    • Deb says:

      Just call your bank and let them know its a scam, I’ve just had x2 £79.95 debited from my account but the bank are refunding and contacting this supplier.
      IT IS A RIP OFF – however I would suggest we should all have read their T&Cs before any ordering!!!!

      • Chris says:

        I too have been scammed for £320. Have reported it to my bank and to Trading Standards. Theft are despicable con artists. Found out they are based in the States and are well known over there as the King and Queen of fraud.! Am trying to get something back.

        Feel stupid to have been taken in, but it is a lesson learned.

        Thanks for your comments

  2. Mrs P says:

    If you read the “General Terms and Conditions” on their website it tells you about the autobilling scheme so beware!

    “OFFER TERMS: By placing your order today you’ll be shipped a 30 day supply of Super Ketone Plus (just pay a non-refundable £4.95 S&H). If you feel Super Ketone Plus is not for you, cancel within 14 days from today to avoid the purchase price of up to £79.95 and enrollment in the auto-shipment program. Forty-five days after you start your trial and every thirty days thereafter, we shall send you a fresh 30-day supply of Super Ketone Plus and charge you £79.95. You may cancel at any time by contact our Customer Service:
    Tel: UK 0800 9098021

    Then they go on to say if you don’t return the trail bottle within a certain time period using their RMA you will be charged for that too!

  3. Tom says:

    Yes, I’ve been caught out too. There is no doubt these people are thieves and are deliberately conning people into making payments they have no authorised.

    Everyone affected should report them to Trading Standards and the police.

    Does anyone know their address?

    • Neet says:

      Hi Tom,
      I was given a PO box number actually in my town!

    • Jennifer says:

      I’ve just spoken to them on the phone and threatened them. They have subsequently decided to refund me half of the £79.79 that they stole from my account. I went ballistic on the telephone and sent them an email as well. Good luck. Its definitely a scam.

  4. Amanda says:

    If people actually read there terms and conditions instead of just agreeing to them you would realize it’s your mistakes and not a scam. People need to take responsibility for their own stupidity.

    • amaka says:

      The company have a right to make any clause clear and not misleading. For someone who know about trading standards thud is definitely a scam. It’s misleading and not clear enough.iv you care to revisit the ad you will be able to understand

    • Deborah says:

      Totally agree!!!

  5. Neet says:

    After reading this I have just called the 0800 number and apart from the lad trying to give me all sorts of discount and extensions I have managed to cancel.
    I should have known better! Back on the treadmill and diet for me!

  6. annie says:

    Ive just read all the comments and it is scary I got onto them right away to cancel I did with the understanding that the account would be cancelled immediately I’m going to contact my bank to make sure that nothing else comes out I used my debit card and she didn’t even ask me for my details which is scary!

  7. lizzie says:

    Its currently 4am, and ive been crying and in cold sweats about this for hours now. Im off to university in a few weeks and can barely accommodation prices… the last thing I need is money that I don’t have leaving my account. Omly bought these super ketone plus a few hours ago and didn’t suspect a thing. Im studying Law im university soon and wow, I feel so stupid that I read the terms and conditions after I paid for these stupid tablets. I was told it was a free trial and that I had to pay £5.95 for packaging… any help would be much appreciated.

    • ALAN THORNTON says:


  8. Claire McNally says:

    If this isn’t a scam, why did the bank pick up on it before I did????? fraud squad on it straight away. Went to bank stopped payment so they got nothing from me. Also app you can get loads cheaper from Holland and barrats, so rip off too. It is true people make mistakes, but this business is done to catch people out and its an expensive one for some because the company have no morals. Lots of businesses doing trade don’t get fraud squad on their case. . Just because its legal, does not always make it right. Hope they lose their customers,FAST

  9. Jen says:

    Got these then read small print, rang to say I wanted to return as not paying £80 a month, however spoke to fella, he extended trial so I’m trying them, can’t complain so far, doing what they said would. However will still send back as cost too much.
    I did have the sense to record the call to them though and told them so no issues sending back.

    Best thing is got house spotless in a day!!

