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T6 Fat Incineration

T6 Fat Incineration tablets do not appear to have an official website. The product is claimed to target several key areas of weight loss, but may cause severe side effects.

Below we have reviewed T6 Fat Incineration against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

T6 Fat Incinerator review

T6 Fat Incineration Pros
  • Claimed to target three of the five key areas of weight loss
  • Available from a high street store in the UK
T6 Fat Incineration Cons
  • There is no official website so information regarding manufacturing is lacking
  • Stimulant ingredients may cause side effects, some of which could be dangerous

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T6 Fat Incineration Review

As the name suggests, T6 Fat Incineration is advertised primarily as a fat burning diet pill. The product has not been tested as a whole and contains the potentially dangerous ingredient ‘bitter orange’.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The retail websites that sell T6 Fat Incineration claim that it targets fat burning, appetite suppression, and metabolism boosting. It is also stated to have the potential to reduce water tension to allow a ‘leaner look’.

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How T6 Fat Incineration Works

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With no official website, we are forced to find information from third party retailers, the most popular of which seems to be a site called performance foods. It describes T6 as the most powerful fat burner out now and, unsurprisingly given the title, we find out it is claimed to work as a fat burner as well as appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. It apparently works through Thermogenics, which is simply described to the customer by saying that it ‘heats the body up’.

Thermogenics (or thermogenesis) is a process that it thought to encourage the body to burn more fat by heating the body’s core temperature or by boosting the base rate of metabolism. You can read more in to thermogenics here.

The product claims it will reduce water retention in the body which will allow for a leaner look but again doesn’t mention how or provide any proof of this. It is also stated that it can suppress the appetite and reduce hunger cravings, though no detail is provided on how it supposedly achieves this.

Within the product information there are no clinical trials presented or any proof of how effective T6 Fat Incineration tablets actually are, instead we are told, “It must be used with caution due to its extreme potent formula, but the results will be amazing!”

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Key T6 Fat Incineration Ingredients


With no official website, we are left to rely on the retailers for information regarding the ingredients in T6 Fat Incineration. The first retailer we looked at, Performance Foods, had no ingredients listed at all but on another, Powerhouse Fitness, provides the full ingredients list, including amounts.

It appears T6 Fat Incineration tablets include caffeine, capsicum, bitter orange peel, cocoa extract, green tea extract, L-carnitine and niacin. These are all fairly common ingredients to weight loss supplements, although the combination of bitter orange peel and caffeine has been said to have the potential to cause severe cardiovascular side effects – something that will be discussed in more detail in the ‘side effects’ section below.

Several of the ingredients are stimulants. There is 200mg of caffeine in the product (about equivalent to two cups of coffee), although this does not include the caffeine content of the green tea extract. Cocoa is also said to have a stimulating effect, as is bitter orange peel. These ingredients may all stimulate the central nervous system. Capsicum extracted from peppers and is said to work as a thermogenic, whilst L-carnitine is an amino acid and niacin is a vitamin.

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Clinical Studies

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A clinical study is a controlled method of testing whether or not a product or ingredient is effective for a certain purpose, and whether or not it is safe to use. T6 Fat Incineration does not appear to have been clinically tested for its efficacy or safety as a whole product. Some studies have however been performed on the key ingredients in the product which can give an idea of how the product may effect consumers.


A study published in 2005 discusses the effects of caffeine intake on body weight maintenance following weight loss in obese individuals. The trial was randomised, double blind and placebo controlled and involved 76 overweight and obese subjects. They followed a very low-energy diet for four weeks and were then monitored throughout a three month maintenance period during with time they consumed green tea and caffeine or a placebo. The results indicated that high caffeine consumption was linked to weight loss via thermogenesis and fat burning. It those that did not typically consume much caffeine, the green tea and caffeine mixture improved weight maintenance.


A 2009 study tested the effects of capsinoids from capsicum on fat loss, metabolism and body weight. Eighty subjects took part in the 2-week placebo controlled trial. The subjects took either 6mg capsinoids or a placebo daily and measurements were taken. Results suggested that capsinoids were well tolerated without causing any side effects and that they seemed to promote abdominal fat loss. Significant changes in metabolism were not seen.

