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T5 Fat Burner Patches

Biogen Health Science offers T5 Fat Burner Patches as an alternative to oral weight loss capsules; unfortunately the potential weight loss effects of the patches remain unproven.

Below we have reviewed T5 Fat Burner Patches against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

T5 Fat Burner Patches

T5 Fat Burner Patches Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Offers an alternative to oral capsules
T5 Fat Burner Patches Cons
  • More clinical evidence is needed to support claims made
  • Reports of skin irritation from patches

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T5 Fat Burner Patches Review

The T5 Fat Burner Patches are recommended to be taken in conjunction with T5 Fat Burners or T5 Serum XT in order to kick-start a more aggressive fat burning course. They are applied to the skin which supposedly means that the ingredients reach the fat stores more quickly than oral supplements, though there is no evidence in support of this claim.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Biogen Health Science, the company behind T5 Fat Burner Patches, claims that the product is able to work as a fat burner, increasing the speed at which fat molecules are burned for energy within the body.

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How T5 Fat Burner Patches Work


The T5 Fat Burner Patches are described by their manufacturers as being a cutting edge fat burning revolution. They are said to work by using nano-magnetic and transdermal technology in order to bypass the digestive system, allowing the substances within the patch to be absorbed through the skin for a direct and undiluted detoxifying and fat burning effect. The oxidatives that purportedly normally take up to a week to remove from the body by the liver are claimed to be removed using this nano-magnetic technology and the company behind the product claims that it is these toxins that make losing weight difficult.


Elaterin is an extract from a type of vegetable known as the squirting cucumber. The substance is believed to function as a strong laxative, meaning that it is likely to cause diarrhoea. The ingredient has not been associated with any weight-loss effects.


This plant is found in various parts of the world and has been used in Asian medicine for centuries due to its range of potential health benefits. The substance is believed to provide effective relief for headaches, boost the immune system, help to maintain blood sugar levels, and aid digestion while containing a large amount of antioxidants that are thought to promote general wellbeing.


Aloe is a genus of plant; these species are thought to be rich in certain substances that benefit the large intestine, and are thought to have a laxative effect on the body, meaning that it may be able to prevent constipation. Aloe is sometimes said to stimulate the body’s metabolism and increase the rate at which it processes fat and carbohydrates, meaning that fat is less likely to be stored in the body.

Wolfberry Extract

The wolfberry is thought to have a low glycemic index value, meaning that it takes longer for the body to convert it into glucose. Because of this, it supposedly has the potential to act as an appetite suppressant and could leave you feeling fuller for longer. The berries are also high in fibre, which may make them filling.

Unlike usual weight loss supplements that require you to take oral capsules, the T5 Fat Burner patches are claimed to work by letting their ingredients absorb through the skin so that they can work faster than if they had to travel through the digestive process first. The supplement contains a range of natural ingredients that are advertised not only to help reduce body weight, but also to promote the sense of general well being.

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Key T5 Fat Burner Patches Ingredients

Aloe 538

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a substance that is believed to be able to work as a laxative, preventing constipation. It is also supposedly able to stimulate the body’s metabolism, increasing the rate of the processing of carbohydrates and fats. This would mean that less fat would be stored in the body.


Honeysuckle has been used in Asian medicine for hundreds of years and is thought to have a range of health benefits. It is full of antioxidants and so is able to boost the immune system, maintain blood sugar levels and aid digestion while promoting general wellbeing.

Wolfberry Extract

Foods with a low glycemic index value take the body longer to process them into glucose and for this reason the berry is thought to have the potential to act as an appetite suppressant. As the berries are also high in fibre, they are supposedly able to fill you up for longer and moderate the blood sugar levels in the body.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

Clinical testing is carried out on a product to ensure that a product or ingredient is safe for consumers to use but also that it can effectively fulfil its promises. As the health supplement market is so unregulated, many weight loss aids are able to make it to the market shelf without having been clinically tested.

No evidence of any clinical testing surrounding the T5 Fat Burner Patches is provided by Biogen Health Science on their website, and so the company is unable to back up their claim that the product has been clinically tested. However, there has been some testing conducted on some of the key ingredients within the product as the company points out.


Aloe may have potential as a weight loss supplement based on clinical research carried out on lab rats. Compared to a placebo group, rats who were given aloe lost significantly more body weight from their abdomen and showed improvements in the blood glucose and lipid levels. However, in humans there is little clinical evidence as to aloe’s weight reducing effect.


One study has been performed in an attempt to test the weight loss effects of honeysuckle. This trial used mouse subjects who were fed a high fat diet or low fat diet for eight weeks. Following this time period, the high fat diet-fed mice were split into give groups. Each group was given one of the following options: no treatment, Orlistat, or four different dosages of honeysuckle ranging from 50-200mg/kg for eight weeks.

The results suggested that the consumption of 100 or 200mg honeysuckle per kg body weight could prevent body weight gain whilst improving liver lipid levels. These results do demonstrate a potential anti-obesity impact of honeysuckle, but more studies would need to be performed in order to confirm this. Studies should also be undertaken using human subjects, not just mice.

Transdermal Technology

As the patches are not for oral use and instead are claimed to use transdermal and nano-magnetic technology, it would be reassuring to see evidence from the manufacturers that this technology is effective in being able to aid weight loss. However, the company does not display this information on their website. We could not find any clinical studies that have tested this method of application, and so there is no evidence to suggest that the ingredients can enter the body at all.