  10. simon collins says:

    What a joke I have been ripped off twice in 3 days to a total of £160 …This cannot be right to charge people for a pot of ketones you can get off ebay for £10 ….I have cancelled now and spoke to my bank to stop any further deductions …I am fuming about this ….Simon Collins

  11. jason says:

    Just rang to cancel subscritpion. Was offered all sorts of discounts. And when i refused and stated i just wished to cancel i was told i will have to pay for the bottle i have even tho its being returned. So i have made my card holders aware so they can prevent the withdrawls.

  12. Anthony Adams says:

    A total scam by Nutra Labs, avoid these thieves.

  13. tony says:

    i cant get in contact with this company i have been scammed as well bank stopped any further payments from them they took out174.95 from my bank and i didnt receive the second batch what i paid for,they should not be able to do this to hard working people.

  14. Deborah says:

    I’ve already made a comment about these but it has not been posted, so here goes! I have Fibromyalgia and wanted these for energy. My sister gave me her supply because they didn’t work for her. They make me calm and give me energy at the same time. I think maybe they regulate your blood sugar. I read the terms and conditions at the bottom of their page and decided to get my supply elsewhere, simply because of the price on the official website. It is not a scam if you read these and it’s one of the “harder to cancel” debits from your bank because of the way the T’s & C’s are worded. I have noticed I’m not snacking between meals, I eat 3 square a day and my belly has gone down a little but no signicicant weight loss (I’ve been on them 2 weeks) but the fact that they give me energy (others may find themselves jittery) for me is a good thing.

    God bless you all and good luck on the weight loss whichever product or route you take.

    Kind Regards


  15. yanna says:

    I guess I’m not the only one. Wish I’ve read this before I fall to that trap. Bet this company makes so much money by cheating people into buying their product! I’m so stupid to not know its too good to be true! And the call centre said it was stated in the terms and condition. Why I’m sure thats what every con Comy says when they cheat people £180! You have to read that long small print terms and condition! Yeah right! Robbing couunts. Any decent company will not take such a large amount without proper notice! While i was complaining to Barclays about how I lost such a hefty amount, this company is celebrating yet again another successful deceit!

  16. Jan says:

    I fell into this trap also. Wasn’t until I visited this page and read all your horror stories that I hope I have saved myself a lot of money.
    I put my details into the site and it said my card had been declined. Now I am wondering if it is because it is now illegal to sell this product in the UK as I know my card would not have been declined. Failing that, it hasn’t really been declined, they just used it as a foil to get my bank details and take money from it.
    Either way I have been in touch with my bank and told them not to pay any monies to this website and I had been a fool to even try to buy this product. Red faces all round!

  17. Deborah says:

    I was conned as well. I dialled the phone number on my bank statement and was holding for 30 mins, it was Florida! I told them I had received the trial offer the day before and she said the 14 day trial starts the day you place your order. But mine took 15 days to arrive so how could I trial them. I said I wanted the money crediting to my account, but she had no record of me. Long story short I contact my bank and they dealt with it through the fraud protection as they had taken money without my consent, I did get to speak to someone who had shipped the trial and I told them that the fraud dept. at my bank would be contacting them and she credited my account within 3 days. I returned the trial having not tried it. Take care, I was lucky getting a refund .

  18. Sue Earl says:

    My sister found the ad in national paper for “free trial bottles ” it also said free delivery turns out they were not free cost 4.95 each + 1.99 each bottle for delivery, then to my horror I find that 79.95 has been taken from my bank account I contacted the bank and they gave me contact details which I phoned only to be met with a hostile attitude and was informed that we must have ticked the box agreeing to the terms and conditions so they had every right to take money. Well this is not over and tomorrow will inform bank that card has been compromised (get a new one) and I will be phoning trading standards and the company themselves cancelling anything that we may or may not have agreed to requesting refund and returning FREE TABLETS

  19. rebecca says:

    Hi my 67 year old mum ordered the trial she still has 4 days left of one trial and they have taken 79.95 spoken to bank but the company has no record of taking that payment is there anyway of getting her money back