Bitter Orange Peel

A review study was performed in 2012 to summarise the effects of bitter orange on weight loss that have been found in studies to date. They considered more than 20 studies on the topic, most of which involved overweight or obese subjects, and most of which also involved the consumption of caffeine. They found that the substance did not typically cause significant side effects and that it was associated with an increase in metabolism and weight loss. They note that longer term studies are however required. There have however been case reports of individuals suffering severe side effects as a result of taking bitter orange, including heart attack and strokes in otherwise healthy, young individuals.

Green Tea Extract

A study looked at the effects of green tea extract supplementation on obesity. Seventy-eight obese woman took part in the double blind, placebo controlled trial. They were divided to receive either green tea extract or a placebo thrice daily for 12 weeks. The authors did not find any significant difference between the weight lost by those in the green tea extract group or the placebo group. No adverse effects were noted either. Other studies have however reported more positive results for the impact of green tea on weight loss. Overall, results are mixed and inconclusive.

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T6 Fat Incineration Side Effects

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Since no scientific studies have been performed on the product as a whole we simply do not know how safe it is or what side effects might be experienced. No side effects are mentioned on the retail websites selling the product, and the product does not appear to have its own website. There are however a number of side effects that are associated with the key ingredients and so may be experienced with the consumption of T6 Fat Incineration.


Caffeine is known to cause a long list of side effects. These include: anxiety, headaches, nausea, vomiting, jitteriness, insomnia and more seriously, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and irregular heart beat. It is recommended that you do not consume any other caffeine in your diet if you are taking this product as it already contains a large amount of caffeine and other stimulants.


Capsicum is generally thought to be safe for most people although long-term studies are lacking and it has been suggested that in the long term it could cause liver and kidney problems. In the short term, it may cause flushing, sweating, runny nose, and upset stomach.

Bitter Orange Peel

Bitter orange has been linked with heart attacks and strokes. It should be avoided by anybody who has a history of cardiovascular disease, although the people who have been reported to have suffered these effects did not all have a pre-existing health condition. Not enough studies have been performed on bitter orange and its safety in humans is not known. It has also been known to raise blood pressure and increase heart rate.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is generally thought to be safe for consumption by most people in the short term. Long term effects are not fully understood, and some have suggested that it may cause liver problems. Milder side effects include upset stomach and constipation, as well as those associated with caffeine.

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How to Use

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As there is no official website for the product, there is very little information regarding how to use it. One retailer states that you should take one capsule in the morning, ideally half an hour before training, and then once you can be sure that it doesn’t cause you any side effects you can take two a day – one in the morning and another before lunch. It is warned that you must not exceed this dose. We also recommend that you don’t take the product after 3pm as it may affect your sleep.

People with a history of cardiovascular conditions should not take this product. Those who are sensitive to caffeine should be cautious, and anybody with any form of pre-existing health condition should consult a doctor before taking.

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Who Makes It?

The company behind the product is said to be called Weight Management Systems. There is a website under this name, but it seems to be for a clinic in Harley Street and there is no mention of any products, including T6 Fat Incineration. As such, there is no way of knowing who makes the product, where they are based, what their values are and whether or not the product is made under any official manufacturing standards. There is also no way of contacting the manufacturers.

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Where to Buy T6 Fat Incineration


With no official website, or not one that is easily located, we are forced to look at third party retailers to buy the product from. The product can be bought from online retailers such as powerhousefitness and Monster Supplements as well as on the high street through Tesco. it can also be bought on Amazon but this is done through a third party. The prices at each retailer are very similar (approximately £25 for one bottle of 60 capsules) and so there is not really a best place to order from.

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Does T6 Fat Incineration Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: A money-back guarantee does not appear to be offered by any of the retailers.

One-off payment: Yes, it can be bought through online supplement stores or from Tesco for a one-off payment of approximately £25.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find details of a manufacturing standard.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of an accompanying diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: This depends on which website you are looking at – some provide a full ingredients list whilst others do not.

Company contact details readily available: No contact details can be found for the manufacturer of the product.

T6 Fat Incineration does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and some information is lacking, including manufacturing standards and contact details for the company.

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Overall Verdict

This product has not been scientifically tested as a whole which makes it difficult to state whether or not it is likely to work. Some of the key ingredients have been tested with varying results. There is some evidence to indicate that the product may help to boost weight loss, but long-term studies are lacking and none of the ingredients have been conclusively proven to work. The product is high in stimulants and so may cause side effects; there is particular concern regarding the safety of bitter orange which has been linked with severe cardiovascular events. Additionally, given the lack of an official website, there is no information about company behind the product.

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