The Squat Challenge - Does it Work?
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The Squat Challenge – Does It Work?

There are a number of workout plans and regimes available that are said to help people exercise more effectively. This article will look specifically at the ‘Squat Challenge’, an 8-16 week lower body exercise program.

When it comes to weight loss, it’s said that exercise is a crucial feature to produce the most effective results, as well as improving your general wellbeing. It can be difficult organising and adjusting to a fitness regime, especially if you’re a beginner and are perhaps unsure of which exercises suit you.

This is why many companies have designed fitness regimes that customers can follow to ensure that they’re getting a full workout that suits them. This article will look specifically at the ‘Squat Challenge’, an exercise regime constructed by a company called ‘Fitness Physique Inc’ which comes in the form of an eBook.

What is the Squat Challenge?

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An internet search for squat challenges will lead you to many different regimes that are believed to work towards toning the bum, working on the ‘gluteal muscles’ in particular. However, a US-based company called ‘Fitness Physique Inc’ have designed an eBook that specialises in different workouts that are said to work and strengthen the lower body.

There are 4 different eBooks available: the 8 week home edition, the 8 week gym edition, the 16 week home edition and the 16 week gym edition. This provides customers with a choice of challenges to complete, depending on how long they want their program to last, where would be the most convenient location for them and, furthermore, their budget.

Fitness Physique Inc claim that their eBooks consist of a number of different categories and tips to get the most out of the exercises. For example, they say that each book contains information on ‘setting and achieving goals’, tips on ‘proper form’, a training guide, a diet guide, an ‘amazing supplement guide’, a guide on sleeping and resting, advice on how to get rid of cellulite and general information on cardio and losing weight, amongst others.

The programs are divided into 2 categories: home and gym. The home editions are designed for customers who want to exercise from the comfort of their own home, whether this is for personal preference, convenience or other reasons. They claim that each workout should take around 1 hour to complete, and customers should do them 3 times each week for the total 8 or 16 weeks, depending on the plan they choose.

The gym editions are said to be more intense, as they require various gym equipment to achieve, indicating that they work the muscles more. Examples of the equipment required include barbells and plates, dumbbells, a leg press machine, a leg curl machine, a leg abductor, a leg adductor, a leg extension, a calf raise machine and a cable machine. They claim that these workouts should be completed 3 times a week, and are targeted towards regular gym-goers who may be looking to amplify their workouts.

They do state that both of the 16 week plans are more advanced than the 8 week programs. This is apparently because the challenges are said to be different and more effective, and the 16 week editions allegedly include more information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle generally.

Benefits of the Squat Challenge

While many people who partake in the Squat Challenge will be focusing on the visual benefits of toning the bum, there are also said to be a number of other benefits to strengthening the gluteal muscles.

Besides from amplifying the shape of the bum and making you feel more confident in tighter trousers, toning the gluteal muscles is said to improve the general movement in the body, mainly because that is the predominant function of these muscles.

Gluteal exercises are believed to strengthen and support the knees, as well as improve and easing movement in the hips. It’s said that this is especially evident when we walk, when we’re just standing and any time you’re entire body is supported on one leg.

How might the Squat Challenge promote weight loss?


Our buttocks are made up of 3 groups of muscles, known collectively as the ‘gluteal muscles’. These include the ‘gluteus maximus’, the ‘gluteus medius’ and the ‘gluteus minimus’. The role of the gluteal muscles is to provide movement to the hips and thighs, as well as to support the knees. More information on the gluteal muscles and the best exercises for toning the bum can be found here.

Squats are perhaps the most common exercise for toning the bum and strengthening the gluteal muscles because there’s such a huge range of different types of squats, and they can be easily adapted to suit you, and the intensity of the exercise can be adjusted by adding equipment or changing the amount of squats you do.

The basic squat uses your body alone and requires you to stretch your arms out in front and stand with your legs spread apart at about shoulder-width, before bending your knees until you thighs are almost parallel to the ground, making sure that your back is straight and you’re looking straight ahead.

This position should be held for a second or so, and must then be repeated until you feel exhausted, or if your workout demands a certain amount of squats. These can be made harder and allegedly more effective by tensing your buttocks as you squat, by adding jumps or by using equipment such as dumbbells or barbells, and these are more likely to be featured in the Squat Challenge’s gym edition.