  20. Helen Taylor says:

    Ordered trial today of super keratone but not the detox product but confirmation emails received for both taking p&p for 2 products. Rang within ! hour of ordering to cancel as terms and conditions state can be cancelled from today but operator said cannot be cancelled until 8 april. I was then told at that time they woiuld give me the address to return 32 of the 60 tablets being sent . I have cancelled with card company and will contact trading standards as the more complaints they get the more likely action will be taken against them

  21. Ozzy says:

    I too have been scammed. I did read the Ts and Cs and I rang up to cancel on day 7 and was told that I would have to send back the pills. I was surprised by this (so much for a 14 day free trial) and when I told the lady that I had actually only been taking them for 2 days she extended my trial. I accept that I agreed to this but I didn’t receive anything in writing to remind me of the end of the extended trial period. ” days after the phone call I was violently ill. I didn’t think this was due to the pills but stopped them anyway. After a week I started to feel better and too the pills again, within 2 days the terrible stomach cramps were back (I was also taking the Aloe Ferrox Cleanse). I should have called them back at that point and I would have been within my time limit. When I did ring back I managed to get a 50% refund (well that’s what they said, nothing yet). I was also told that if I’d told them about the side effects they would have recommended that I only took one tablet, ha, no way, I was in agony. Hopefully I will get my 50% refund and then I will be contacting Trading Standards and so should everyone else.

  22. S says:

    I have just been scammed by the same company, and they says they would refund me 50% of the 79.95 which i guess is better than nothing however by consumer rights (internet shopping ones) there’s some stuff which I think has to make the company give u the money back but it seems like a long process to call them and argue with them because they’re extremely inconsiderate and do not care about you at all!
    the best advice is to call your bank and block them from taking anything in the future and if they do the bank can get it back from you
    THIS IS A SCAM and they try and fool you with the small print
    ALSO this pills don’t even work! i haven’t noticed any difference except that i feel more contipated which is so annoying
    paying so much for something that doesn’t work

    • richard says:

      Hi I’ve just tried to purchase this product and it never processed it said there’s an error contact customer services do you think I’ve still been conned

  23. raya says:

    Would never order from them again going to make it my mission to close them down. I work with judges and Lawers. It’s not right there give false information then said it’s your responsibility to know when direct debit coming out even after 5th time of trying they still tried to take money out of my account. Then when I called called customers service the couldn’t have any less manner towards their customers. Said that I can’t read it need to go get an education. Rude what ever u do no matter what they put on the Web page don’t order anything you’ll be sorry. And they don’t give refunds….

  24. Trish says:

    PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THESE!!! I stupidly ordered these a few days ago (and I did read the T & C’S) but then saw all the negative comments stating that money would be taken before the trial date had expired so I rang up immediately after ordering to cancel, I was told to call back in 14 days to get RMA number as my order was processed already!!!.My demand to speak to a manager was refused which made me extremely irate. Upon receiving the product I called again in the hope of cancelling but was again told to call back on a certain date.. I then called my bank who were only too happy to help and will prevent them from taking any money.I was even advised not to call this company on specified date to cancel as they will make it difficult and also not to bother returning the goods. They are now in the bin!! I have never ordered anything like this before and feel so embarrassed that I fell for it.NEVER AGAIN !! BEWARE!!

  25. mandy says:

    Wish I had read these reviews before I signed up for my free trial. I also (like many ) have been scammed out of £79.95 two weeks after signing up. Ive now informed bank not to let them take any more money from me. Also rang the company today, I said the advert was misleading and unfair, as I wasn’t alone with my complaint…..I must say she was very rude, and wouldn’t listen to my side. I threatened going to trading standards or watchdog, then was put on hold whilst she spoke to her supervisor. When she came back on phone she said I could have a 50℅ refund. I asked her if that was the best she could do. And she said yes…so I accepted the offer.

  26. audrey says:

    Hi I’ve finished trial pack for keytones n aloe ferox.. I read small print which clearly states cancelled within 14days or you will be charged full price.. I’ve had full correspondence from staff which I found them very helpfully n polite n very reassuring ? There hasn’t been any money took out my bank account ? I got email saying that it’s cancelled on both tablets.. all I can say is a big thank you for trial packs n their help x

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