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This diet pill and fat burner has found a relatively untapped area of the diet pill market and specifically targets men. By targeting men it’s promoted as hard core and mentions strength and power as well as being packaged in colours like black just to make sure it’s as ‘manly’ as it can be.

testoripped reviewIt is another diet product that makes some wild ambitious claims, so let’s investigate whether they are even slightly true or just another attention seeking supplement.

Testoripped Pros
  • Specifically targeted at men
  • Should give a good energy boost for exercise
Testoripped Cons
  • Very high levels of vitamin B12 and caffeine. Potentially dangerous quantities
  • No clinical trials or proof of effectiveness or safety
  • Safety and side effects could be an issue

Testoripped Review

Testoripped claims to be a powerful ‘pre-workout’ energy booster and while it does seem to offer an energy boost through huge vitamin B12 amounts, its weight loss capability is doubtful. Side effects could also be an issue because of the large amounts of vitamin B12 and caffeine.

How Testoripped Works

It is made very clear pretty quickly just how Testoripped works; the opening line of the official website says, “introducing the all new, extra strength, hard core fat burner.“ The writers of the website are either very impressed with their product or trying very hard to over sell as the rest of the site is just line after line of claim and hyperbole.

testoripped energy boost for working out Testoripped is described as the ‘ultimate pre-workout energy amplifier’ and claims you can experience accelerated fat loss, massive power gains and increased muscle definition. Sadly once again we are left without any kind of proof, evidence or study results that prove these claims. Instead, the makers have linked themselves to research on the individual ingredients which is a completely different thing to the product actually working.

The makers ask you to take four capsules each day but to not exceed that daily dosage. How you take the four seems to be quite flexible with the company suggesting you could take two capsules twice a day or one capsule at four different times in the day.

For more detailed information regarding the effects of the pills, you can read our How Does Testoripped Work article and our How to use Testoripped article.

Key Testoripped Ingredients

The ingredient list has been revealed by Testoripped which is a positive aspect, but it reveals some alarming figures. The most alarming one is the amount of vitamin B12 that is included in the product. In a serving size of two capsules, and remember you are asked to take four a day, there is a vitamin B12 amount of 360mcg this is apparently 6000% of your daily intake and this is doubled if you take four a day. This is a huge amount and potentially dangerous, which makes Testoripped quite a scary prospect especially considering there have been no trials or studies on the product itself.

caffeine in testorippedThe other ingredients are also in potentially high amounts, whereby the amounts revealed for just two capsules include Fenugreek (300mg), caffeine (256mg), Agmatine Sulfate(250mg), Creatine(250mg), Green Tea(150mg) and Boron(5mg) as well as 15mg of Zinc. These amounts combined together could potentially have very strong side effects and makes the fact that there has been no testing to prove its effectiveness, but crucially its safety, a very big issue.

Learn more by reading our article on Testoripped Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power:


Without testing, nothing can be said for certain about this product, especially all the claims made on the official website. However, looking at the ingredient list and quantities we have no doubt this is a strong supplement, but doubts over its weight loss power still remain. You are likely to experience an energy boost but there are no ingredients included that have a particularly strong weight loss effect. Any weight loss will come from you exercising as a result of the energy boost.

Speed of results:


Given the frankly dangerous amounts of some ingredients, particularly the vitamin B12, we have no doubt you’ll experience some form of energy boost quite soon after taking the tablets. However in terms of speed of weight loss we don’t think it will be a particularly, therefore any impact on the scales could be quite slow.

Appetite Suppression:


This product will not help your appetite at all. There are no ingredients that will help your hunger cravings and if anything they could get worse given the amount of energy you’ll be using, which will impact on your need for food and drink. If you’re looking for an appetite suppressant we suggest you look elsewhere.

Long Term Results:


This product will not be good for weight loss in the long term, especially after stopping the tablets. The energy boost from the pills will only be temporary and once you stop taking them you could experience withdrawal symptoms and a very lethargic feel as your body readjusts. Weight loss will also be temporary unless you continue to exercise at the same rate, which will be difficult if you have much lower energy levels. See our top rated diet pills.



Safety is a prime area of concern for this product. The ingredient quantities included are incredibly high in some cases and could therefore be potentially dangerous. There have also been reports in Testoripped reviews from customers that it can have some side effects which can make you aggressive, have bowel problems and can even make you smell more odorous. There are far safer diet pill options available.

Value for money:


Testoripped can be bought for between $45 and $50 for a single month’s supply. There is also some doubt around where a single bottle will last a month considering you’re potentially taking four a day and there are only 75 capsules in a bottle. This is a very high price tag for something that essentially only gives an energy boost over a limited period of time. The weight loss power of this product is low and safety is in question making it quite poor value for money.

Testoripped Side Effects

Side effects could be many in a product that features such high levels of some ingredients and has zero testing done on the product itself. This combination makes Testoripped quite dangerous. Customer testoripped reviews have mentioned becoming potentially aggressive and on edge, sweating more and therefore smelling more as well as some bowel problems. We imagine this might be just the tip of the iceberg considering the high ingredient quantities.

We examine these side effects and their possible causes in more detail in our article on Testoripped Side Effects.

Where to Buy Testoripped

Testoripped can be bought on the official website for $49.99 with an extra $5 shipping charge, for a single month’s supply. Two and three month packages are available for $99.99 and $149.99 respectively with free shipping on both. Testoripped can also be bought on Amazon through a third party supplier at the slightly cheaper one month price of $44.95 plus $3.99 shipping. The official website offers a money back guarantee, which is not advertised on Amazon.

Learn more by reading our Where to buy Testoripped article and our The company behind Testoripped article.

Overall Verdict

Testoripped is nothing more than an energy boost in a tablet. Considering you are asked to take up to four tablets a day shows that the energy boost doesn’t last long. We do not expect it to have any appetite suppressing or much weight loss power itself; any weight loss will come through you exercising from the utilisation of the energy boost.

There are a number of large downsides to this product, namely the obvious lack of any product testing to show its effectiveness and importantly its safety. Side effects are a major concern given the huge ingredient amounts, especially of vitamin B12. There is also a very high price band, which considering the likely effects and risks associated to it, make it poor value for money. There are far better diet pill supplements available so we recommend that you look elsewhere.

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