Squats not only work the gluteal muscles, but the act of straightening your posture is also said to have beneficial effects on the back and neck. The knees are worked as they’re bent, and the thigh muscles are exercised through holding the position and bending. Using equipment can make squats more of a full-body workout which also work the muscles in your arms, as well as supposedly making you stronger overall.

In terms of clinical studies, this study used a sample of 19 healthy volunteers aged around 28 years old to discover and examine any potential effects caused by different types of squats in terms of their effects on the gluteal muscles.

In another study, a sample of 19 healthy volunteers participated in the following study. Specifically, this study explored any potential effects that different types of squat had on the gluteal muscles, and what impact this may have in terms of treating lower-limb injuries.

Participants had an average age of 28 years old, and they were divided and dispersed into groups where they completed different exercises including single-legged and double-legged squatting, with and without a Swiss ball.

A series of relevant measurements were taken on the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius using electromyography (EMG), and each participant’s performance was examined and compared.

Results found that single-legged squatting had a stronger impact on both the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius muscles compared to double-legged squatting. The addition of the Swiss ball also appeared to improve the results, indicating that adding equipment to your squat exercises may make the results much more effective. If this is the case then the gym edition of the Squat Challenge may be more beneficial as it requires extra equipment.

Where can you buy the Squat Challenge eBook?


As mentioned before, there are 4 different editions of the Squat Challenge eBook published, and these are all available to purchase online directly from the official Squat Challenge website. It appears that this is the only place you can buy the eBook, as it doesn’t seem to be available from any other retailer.

Both of the 8 week gym and home editions are available at the same price of £14.09 ($19.99) reduced from the RRP of £70.48 ($100), making a total saving of £56.39 ($80.01). Similarly, the 16 week gym and home editions are also available at the same price of £21.14 ($29.99), reduced from the RRP of £91.62 ($130), making a total saving of £70.48 ($100.01).

As the Squat Challenge comes in the form of an eBook, there aren’t any physical files that are delivered to you, which is why the product is available to buy worldwide. This means that the process of ordering the product is very fast and has an immediate effect. However, this also means that the eBook is non-refundable, which is why they stress the importance of reading through their refund policy and their terms and conditions before purchasing.

The company behind the Squat Challenge

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According to the contact page on the official Squat Challenge website, the eBook was produced by a company called ‘Fitness Physique Inc’, although they don’t include any direct contact details for customers to reach them. Instead, they provide a form where you can fill in your name and email address, along with your query, and then they presumably email you back their response.

However, an internet search for this company doesn’t produce any clear results, and a website for this company isn’t easy to find. There are several companies with a similar name, but none of them mention their Squat Challenge, and none of these sites seem to have visually similar themes or aesthetics.

The Squat Challenge’s website, however, does provide links to various social media pages, including a Facebook, an Instagram, a Pinterest and a Tumblr. However, all of these social media pages are named ‘The Squat Challenge’, with no obvious mention of ‘Fitness Physique Inc’, implying that it’s actually an independent company.

While specific contact details can’t be found, it’s obvious from their pricing that the Squat Challenge is US-based, although it seems as though it can be accessed and purchased worldwide.

The lack of contact details and evidence of the company that owns the Squat Challenge may be problematic, but this company still seems reputable from the positive responses and large following they have on their social media. They mention celebrities that have participated in the challenge, and their website(s) are flooded with positive reviews and testimonials from customers.

There don’t appear any alarmingly negative reviews or reports of scams, and the company run fairly regular contests to communicate with their customers as much as possible. Their Facebook page indicates that they respond to customers fairly quickly ‘within the hour’, and this may suggest that their customer service is considerably positive.

As well as the Squat Challenge eBooks, they also advertise their other products, including the Weight Loss Challenge, the Six Pack Challenge and the Full Body Workout Challenge, as well as a selection of 25 different meal plans designed for all people of different genders and body types.


In conclusion, the Squat Challenge may be a beneficial eBook to purchase if you’re aiming to tone your bum, or if you’re struggling to find an effective lower-body workout. This eBook may have the potential to produce effective results as it not only provides customers with exercises to complete, but it’s also said to be full of general advice and meal plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall.

It’s believed that exercising and strengthening the gluteal muscles can have a number of benefits to the body, and evidence suggests that it can contribute to weight loss. It’s also said that squats can be adjusted and adapted so that they work the whole body, and you can make them as simple or as intense as you like.

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