To conclude, Biogen Health Science, the company behind the T5 Fat Burner Patches, makes strong claims about the weight reducing ability of their product, yet they do not supply the evidence to fully support these claims. Although there have been a small number of tests carried out on some of the product’s key ingredients, the results only show a potential and do not prove their weight loss capabilities on humans. Moreover, the method by which the ingredients supposedly enter the body has not been proven to work.

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T5 Fat Burner Patches Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538

According to the Biogen T5 Fat Burner website, there are no known side effects to their T5 Fat Burner Patches, however they advise that they only be used by people over the age of 18 who have spoken with their doctor if they have any pre existing medical conditions or are taking any medication. It is important to bear in mind that just because no side effects have been reported does not mean that the product is unable to produce any, and there are some known side effects to some of the patch’s key ingredients.

Known side effects to some of the ingredients used within the patches and these effects include stomach irritation, diarrhoea, low potassium levels, rashes, kidney problems, heart disturbances and muscle weakness when the ingredients are taken in large amounts.

There is not a large range of customer reviews available on the Internet, however ones that have been posted on online retail sites such as Amazon claim that the patches left their skin discoloured, irritated and painful to the point where the user had to discontinue using the product.


There is a distinct lack of information available for elaterin, and so it is advised that the substance should be used with precaution. Contact a doctor before consuming the ingredient if you have a pre-existing health condition or are taking any medications. It would also be advisable to avoid the substance if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as there are very few clinical studies available on the ingredient.


Honeysuckle is also known to carry some mild side effects. It can sometimes cause rashes and irritation to the skin of some users, and can slow blood clotting meaning that those who are expecting to undergo surgery should stop taking the substance at least two weeks before their scheduled surgery. As there is not enough information known about the safety of the substance in pregnant or breast feeding women, we would advise that they avoid using the substance.


When taken in large amounts over long periods of time, aloe can be unsafe to use. It can cause uncomfortable side effects such as stomach aches and pains, cramps, diarrhoea, kidney problems, low potassium levels, muscle weakness and heart disturbances. The substance is known to be able to worsen some medical conditions such as diabetes, some intestinal conditions such as Crohn’s disease and certain kidney issues. It is recommended that you speak with your doctor before using the substance if you suffer from these conditions.

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How to Use

Diet Patches

Unlike many of the weight loss supplements available on the market today, T5 Fat Burner patches are not for oral use and instead users are required to place the disposable patches on their skin in order to burn stores of fat.

The Biogen website states that when using the T5 Fat Burner Patches, users should follow the instructions provided on the product’s packaging very carefully. These instructions suggest that users first clean the area of skin that they wish to administer the patch to before opening the packaging and removing the clinical backing of the patch. The user should then apply the patch to their skin and wear for 12 hours. Once this time has come to an end, users are advised to remove the patch and dispose of it.

The website states that the product should be suitable for everyone over the age of 18, but warns that if you are worried about any pre existing medical conditions or are taking any medication then you should speak with your doctor before using the product. As there have been some reports of skin irritation from the patches we would suggest that anyone with sensitive skin or suffering from skin conditions also speak with their healthcare professional before using the patches.

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Who Makes It?

The company behind T5 Fat Burner Patches is called Biogen Health Science, who claim to have a long history of scientific research within the area of nutraceuticals, focusing on the development of ground breaking fat burning formulas. The company states their belief that customer satisfaction is the ‘cornerstone of success’, meaning that their aim is to provide a high level of customer care and satisfaction for their new and existing customers with a focus on the quality of their products.

The Biogen Health Science website gives a postal address in Hertfordshire and also provides an email address and customer service telephone number. The company says that they will respond to all queries within 24 hours.

Customer testimonials and reviews have been published on the Biogen Health Science website, and speak highly of the both the quality of the products and the level of customer service that they received This may appear to indicate that the company is trustworthy and delivers a great range of products, but it is important to note that these reviews may be biased.

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Where to Buy T5 Fat Burner Patches


T5 Fat Burner Patches are available to purchase directly from the Biogen Health Science website starting at £18.49 for a month’s supply or £12.94 per month when you purchase 6. The company offers next day delivery. As you would be purchasing directly from the company you can be assured that the product you receive will be genuine.

You can also purchase T5 Fat Burner Patches from online retail stores such as Amazon for competitive prices and often free shipping. Biogen Health Science also has its own Amazon account meaning that you can buy from them usually for a discounted price.

Unfortunately, it appears that Biogen Health Science’s T5 Fat Burner Patches are not currently available to purchase from UK high street shops, meaning that the only way to get hold of a pack is through the Internet or by calling the Biogen Health Science customer service telephone number.

To conclude, it appears that the best option available when it comes to purchasing T5 Fat Burner Patches is to buy either directly from the company website or customer service telephone line, or from their Amazon webpage where you can often get the product at a discounted price with free delivery.

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Do T5 Fat Burner Patches Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: Yes, there do not appear to be any repeat payments.

Manufacturing Standard: Not disclosed.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No diet plan available.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Ingredients are disclosed, but not the quantities.

Company contact details readily available: Yes – a postal address, email address, and phone number.

T5 Fat Burner Patches do not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no diet plan or money-back guarantee and the manufacturing standard and ingredient quantities are not revealed.

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Overall Verdict

The Biogen Health Science T5 Fat Burner Patches are an alternative to supplements that require you to take oral capsules. They supposedly use nano-magnet and transdermal technology in order to get the ingredients into your blood stream faster than they would through digestion. No clinical evidence is provided to back up these claims. There is a limited number of customer reviews on the patches, and the ones that exist mention uncomfortable side effects where skin has been irritated under the patch to the point where it has become painful. The company fails to provide information regarding the manufacturing standard and ingredient quantities.

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